Tuesday 27 October 2009

Colonia Dignidad and The Finders.

Where to go today?

I had thought of a bit of levity, but no.

Let’s go here.

Now if you don’t get it, go here and just keep reading until you do.

Then go round and ask your elected retard why they don’t get it, then kick the shit out of them.

Stand for election, the number of people who do get it now will assure your victory.


Well, be prepared to die.

One of the weird things about recent UK plc history is that there have been very few assassinations.

That’s because no one got it.

Once people get it the body count goes up.

Another thing that you should bear in mind is that the published stats on the psychopath density, 5% or so, are wrong. They’ve been breeding like mad and now constitute at least 40%.

So when sitting on the bus or tube just be aware that four out of every ten will kill you for no reason any time any where upon instruction.

Heads up.


  1. hey there incoming. don't know if you've read political ponerology by lobaczewski, but as he explains it, you've got the pure -paths steady around 6%, and as the process of ponerization takes hold in society, these other groups kind of lean that way and get sucked in, authoritarians and such, leading to something like 40% total fuck-ups. but they are followers if you know what i mean, so not in the same category as the pure -paths. not exactly a silver lining but hey, we take what we can get. ; )

  2. AP have come across L. I'll take any lining you care to throw. Path numbers have increased since L's day because they've been selected for by our society. Three generations of unsuppressed natural selection for the path, no wonder transhumanism will be welcomed if we are not careful.


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