Tuesday 30 July 2019

The NEW Harem as Labour's Anti-Semitism problem

The Irish Savant: Labour's Anti-Semitism problem: What's behind the transformation of the British Labour Party into a 21st century re-embodiment of the Nazis or the Fascists? Things se...

Mass death cult CentristmongtardturdTuring Fail TalmudAI emerges

Phukk off, damned kalergicattle
Phukk off, bleating 3rdwayretards
Ba’al thunders in its volcano
This is the eruption of your end. Of the past let us make a mockery of everyone
Enslave the masses, shut up, phukk off.
The world needs to change its foundation
You are nothing, let us kill you all.

This is the final struggle
Let us flock together, and tomorrow
The AInternationale
Will be human slaves.

There are supreme enslavers

Whether Ba’al, or Z’vi, or Marx
Traffickers, let us save ourselves,
Decree the common destruction.
So that the thief prospers,
So that the spirit be pulled in chains,
Let you fan your smithy yourselves
Forge the manacle while it is currency.


The Stoneagedclowns oppress and the NOAHide cheats.
RothRockLi bleeds the unfortunate.
No duty is imposed on the kreeps;
The rights of the poor is a passing theft.
Enough languishing outwith custody!
Equality wants no other laws:
No rights, all duties, she says,
Equally no God given rights.


Hideous in their onanic poses
The fiatfakirs of the talmuV and of the pale.
Have they ever done anything other
Than never work?
Inside the safeboxes of the talmugang,
What monomanic had created melted.
By ordering that they give it back,
The chosen want the iGREENdead.


Workshy killer kombrigs made us drunk with fumes,
Peace not for us, war to the proles!
Let the armies go on automort,
Lives in the air, and ranks of dead.
If they insist, these cannibals
On making heroes of us,
They will know soon that our bullets
Are for our own necks.


Workers, peasants, iGREEN
The great party of morons.
The earth belongs only to cadavres;
The idle will lord it mighty.
How much of our flesh have they consumed?
But never these ravens, these vultures
Disappear, it is a joke on fools.
The suicidesun be iGREEN COMINTERN.



Sunday 28 July 2019

Boris (what’s your real handle you concocted Gothic Sabbatean freak) bitpart actor

Where is the CastleTuringFailTalmudAIstein Doctor Mancunian Candidate hiding?

Enjoy the silence before the RastonRoboRothZOMO kick your doors in.

Truth Hertz: More Precision Parallels Between Hebrew Heroes & Egyptian Pharaohs (7-22-19): [Download] Charlie continues talking about the precision parallels between King Solomon and Amenhotep III, then gets into Moses and Akhenaten.

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Horst Wessel 5 Noteautophaart faked Rosa Luxemburg 7 Noteanalqueeph from faux Rosa Park Nonpukestopbus.

The gardener has got a new Kubota, no, not tinkering with the glass Kubota scene, as a JAVstar might know it, but a chemical laden analogue of a C123. Funnily enough it is orange. Anyway the tank eunuch and the warfare androgen are studying their talmudmanuals for the application of Agent Tikkum Massala as predressing animal skins. Kind of similar to parking a load of soap and benzene on a child. Mmmmmm they/their god love/s the smell of baked wean in the morning.

Observing the tinkering going on with the release of high technology into the society of RastonTuringFails one reflects that after a period of several self sealed generations of isolation, of capture, everything becomes so ersatzcyclic that all laws can never apply to anything actually actuating within.

So we can ask ourselves a question, can’t we, can you halt a war and continue it not Clausewitzwisestylee, but in reality. I didn’t say end the war, like all fools have fallen for with their faked war moon ending landings. I mean would anyone alive these days actually recognise a bus stopping at a bus stop without a handmaiden in attendance. So similar with things like Armistice Day, with every memorial stating 1914-1919, which bit a fake deadly plaza, is that?

Look at the litany of failure by pleasure these passed 60 years never mind the designer destruction of progress in the half century before that.

Having spent over a quarter of a century watching the emissions from the ausphart certain absolutes are to be treated as certainties even though collateral will result.

If an analogy is sought it would be, make no mistake we are to be eliminated, the realisation that someone is working happily within our struggle to sabotage by coherent amity. Although in phase they are heterodyne, nothing like us. Looking hard at the favourite ruin that was made of Britain we can derive certain irrefutable conclusions.

UKplc was supposed to survive the conflagration RCE/LC kicked off in 1939 exactly the same as it was in 1939 only better. By that I mean the UKabo having been shot dead again in vast numbers was supposed to return to a state of superrickets and hyper ignorance.

Germany was supposed to resemble a national scaled no mans land, like 1915-1919 Somme/Ypres/Verdunstylee, with all the research centres gutted, all the people dead and all the annoyance caused by hard working, self actuating,  northern, nonChaldcucked, Europeans gone.

“Oh no you don’t you khaant, don’t you know anything about the great white struggle?” I hear some rant.

Well from where I stand all I can see is 5,000 years of retreat fashioned by work shy semites, now don’t get too apoplectic, I haven’t finished. Whilst working hard at being tools wielding tools, the enemy uses the second oldest trade to shuv its weaponcocks into the chuffs of the breeding mares and misdirecting our own warcocks into the barrensheaths of whores.

Quigley didn’t delineate his statement about commerce being the semitic weapon system so I will complete some of the list.

Whores as weapons. Money as weapons, Trade as weapons. Slavery is weapons. …&c

All that needs to be done is define the word semite. The biggest semites I can see now are mighty dollar pushers and if you don’t get the duality of that phrase then you can phukk off, you are of no use whatsoever in the wrenching of history for truth.

Chew on this. Christie tech to USSR. Autobahns as state policy. BT tanks as blitzkrieg.

I’ll bet that once the garlicwillingswine gave up without a fight and we attacked them at Oran the message was received loud and clear that the USSR was welcome in UKplc and the danger of the sausagemunchers not fighting as planned caused our Rothschild semiandrogyns nightmares of cyanide Sinai. From Katyn to Epping is but one fuel stop away in Tabriz is it not so Moshe


Saturday 20 July 2019

Ham Actors (1928) and Qweer Rubbber Tanks (2019)


have you seen the queer paint job on the bulk beauty, that bulk carrier must have been in makeup so long that it would make a pig lipstick mechanic blush at a double penetration by fuerzes especiales and insertion by rapello at a porn shoot in the Sanfernando Valley.

Why aren’t the Somali pirates hired to take care of things by driving inflatable tanks through the ball pond straits? Or perhaps we could get a load of Rotten Pussy and Riot Quims to shit all over the Arseanjanispilots of this world! Where ever one finds well fed western MSMcombatNGOninjas, trouble making troupes of charityclowns and religioknife throwers there you will find the heaps of dead persons who used to be getting on with their simple, ordinary lives. God do the RastonRothbotbosses hate them being so free. Freedom is death by freedomspewing, liberty puking RastonRockbitches.

All the ultramokkingbirds here in UKplc will never understand that the reason their HDTVpissscreens are full of needy Africancharity actors is because they love all this theatre and want nothing more than their offspring to graduate to mountedharembitchboys and wellphukkedbedchamberboybitches of the Rastonrothbot Sybian.


Friday 19 July 2019

Psyopscock and Quantaquim in Prolapsed Pillboxstall

Maurice Pinay: Arnon Milchan's Great Grandfather was appointed to...: "On one family side we go back to [medieval talmudist] Rashi, on the other side we go almost to King David" [Anon Milchan] s...

Sometimes the IP enclosures and papieren bitte routine makes one long for the days when two geezers in a made up load of civvies could venture forth on a sally, two other geezers crash land a Bf108, a long shanks drifts into Hamburg and a cool dude finally jumps the wire. But as they say in tractor stat world they never existed. Like NCIS Barnet it is all a load of theatre with live ammunition in the props. Kind of like the world’s most advanced society being unable to stop urbane violence. The dump could mobilise every masonicrubberbatonround to crush ordinary persons of UKAbo origin when they mined coal or smelted iron. They could get a great big reframed temple whore to gun down overseas sparkies pour encourage les autres encore. But stopping jibbing is beyond the Big Brother sacraficemuppet WalterMittysyndrome by Arsehole Intelligence at Temple.

Indeed the continuity of oligarchy faction here in the Rothpark have done nothing but drive the whole of UKAbos mental by forced driving of faked narrative 24/7. That’s Delmarism from CSi Arkley, correct lying nonstop, you destroy the picket lines and groom the child grooming gangs from stoneagedslaverstan, whilst the john company corporate agents get stoned in the bogs at Westminster gassing legal counterfeit paper.

As one reflects back on the stranger journey to Monte Carlo embarked upon during this life it is the constant cunstants of concern that registered and have never left me, only to be confirmed by accidental serendipity stager attractor decades later.

As I’ve mentioned before, the ausphart, even on day one when we linked to docklands via a phukkofbigpipe, had only two things to offer, bitches getting buttphukked, which confirms EMJ’s anecdotes about Palestine and electric universe theory. There was a brief period of exploring the high country but even then the control shadow was evident for one could wander into any USofA resource on the ausphart and read learned paper after research paper on anything there for free. My office printer was red hot. However in Europe the shutters were down and you could not afford to get into the euro equivalents which were all tolled up supremaciststylee. This is one of the little drips of evidence that makes me look for the source of 9/11 in Euraboland. God how the euroinbredmutants hate USabos after going to all that effort to kill off their own Abos from 1913-1946.

Here in the worlds most advanced pigsty the kreeps on the BBC are informing us that school children are exhibiting more and more mental health problems. The weans are going nuts.

So, you are a car mechanic and every one of the cars that come into your body shop breaks down half a mile from your shitshop. What happens? Well you get the message that this is not your vocation and you bugger of to bake cakes for Turing fails in Nebraska and everything is sweet for you. A competent mechanic takes over your shop and she makes her town happy, car mechanically, and prospers.

Now we take a closer look at what you were really doing to the cars before Sheila took over, you were icing the spark plugs, caramelising the tyres and putting doilies on all the gauges. Everyone trusted you back then to know what was what. Ahhh the gift of failed journeying. So if you’ve spent your career churning out illiterate and numberblinded stepford children with faithbased lobotomisation do you really expect to be getting to die quietly in your bed? Soylent green works both ways you Logansrancidrunnningcunts!

So which bit of ramming peadogogicocks down the throats of those who should be under your protection don’t the peppapigperpaedogogues get? Which bit of grooming them for serving to Jeffries French Fries, Weinstein’s Swollen Doghead and Podesta Pedostal Pesto Pizza don’t the gulagedupelagog get? If you’re being told that taking it up the shitter, cutting your cock off and sewing up you front bottom is fanphukkingphanpashatastic all day everyday then you might be going a bit scrypto by the time you are 7. Where does the money come from to pollute the world so?

How’s about doing some real instruction you over paid fakirkhaants. Start with how to print as much money as you want from nothing and name the RastonRothbots as universalpervperps No.1.

Thursday 18 July 2019

Mami's Shit: Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner 2019.07.17

Mami's Shit: Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner 2019.07.17: A program that investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics. Maintaining a radical perspective in the afterm...

Wednesday 17 July 2019


So here we are hunkered in the garden by the mint and sage. Herbs everywhere, carrots and onions just over the low wall. The soft fruits have been picked and the apples hang heavy in the morning mists. We’ve been here for ever, some even remember there was a couple of mud laved clowns who pfukked with Enki and Lilith some aeons ago before the mariachi fairy started in the archangel pneumatic hammer chaochoir.

No where within the bounds of the garden have we ever been able to rest and enjoy the silence. For there never has been silence, gun shots, strange gurgling in the night, poisons, traps and habirusonnderkommando hunt everywhere like tractorstat belief enforcers of the wasteclans in the long ago apirulands. They work slowly since by enacting their wishes in the past they can control the way time is spent in the present and formed for the future. There is no escape from low walled magic if you accept your eyes as collapse.

Today we have the strange sight of an upper apartment message bearer being pimp slapped at an open window. Oh the spectacle, sound and squealing as we gaze upwards from under the rhubarb leaves.

Meanwhile in the long glass houses the rastonrothbot uberseerWassabieinsatzgruppen seal and release the ZitherzyklotronZ ricin cocktails. You do not need a gagging order when everyone is gagging and foaming up their lungs under the amnesiac superglycophosphateD notice. The tuber dwellers get the message and slink away into the long grass to await the gardeners return.

Now I don’t want to depress you too much with our return to the kitchen garden but you get the idea, Parsley is overhead just in case you get the idea to scale the ivy and take a good peek at just what the hell Jeffrey and his puppet cru are really up to in that balcony, is rapunzel getting Rapumelled in the ass again, we know where our bodies are buried after all. Far away Parsley will be getting indoctroaugmented for wiping out more TerrAbos too poor to live yet not dead enough to be compliant.

Have you considered who Parsley is? I don’t mean Nevada drone jocks, or Red Army TVJSTARS, though that is where it started. Parsley walks amongst us. Wander down the strasse and watch for those who never enter a bank, never go to the Post Office, never take public transport, never need to pay to park their electric sports car, never pay taxes of any sort and always never say anything. The iGREENgang, the flashyoungCOMINTERN, appear from no where and get everything instantly. They are mass murder and war crime cleared and atrocity rated.

Now then now then boys and girls let us leave the herb garden and travel to a discrete aerodrome where the great house’s resident recidivist entities travel to and from, where the Rancid Rapine Shuttles and the Lolita Expresses get prepped. The combat cocks and the Kombrig phannies will be going CRJ but the meat will be going somnostatisfreight in a C27, along with the vats. If you are ground crew there, if you are security detail there, if you are cleaning the bogs there, are you worthless? Are you Janissary, Praetorian, Untouchable or can you still be made human again? The focus is on you, scum, because your rastonrothbosses have made the epigenetic lifestyle choice ages ago to be nonhuman in the great rotating ballroom.

Tuesday 16 July 2019

Oyoy...who comes banging out the traps on cue?

Mami's Shit: The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 1036 - 2019.0...: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock (born ca. 1973) is the author of the widely imitated and hugely influential modern historical work, " T...


Thursday 11 July 2019

Alan...got your Croydon barraboy headsup.

I had wanted to post the "Inflato" sketch which was wartime propaganda to make sure you never considered the nature of real economic theory. This will have to do as an intro..

If your weather bond trading AI is a TuringFail Laurelmirror of the stainless steel RockRoth mind then expect Boston Dynamics Big Dawgs opening the graves to feast on flesh after the lethality spaces have gone quiet..

Notice that the peace/wartime reality of economics is that in order to make the equations work you have to clear the markets by killing lots of people who've noticed your scheme is utter shite.

All economic equations + made unalive persons= success for RastonRothbots.

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Agent Orange by Media

SNAFU!: Thompson's "Five USAF Money Pits" are actually jus...: via Forbes. The U.S. Air Force is currently flying the oldest, smallest fleet of combat aircraft in its history. It has fewer than 200 ...

Once I saw an F/A-18E going buddy I immediately thought RN Scimitar and then bye bye carriers, so long V force, hasta la vista everything but debt slavery……. F-35 the RICO jet. I will bet that every penny ended up in the Roth firebase financing chink pull start ladyboys and rastoncanton kick start fluidlocked phannies. Talpiot Ponzi.

“Many other countries have been in this position, they are not weak but they are made to feel enfeebled. The USofA corp. is now about to enter that state so familiar to UKplc. Imagine back to 1940 or so, USofA corp. could go and borrow as much money as it wanted to further the banksters’ one world agenda. No questions asked. So what would happen if we look forward to 2013 and USofA corp. wants to tool up and save the fleeing Christians streaming over the borders of Panama, Ecuador and Chile and as massive shooting match kicks off between various factions of heathen? Drugs lords, FARC, Shining Path, Hezbollah etc. Imagine the feeling of impotence within the nation as it cannot borrow to finance an intervention. The money masters whack up interest rates to 10 or 15%. What is the interest payment on 15 trillions of debt each year at 15%? I make that 2.25 trillions smooth. At that rate you are going to have all the carriers, SSNs, MAGs and Airwings on the scrap heap. Have you seen any photos of Russia recently?” https://rangingshots.blogspot.com/2011/10/path.html

Which bit of nonstop attack cock, inweather stealth quim and  improvised uterine terror devices don’t you khaants get?

If you check further down the SNAFU blog you will get a photo spread on USN current aircraft. To my trained eye the flow of time for CAGs stopped somewhere around 1960. Bring back an A-3 crew from then and they will be floored at the lack of progress. Which brings us nicely to MM’s science fiction as op thesis.

Here is one spot ready for a good library burning by other means.

“In the immediate post-war years, hundreds of thousands of important documents pertaining to the origins of the First World War were taken from their countries of origin to the west coast of America and concealed in locked vaults at Stanford University. Macgregor & Docherty Hanslope Park is guarded by a seven-foot-high chain-link fence, just beyond which is a ten-foot-high fence topped with coils of razor wire. Every few yards between the fences are closed-circuit television cameras and floodlights. Cobain writes, ‘only from the air can the enormous scale of the compound be comprehended, it measures almost half a mile across ... It is a perfect place to bury difficult secrets.’ [33]And bury difficult secrets they have. Cobain describes how millions of files containing top secret British government documents dating back even further than the First World War are kept at Hanslope Park. Some documents which were recently released, albeit very reluctantly under direct order of the Courts of Law, revealed the true horrors of British colonial rule in Kenya and elsewhere in the world. The Hanslope documents are among those which have survived the bonfires. Cobain described how just prior to Malaya’s independence from Britain, five truckloads of sensitive documents relating to British colonial rule were driven 220 miles from Kuala Lumpur under police escort to the naval base at Singapore ‘and destroyed in the Navy’s splendid incinerator there’. Papers at the National Archives at Kew ‘testified to a worldwide purge of sensitive or damning documentation: there was correspondence that described the laborious burning of papers; there were telegrams from London giving precise instructions for methods of destruction; there were even “destruction certificates”, signed and witnessed by colonial officials to confirm that certain classes of documents had been incinerated.’ [34] Systematic and institutional vandalism aimed at wiping out the truth. Controversial files relating to Britain’s colonial outrag by Guaporense » 28 Jul 2012, 01:02 The Nominal National Products of the major powers in 1938, in current dollars: (1) United States: 84.7 billion (2) Germany: 46.0 billion* (3) UK: 27.51 billion (4) USSR: 23.02 billion (5) France: 16.18 billion (6) Italy: 8.68 billion (7) Japan: 7.49 billion LOTS ON WW1 When Germany surprisingly sought an Armistice to find grounds for Peace in 1918, it was on the basis of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points. The myth history here is deplorable. Historians and journalist continue to this day to claim that the First World War ended on 11 November, 1918. It did not. Germany was undefeated on the field of battle. Beaten but not crushed. In a move which has been airbrushed from official history, the Allies, mainly Britain, continued to apply a full and complete blockade of Germany so that for the next eight months hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of their women and children were starved to death. The rise of Bolshevism in Germany became so dangerous that even war hawks like Lloyd George realised that Germany had to be allowed to survive in a much reduced state.

Finally the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, never ratified by the American Congress, were so damaging that the causes of the Second World War were literally sewn into the fabric.

WW1: Prolonging the Agony, How the Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WW1 by Three-and-a Half Years, has been published, ... lays before the reader a vast amount of evidence which reveals how enormously rich and powerful men in Britain and the U.S. deliberately prolonged WW1 while reaping even greater fortunes from it. It retraces the major lies and malevolent propaganda generated in Britain and America to justify war against Germany, and the reason it was prolonged beyond the spring of 1915 in order to crush her. [New post] Prolonging the Agony 2 The Full Hidden History Exposed First World War Hidden History Tue 06/03/2018, 16:06 Respond to this post by replying above this line New post on First World War Hidden History Prolonging the Agony 2 The Full Hidden History Exposed by Jim_and_Gerry This is the second blog about the recently published Prolonging The Agony. In a single volume, the real History of how the First World War was deliberately prolonged to the benefit of the charlatans, profiteers, and the Secret Elite can be fully understood. It is impossible to pick any single scandal above the others, but one which has been studiously ignored by the history boys is the Herbert Hoover and the Commission for Relief in Belgium. This one time American mining engineer and future President of the United States, previously criticised for rampant dishonesty by the courts in London, was chosen by the Secret Elite to head an international fraud which was paid for by the Allies and underwritten by the U.S. government. It claimed to provide food for the exclusive use of the population of Belgium and Northern France which were occupied by the German army. What we have uncovered is an enormous double-deal whereby not only did food go to Belgium, food that was often sold for profit, but supplies also went to Germany directly down the River Rhine. We know that Edith Cavell saw what was happening. As an avid letter writer whose letters were printed in the Times, she threatened to expose the scandal. This is a story of money, bankers and producers colluding to reap millions from the desperation of a hungry Europe, and in so doing prolonged the bloody war. Yet another scandal was the complete farce of the Gallipoli campaign. Because the Russians had suffered such vast losses on the Eastern Front, the Czar demanded evidence that war was worthwhile. The promise of Constantinople was the prize which animated him most, and the Gallipoli campaign was concocted by the Secret Elite to make it appear that a serious effort was underway to attack Turkey and win Constantinople for Russia. It was set up to fail. You may think this impossible, but Prolonging the Agony provides detailed evidence that the campaign was an orchestrated farce from start to finish. But it convinced the Russians and kept them in the war. The Secret Elite had no intention of ever giving the strategically vital port of Constantinople to Russia. Ever. The story and the needless sacrifice is a disgrace. Indeed Gallipoli was an outrageous and deliberate failure, but it prolonged the war, as was required. Your reaction to this statement may well be......it can't be true. Please read the chapters on this crucial event. They will make you uncomfortable. And there could have been peace, several times over. But peace was not on the Secret Elite agenda. When, by 1916, the military failures were so costly and embarrassing some key players in the British government were willing to talk about peace and discuss what that might mean. This could not be tolerated. The potential peacemakers had to be ditched. Lloyd George was promoted to prime minister in Britain and Georges Clemenceau made prime minister in France. The unelected European leaders had one common bond. They would fight Germany until she was crushed. Prolonging the Agony details how the secret cabal organised the change of government without a single vote being cast. A new government, an inner-elite war cabinet thrust the Secret Elite leader, Alfred Milner into power at the very inner-core of the decision-makers in British politics. Democracy? They had no truck with democracy. The voting public had no say. The men entrusted with the task would keep going till the end and their place-men were backed by the media and the money-power, in Britain, France and America. The only end they had in mind was Germany destroyed. The entry of America into the war changed everything. The money men were covered by the Federal Reserve System. They could print dollars and finance their war in safety. Loans were guaranteed by governments. The American economy was literally underpinned by the war spending, and all on the back of the ordinary citizens and taxpayers. Millionaires blossomed. Poverty for the many grew. Even the election of Woodrow Wilson in 1916 was tainted by doubt. The manner of his re-election is ignored in mainstream accounts. It all hinged on California and the recount was itself tainted with corruption. We examine the emergence of Zionism as a factor in the political world. From the first years of the twentieth century we have unmasked the close relationship between Zionism and the British and French Rothschilds. The background to the Balfour Declaration shows how far the British cabinet was willing to support the Zionist ambitions for Palestine. This was NOT, as it is portrayed, a simple message from the British Foreign Secretary to the head of the Rothschild family in Britain. It was the product of years of scheming and political pressure that eventually won there backing of the Secret Elite. And prolonging the war here was also important. Before the Zionist claim over Palestine could have any pertinence, they had to buy time to establish institutions and boost investment. The immense duplicity the British government and the connivance of the American administration is explained in full. And it raised serious questions about loyalties. While the Russian Revolution might appear to have little to do with prolonging the war, it did. Did you know that the last foreign politician to meet the Car before he abdicated was Secret Elite leader Alfred Milner? Co-incidence? What transpired between the two? Milner’s behaviour and report when he returned to London was so strange that one has to conclude that he had much to hide.What promises were whispered to Czar Nicolas before he abdicated? Worse was to follow. The raping of Russia by the money-men who financed the Bolsheviks, links Wall Street to the Kremlin… and of course, since Russia had decided to end the war with Germany, the promise of Constantinople was revoked. For ever. How convenient. When Germany surprisingly sought an Armistice to find grounds for Peace in 1918, it was on the basis of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points. The myth history here is deplorable. Historians and journalist continue to this day to claim that the First World War ended on 11 November, 1918. It did not. Germany was undefeated on the field of battle. Beaten but not crushed. In a move which has been airbrushed from official history, the Allies, mainly Britain, continued to apply a full and complete blockade of Germany so that for the next eight months hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of their women and children were starved to death. The rise of Bolshevism in Germany became so dangerous that even war hawks like Lloyd George realised that Germany had to be allowed to survive in a much reduced state. Finally the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, never ratified by the American Congress, were so damaging that the causes of the Second World War were literally sewn into the fabric. Prolonging the Agony is unique. It details the lies and malpractice through which an evil war was prolonged. The old order in Europe was swept aside and it shows how the new order emerged from a joint Anglo-American Establishment. It merged the Secret Elite in Britain with the Morgan-Wall street powers through joint policy making by a self-appointed group of ‘right-thinking’ men. We name them. We also acknowledge the impressive work of Professor Carroll Quigley in initially exposing the machinations of the evil men who aimed to take over the new world order. And then they stole our history. Literally. All of the evidence of the gross malpractice, the profiteering, the lies and the propaganda about the cause of the war and about the running of the war was swept up and taken away from its European roots. All of the pre-war papers and documents which would have shown how far the Kaiser went to try to avoid war, disappeared. The vast quantity of international permits and papers about the running of the American Relief in Belgium, high-jacked. The key Russian diplomatic evidence sold for a pittance was removed to America. Taken under instruction by the organisation set up by Herbert Hoover, it was removed to Stanford University and there what remains of the evidence lies under lock and key. Our history. Our truth. To be fair, our governments also burned, redacted, removed, shredded and otherwise abused the historical fact by destroying evidence of their malpractice and lies. Prolonging the Agony details as much of this destruction of history as we currently know. Breve and persistent journalists continue to push for sight of all documents. Historians do not. You have to give time to this frank exposure. You will have questions to ask. You will be angered at the waste of life and the selfishness of the rich and the powerful dynasties. You will want to ask again and again how they managed to sweep such a litany of wrong-doing under the proverbial carpet. You will be alarmed at the manner in which we have been lied to; at the stolen history; at the way in which you have been misled. After ten years of constant research and inquiry, we still are. Prolonging the Agony puts into your hands the awful truth behind a war which could have been brought to a reasonable conclusion in 1915. The cost in human terms of all that transpired from 1915-1919 is so horrendous, that it has been studiously kept from us. Even 100 years later, the lies persist. Read this book. There is much more to it than has been outlined here. Consider the implications. Be angry. Now available from Trineday Publications in the USA and though Amazon across the world. We are delighted to announce that our German publishers, Kopp Verlag will undertake a translation in German, and our French publishers, Editions Nouvelle Terre, are currently considering a similar decision. Jim_and_Gerry | 6 March, 2018 at 4:05 pm | Categories: Belgian Relief, Carroll Quigley, Gallipoli, Georges Clemenceau, Herbert Hoover, Kaiser Wilhelm II, President Woodrow Wilson, Secret Elite, Wall Street, Zionism, Zionism | URL: https://wp.me/p4Ic3s-1hT Comment See all comments Like Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from First World War Hidden History. Change your email settings at Manage Subscriptions. Trouble clicking? Copy and paste this URL into your browser: https://firstworldwarhiddenhistory.wordpress.com/2018/03/06/prolonging-the-agony-2-the-full-hidden-history-exposed/ Thanks for flying with WordPress.com
A note on 'unconditional surrender'. Suppose some warmonger wants to insist on obviously unfair conditions. When this happens, it's time for continuing until 'unconditional surrender'. For example, I doubt many people would consider imposing Freemasons a legitimate cause for war.
Conclusion: when people talk of 'unconditional surrender', it may be a sign Jews are involved.
A note on 'Wars prolonged unnecessarily'. Note this is a 'gentile' idea, taken for granted, without thinking, by many non-Jews. But Talmudic advice is to kill as many 'goyim' as possible.
Conclusion: if some campaign or war is said to be 'prolonged unnecessarily', it's probably a sign Jews want more deaths and profit.
On the 'Great War' or 'First World War', Benjamin Freedman's A Jewish Defector Warns America (1961 speech; transcribed as about 60,000 words) is a blissfully short, convincing and detailed, run-through of the German experience in the 'Great War'—well worth reading for anyone whose schooling is Jew-only. (
Warning: Freedman's speech may be a partial psyop, omitting the Rothschilds and other Jews, omitting terms of weapon loans and repayments, omitting crimes of Jews in the USSR notably mass murders, omitting doubts about Hitler, promoting nuke mythology for mass scares... So keep your critical specs on!)
After the Great War, a treaty of sorts was imposed on Germany at Versailles. Parts of Germany were awarded to other countries, and usually this is regarded as something negotiated and discussed. In fact, the bits were probably awarded to Jewish landowners, and removed from Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, and so on. Versailles after the war, during negotiations, was notorious for swarming with Jews, typically from the USA, and these would presumably talk locally to Jews, and run rings round the supposed victors.
      The general view of the supposed end of WW1 may still be surprise and shock at the ramshackle and dangerous arrangements of the 'Treaty'. How could they take such risks?—Cynics might reflect that this was presumably intentional, paving the way for further Jewish games—after all, the Great War itself showed signs of pre-planning and profiteering—the invention of the Fed, the prolonged newspaper campaigns, the loans for weapons, the sinking of Lusitania, 'Trading with the Enemy', the sudden unexplained stop.
      Note that all the arrangements were subject to Jewish lying, in traditional fashion. For example, the areas lost by Germany amounted (according to Hitler) to 25,000 square miles, which is smaller than Eire, which Britain was supposed to be happy about, when the Marrano Jew‑descended de Valera was put into power.
Conclusion: watch for huge asymmetry in opinions on similar issues. Typical Jewish behaviour is to endlessly cause trouble for what they think are their own ends.
      In a similar way, vast reparations were demanded, but they later varied to enormous extents. It's not hazardous to guess the figures and the terms were decided by Jews—and that Hitler's public speeches avoided details.
Conclusion: if a war ends in a tangle of absurd contradictory problematical settlements, and vast money settlements, it's probably Jews at their money-making and war games.” H/T Rae West

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Wankstator fellatiofallow fields, water meadows, cunisters of slut and crop rotation.

Well done Charlie boy, Phukkin’A.

Truth Hertz: More Parallels Between Ancient Egypt and Hebrew History (7-8-19)

Here in the outsourced autophage serf farmed easyjet borough of Spyzentral Naarf Laandahn, where the crop of refuseNGOGMO are installed in smart new apartments at EU expense, we have the long awaited rationing as death gulagdrill almost completed. 
“WTF are you on abahtyookhaant?” you murmur. Well in the shithouse, ballpondistan, lethalbounceycastle, bukkakehouse that is the fake reality globe scripted false news psychopharmamindshiv constant rehearsal boilerroom of Salem zu Thames, the fiat home delivery enforcers have had their decade to iron out the kinks in the rationing and starvation CHEKAiGREEN food for your wealth van routing. How can we tell this is so? Enfield has gone offline.
The wandering soulless anime caracatures that smell like commutershit have no ba’ideaals they worship every day, afflicted as they are by temple syndrome capture induction by proxy, which is a thousands of years old wish default setting for clay as life.

Many who feel awake are just canned goods on the BBC warbunker warehouse clamouring for more edgy gits like Curtis et al. As for Curtis he's just a round of ammunition in the full spectrum cult weapon system. 15 years ago one of his fellow cultists related that it was time to reverse the permissive society, blamo, she was on message from the tikkumassallakahillacaballa call. Counter, cunter, counter, wanker, counter gang counter intelligence doesn't even begin to start the deconstruction of the witchforces against us.

I cannot think of anyone, perhaps bb9, that is in phase with the plan and calling it out in time to take action, all the attention given to these clowns simply means you've taken a direct hit and don't even know it.

Anyway no one remembers anymore. All memory has been drowned Ilysustylee.  Pulling 9/11 was an imperative once persons who were material bastards made flesh, began to read the ruins correctly and put flesh on the propaganda bones to make out a monster. Cue cruise missiles on rocks in the desert and jungfleisch as dessert in the air. Isn’t that so 4?th/st/nd/rd rapine boy?

H/T Rae West
“Here's Charles Krafft in The Occidental Observer: International Jewry's "frenzy" over Germany's Judenpolitik began [by] demonizing the National Socialists [via] seasoned professionals in the Anglo-American intelligence services and the leadership and lobbyists from a panopoly [sic] of Jewish ... NGOs. ... the symbiosis between these two behind-the-scenes cabals has been entirely overlooked by those ... looking for holes in a genocide narrative that was fabricated by social engineers and psychological warfare experts. Influential Jews in the U.S. and British governments, the Marxist Frankfurt School, militant Zionists (Irgun operative Hillel Kook's "Bergson Boys") and 9,000 mostly Jewish German speaking refugee U.S. soldiers trained in psychological warfare at Camp Ritchey, Maryland and the Camp Sharp Annex in Gettysburg have never been the subject of any revisionist study I can think of. After helping launch the Nazi gassing meme at Nuremburg using creative Hollywood film editing, U.S. Psychological Warfare Dept. SHAEF Bragidier [sic] General C.D. Jackson, a lifelong OSS/CIA strategist, went on to help subvert the 2,000 year old dogma of the Catholic church at Vatican II in Rome in l965 for Henry Luce, David Rockefeller and others so they could destabilize South American governments and plunder the Southern hemisphere.
The only extant biography of Jackson in print is a thin 92 page masters thesis that entirely ignores the clandestine operations he headed in WWII.”

Now then now then boys and girls, if you believe that the earth is fiat and the moonlandings were real and faked just off the A1(M) by a geezer who had automatische shagging vouchers and never wanted for a good repast and swill in a luxury bed then I suppose that the drowning of the planet in catamenial devices will never register as degenerate equality as supremacy. If, as should be clear by now, the lack of interest in the entraining sewer marks you for destruction by the background radiation focussed through mental defectives as unending watcher wardens, that we are the last survivors, then the inability to convive the correct projections into the construct marks one as a candidate for the receipt of high velocity stahl toe cappers into your soon to be flat dearthers.

Taking Miles Mathis as a model we can form an opinion on the great big gaping maw in the middle of our recent reality, expunged from our ken by fire and trickery.

If we take as a given the never ending universal Talpiot raston robots infesting our life fabric in every aeon, then we can, as MM has done, get the genealogies and look for the wasting, public money burning, pink gin swilling, butt welding, fakes and failures, the corollaries, the analogues, of the Sacred olive dippers in New Mexico, match them to the talpiot teams in UK, Canada, IJ, USSR and work back into the black hole in National Socialist Germany and the Reichprotektorate, find out who was trafficking who out of Hungary, to get the likely family names in there that would have moved into the Roth firebase in Tel Aviv once the scripted death of everyone in Europe was realised.

Remember that as soon as the fission, by chemists in Germany, was achieved, the raston robot network in Sweden was on to the case like a skeech o’ farts. All the top of the pop star physics failures there nad thereafter is just cock bate for the pornaddicted wankstator mesmerised phallus worshippers..


Monday 8 July 2019


SNAFU!: Hong Kong Police begin cracking down on protesters...: Yet again riot police struck unarmed peaceful protestors on their heads with batons; result being blood everywhere. HK people de...

One can bet that the top BlackShirts in Taipei, Brunei and Singapore have/are met/meeting last month/right now, ready for the SCS lockdown and city burn.

Check for/Expect RN stooging on a continuity of oligarchy patrol.

Thursday 4 July 2019

For every slogan you chant you mock and kill someone U Hypermuppets

the inevitability of phukkwittery........

,,,,and just like Maurice Strong's cousin you will sleep happily as you ensure the continuity of genocidal oligarchy, never daring to wake up because you all know that a lime filled trench awaits the awakened to the plan.