Tuesday 13 October 2009

Don't let me loose in polite company.

Well I did it again. I had another Arthur Scargill’s 2iC moment. I opened my gob and got “that” stunned silence again. So I reckoned it was Bowtime and popped another tinnie. I know when to clam up.

What caused the silence? I was trying to get my captive audience to understand how TPTB view us and why. I now realise that I had forgotten the golden rule in these matters. “Never, ever, no matter how good the Bowtime, unload with your main battery, the cognitive blast damage can be traumatic”.

As my mate Dave the erstwhile stand-up used to say about one of our MDs “No matter what the concept, feed Brian little easily digested bits, one at a time. To do otherwise will lead to confusion and contusion”. I hadn’t remembered that sage advice as four pairs of eyes stared unblinking in befuddlement.

Now out here in the interwold you’d reckon that it was hard core Bowtime 24/7. No. I cannot see anyone ranging never mind bracketing a target. I see a lot of pyrotechnics and star shells. Every so often a burning hulk drifts past so you know that somewhere it is serious , but no one is crossing a T. Why?

There are knife fights for sure, check BS, GOT & Gigits for their recent skirmish. There is the never ending counter insurgency fire fight over at Media Lens . But where is the main battle line? Where’s 11 Group ? Are there any Big Wings forming up? Where’s the Thin Red Line standing? Where is the action? I want to get tore into the enemy. In the war of ideas I’ll take the forked tongued mash welders out with pleasure.

That’s when you realise that there is no battle to join, that to attempt such a thing would be like firing a GAU-8 at a ghost ship, spectacular but fruitless. I was trying to get a little bit of that idea over when I had that AS 2iC moment again.

Now don’t get me wrong there are fights that are worthy of our engagement. The most pressing for UK plc is the complete replacement of 646 turn coat traitorous vagabonds by 646 ordinary men and women who have not been bought off by having photos of them barking penguins secreted away in MI5.

The Tories, Lib Dems, Labour, SNP, Greens etc should all find themselves completely surplus to our requirments after next May. They should slope off and die quietly alone in a corner somewhere. This has its dangers of course, but less so than the dangers of oligarchic satrapy incarcerating anyone who raises an eyebrow. Unlike OH I reckon that by the time of the 2015 election it will be too late. A further 5 years of demographic change will mean that the forces of oligarchy will have their army’s numbers swelled even more.

What no one dares say is that this is one of the planned outcomes of flooding UK plc with immigrants, to undermine freedom further. The IDEA is that they should change UK plc not the other way round. This explains the constant smothering of any legitimate concerns the local inmates may have of Stalag UK.

To you and me, folks that will let others get on with their business, no matter how weird with the caveat “do no harm to others”, the current mess is puzzling. Well only if you keep thinking like decent people.

Decent people like the four folks slowly sinking into my sofa under the weight of damn fine lamb curry that yours truly had hammered together over 2 days. I adjusted my heading, brought A and B turrets round for a ranging shot and startled the poor buggers before I could even say “Feuer!!”

What did I say? Did I remark that since my human rights were being compromised, my next pleasurable juxtaposition of sexual organs would be with Dolly ? No. Did I remark that perhaps I would be changing my diet to something I first heard about from a Taiwanese site several years back, but has turned up again over at PC ? Funnily I mentioned this at the time to one of my victims yesterday. At the time she poopooed it, but the source at the time seemed so bland that it just rang true.

No what I said was simply that in order to understand EVERYTHING that is happening to us today from Scottish devolution, moral degeneracy, crap art, mind numbing education, assisted suicide to environmental protectionism you need to change your mind to think like TPTB. As I’ve stated before if you built a stargate TPTB would look at you as you would a small child who’s just daubed her first hand prints at nursery, but without the love.

You see they believe that we are degenerate scum who’ve suddenly sprung up to sully their beautiful planet. They know, not just believe, that there was a time when they could do miraculous things and they are bent on recreating that world again. They’ve been at it for millennia. Though they themselves are rabidly racist, genetically so, they know that once a long, long time ago all humans were the same and a return to that state is one of their aims. It’s not that they are smarter than us, though they are smart, it’s the plan they have which maps out all the plays, all the moves, all the tricks to keep us in line. They’ve played it over and over again they know how we’ll react in any given situation.

We in the West are an aberration, we sprang literally from nowhere and it’s been a long time in the making but we’re being brought to heel.

That’s why there is no 11 Group, no Thin Red Line to join, no T will be crossed.

We need to identify the enemy and currently that is an individual exercise. If you find yourself in the Hegelian you need to back out pronto because you’ve just entered a trap. If you encounter resistance that’s their agents at work. TPTB have infinite time and resources to tangle any individual or group up into a furball. Human actors engaged in timeless work. Who would believe that people are commissioned to swaatch books from circulation, muddy arguments, distract and bamboozle if you get near the truth. I can think of two authors who’ve been swaatched. One was bought by Hollywood after he’s been sucked into the RAND circuit the other, she just disappered from the shelves. Only through recognising that we are in play will we get a look at where TPTB are and then we can start working out how to get them.

As Alan Watt keeps reminding us, the technology we use is given to us for their purposes. The interwold is here to change our views; it allows the destruction of the self and the creation of the hive mind of our own volition. Guns couldn’t do what Arsebook has done to reduce personal sovereignty.

Heads up.


  1. damn, incoming, that link to the chinese story is just mind blowing. wtf.?????

  2. Yes AP the Taiwanese source as far as I remembered was disgusted by the practice which if I remember correctly they encountered when invited to a function hosted by a mainland bigwig. The BW had brought the "delicacy", chef and all over to Taiwan for the function. It was there on someones blog, hidden away far from the limelight, so when PC posted up again from another source I thought it would be appropriate to echo since the ChiComms are to be given more say on how we conduct our daily lives. They really are great guys, if you are ill your nationality decides if you live or die as I beleive a British journo found out when his Malay wife was in a Chink hospital about 10 years ago.

    What do you expect from a nation so recently lead by child shaggers, Gordon Brown may have his faults but that's not one I'm sure, so I'm sure individual liberty and human rights are safe.

    Mao and Henry were big mates, was Polanski a big mate as well?

  3. let us hope that this will be a little wake-up call to people, just as the organ trafficking is.

  4. AP it's going to get worse. UK plc belly aches about smoking bans, bans on alcohol looming, so called check ups and dietary advice from Big H.

    No one here seems to get it. The farmer is tightening up the stock control. Soon the only things that UK plc will be able to export is body parts!!!

    I'm more than sure that the DNA profiling that is being carried out here is to get tissue matches for monied individuals over seas. The average healthy Brit will need to be careful soon. Instead of the ambulance arriving after you've had an accident it'll be a blacked out windowed, no license plate special.


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