Sunday 31 January 2016

Rancid Megakunts are always toxic dripstenching and corpsegas seepminging putrid garbage.


Everything, absolutely everything these infected mongvectorboybitches and poisonousbitchtarts do is simply massive war criminal theft under EU/US/UKgov. procurement cover and they do not even realise it, dumbassphuuks. They are a disabled class of hothouse mutant special needs perps, all branded GMO'd shit with no substance,  plucked from mediocrity and HDVD’d by rapine into our societies as competent leadership breeding material.


OXO cube time.

Pigfilter the whole lot.

BTW we are accomplices after and before the fact. 

Friday 29 January 2016

U pfhukkin' what?

Refugee or Terrorist? IBM Thinks Its Software Has the Answer: A new tool to turn unstructured data into actionable intelligence could change the way law enforcement fights terrorism, and challenge the data-collection debate.

Now I don't think we need bother HAL or Deep Blue to make sense of the following jumble of words.

camp cards punch work slave death

I'll bet the DAVOS wankers came in their pants when IBM tickled their sweet spots with that proposal.

Thursday 28 January 2016

UK parliament group on Russia reactivated

UK parliament group on Russia reactivated: Both France and Germany have said in recent days that they want better ties with Russia.

Whenever a UKakos PM or UKulak FM activates anything it is a tragedy.

It is also pre-planned theft under chaos cover.

So who, which charidee, wanted and engineered the situation of unaccompanied Mid-Eastern children imported then BBC?

UKako cannot birth its young safely, no adequate midwiffery, teach its young, no adequate teachers, its young cannot write, its young cannot add nor subtract, its young cannot speak nor converse, its young are almost all becoming special needs, UKrapo cannot bury its dead, its elderly freeze in winter, it has nothing to offer and teach but acting out a brain washed light fingered Shylockianphukkwittery.

It is even worse than a TASS/PRAVDA/COMINTERN and Big Phukker productions trainwreck all rolled into one disasterzone of collectivised mindUbendery. Everywhere a STASI money thieving apparatus is waiting and watching to impoverish you by CCTV selective highway robbery.

What a phukking dump!

UKaant the most advanced society on Earth.

Watch out world this is how you are all going to be one day. Washed out human beings and bleach zombies.

This is what happens when a UKRIPO perp gov does anything. Chaos, death and stolen money all hidden by story telling as truth by UKreep plc.

Adventures in the Outermong

The following is weapons grade highly enriched 0.99999 fine purest fissile bollox. So don’t waste your time here if you have a productive life to pursue. You have been warned, Stay away.

It is now about a quarter of a century since the outermong came to our office and ever since that day of unlimited farting around, even though we had a commercial dial up pipe previous to that which did nothing more than highlight the total rip off that UK domestic telephone lines were, I remember the two things that were out here from day 1. Porn and the Saturn Hypothesis.

No news, no opinion, no history, nothing but tits and Titan.

Years later I discovered how Docklands was really using its IT investment on running live sex server farms which explains how UK banking infrastructure for domestic customers is so decrepit. Always ask yourself what a UKulak clown with other people’s money in its hands will do. Invest the cash or burn it away on the flesh? Oh yes, immolation every time.

Anyway over the years of hanging around out here watching the arena fill with paid clitoral actors, always coming here over nothing, one spots the constant low level activity of monglife going by in the background, twitchings which are to be drowned out by crisis cumming until such times as they are forgotten or can be/need to be killed.

This outermong has developed into a massive insane asylum as everything mental has been decanted into it and all embarrassing evidence accidentals released into have been hunted down by the Marshalls and inmates for eradication. All infosewers are now piped into the poison yard and rainbow troupes of actors have spontaneously incarnated themselves to help the infogenies spread mental unhealthality and real mirages. All the while the porn has continued unmolested and the naked truth silts up.

So with that I reflect on a quote that is not.


Why would this even be dropped into the outermong?

So what to make of that then? Well if one spends enough time snuffling in the undergrowth one of the background scents that is a signature of what is what, a constant across all time and societies, is Admiralty.

Just as there must have been a lot of humming and hawing, when the spoken legends were first written down, along the lines of “Oi you, how do I know that when you’ve wandered off with my tales written down you won’t change the scratchings or mix represent my words to those who cannot read? You bastard.” So we’ve now got the outermong with its ability to “update” what was written down without anyone knowing. Is Mark Twain going to turn up and point out that the iFART version of any of his works is false? Is the final librarian going to care to check if your own tailored perversion of War & Peace is verbatim against the last remaining hard copy in the outermost Thule library? I mean if we are not allowed to read Алекса́ндр Иса́евич Солжени́цын today because he mentioned that the jews in Russia were a bunch of murderous cunts then what value is any iFART pixel pattern? Homever Homer listened to is never going to care if Bart Simpson turned up in the iBELCH 24/7 rolling updates of his false Hesiod fictionals.

With enough time all is forgotten and one can write anything approved and invent anything that you are paid to create as truth. Money creates truth and reality for survivors. And time is concatenating.

Here is another quote, a real quote from a real book that I have in my possession. So I know the wordy words are real and highly likely to be the author’s originals.

“…….in which the historian no longer assumes that he can recover any ‘bare facts’ apart from meaning and interpretation. Twentieth-century historiography, in contrast to the historical methodology presumed by the old quest, no longer believes that history presents us with some kind of bare facticity. Rather history exists precisely in its meaning and significance for us. An event is an historic event, not simply as something that verifiably can be said to have happened, whether it has any meaning or value for us or not, but only in its continuing significance for us. …….” p40, The Church Against Itself. Rosemary Radford Ruether. 1967. Herder and Herder NY  

Add to that the Rovian crap, I shouldn’t need to quote that mongmerchant’s fecal matter, mix it all up in an iMAGIKMIRROR, ration the Herd and you can see that nothing means all now that nothing means anything.

But that is not the issue; the issue is that any bunch of humans that believes in totems will believe anything under Admiralty. Ultimately they will do anything for food, period. Link that food rationing through their iTURD and any level of murder is possible.

Now I know I took a wrong turning there and the post actually started out concerning Thorium and at that first blank quotation I went all mental but I didn’t want to clog Penny’s comments up with my bollox. So the gonads I wanted to expand upon got parked here. However it does still make sense, weirdly.

We will get back to the Thorium matter later.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

36 WTF Quotes From the Davos Elite Bubble Chamber | The Daily Sheeple

Look who got invited and looks like I wasn't the only one thinking that the sterile human spunk fountains would only spout forth bollox juice in massive quantities. Benobo monkeys couldn't have produced a bigger reek of spunk drenched quim batter splatter......mind you the monkeys would have been free from cost and so much greener in the ejaculate.

And as for the elitist androgynobots telling us it was all the fault of men that the world is so shitty, I would point out that the reason the world is a shit hole is because 99.999999999% of humanity is kept in the shit because their exclusivity, their elitist men and their inhuman pay masters. The stuck up cunts. The last thing the world needs is any more rich turds as mouth pieces no matter how off colour their dermis. That should get the manholes spinning with outrage. Go stick a save the whale sized iGREEN solar wind powered investment portfolio up your iGchuffs!! That should hit the spot and bring you off big time.

It wasn't just snow that settled over the area then!!

36 WTF Quotes From the Davos Elite Bubble Chamber | The Daily Sheeple

Tsk tsk.

Here is a quote from Arnos Grove 2016 that sums this load of cum up nicely.

"All that a load of over exposed, big slot gobbed, over weaning, self centered, dripping in money, jumped up fat lazy eunuchs and swollen harem sluts produce is an intolerable unwashed ordure. They always need slaves to clean up their elitist suxess. Pigfilter the lot."

What was happening Saint Sava’s day, Jan 27th?

Another failure in the fractured limited jewish mind.

So what was going on that day in 1933?

“By early 1933, at the height of the famine, the repressive machinery of the Soviet state had turned against Ukraine’s Communist Party officials, who were accused of nationalism. On 24 January 1933 Stalin appointed his trusted lieutenant Pavel Postyshev as the Ukrainian Party’s second secretary, a post that effectively allowed him to act as Stalin’s plenipotentiary in Ukraine. Prior to Postyshev’s appointment, Stalin had replaced Ukraine’s secret-police chief with a more trustworthy and ruthless figure, Vsevolod Balytsky, who had held that position earlier. Postyshev immediately spearheaded a reign of terror against Ukraine’s cultural and educational personnel and other communists. Mykola Khvyliovy, a leading communist writer, and Ukraine’s most prominent old Bolshevik and champion of Ukrainization, Mykola Skrypnyk, committed suicide in protest in May and July 1933, respectively.”

“The collectivization of agriculture, the man-made famine of 1933, and their role in Skrypnyk's fall will be dealt with below. Suffice it to state at this point that Moscow did not find the work of the Ukrainian Party organization adequate in either agriculture collectivization or procurements, and in January 1933 Pavel Postyshev, the former head of the Kharkiv oblast party organization who had been called to Moscow a few years earlier for political seasoning, was returned to his old post and given a new one of second CP(b)U secretary. Officially subordinate to Kossior, Postyshev actually had dictatorial powers and began a campaign against an initially unnamed "national deviation" quite similar to the campaign against the Right deviation which had preceded Bukharin's fall in Russia.”

All the above named, Stalin , Postyshev, Balytsky , Khvyliovy and  Kossior, not to mention mass murderers and war criminals Beria, Blokhin, Kaganovitch et al,  were well fed and warm in the midst of their bankster man made famine. That we can say this without contradiction is evidenced by the fact that not one of these bitchrentboys came up dead of hypothermia or starvation after that date.

All these things happened unlike the Broadway production, West End cumfest and Nobiascar golden turd awards handed out to mind failures like Ellie. Eh Ellie?

What we can say also is that, in the wake of the constant jewish mind failure, famine and megadeath are entrained. It is character failure as a toxic cultsect, not human.

Anyway BBC go and get yourselves right royally phukked!

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Spartacus Spastics

Always running away from the site of their trouble making money consumption life burning mission. The mercthieves in cowardice. RCE/LC's ISIS KreepZiodOddBods. Ba'al's Beardyweirdos.

Seemorerocks: ISIS runs in panic from Russian planes in Syria: "Thank You Putin!" - Syrian Army Show Gratitude After Liberation of Salma (VIDEO) Fort Russ , 25th January, 2016 ...

Here below we have a typical compliant eye witness and accomplished accomplice assistant to Keystone Coppery Fukkery with reality and history, at work. Artist? My erse! Apjrucru at play. Where have we seen that style before with concomitant faux histerical hystorical ersatz horrors?

“Heinrich Ehmsens execution pictures have often been reinterpreted. He depicted both the hostage executions (carried out by soviet soldiers) and the execution scenes and murders of the “whites.” Since Ehmsen lived in the GDR after World War Two, where he counted as a revolution painter, the scenes depicting the hostage murder were given false titles (for example, in the museum in Halle). Leftist Red Guards became right-wing bands of soldiers. The pictures with the falsified titles were reproduced in black-and-white in books and magazines. That is the reason why, for example, the red armbands of the execution squad cannot be recognized. Ehmsen’s hostage execution can be clearly identified: The hats and red armbands allow one to discern beyond doubt that the execution squad is made up of members of the Red Army. Ehmsen’s realism culminates in the portrait-like depiction of Professor Berger, one of the hostages shot.”

What is not stated is that the troublemakers, Apjrucru, skulked off back to RedRoth Moscow to gloat and plan their next load of phukkwittery after leaving Munich trashed and traumatised, per design and operational instructions from London City.

There is no way that this type of genocide pantomime ceremony could take place without the fiat banking system to publish endless mass murder vouchers.

Always locals are the dead. Whenever these internationalists turn up whether bankers, traders, merchants, artists, actors, and philosophers the locals are to be removed from life. These are the hallmark of the wandering Apiru mission. Always moving to kill the locals and thieve to finance their next homicidal enterprise.

Now today, here and now, we have a possible perturbation in the unbroken success of the wandering dusty donkey drivers and their modus.

Is the fire base, RCE/TA, where the ISIS KreepZiodOddBods have sloped off to have their wounds treated by the blue star, an Apjru sanctuary or a sacrificial pawn?

I.e. is RCE/TA an Apiru sanctuary, strategic, or a tactical weapons platform?

We know that Jerusalem did not exist when the Apiru were already old, the land where Roth was conceived was glacial when the Apiru wandered the long dusty trails on the Oxus, Yahweh hadn't even got out of bed yet when the Apiru had already wandered afar, so my betting is that RCE/TA gets vaped, Saladinstylee, again.

The smart Apjrucru are already skulking in Patagonia and all points immediately north of Antarctica and ISIS KZOB are not invited.

Monday 25 January 2016

Pigfilter II

Swine casting shit before pearls

From the Babelbolloxfish Motion Tricker Flicker

Recently there has been a load of arsebark about discrimination in the media. Not here in the UK of course where the aboriginals are discriminated against 24/7/365 ever since 1066AD.  I mean only in a free non discriminatory, diverse zooillogical, experimental asylum, putrid pixellatedpetridish, turdinfested anal HIVHDTV pissview disease vector could an import complain about the original salved saved slaves living there. UKakos are to be told that they are shit by imported swine from stonagged slavers, traffickers and gold worshippers. Retards from the outermong in sharp suites who defecate in their tailor’s shop.

EUbos are to be shifted to the byre and the fine residences handed over to imported Neanderthals with superiority complexes. Like Germany was used as a ratrun dormitory in 1945-47 for the RCE/TA plan to hide war criminals and terrorists on stolen land. Just like home for the Apjrucru after Auschwitz and the Zyclotron B scam.

Anyway let us return to the great estate where the green table houses the singing map. I now take us to the drawing room window of the great house. Here we can peek in through the frosted panes and beyond the gold drapings, from the cold herb garden, with its attendant dangers, what with the lethal operatives and foundation sponsored Petri assassins lurking in the weeds and hydroponics, we can steal a little vignette played out prior to the local annual Diaspora awards.

The Diasporas remember are what the local union branch thieves and sex slavers award their property as trinket junky, for stealing as much fiat lucre as possible from the USAbos, UKakos or EUbos, using corruption as art through theft. Work does not make free here. Slavery is their chosen career option. A solid gold fake Diaspora is worth its weight in purest 0.9999 turd, metallurgical and artistic non entity. It is all about money, slaving, discrimination, piss taking and phukkwittery, not talent. It is a part of the great pecuniary weapon system deployed to eradicate humanity.

So what do we find in the toasty drawing room, with the roaring fire, hot and cold running cold cuts of sacrifice. Finest sippin’ bourbon, sweet meats, human veal and unhappy carcasses. Amongst a selection of the finest pre-tested kick start hookers and pre-tasted hand pulled ladyboys awaiting the fate of slake. What do we find lording the lime light and giving forth amongst the degenerate filth?

The classic scene from the Dogfather IV where the Apjru are being staged lambasted by leaders of the off colour community the Apjru trafficked long ago, so long ago the community reps have forgotten who they are,  drong and talentless dancing whoremaisters. Poncing false flagged trollops stating that they are fed up with the herbgarden and think it is beneath them to associate with the sacrificial offal and that it is an affront that the great house is stuffed full of albedo splendido Apjru. They want in and fuck the scum dying in the freedom and inclusivity of starvation.

Well isn’t that interesting. The key grips and non speaking parts are asp rational and want to become recognised slavers, sex traffickers and criminals, they want made. Which is all at variance with their given legend that they are down trodden and discriminated against. Oh the poor poor dusty donkey route marched off colour fat sows and cows.

Typical equinebovineswine.

Talking of porky swine bovine talking shite here’s a great understatement.

“Lavrov’s moves weren’t a display of personal pique. They communicated the conclusion of the General Staff, the intelligence services, and the Foreign Ministry that there is no point in talking to US officials like Nuland. That is because there has been nothing they have said, or signed their names to over the past two years, which can be believed. If Nuland conducts this war, Lavrov was signalling, the outcome will be decided by arms, at the front.”

Now all I ask is what bit of reality are all these well fed, fat phukks not getting.

Out here in the herb garden we know that all Apjrucrew talk crap. They cannot do anything else since they are living closed system apparatchicks deployed against open systems humanity. Go on, name one of the Yahweh encrusted stools that is/was not anything other than a money fed mouth piece for the sacred psychotic mission.

As soon as you open your trap about diversity you are exposed as infected Apjrucrew. Swine fever is epidemic in the manumission Herd.

Anyway let the traitors, what do you expect from brain fired wooden actors, read their scripts and wordywords prepared long ago, lines and scores. From here in the herb garden the plan to torch the great house and ALL its occupants continuous unchanged.

Yes in the truest sense a holocaust is demanded by their gods.

Well go on then you pigs, go get filtered.

Friday 22 January 2016

This is a Royal Military Police matter so shut the phukk up!!

Note that there is not a single piece of interest expressed by any Royal Military Police in EU concerning the massive invasion of EU countries by war criminals/terrorists/paramilitary/fuerzes especiales/guerrillas/francs tireurs or any other non uniformed combatant, to be shot on sight during war time, disguised as refugees so we can draw some conclusions.

  1. All police forces in Europe are colluding with the destruction of their countries.
  2. The Military Police is doing the usual Keystone Coppery around a Johnny Depp EU State sponsored war crime financed/instigated/ordered by Don Gov Mafia
  3. The Apirujudiciary know that they will always be in place no matter whether the country/state/city/sanctuary is a stone aged shithouse or a time travelling hypersociety because they will never have minds in their hive.
  4. All the National Socialist hunting was a fake. How come no universal war criminal is getting hunted down now to a kibbutz?
  5. How come no one in the RMPs , or any other well funded secret society of lay abouts, tracked down the Bolshevik war criminals in their well known retirement dashas. As I said all fake.
  6. Apirujew as victim, is a unionised restricted acting role, a trade that pays well.


The European Court of Human Rights is refusing to act on a year-old case from the daughter of a Dutch passenger killed when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down on July 14, 2014. Denise Kenke, daughter of Willem Grootscholten, accuses the Ukraine Government of failing its legal duty to prevent civilian aircraft from flying into the airspace Ukrainian officials knew to be dangerous. Her court papers say the claim is also founded on the conclusion of the Dutch Safety Board, reported last October, that the government in Kiev had been negligent in failing to act on “sufficient reason for closing the airspace above the eastern part of Ukraine”.
Although the 11-page application was filed on November 17, 2014, the Court has imposed a secrecy blackout on all details of the case, preventing website access. After Kenke’s lawyer, Elmar Giemulla of Berlin, a leading German aviation law specialist, filed additional argument, legal precedents, and evidence from the Dutch Safety Board (DSB), the Court refused to acknowledge receipt or to reply. Tracey Turner-Tretz, spokesman for the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and its registrar, Roderick Liddell, a British national, said this week: “the application in question was granted confidentiality.”
Giemulla for the Grootscholten family said he had not applied for confidentiality, and was not informed by the court that it had been imposed. “I do not know anything about ‘grant of confidentiality’ . I do not even know whether the court has ever dealt with my complaint apart from internal administrative procedures.” When Liddell and his spokesman Turner-Tretz were asked what communication the Court has been having on the Kenke case with Ukraine government representatives, and whether Kiev had requested confidentiality, they refused to reply. A US attorney with a US and Ukraine practice says “it’s not possible for a US court to seal a case from public disclosure without argument in court by lawyers from both sides, and without a recorded ruling.” From Berlin, Giemulla said this morning: “Someone, I don’t know who, has decided that this case is confidential — from the plaintiff!”

Malaysian Airlines assigned Grootscholten (below, left) seat 11D on MH17. He was on his way to his Indonesian fiancé Christine (right).

For more details of Grootscholten’s life and death, see this memorial video.

His daughter’s application was submitted by Giemulla in November 2014, well within the 6-month time limit required by the ECHR between the cause of the complaint and the filing. Additional papers were filed in January 2015, and the case was assigned case number 4412/15. On March 9, 2015, Giemulla wrote the court asking for confirmation of the proceeding. He received a reply “advis[ing] me not to bother the court by phone considering its high work load. That´s all.”
GiemullaIf the attempt is made to search the court website, there is no trace of the case. On September 4, 2015, Giemulla (right) submitted additional evidence from the newly released DSB report, together with 7 pages of legal argument. The ECHR refused to acknowledge receipt. Last week, Giemulla wrote the ECHR again. “With urgency may I ask to be informed [by the Registrar] about the state of the present proceeding and the other steps intended by the Court.”
Giemulla is well-known in Germany as a specialist on public liability for air crashes. He is also representing kin of German passengers killed in the Lufthansa pilot suicide crash of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 in France in March 2015.
The case against the Ukrainian Government in Kiev does not depend, Giemulla has argued in the ECHR papers, on evidence or speculation about what weapon brought down MH17; who fired it; or what the cause of death for passengers and crew had been. This evidence, and the lack of it, were tested in an international court for the first time last month; that’s when a coroner’s court in the Australian state of Victoria held an inquest on the deaths of Australian passengers on MH17. For reports of that court proceeding, read this and this.
“The final report of the Dutch Safety Board from October, 2015, supports the view”, Giemulla testified to the ECHR in September, “that the government of the Ukraine bears the responsibility for the disaster because it has not closed the airspace above eastern Ukraine at the altitude of the flight plan in spite of knowledge of the circumstances.” In support, he has submitted the DSB report’s analysis of Ukrainian airspace management, military operations in the eastern region airspace, and Ukrainian government officials’ failure to protect civil aviation in the Dniepropetrovsk air traffic control area through which MH17’s flight path, L980, crossed.

Source: DSB Report of October 13, 2015:
The DSB report noted that airspace below the MH17’s altitude had been restricted, but that its flight path L980 at 30,000 feet was open. The DSB concluded the Ukrainian military were responsible for deciding on airspace controls, and that “the Ukrainian authorities took insufficient notice of the possibility of of a civil aeroplane at cruising altitude being fired upon… No measures were taken to protect civil aeroplanes against these weapon systems… the sovereign state bears sole responsibility for the safety of the airspace” (DSB report, page 209). The DSB also noted, without definitive conclusion, that “considerations other than those related to safety could also have played a part in Ukraine’s decision not to completely close the airspace to civil aviation, such as possible financial consequences [loss of overflight fees]. A complete closure may also have given the impression that the state had lost control over a part of its airspace.”
Published estimates from Washington indicate that before the MH17 crash, the government in Kiev was collecting $200 million per annum in overflight and air transit fees.
Giemulla has put the government in Kiev directly on trial in an international court for the first time in the MH17 case. The coronial court proceeding in Australia, and the postponed inquests in the UK, are investigations of cause of death, and only indirectly address responsibility in Kiev. Giemulla’s written submission to the ECHR is that Kiev is now liable to pay compensation for the death of passenger Grootscholten. “The Ukrainian government was… obliged to close the airspace concerned. Contrary to its legal obligation, it has not blocked the airspace at cruising altitude. This caused, inter alia, the death of the father [Grootscholten] of the complainant [Kenke].” The actions of the Ukrainian government in not closing the airspace had been “intentional actions”, the court papers argue. “The Ukrainian government has failed to meet its legal obligation to avert an existing danger to human life by obvious and available measures.”
In a separate submission, Giemulla has also told the ECHR the Ukrainian courts and their judges are too easily subject to political intervention to provide a remedy for MH17 claims. Giemulla told the court it was not appropriate or relevant to determine who fired the weapon or what caused the crash. “It cannot be judged from the outside which is the correct one of the versions [of cause of crash] and what actually happened. Regardless, it can be understood that in this critical situation the Ukrainian courts have been reluctant to deal with the investigation of the facts and [reluctant to] condemn their government…”
In legal support, Giemulla cited the ECHR’s own rulings on the corruption and bias of Ukrainian judges. “The ECtHR has in the case of Tymoshenko v. Ukraine of 30 July 2013 (Application No 49872/11, S. 41 and 45), and with reference to the earlier case Kaverzin v. Ukraine (Application No 2389/03) adopted an exception to the requirement for exhaustion of legal remedies in the domestic courts, in accordance with Article 35, on the ground that that the available [court] remedies were not capable of ensuring effective legal protection.”
This is a reference to Yulia Tymoshenko’s claim to the ECHR that her conviction and imprisonment by the Ukrainian courts in 2011 had been politically motivated. For more on that case, read this.

Tymoshenko (above, left) as prime minister in Kiev had supervised the appointment of Ganna Yudkivska (right) to the list of ECHR judges, following political infighting in Kiev, and controversy at ECHR headquarters in Strasbourg, over manipulation of the appointment. Yudkivska has not only defended the new regime in Kiev on the court bench. She lectured at Harvard University last year on how the court is defending “democratization processes” in the Ukraine. For more on Yudkivska, read this.
ECHR documents indicate this Ukrainian judge has been involved in the MH17 case, and almost certainly that she has supported the Kiev government’s request for the blackout — the decision to issue what Registrar Liddell calls the “grant of confidentiality”.
Liddell said this week, through Turner-Tretz, that in March 2015 he had “informed the applicant [Kenke, Giemulla] by letter of the registration of the application. The letter specified in particular that the Court would deal with the case as soon as practicable on the basis of the information and documents submitted by her and that she would be informed of any decision taken by the Court. Generally speaking, it is difficult to say how long the processing of an application will take, as this may depend on a number of factors. The order of dealing with cases is governed by Rule 41 of the Rules of Court and further specified in its priority policy.”
The ECHR’s Rule 41 says: “In determining the order in which cases are to be dealt with, the Court shall have regard to the importance and urgency of the issues raised on the basis of criteria fixed by it. The Chamber, or its President, may, however, derogate from these criteria so as to give priority to a particular application.” The ECHR policy statement referred to says that “according to this Rule [41] the Court is to have regard to the importance and urgency of the issues raised in deciding the order in which cases are to be dealt with.”

In a series of email exchanges this week, Turner-Tretz refused to disclose Liddell’s name as the ECHR registrar. This was despite the publication on the court blog that his appointment commenced last month.
Through his spokesman Turner-Tretz (above, right), Liddell (left) was asked: what notification has the Court Registrar made to the Defendant, the Government of Ukraine, and on what date? What response filing has been made in the case by the Government of Ukraine? On what application, on what date, and from what source was the application for confidentiality made? What Court official authorized on what date what you report as the “grant [of] confidentiality”?
Liddell refused to answer. Giemulla suspects the Ukrainian government has been informed of the case, and is likely to have been given the case papers. He says the ECHR has withheld these communications from him, if it has made them.
Liddell has sent an email to say “please note that the case was given confidential status under Rule 33 (public character of documents) of the Rules of Court. This decision was taken by the President of the Chamber to which the case has been allocated.”
Court rules of procedure reveal that in the Chamber section which is considering the MH17 case in secret, Ukrainian judge Yudkivska is a member. Court rules of procedure say: “Chamber: composed of 7 judges, chambers primarily rule on admissibility and merits for cases that raise issues that have not been ruled on repeatedly (a decision may be made by a majority). Each chamber includes the Section President and the ‘national judge’ (the judge with the nationality of the State against which the application is lodged).”
Yesterday Liddell’s spokesman Turner-Tretz was asked to name the president of the chamber to which Liddell now admits the MH17 case has been allocated. “In normal court jurisdictions,” Turner-Tretz was told, “a ruling to seal a case file cannot be made without an application by one of the parties and a hearing before representatives of all parties; the ruling to seal cannot lawfully be taken in secret by a judge keeping his or her name secret. You will be reported by name as speaking for Roderick Liddell, your new Registrar, as confirming that the Court has communicated in secret with the Defendant in this case, and is attempting to keep every detail of the case secret.”
Liddell replied: “the decision to grant confidentiality was taken by Judge Casadevall, President of the Third Section. Subsequently, following the recomposition of the Sections with effect from 1 November 2015, the case was reassigned to a new Section, the First Section, presided over by Mirjana Lazarova–Trajkovska, judge in respect of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.” The implication is that Judge Josep Casadevall — an Andorran who has served on the ECHR bench since its establishment in 1998 — was taken off the MH17 case.
Lazarova-TrajkovskaLazarova-Trajkovska was appointed to the ECHR in 2008. Before that, she had been a Macedonian Interior Ministry lawyer, then the director of the state election commission during the controversial parliamentary campaign of 2002. Then, as well as earlier in her career, she has been aided by grants from the US Government. Following the outcome of the 2002 poll, she was briefly a judge of the Macedonian Constitutional Court until the government in Skopje moved her to the ECHR.
London lawyers who follow ECHR proceedings closely don’t doubt that in the MH17 case the Registrar and the judges have been made aware of the Ukrainian government’s reaction. The sources believe Kiev officials have sought Yudkivska’s ruling, along with that of the Macedonian judge, to reject the Kenke case as inadmissible; close down the application without argument in open court; and keep this process secret. Dutch sources add that the Ukrainian government is pressuring the ECHR to block all claims from eastern Ukraine, as well as from the MH17 shoot-down. French lawyers have been attempting to file dozens of claims on behalf of victims of the Ukrainian military operations in Donbass.
A UK human rights lawyer says the ECHR has become “notorious” for its onesidedness and political prejudice. “It’s now a Star Chamber”, he said, referring to the court run by British monarchs from the 15th century until the overthrow of King Charles I in 1641. The Star Chamber operated in secret, and its name has become synonymous with politically motivated prosecution.
According to ECHR documents, “a case may be inadmissible when it is incompatible with the requirements of ratione materiae, ratione temporis or ratione personae, or if the case cannot be proceeded with on formal grounds, such as non-exhaustion of domestic remedies, lapse of the six months from the last internal decision complained of, anonymity, substantial identity with a matter already submitted to the Court, or with another procedure of international investigation. If the rapporteur judge decides that the case can proceed, the case is referred to a Chamber of the Court which, unless it decides that the application is inadmissible, communicates the case to the government of the state against which the application is made, asking the government to present its observations on the case. The Chamber of Court then deliberates and judges the case on its admissibility and its merit.”
Giemulla’s submissions make it difficult for the ECHR judges to rule that the case should go to the Ukrainian courts. His papers have also met the deadline of time set by the court. Sources close to the MH17 case in Strasbourg believe Lazarova-Trajkovska and Yudkivska have been told by Kiev that they should dismiss the case because the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) of prosecutors of The Netherlands, Australia, Ukraine, Belgium and Malaysia are conducting “another procedure of international investigation”.
According to the plaintiff’s court papers, the forensic investigation of the cause of the crash and the culprits is an entirely different case, and cannot be the ground for dismissing the Kenke application. Liddell is concealing the argument on these issues between the defendant and the judges.
Liddell replied: “the case was given confidential status under Rule 33 (public character of documents) of the Rules of Court.”
The text of this rule is much more limited than Liddell’s action has proved to be. “Public access,” Rule 33 declares, “to a document or to any part of it may be restricted in the interests of morals, public order or national security in a democratic society, where the interests of juveniles or the protection of the private life of the parties or of any person concerned so require, or to the extent strictly necessary in the opinion of the President of the Chamber in special circumstances where publicity would prejudice the interests of justice. Any request for confidentiality made under paragraph 1 of this Rule must include reasons and specify whether it is requested that all or part of the documents be inaccessible to the public.”

Thursday 21 January 2016


OK time for aleetel probability quiz.

Did they get this one correct?

Birmingham Six 'were in the wrong place at the wrong time'

Did they get this one correct?

Ten Years Ago: The Death of Dr. David Kelly. Murdered on the Orders of Her Majesty’s Government?

Can they organise a piss up in a brewery?

So how come when that ambulatory rubbish sack, badly attired even for a bag lady, opens its dead eyed arse and belches sewage we are supposed to pay attention? They never get anything correct…ever!!! Probably.

High court judge Sir Robert Owen said on Thursday that former KGB agents Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun poisoned Litvinenko with a radioactive isotope in London in 2006 “acting on behalf of others.”

Remember this when all the definite cuts to absolutely everything you have ever paid for with your own real effort, just remember when all the uncontrolled, subsidised, never short of free cash, criminal enrichment are rolling over you and your rubblestrewen ruin of a green field in the animal farm that is Rothpark UKplc, that there is always enough money to cruise missile and bomb wedding parties, schools and maternity units in every other country where HMG are helping thieves and war criminals steal everything for RCE/LC.

MP=Mendacious Pig.

Nah…….just like 7/7 we’ve got a badly run MiHiOp spilling all over the ShakerGlobe’s stage that is London.

GGTF, that thing is one of our “leaders”, probably. Leadership courses these days must include extra mental disability death growth training.

Heirs to the Beira patrol, Gulf War, WMDfiction and war crimes of Iraq?

Trouble making tramps, unemployable, testtube expiry mental and vacuous cocktarts the piggy whiggole lot.

KunstKhaantArtApartied or Fragging KalergiSpecterphiles and their Prescription

As noted over the other shop yesterday

And confirmed in the vomit du jour

After 25+ years of having the best leadership that money can buy we have an infestation of internationalists, parasites, doing their usual chao ab ordo ab chao cycling schtik. Everything with these clowns is scalability. Having got away with destroying Russia 100 years ago they are now moving up to the next level of skulduggery.
We know from various statements relating to GWOT that this is a new Hundred Years war. All designed and controlled by its own dynamic. This is a self regulating system because all the actors’ options are limited by the initial conditions set just before the chaos ensued. For western Europe that was 1988. The fallow fields were opened then.

UKakos and EUbos will never learn.

UK and EU leadershitters, their paymasters and the Big Boys hate all European peoples with a visceral calmness that makes sangfroid feel subliminal.

There is only one answer.

Entartete Kunst Khaants

 I could not resist this next one, though the rainbow warrior is only perpermitted to specify the flavour of KY used and his authors are darkFabians with time to wait and change the ecology such that bears are extinct naturally.

 Anyway expect more of the same soon.