Monday 7 August 2017

Are you on duty tonight

...or are you awaiting orders to execute the dead?

If you had placed an ordnung for Czech armour plate to protect your new armoured fleet carriers, carriers designed to protect your Rickets infested shithoused country, for why......

.....would you have been surprised by Czech 235 in the face at Olympic?

The Olympic terminus, where 30 years worth of recompounded white Yanks were to die. Retested at Bikini.

No wonder Blair had hid out in Jura for a spastic Burma railway children moment. Not enough dead Yanks yet.

Angie; you better be heads up baby.

No roadside burial here, no waters from above.

Wherever Hekate plays; children burn in Ba'al's belly.

Towers for Creosssidic fire baby.