Friday 16 October 2009



I know I’ve touched on this before in my musings over exactly what’s been going on in Afnamistan, but today I’ll get into a bit more detail of that part of my speculation not dealing with Afnamistan directly, but on the theatre round the centre of action.


IN AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ AND BEYOND straight out of the horse’s mouth and hot off the press.

Now I’m not going along the route about what this means for local body count, no.

The bit that got my interest amongst others is this passage

“It’s very, very simple – that every valley has a mountain. And all the mountains are controlled by the Taliban and the watchers are everywhere. No American or Afghan patrol leaves the wire without being watched and reported on the whole way. And I’ll tell you, H.R., that really concerns me because it indicates that there’s a substrata of that society that we’re dealing with, and if everywhere you go they’re watching you all the time, this is a big, big problem.”

“everywhere you go they’re watching”.

Who are they? I know who he means but
MRI’ll differ.

If you’ve read my previous on this matter you’ll most probably be girding your loins for a diatribe about both sides being run by TPTB, well that’s the case I feel. However today we are going to look a little closer around the scene of the action.

How’s about this, Premier Wen says China will continue developing western region

And this about India’s nukes

Let’s have a look at the map then.

Now everyone who is familiar with this place will know what we do there. We listen very, very carefully to what’s going on. We monitor and watch 24/7 all day every day.

So if you wanted to bring you next opponent up to speed, after all you’ve let him nick all your tech, you’ve sent manufacturing and processing plant to his shores, you’ve even let him lift your real estate under secret protocols, what would you do to let him see how C4ISR works?

He’s too far away to sniff on your exercises in CONUS and Mittel Europe, zo you create a great big firefight right on his doorstep so he can get through the learning curve pronto.

That’s part of what’s going down. You can bet that, especially US/Aus/NZ/UK Special Forces, any operation has loads of little sniffers all over it.

Could be wrong but I reckon there’s going to be lots of our watchers Special Forces operating in those Eastern parts of India looking to degrade Indian Nuke research soon, most likely out of Myanmar to give further cover.

Meanwhile back home the body bags return and will come home in larger numbers as the McChrystal strategy of bringing the fight into the urban areas in Afnamistan escalates.

Heads up.

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