Friday 30 October 2015

Aeolipile and Library

Now We Have a (Tiny) Tractor Beam - Defense One

All one needs to do is wonder, since we know that examples of these technical augmentations get filtered through war to control their license into improved herds, just what are they going to do next?

War filtration into the augmented human remainder?

Burn the Library again and await the psychospiritual forging of  a new human?

Either way do not expect to be getting the use of this domestically by helotry this side of 3000AD.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Another line up of heathen rothbitches....

War News Updates: Has President Obama Run Out Of Patience With China...: This informal dinner meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping and their close advisers on Sept. 24 was a...

Monday 26 October 2015

Hubris Hysteresis. Or time delayed non linear amnesiac feedback. It will be a bitch.

I know this is too long and repetitive but there are some good and delicious things to savour.

However I draw one's attention to the fact that there is no mention of the soon to be lit off ChiComm big stick (1964) nor the Dimona connections (1938/39/62). Profound RCE/TA zoharian connections to the black sun envocation of the farce that is now USofA corps.

Always with the Sinatra/Cuba/Viet/Nazi distractions to an event that was determined completely independent of the meatsack inhabiting POTUS in 1963. The single magic event went straight into the head of USofA corp and she was no more.

Sunday 25 October 2015

What a POS: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Apologize...

War News Updates: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Apologize...: Tony Blair, who has finally said sorry for the Iraq War during an interview on CNN, which is due to be broadcast on Sunday Daily Mail: ...

Throughout the period of their occupation of territories overrun by
their armed forces the defendants, for the purpose of systematically
terrorizing the inhabitants, murdered and tortured civilians, and
ill-treated them, and imprisoned them without legal process.

The murders and ill-treatment were carried out by divers means,
including shooting, hanging, gassing, starvation, gross overcrowding,
systematic under-nutrition, systematic imposition of labor tasks beyond
the strength of those ordered to carry them out, inadequate provision of
surgical and medical services, kickings, beatings, brutality .......... They
conducted deliberate and systematic genocide, viz., the extermination of
racial and national groups, against the civilian populations of certain
occupied territories in order to destroy particular races and classes
of people and national, racial, or religious groups........

Civilians were systematically subjected to tortures of all kinds, with the object of obtaining information.

Civilians of occupied countries were subjected systematically to
"protective arrests" whereby they were arrested and imprisoned without
any trial and any of the ordinary protections of the law, and they were
imprisoned under the most unhealthy and inhumane conditions."

I would add the use of toxic radionucleotides and the theft of cultural treasures to the chargesheet.

Time for the hand delivery of a prescription of high velocity by the Pharmacy.

Friday 23 October 2015

Loverly, loverly, loverly.

Another equivalent that needs to be kept in mind is

Uranium=Chemical Weapons=Biological Weapons

I have pointed to Turkey brewing as a danger to Europe for years. Once all Europe has been disarmed expect blackmail, if not already happening.

"AND for those of you who remember, I have asked just what are we in UKplc going to do when ALL the USofA corp. planes, tanks, warships, satellites and the intel paraphernalia have been removed from Europe?

What are we going to do when big pointy nuke armed missiles based in Turkey, Israel and Saudi are targeted at us and we are blackmailed into accepting more refugees? I.e. people who will settle our land and destroy freedom.

Those with a keen eye and long memories will see in the current spat, which has been brewing nicely since 9-11, a very deliberate process of the Rothschild’s Corporate Entity in Tel Aviv aligning itself more openly with the interests of it’s ChiComm protégées now that USofA corp. has been looted for tech. and money.

Nice one from CANNONFIRE

"The mainstream media has turned against Seymour Hersh in a major way,
since so much of his recent reporting contradicts the Establishment
narrative. But he was certainly right about the sarin gas attacks in Damascus.

The following was published in a major Turkish newspaper..
Two deputies from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP)
have claimed that the government is against investigating Turkey's role
in sending toxic sarin gas which was used in an attack on civilians in
Syria in 2013 and in which over 1,300 Syrians were killed.

CHP deputies Eren Erdem and Ali Şeker held a press conference in
İstanbul on Wednesday in which they claimed the investigation into
allegations regarding Turkey's involvement in the procurement of
sarin gas which was used in the chemical attack on a civil population
and delivered to the terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
to enable the attack was derailed.
Bashar Assad didn't do it. He was framed. ISIS did it -- with the help of Turkey, our ally."

Finally a little background on the Kreepziodsbots as detailed by KP. One thing I take umbrage with though is that the real source of the disease is to be found in Arabia Felix, that is where the Apiru teamsters have likely traditionally been based. The Saudislaverkreeps are not crytpos, they are the source of the affliction that started the mongheathen killers of Moses. The real task of real researchers is to find out from where the infection arrived to skulk in AF all those thousands of years ago.

Karanja'z Place: ZIOILLUMINATI NOT YET OUT 2: FENCERS AND FULLBACKS...: The Zionist world control grid of lies,buttressed by ruthless application of force used by their collective enforcers including the US Marin...

Thursday 22 October 2015

SNAFU!: McCain calls DEATH SPIRAL for F-35!!!!!

30 years of uniformed defeat.

There are two battlefields in this world. One is a total wasteland where only you remain standing. The other is the one where the enemy is now no longer so because of your magnanimity and applied wisdom. Everything else is a sign of utter phukkwittery.

I find myself inhabiting some sort of strange phukkedwitz theme park turned live weapons camp. There is no battle field only random gunfire and uncertain sniper in the shopping mall. Combat under the apple trees and ninjas in the olive press house.

So what brings on this miserable thoughtmong?

Well I think we are in a Darius moment. Or from the other side’s perspective, their Alexander is about to turn up.

Looking back at all the falsified future production numbers given up as promises to the war gods by the priests of the Elected, Commies and Corporatism in the past, I can safely say that with the hind sight of watching carefully I did not need any hind sight to notice that ever since the 1960s some one has been sabotaging the fabric of society through spouting nonce sense. It is not gunmetal and gunpowder inflation that is sapping the numbers on the flight line. It is the increasing financier of the fine silken priestly robes that are bankrupting the nation. Once upon a time the war god’s representatives on Earth would stand in the freezing prop wash or get a pair of safety boots on to tour the press shops and forges. Now these clowns need to be carried around by 160 eunuchs in a charabanc shagging shop staffed by two dozen kick start slave whoreboys and 30 hand picked hand pull manmaidens. All anti virals and lube charged to the defence budget.

So, bearing in mind that someone in 1960 in a think tank, RAND I think,  calculated that the entire defence budget would buy one bomber by 1970, I take pleasure in the reflection that all the operations conducted this passed quarter century could have been carried out by slow rolling B57s and nimble F20s for the price of one F22 and a cost saving of many tens of trillions of dollars.

I can identify two immediate savings in one particular day. Sep 10th 2001. Rumsfeld would not have had to mention that 2+trillions was missing from the Def Budget and the Air Guard F20s would have been so thick in the sky that nothing would have farted near New Yoik or Washington AC/DC without getting 20mm and sidewinders up the ass.

Night stalking B57s would have sailed serenely through the cloaking electro optic sky to protect the poppy fields, wedding parties, schools and hospitals instead of using massively expensive B1s or massively over personned B52s. BTW did anyone notice how quickly the F117 got pulled? Makes you wonder if they were in service way back when and the stealth legend is time front loaded.

I know I know, allow me my delusional speculation but you must admit there is something terribly ominous in the fact that we are now behaving like the degenerate satrapies and tyrannies that classical heroes went out and took down.

So we’ve got the clown that fired up a massive carrier disaster, squawked in Hanoi Sing-Sing, sweet talked ISIS and now talking bullshit.

Fuck me!!!

SNAFU!: McCain calls DEATH SPIRAL for F-35!!!!!: Thanks to Don for the link! via Defense News. In a brief comment to reporters, McCain seemed to signal that the total projected buy for ...

Watch out there is a turdmonger about.

It is clear that the safety systems for the holobollox are working just fine.

Told you so.

Reparked over at thestoker.

It must be terribly confusing for a brain dead revisionista to have the Nutjob airbag go off in the face!

The great thing about adequately well funded lies is that they can be given any meaning you desire. More designer mentalness on the way as RCE/TA  gets ready to fly ChiComm J20s not F35.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

The extraordinary inaction horizon of humanity, its memory half life and its far reaching consequences. Part Deuxs

As FTR’d over at the stoker earlier this month….

Rothrot and Rockbots of the CIAduh handy work.

If the figure of one million 50 years ago sounds large then consider it a down payment that the RotBots could lay lives as investment. All that one needs is for a messianic nutter to step into the dollar incinerating limelight and the ploughshares will be beaten into swords. Trust me the monomaniacalmongs in Tel Aviv/Rome/Jeddah and assorted blood soaked money shrines will do as the skyaccountant directs them to, the piousstinkingmurderingfilthymongbotheringheathen.

So guess who was knee deep in the planning and now feeds into the current Hitler ate my resurrected bible homework MSMeme? Oooohh the Nasties and the eeeveeeel Russkies reanimated zombiestylee to haunt our rapidly swamping beach fronted hovels. Never mind the eternal temple thieves paying for every psychosicko we let walk our nightmares. All the money sown Frankenstein monsters suppurating in the PCorpses haunting the rainbow Whitehouse/Elysee/No10/Reich inclusive mongzombies and brain dead diversity lucerfarians.

“Bonn and the Putsch
(Own report) - Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has been heavily involved in the 1965 murderous putsch in Indonesia - the guest nation of this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. This was confirmed in secret documents from the Bundestag, the German Parliament. According to BND President at the time, Gerhard Wessel's manuscript for a talk he delivered to a session of the Bundestag's "Confidential Committee" in June 1968, the BND did more than merely support the Indonesian military in their blood-soaked "liquidation of the CPI" (Communist Party of Indonesia) - resulting in the murder of hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions - with advisors, equipment and finances. Suharto, who subsequently took power, had even attributed a "large part ... of the success" of the operation to the BND. Up to now, mainly the US-American assistance to the putsch has been known. The putsch, and the more than 30 year-long dictatorship that followed - which also had been reliably promoted by West Germany - are important themes being presented by Indonesian writers at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair. To this day, the German government has refused to allow an investigation of the BND's support for the putsch and the Indonesian military's excessive brutality.

Hundreds of Thousands Dead
The Indonesian putsch, bringing Maj. Gen. Haji Mohamed Suharto to power in Jakarta, began in October 1965 as a reaction to an attempted coup d'état, killing several officers on September 30. Suharto's dictatorial reign lasted until 1998. The attempted coup was falsely attributed to the Communist Party of Indonesia (CPI). Subsequently, the military launched excessively brutal operations against all genuine and suspected members and sympathizers of the communist party. Hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions, were murdered; millions were imprisoned. The exact number is still unknown. The crimes committed at the time by the military have never really been brought to light.

50 to 100 Victims Each Night
One of the things never brought to light is what support western powers had given to the Suharto putsch. US complicity, having had the best relations to the Indonesian armed forces, has, to some extent, already been exposed. According to experts, for example, by 1965, around 4,000 Indonesian officers had been trained in US military installations as well as high-ranking officers having been trained in counter-insurgency on the basis of US field manuals at Indonesia's elite military institutes.[1] December 2, 1965, the US ambassador gave his consent to providing financial support to the "Kap-Gestapu" movement, a movement - as he put it - "inspired by the army, even though comprised of civilian action groups," which "shouldered the task of the ongoing repressive measures against Indonesia's Communist Party."[2] The ambassador must have known what this would mean. November 13, his employees had passed on information from the Indonesian police indicating, "between 50 and 100 members of the CPI in Eastern and Central Java were being killed each night." April 15, the embassy had admitted, "it did not know if the actual number" of murdered CPI activists "was not closer to 100,000 or 1,000,000." In spite of the mass murder, the US ambassador in Jakarta reported back to Washington (August 10, 1966) that the authorities in Jakarta had been provided a list of the leading CPI members.[3]

"Reliable Friend of Germany"
Agencies of the West German government had also been involved in the putsch. The BND had supported "Indonesia's military intelligence service's 1965 defeat of a left-wing putsch in Jakarta, with submachine guns, shortwave radios and money (with a total value of 300,000 DM)," reported "Der Spiegel" in March 1971.[4] Twelve weeks later, the magazine added that "a commando of BND men" had "trained military intelligence service operatives in Indonesia" and "relieved their CIA colleagues, who were under the heavy pressure of anti-American propaganda."[5] By "supplying Soviet rifles and Finnish ammunition, the BND instructors" were even actually intervening in that "civil war." If one can believe the BND's founder, Reinhard Gehlen, Bonn, at the time, had the best contacts to leading military officers. In his "Memoirs," published in 1971, Gehlen wrote, "two of Germany's reliable friends" were among the Indonesian officers, murdered September 30, including "the longtime and highly revered military attaché in Bonn, Brig. Gen. Pandjaitan." During the putsch, the BND was "in the fortunate position of being able to provide the West German government with timely and detailed reports - from excellent sources - ... on the progress of those days, which had been so crucial for Indonesia."[6]

An Excellent Resident
Other indications have emerged from the research published by the expert of intelligence services, Erich Schmidt-Eenboom and the political scientist, Matthias Ritzi. Their findings confirmed that there was close coordination between the BND and CIA. In April 1961, BND headquarters in Pullach had informed the US Central Intelligence Agency that it had "an excellent Chief of Station" in Jakarta, writes Schmidt-Eenboom. The CIA thought the BND was referring to Rudolf Oebsger-Röder, a former colonel of the SS working in the Reich Security Central Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt) in Nazi Germany, who joined West Germany's Organization Gehlen in 1948 and was later on post in Indonesia, as a correspondent for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.[7] The BND had maintained Oebsger-Röder on its staff until the mid-'60s. In mid-January 1964, a high-ranking CIA representative paid Gehlen a visit and asked him how the West Germans were handling the developments in Indonesia, explain Schmidt-Eenboom and Ritzi. Gehlen told him that he is keeping Bonn up-to-date, but does not yet know how the chancellery intends to proceed.

"A Large Part BND"
The manuscript for a talk BND President Gerhard Wessel presented June 21 1968 to the Bundestag's Confidential Committee provides more details. In the form of notes, Wessel gave "details of BND activities" in support of its Indonesian partner service, explained Schmidt-Eenboom and Ritzi. Explicitly the manuscript explains that "the close ties already in place to the Indonesian strategic ND (intelligence service) by October 1965, had facilitated support (advisors, equipment, money) to Indonesia's ND and its special military organs during the elimination of the CPI (and Sukarno's disempowerment - control and support of demonstrations)."[8] The "CPI's elimination" included the assassination of hundreds of thousands of genuine and suspected members and sympathizers of the Indonesian CP. According to the manuscript, BND President Wessel continued his speech to the Confidential Committee, "in the opinion of Indonesian politicians and military officers ((Suharto, Nasution, Sultan) a large part thanks to the BND."

Praise from Pullach
Reflecting back, BND founder Gehlen was praising these crimes almost effusively. "The significance of the Indonesian army's success, which ... pursued the elimination of the entire Communist Party with all consequences and severity, cannot - in my opinion - be appraised highly enough," Gehlen wrote in his 1971 "Memoirs."[9]

Berlin's Priorities
The German government is still refusing to shed light on Germany's participation in these crimes. In a parliamentary interpellation, the government was asked if it has knowledge of "foreign governments, intelligence services or other organizations' direct or indirect support of the massacres." In Mai 2014, it responded, "after a thorough assessment, the government concludes that it cannot give an open answer." It is "imperative" to keep the "requested information" secret. The "protection of sources" is a "principle of primary importance to the work of intelligence services."[10] For the German government, the Indonesian civil society's need to have information on foreign support for the immense mass murder is of less importance than its "protection of sources."

[1] Rainer Werning: Putsch nach "Pütschchen". junge Welt 01.10.2015.
[2], [3] Rainer Werning: Der Archipel Suharto. In: Konflikte auf Dauer? Osnabrücker Jahrbuch Frieden und Wissenschaft, herausgegeben vom Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Osnabrück und dem Präsidenten der Universität Osnabrück. Osnabrück 2008, S. 183-199.
[4] Hermann Zolling, Heinz Höhne: Pullach intern. Der Spiegel 11/1971.
[5] Hermann Zolling, Heinz Höhne: Pullach intern. Der Spiegel 23/1971.
[6] Reinhard Gehlen: Der Dienst. Erinnerungen 1942-1971. Mainz/Wiesbaden 1971.
[7], [8] Matthias Ritzi, Erich Schmidt-Eenboom: Im Schatten des Dritten Reiches. Der BND und sein Agent Richard Christmann. Berlin 2011. See Review: Im Schatten des Dritten Reiches.
[9] Reinhard Gehlen: Der Dienst. Erinnerungen 1942-1971. Mainz/Wiesbaden 1971.
[10] Antwort der Bundesregierung auf die Kleine Anfrage der Abgeordneten Andrej Hunko, Jan van Aken, Sevim Dağdelen, weiterer Abgeordneter und der Fraktion DIE LINKE. Deutscher Bundestag Drucksache 18/1554, 27.05.2014.”

This is the real unfinished business for the Rothrot and Rockbots. Pointmen for the bodystealingfraudgod. Always remember that the most strategically aligned with money, that is the one belief the business plan of the fraudgod sees as truth, no matter how far the investment horizon, is the killing religion of peace.

The removal of memory, destruction of ancient archaeology and the engineering of a static amnesiac and paralytic synesthesiac humanity moves into the final stage soon.

There is no other way for the market clearing of inconvenient unwanted souls to work.

You don’t think this is serious, do you?


Monday 19 October 2015

Perm or Nikolayev......

War News Updates: Former Head Of Britain's Nuclear Team: 'The Islami...: Express: EXCLUSIVE: ISIS will 'inevitably' get WMDs, warns former head of British Army nuclear team ISLAMIC State will “inevita...

This clown is really telling us that the London financed terroristas, trained by UK fuerzes especiales, are in place awaiting instructions on when to light one off at the most expedient moment for the Rothrot.

In fact I would go so far as to say that the chicken coups are already in place.

Sunday 18 October 2015

Wot bitchboybitches do in front of a dumb public. No GWOT just boybitch warkriminals slaking their thirst for hollow idolitary.

One needs to keep in mind that all this is part of the removal of USofA from sticking its useless nose into Roth business. The USofA, e.g. see Sergeant York, JFK, MacArthur et al, has been verily fucking up the Roth global business prospectus for over 70 years now and it will stop.

So bearing in mind that the ChiComms have been the bestest buddies for Tel Aviv/London for over 40 years now, UKplc has been nothing but a parasite on USofA corp for 70 years and the nukes are all in Roth hands, the very fact that we can see this pixelMSMbollox today is nothing more than the continuation of a drive for USofA corps isolation again.

“The damning memo, from Secretary of State Colin Powell to President George Bush, was written on March 28, 2002, a week before Bush’s famous summit with Blair at his Crawford ranch in Texas.
In it, Powell tells Bush that Blair ‘will be with us’ on military action. Powell assures the President: ‘The UK will follow our lead’.
The disclosure is certain to lead for calls for Sir John Chilcot to reopen his inquiry into the Iraq War if, as is believed, he has not seen the Powell memo.
A second explosive memo from the same cache also reveals how Bush used ‘spies’ in the Labour Party to help him to manipulate British public opinion in favour of the war.
The documents, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, are part of a batch of secret emails held on the private server of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which U.S. courts have forced her to reveal.”

Anyway I hope everyone in the so called democrazies know how ordinary Soviet comrades and Weimar citizens felt when they were looking at the phukkwitz lording it over them circa 1925. Soon you will know how it felt to be a Hungarian or Polish comrade circa 1946/56/66/76/86....

Take it away guys..Teargas chukkin, baton wieldin, tazer slingin, gas zingin, head crackin, face bootin, terminatin, bovver fukkin, stealth entrappin, school killin, ever snoopin, life takin ever shootin death spittin.............. ZOMO


All engineered to undermine your mental welbeing and coming to a high street near you soon peoples, thanks to Soros, Zbig, Heinrich and its multiflyingcoloredfuckwitzbamboozletronic psychosickodelik allinclusivemoneyburningravesideshow.

PS. Not you of course UKplc after 500 years you’ve been turned into McPukepigs, advertmongs, googlewinfarts, SKRYcrops and rent seeking war criminal sheltering terrorist breeding sterling silver service sterile royal herbgardenerbitches and gardenshedboys now.

Saturday 17 October 2015

The extraordinary inaction horizon of humanity, its memory half life and its far reaching consequences.

The Extraordinary Criminality Of The US Government And US Military -

Let us not forget that there is a Malaysian airlines B777 missing somewhere, sometime.

Although there are lots and lots of persons staring hard at the MH17 shoot down and connecting it directly with various repeats of rumours circulating in the royal boudoir and bed chambers of the court, we should at best simply file these away as immediate staging and arranging of magic circle paedophile malarkey for the children.

Whatever the child molesters have encore for us we will not get wind of it whilst they pleasure themselves as execution, so we kneed, not stand, by the pooch and Judy show awaiting violation.

No; in order to make sense of this we must divorce ourselves from unreality by the throne and step out into the dark cold nighttimes where the creatures lurk who envy our position in the coddling smothering skirts of the killer state. It is after all safe in there, though a killing zone; one can understand why joyless Rovian andrones, sterile bitchboys and jaffa boybitches succeed in cutting off their reality organs by ejaculating so much man made fukkallity muck.

So away we go, quietly, out the kitchen garden door, over the wall and into the shadows in the hills to stare back at the warm glow leaking through the stage curtained high windows of the sky high palace. Out where the feral orphans of poverty scavenge and the stealth suited wet teams, plugging all leaks and non believers on Logan’s Run, lie in fracatality.

What can we spy from out of our vantage under the trees atop the mound?

One thing we can see is a long trained, by UKplc, local cadre of shoot down specialists not yet auctioned and cronytrolled out of Jordan. The current foray by Russian forces has been anticipated by UKplc/RCE/LC for at least two years. Expect something with big fans to go down and the Russians to get the blame.

Sikh specialists in waiting, for return to Delhi chaos, when the time is required there.

These are the some of themguys at work in the long grass of the kitchen garden. So who is at work extending the garden in order to control rewild the herbs? Well we know that the herbalists never stop working for the pharmacy but where are they working?

This brings us to the B777 that blinked out. Now we have to bear in mind that this is a 24/7 criminal watch tower that we live our lives under. Fart and one gets fined. Flash in the Indian Ocean and they are onto you inmediamente. Staring from space is the never blinking eye. So how does one take out a B777? Simples, one dithers the systems from inside the decision loops. Like JFK got deathered.

Now why would one do such a thing?

Well if one has engineered the desired introduction of Russia into the ME and prepared the ground years before hand, e.g. by training sleeper shoot down teams using UK fuerzes especiales, then sneaking out a B777 from circulation in full view requires an operational requirement that makes the ME look like a side show. I mean one could simply black programme the production lines, search the bone yards or take out the lease on an airframe from the many available. However that would mean breaking the spell.

There is a reason why a B777 from Malaysia is required for the ceremony.

What could that be?....mmmmmm.

What could that be then?

I have posited that the major work for the next 500yearequivalent of destruction, as the one just finishing was of Europe, is the destruction of India and/or Indo Nesia. The focus of the geezers in the Big Room has moved there for perhaps the past 100 years or so. Europe got the focus in 1600. China got the evil eye in 1100. India got the spot light in 1900.

How would a Malaysian 777, full of Chinese, going “missing” be useful for extighuishing natural human memory from the ark extending from Karachi to Bali in the near future?

Friday 16 October 2015

European Union seeks to force Serbia to impose Russian sanctions if it wishes to progress in EU membership -- Puppet Masters --

European Union seeks to force Serbia to impose Russian sanctions if it wishes to
progress in EU membership -- Puppet Masters --

....and the benefits of EU membership are?

Universal suffrage= Unemployment

Universal immigration= Turn your nation into a shit heap.

Universal Bitchboydom= Take it up the ass from UN and Rothschilds all day for your children

Universal larceny= Human trafficking for children

Oh and you can spend all day talking about cocks, fannies and shagging children in the so called parliament for bent bastards and crooked conmen.

What do you want to join the EU for? Only a psychobitchboy or homocidalboybitch would betray their people so.

It is a collection of hundreds of millions of persons too fucking stupidto breath without the aid of a safety net and resuscitation via the shitter diagrams!!!

Do not touch the EU with a barge pole.

It is toxic to humans, like all modern money systems, and infected with life time sponging off the state, inter generational criminal thieving family, so called business (slaving), diseased pimp networks who are not European and hate European persons.


Monday 12 October 2015

Camoron Pharm Phukked Mee Kushite War Pig

I'm in a funny mood today. Having found what I was looking for through absence of evidence, (don't believe what iCSI and that ilk try and brainwash you with, ever tried to plead before a 3 person STalmudASI court?). So whilst I go and examine what I can about dropping 4000pounders into the mouths of railway tunnels, enjoy.

The questions that need to be asked are, in no particular accelerating way and do take a seat in the CHEKA mind fucker and relax whilst Cheryl and the swing court make you sing for your supper before execution of sentence, if you can make out what she says pet, before your nervous break down. Guys and gals, now then now then, welcome to NOAHide paradise.

1. Did they pay the kosher tax.
2. Which school meals did the pig meat get dropped into after its compliant violation.
3. Which old folks homes got the dripping for corpse fucking after a non resisting lying with?
4. Was our resident No10 war kriminal Simonized when the pig was blowing his tiny mind in a stoned age way.
5. If he wasn't Simonized did he violate Apiru pig burning as a bush stylee would have known it?
6. What kind of VD can porcine necrocockphageree catch from a BSE/Pox/Fly ridden farm animals corpse and can one transmit?
7. How many millenia has this been going on and is that how Ebola and HIV got started?

Anyway all one can say is that whenever one looks at a film of one of UKplc's prime ministers or other representative of her majesty giving it large on the world stage about how beastly all the other leaders are if they don't get with the RCE/LC program for theft and misery, one should bear in mind that this is most likely a pig corpse fucker speaking!

Kind of puts everything into perspective.

"Thinking of a joke after the masses have trampled a subject is a bit like looking for your contact lenses just after the Battle of Agincourt. It seems that everyone’s a topical comedy writer when the PM puts his willy in a pig’s mouth. Where were the general public for house prices remaining stable, the 7/7 bombings, no change in interest rates?  It’s not all pig fucking you know. The story also completely overshadowed the Lib Dem conference, which was, for the 60th year running, less interesting than someone having sex with a dead pig’s head.

David Cameron initially remained tight lipped. And if the pig had done the same they’d probably now be married. Cameron made it clear that he was ‘not intending to dignify this book by commenting on it’. Before adding, ‘But if you like I’ll stick my dick in’. It’s ironic for a book with the title ‘Call me Dave’ that Dave is the last thing people are going to be calling him from now on. Then again, I suppose Asda aren’t going to allow a book on their shelf with the title ‘Call me Pigfucker’, as so many customers would assume it was Piers Morgan’s autobiography.
The interesting thing for me is that because the allegation is that he did it in a roomful of people wearing dinner jackets it’s sort of Ok. If someone had walked in on him doing it alone in his constituency office he’d have had to resign. Boris was a member of this club too, so maybe he’s done the pig thing as well? In his case it’d be worse, because that’d be incest. It’s certainly an upper class thing. No working class person has fantasised about sticking their cock in a dead pig’s mouth since Raul Moat died.
The book suggests that an MP has in their possession a photograph of the act. If they had such a photo they’d have the blackmail potential so powerful they’d never have to work again. They could be parachuted into a constituency, ignore their constituents and simply use the Commons as a luncheon club.  Which narrows down the suspect to just a couple of hundred Tories.

It’s not like this would even be in the top ten worst things Cameron has done; it’s sort of like hearing that Ted Bundy once wanked off a hamster. Indeed, it says a great deal about our PM that my first question when I heard the allegation that he’d penetrated a dead pig was “Was it alive when he started?”. You have to wonder what was going through his mind. There must be a point in the middle of such an act when you think “I’m not in Gryffindor, am I?” Possibly it was this incident gave him the determination to become PM, so that the stench of death could coat his very soul and not just his balls.

The BBC delivered a brittle silence on a subject everybody else was talking about. The BBC is now so frightened it can’t even TELL US WHAT HAPPENED anymore. Hey BBC, relax, it’s OK to say what happened – you’re the news. Also, you’re actually supposed to distract us with stuff like this. If we don’t get to hear that our armed forces are involved in operations in Syria against the express will of parliament, then we at least deserve a News 24 roundtable where David Starkey discusses what kind of animals Henry VIII liked to knob with a weeping Chris Packham.

One broadsheet suggested the allegations could harm UK productivity as office workers were distracted from their jobs. Yes, but on the plus side for a brief 24 hours Britain became a world beating meme creating powerhouse. If Cameron really cared about Britain he’d mount the face of a different animal every week to give the creative people of this country the raw material we need to compete with China.

Cameron has now denied that he was involved in such an incident but it got me wondering: what is the real purpose of these kinds of bizarre rituals of the elite? I don’t really think that it’s so they all have dirt on each other, or even that the rituals themselves are particularly enjoyed. My guess is that our elite simply likes to check that it’s members have a broadminded approach to personal morality. Unlike the Mafia, our Establishment doesn’t have to worry about infiltration; both the police and media are supine. So these rituals evolve to filter out the only remaining threat to corruption: people who insist on playing by the rules. I suppose they reason that people who put their private parts into dead animals are just ethically a bit more gung-ho, a bit less by the book. The last thing that you want in the upper echelons of society is some bore who’s going to insist that, say, someone being offered a senior cabinet post ought to pay tax.

You have to wonder what the future holds for Lord Ashcroft. His bundling of the distracting but ultimately harmless pig allegations with the more politically serious allegation that Cameron lied about his non dom tax status was certainly a tactical error. Dave doesn’t do tactical errors. Or compassion. Dave has access to the gleaming levers of power of the steampunk entity that is the Former British Empire. Dave killed two British citizens with a missile and, if Ashcroft is to be believed, sticks his cock in pig’s heads. Best of luck Lord Ashcroft, best of luck."

Thursday 8 October 2015

This deserves the Full Montague

As per one of the comments, I would love to see the CIA fronting iGREENS go off script and do a VW hitjob by forcing Toyota to make a full pickup recall. Oh phukkmeee!! There would be a Ranch wet team on iGREEN think tank premises within the hour.

Take it away.


Add a Cup of Crocodile Tears: “Western Values” is a Myth

Uncle Volodya says, "That's the thing you learn about values: they're what people make up to justify what they did.”
Uncle Volodya says, “That’s the thing you learn about values: they’re what people make up to justify what they did.”

“We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.
– John F. Kennedy, 20th Anniversary of The Voice Of America, February 26th, 1962

A nation that is afraid of its people. Once there would have been no doubt about who that was not, as witnessed by the statement above.  And once upon a time, “western values” was an honest-to-goodness aspiration, not a punch line. But that was a long time before the boyish President spoke that probably-heartfelt confidence to young postwar America – a country that was growing so fast, both in its economy and its foreign influence, that you could almost feel the ground tremble beneath your feet.

How far do you want to go back? As the newborn Soviet Union began to think urgently about restarting production in a country ravaged by World War I and then three years of brutal and destructive civil war, it urgently needed  western equipment and machinery to rebuild its shattered factories and to modernize, to move forward. The Soviet Union was on the gold standard, producing a gold coin called the Chervonets. It would pay in gold for modern machinery.

Except the west wouldn’t take it. Why not? Because a competing currency backed by gold reserves threatened the reach of an emerging financial empire dominated by the American dollar and the British pound sterling. The Chervonets disappeared, to be replaced by a rouble which was not backed by gold. The Soviet Union was then recognized by the west, and shortly thereafter, in 1925, it announced again its wish to accelerate industrialization, and to purchase western equipment and machinery. The west refused again to accept gold, and agreed the only mediums of exchange could be oil, timber and grain. In 1933 the west introduced the Russian Goods Import Prohibition Act. The only means of payment entertained – Soviet grain.

Stalin’s government was faced with a choice: either to give up restoring industry, so capitulating to the West, or continue industrialising, leading to a dreadful internal crisis. If the Bolsheviks took grain away from the peasants, there was the very great probability of a famine which, in turn, might lead to internal unrest and removal from power. So no matter what Stalin chose, the West would remain victorious. Stalin and his entourage decided to force their way through and stop at nothing.
You know what happened. The Holodomor, which Ukraine frequently refers to as a deliberate genocide of Ukrainians, although Ukraine was heavily agrarian – the breadbasket of the Soviet Union – and it stands to reason it was hardest hit.

1939-1945: another war. The Soviet Union was allied with the west against Nazi Germany and the Axis powers. As it ground to a bloody close, America was presented with an almost unbelievable set of circumstances, not long after The Voice of America celebrated in the quote above was just getting started. The war was over. Europe was devastated; much of its youth sleeping forever in the earth where they fell, its cities smashed and ruined, its factories and production facilities charred rectangular craters in the lunatic moonscape signature of relentless bombing. A weary and soul-shocked people turned their faces to rebuilding. But how?

America!!! Although the young United States had paid its dues in casualties and war dead, the country itself was untouched. Moreover, its factories and plants and manufacturing facilities were revved up and running at full-bore, accustomed to providing for a world at war. If America played its cards right, it could become the dominant world power for as far as the eye could see, and its allies would be beholden to it for their very existence.

And Germany. What should be done about Germany, the host of the Nazi cancer that had clearly intended to spread and spread if it had not been ripped out and stamped upon by the allies? That was a matter of no small concern to Stalin, because the USSR had borne the brunt of the crushing juggernaut of German metal and artillery and hate. Had mad Hitler not elected to open a second front, he might well have prevailed in Europe and been able to negotiate from a position of strength. But the USSR had paid a terrible price; more than 25 million dead, more than any country in the war, and some of its cities little more than smoldering piles of tumbled bricks. Obviously, the Soviets had not invited this. So who was going to pay for it?

The obvious answer was Germany, and the Potsdam Agreement gave the Soviet Union claim to 25% of German assets.  The western allies were to get 75% to divide between them, and Germany was obviously going to get nothing. But somewhere along the line, the plan changed. As the reference points out, “the important point was that the absolute amount of that theoretical asset was within the discretion of the Allied Control Council to determine. Given the de facto acceptance of Soviet and Western spheres of influences, the Western Occupation Powers had the ultimate decision-making power in dividing up Germany industrial assets.” And the United States decided that the Soviet Union was trying to increase its own power at the expense of Germany; and, dash it, that just wasn’t fair. Unaccountably, Stalin declined an American offer to participate in The Marshall Plan, and contribute resources to rebuild Europe before the Soviet Union – incredibly unreasonable man. American leaders put it down to Stalin being reluctant to disclose just how much wealth the Soviet Union had.

Ambitions for Germany was the issue at which their paths divided. The Soviet Union wanted the rich industrial assets of the Ruhr, and considered itself entitled to them. The United States had other plans. Already, despite its wartime alliance with the Soviet Union, the USA was pondering how it could become the preeminent world power, and those plans did not include a potential rival. The USA had already determined that Germany – the former enemy whose Nazi ideology was denounced at Nuremberg – should be rebuilt as a counterweight to America’s erstwhile ally, the Soviet Union.

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Perm or Magnitogorsk

Or that which Skorzeny couldn’t achieve.

We shall take a little time off from mongheathen bashing and staring at the Hyper Littoral for a change. Today, for one day only, we shall take a scan at the likeliest operational nudge in the current strategy of removing Europeans and replacing them with pastoral lay abouts.

As readers here will know the current doses of high velocity pharmacy being dished out like sweeties by projectiles without frontiers at the western end of the Hyper Littoral War are simply house tidying exercises of the 19th century strategy of removing Teutonic and Slavs.

When one is a self replicating token descendent of the godfrod one does not do anything other than on the millennial magnitide. As I noted previously the current scale of operations must be viewed as global and half millennial in scope. As an aside I see Marco Spaghetti Polo recon/intel and Captain Dead in the Surf Cook remapping, as book ends for this end of epoch restoration of global trouble making. In the future once global memory has been erased the most likely new religion will not be some UN muppetry but a lethal inbred bunch of exo-psychonauts with a planetary fetish.

Anyway back on course.

We are watching the planned tactical removal of USofA corp.; you were never part of the operational plan, from Eurasia. Zbig is too full of shit to notice how he’s been fertilised this past 60 years. Heinrich however gives the clearer idea of what has gone on. Everything the Ziocreepzoid panda squeezer and ChiComm groomer has been associated with involves the destruction of USofA corp, not its power projection.

In the primary operational plan which has seen the removal of all general technological activity and its replacement with general skivvying and selected scientific activity in faith, the remaining islands of independent know how must be eradicated from Europe. The source of Eurabo freedom is being erased right in front of your eyes by every choice we make in the religiocommerce of commercial mercs.

“So where are you talking about?” I hear you sigh.

OK slip on the bankster goggles and we can see the targets.  For over 3500 years the slow drip, drip Eurabo removal has taken place in a clock wise direction out of Lake Satan. First Nth Africa then Iberia, Rome, then slowly north through Gaul and halt at the Rhein. Then we get a transfer of attention to rolling the old Eurabos out of the ME.

Now I know that you are thinking “This isn’t what I was taught in history lectures”. Well the problem about these history lectures is that they are serious academic treatises dealing with documents and as such are sabotaged at source by most of the scribblers.

What makes you think that all of history has not been created by crisis scribes and actors? All one needs to do is make sure that the characters you want to star in your historical production have the money and everyone else is poor. Then get your academics funded post facto to study diaries, documents and travels et voila you have real cooked history books.

Real history has always died unwritten.

So entertain the thought that every royal court has been staffed and stuffed by nothing but a bunch of thesps running around and funded to cause chaos and phukkmuppetry as directed recordings. Every parliament has been a cockpit of comedians swilling around statutes and producing acts. Every society has been cast as drunkards in deed and amnesiac in aim. State stage funded poltroons the lot.

I give you the EU parliament and the Vatican.

Why should today be so special on the false flag front? Scalability. Today you take down two towers and create global cinema. 500 years ago the limits of the broadcast meant you sabotaged the king’s seed, caused a crisis in succession or murdered a random courtly family member. Perhaps burned the palace down or inconvenient minds at the stake. If one really was in trouble with the project a good famine/plague might be called for. How about just stealing everything using religiocommerce?

Anyway once again back on topic.

If Russia, the last Eurabo stronghold, I mean check out what has been done to the Teutons, plays its cards right there will be a maasseeev false flag blamed on Caucasian rebs, Chechen, Tartar, Kalmyk?, who knows?, it doesn’t matter, you will know it when you see it since the altMSM has been programming with rubbish about tacnukes going of from Aleppo to Aden. Once the London funded creepzoids around the Kurdistan nucleus are coalesced because of Russian injection into Syria, it can take mere months when the money is shovelled in, Imperial Russia anyone, and pointed northwards, the final part of the 4000 year long operation will be ending just as the HLW kicks off.

Oh did I mention that UKplc will be in lock down and the newly imported terrorist families will be turned to crown use and lionised, after the 2-3 billions are dead, as heroes as usual.

Now Putin cannot be ignorant of this dynamic and if he thinks that bringing in the ChiComms is going to help him he is going to be sadly mistaken when the Beijing Horse disgorges Roth mongheathen inside the gates and Brasilia drops the Venetian mask at the ball.

Several objectives will be achieved in that one blast. Eurasia cleaved until the nucleotides recede. No more troublesome Johnny come lately abos occupying post glacial prime pastoral land. No more inconvenient belief systems. No more progress. No more false religions. No more Eurabos.

Oh forgot to add that just as the coloneviloids are waiting to dish Iceland for getting all Eurabo non compliant and anti semitic uppity you can be sure that Russia dissing Roth in 1815 has never been forgotten by the Ziokreepzoids and Robomongheathen.

Ziokreepzoids and Robomongheathen a collection of Turing Fail repetitive empty set infinite evil loops that should be scissioned into meaning.


Monday 5 October 2015

Fake ass….

….creepzoids, turds in suits, workshy wordphuckers. Like all these lazy, humanity hating scribes and their cumholders, they just want all the rest of us to keep them in comfort and flesh, whilst everyone else starves and dies ignorant.

Absolutely everything they want us to believe is fakir, make believe, pestilential and toxic. All their systems are lethal; whether it be religious, scientific, business or relgiocommercial. Everything they touch turns to ordure. They should not be allowed to be in charge of a dog shit bin let alone a fly trap. Just count the number of bodies that have turned up under these eviloids’ watch since the djinn possessed  them during the larcenous run out of Egypt lead by the insurance fire starter Moshe.

Everything that is of value to us they and their goons either steal or kill.

Whatever the Ba’al worshipping clown in the holy Ronald McD outfit and his Gelded money worhsipping slavering asswipe in the active sociocamo gear believe they have nothing to offer anyone. Never have, never will and should be ridiculed for their non stop fuckmuppery of a travelling theft circus and gulag bank at every and all opportunity.

I love this comment from Lolathecur.

by lolathecur on 09/28/2015 - 11:42 pm
duct tape that fake ass pope to to that statue and blow it up!!!!!! Just make sure it does not get blamed on dem moooozlums.”

In fact strap every one of these money worshipping, timewasting, god fakationists to a heaven bound pyre and leave them to roast in hell. What a plague of disease vectors we have in our midst.

Everything that we have ever done for our betterment has been achieved despite the parasitic cockgrovelling phukkers!!!

I wonder how many persons had to die to create that pile of metalmickeydom, if money is involved there is always death accompanying the scrip
, and how big a great big iGREEN award it got from the iGREEDY?

Everything in a bancinsynamosqurch orgasms over money and nothing else, no matter how much secular ceremony, ecumenical sex ritual and sacred murder they dress it up in.

BWAHAHAHAAAAA……from Patagosinai