Friday 2 October 2009

Afghanistan redoubts.

There is no doubt that madmen are taking our military men and women into the jaws of disaster.

Even if this pans out on the best side of the outcome spectrum we will have piles of dead to come home. There may even be so many that they’ll be left there.

Remember the first Afghan debacle was kept schtumm for years after, even from Parliament I believe.

Here’s an interesting analysis of what Obama’s options are, the UP side is to tank Iran and get out of Afghanistan!!!! Now I don’t know about you but in these plans USofA allies are not going to be influencing events because they won’t commit enough bodies to the campaign.

This is a ridiculous proposition. It will just spread the war over another country. Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan.

I have posted before about the dangers of having Holbrooke in this mix, he’s not there to calm things down. He’s there to set fire to everything in sight and on site. Just like he helped his mentor Kissinger do in Vietnam.

The massive instability caused by the breakdown of Western commerce will have enough places for a conflagration to flare up without our wearing our forces out in meaningless strife.

As I said earlier in the week. How much does it cost to refuel a C17? What if UK plc cannot afford the fuel anymore?

McChrystal wants to bring the fight into the urban areas, that is a recipe for vast numbers of dead Afghanis and piles of body bags with the remains of our soldiers within. Holbrooke will work hard to get the number of dead South West Asians into the millions just like his mentors did in South East Asia.

This time though we’ll be in the middle of it.

BTW over at the Dundee Wifey there is a quote about UK troops “eyes being bloodshot from total exhaustion”.

This is an often unremarked feature of military combat operations, the use of our troops as guinea pigs. This is another manifestation of the transhumanist agenda.

Heads up.


  1. An arc of destabilization from the Lebanon to Burma and on up to North Korea - keeps our options open.

  2. Scunnert that's not an arc that's a pyre.


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