Saturday 29 May 2010

How much longer can we take the treason?

Viewed from the very peculiar low probability density state that is the world of INCOMING!!!!!!! the past 250 years has been an attempt to remove Northern Europeans from the map.

Or viewed from a different locus the past century has been a way of transferring wealth from the doers to the layabouts using the vehicle of petroleum products.

From the secret maps, you know the ones I keep telling you exist, and they do! I’ve got a pet Eigenfunction that gives me their likely states. You know the secret maps that existed before we pitched up, the ones without us on them, I love maps, and they tell you so much about what’s going on in Groove Town. Here’s a prediction based on observation of the way the world has turned in the past. Any straight line on any map will be erased. Go on that’s what Iraq was about. Iraq doesn’t exist in the secret maps.

Let me tell you a little of what these secret maps are. They belong to a very tight intergenerational Coven. A Coven that has never been seen, witnessed or directly heard from. The maps show what the Coven’s dominion was and how it should be put back together again. If you believe any of the crap that we are dished up as educashun, shun it. TPTB don’t bother with that detritus, they’ve been given a sketch of the real world by the map keepers. The Coven give instructions to the help, the help informs the staff, the staff detail the door keeps and the door keeps bend a messenger’s ear. Then the messenger journeys with a sketch for TPTB who release agents that whisper in Rock/Roth’s shell like in a dark and desolate place who needs whacked.

Notice in that little vignette that no one is getting a good vibe except the Coven. Bwahahahahaaaa!!!

Come on!!!! If you or I wandered around the world what would we do?

I know what I’d do; I’d pitch up and stay for a while. In fact with a group of like minded individuals we’d go round in a band and sort things out. We wouldn’t need food; the generosity of locals would fill our bellies. We wouldn’t need shelter, the vehicle we travelled in would suffice, however I’m sure that the good will of our hosts would see us sleeping under the stars safely enough. We wouldn’t need to worry about the company we kept because of the natural generosity shown to strangers. We wouldn’t thirst since the wine of love is indeed free.

However in any area deeply affected by the affliction we would need to tread carefully at first.

There would be no urgency, just a steady progression as the numbers involved became overwhelming and at last all want was banished from this earth. The affliction was eradicated.

However that very process of doing good would trash the secret maps. It would rewrite the unwritten and banish all lines, straight or otherwise, all demarcations, all dominions, and all restrictions and defeat the programme to divide and conquer us through false maps, false dogma, false law, ersatz statute and mind stun.

To those who would ask us to remember Malthus’ stark strictures I would answer that before we start killing people we should stop waste. The waste of ceremony and ritual inherent and deliberately inculcated into our everyday lives.

The waste can be named?

Any Central Party Committee, Bilderberg, COMINTERN, Five Year Plan, Synod, Trade Negotiations, UN, Oscars Night, BAFTAs…you get the idea. These scum have no intention of ever working, but they expect the rest of us to slave away to furnish their life styles through the trickery constructed and named trade. Trade as I’ve mentioned before should be viewed correctly as a sacrament bestowed on the initiated, restricted to that group and imbued with a missionary zeal to bring the planet under the One Word World.

I, as I’ve mentioned before, have no quibble with a New World Order, a unified humanity with all the borders and false constructs blown away. Free peoples going about their peaceful business untrammelled by fascists and communitarian fools. What I do have a big problem with is having some bunch of oh so smart dullards and lazy bitchboys swilling the best champers and scoffing the best caviar and then telling me this is how we’ve decided, after long and hard study, its going to be, sunshine. It is for you own good, we know best, since we made you ignorant, “You toil, we’ll play”, for ever and ever….burp!!!

So take down the bitchboys and their circus first before you start telling the bitches how many sproggs to drop in the killing fields.

The act of doing good and the universe knows good, will attract the attentions of the map keepers’ agents. The Coven will despatch our dispatchers. Imagine the scenes that would attend a truly revolutionary example of freedom. Ordinary people from the richer parts of the world would travel swiftly and inexpensively to places in immediate need. Got that? Just pitch up with a rucksack, your own knowledge, good will and off you go. Stop and improve the lot of those you meet, and return. Your place taken by similar people from all over the world when your time is up. Repeated until the local population reach a self sustaining level of improvement in their condition.

No borders, no visas, no check point Charlies, no border guards, no government permission sought, not notice to anyone other than those immediately in need.

You even think about that, and you’ll need over unity energy systems, and the UN, FBI, CIA, MI5, MOSSAD, FSB, MAFIA, any number of false flag charities, rabid religionistas…in fact a multitude of RICO agencies fronting for the map Keepers and the Coven will lead pill you pronto.

The only people in the world who are allowed to behave as we would like, unbound and restriction free, are the trade initiates. Diplomatic covered trade. You are thinking coal, iron ore, automobiles, electronics, iPod and Pea Pods. Aren’t you? Well that’s just the cover for sacramental trade. The Coven’s trade that seeks to bring the world under one word. The trade in human misery.

Look closely. Where ever there is human degradation and misery you will find the Coven’s chosen suites striding of their vehicles unhindered going to their place of worship and celebrating the sacrament of trade.

Anyone that talks of trade, markets and capital is a peddler in human misery. Don’t listen to their silken words it is all hypnotic rhetorical magic.

You know who I mean.

They are not of us.

This brings me to the initial point of this diatribe.

Every stinking institution on this planet has gone RICO.

Just how complicit is our leadership in the treasonous destruction of European civilisation? Or has our leadership been killed off with a view to leaving us open to infiltration by a bunch of commie bitchboys who are all non European?

Can you seriously imagine the political economy of China letting a guy from Greenock run the shop? What about Indonesia? Would they like a slob from Acapulco’s slums or The Barrios giving out the decrees and statutes? India? Could Nannook of the North get elected and start burning turbans? Go on then South Africa? How’s about Sanjagiin Bayar from Ulan Bator stepping up to the crease for a bit of legislative purging?

These guys still have their leadership intact, for better or worse, the lineage hasn’t been shattered. Ours has.

How can David Cameron being descended from Moses possibly enter into the political calculus? Who was the psychopathic entity identified as Moses then? A reed warbler? A lamb worrier from the Delta? What ever, that certainly is not Northern European. In fact it is definitely not Indo-European. So what the fuck is going on? Why am I not hearing about how the potential leaders of the UKplc body politic are descended from Brian Boru, or a lad who’s lineage is stout English Yeoman.

Either way something is being signalled here and it smells of treason. We are not going to get any real change. I.e. our individual circumstances improving through our own effort. No; that would require freedom. That is anathema. What we are going to get is a slow anaesthetising into slavery. Listen to the fools, Moses basket cases or not, talking about the living wage; of what? £7/hr. How’s that going to get you anything when the pound sterling is worth less than toilet tissue? We are supposed to think that this is a safety net for the minority that have no skills. No fuckedwitz!!!!! This is the stipend that ALL but the chosen are to be given because there will be no more work soon because there is no more money!!!! Slave masters await. Just like we got a slow de-industrialisation disguised as modernisation and freeing the market, so we’ll get chains slowly slipped over out ankles and wrists as the freedom is drained away from us as the boy Moses decides what we can and cannot do every waking, sleeping, unborn and newly dead moment of our lives.

This is treasonous, it is an affront to our dignity and the way we fight back starts right here right now.

Whilst you can still vote check the background of the fuckers.

Anyone that came up the Nile on a banana boat; don’t vote for them.

Anyone that talks all day about trade; don’t vote for them.

Anyone that seeks to stop/restrict your movement, NO MATTER THE EXCUSE; don’t vote for them.

Anyone that seeks to control what you say, see, write, think, draw or cogitate, again NO MATTER WHAT THE EXCUSE; don’t vote for them.

Add that stuff to everything that I listed in the Rigorous Voting Method

Away from the political stage follow Fausty’s advice on depriving any corporate or corporation of its life blood. Fiat fancy money.

Most of all don’t forget, make sure you put it all out here for all to see and let everyone know what is really happening out here in Groove Town.

Wednesday 26 May 2010


The following has nothing to do with God and everything to do with an evil bunch of piss takers that think they’ve got away with it. It has nothing to do with The Pure Nephilim or the Enlil-Eve hybrids. It has all to do with the Red Man. It has to do with the beliefs of a bunch of wannabees. Part of the pure humans and what they hide. These deluded fools seek to associate themselves with the other two greater parts of the bloodlines. They feel themselves better than the rest of us. They believe themselves chosen and redeemable. Well if you believe that you were chosen by a God to be a bunch of cunts for all existence well…you complete that thought. It doesn’t matter if the beliefs have any substance. They are believed unthinkingly, unquestioningly, because it gives the fools a hardon. What matters is that the beliefs are believed and are so powerful they are almost superior to genetics in their tenacity to leech the particular servant human soul. I suppose it basically relates to the mystery schools because I’ll bet that initiates there get to find out about the real deal after trial and test.

The art of sifting the real, not the truth, the real from the elaborate fiction woven as truth over the past tens of millennia is not simply germane to the ancient past. It has an actuality, immediate and startling to the thoughtful modern. The realisation that something as simple as an accidental abandonment from the Mediterranean and from the orient could explain the basis for the trouble in Northern Ireland. That surrender to a new god would precipitate the resurrection of the old god in three separate parts of the ancient world in the midst of the first millennium AD. Leading to millions of dead all over the world building to a crescendo in the past two centuries. That there is most likely never a peaceful existence on any part of this planet once visited by the affliction until the maniacal ancient scheming is put back together or the universe changes and acts on the subtleties of the human spirit, just as it seems to have done in the past, remembered in a Golden Age.

What seems to be certain about these clowns is that they like the trinity though they profess monotheism.

AdamS posted a nice piece about what may have been a beleif system of ancient Europeans before the affliction turned up. This ties in with Tsarion’s insistence that civilisation moved from West to East. Not, as we have been taught, from East to West. I was banging on about the ancient Indo-European migrations last year. There must have been a corresponding reaction to this arrival. My eyes move to the area of SE Asia for the source of that dynamic. However if we watch the see-saw of history closer to home we can also view a resultant tension between a North-South axis and this West-East axis that is present to this very day. All of it resolved again in the Rothschild Corporate Entity. That is not a nation, it is a base of operations.

Why is this?

As I’ve often hinted at before there is one way of viewing our historical experience that is at total variance with the given narrative.

This may bring self realisation to the fore.

What if our whole society is just one massive experiment? What if we are genetically disposed to playing the role of test subject? Eustace Mullins once remarked that Christianity seemed marked by the unique prospectus that it could change the world and change it for the better. However there is also a price to pay. Who is it that is changed the most? Who is it that has been morphed into a wandering, leaderless corpus?

Our Western experience is mirrored in two siblings. Both suffering blight and manifest destiny. An end that changes each as the other changes, whether in quality, spirit or substance. Destruction takes place as the universe flows and the Earth supplies the dead.

A seemingly unique trajectory that separates and unites in Jerusalem.

What happens if that singular arc is a fabrication comprising initial conditions and a finite experiential run time? An experiential terminus that either restores the ancient or brings forth a new spirit from the Aether. A new Sep Tepi.

Will the killing stop?


Well let’s take a look at the initial conditions then.

Currently any and all institutions will attract the perverts and criminals. Like cities they provide the necessary cover for nefarious activities. That is an iron rule of religious oligarchy. Burn the candle at both ends, we are consumers after all, and the languid will arise to steal your breath whilst you bend. I mentioned the practice at work 5,500 years ago when I was asking about just what is the philosophy of money we practice, and why, in January. What are the so called leaders, drivers and prophets of this collection of soul harvesters actually all about?

Tír Na Saor gave us a heads up on this short video about people farming.

That is Astronomy.

At the Threshing Floor there is an interesting discussion about the ancient history and recent spread of NAOHide. The Noahide Laws, The LORD’s Calendar, and The Killing of the Multitude

That is spirit.

This is not likely to adhere adherents either.

One, looking backward, forever covets the future. One, static though slowly changing seeks to still the heavens. One, always mutable challenges the pyrrhic future.

All spent.

Spirit. Astronomy. Alchemy.

Has the alchemy been captured. If so then 2/3rds of the magic is now in one thirds keep. Though cleverly the guys that set the scheme up know that you cannot do anything without all the knowledge in one place and the conditions are just so. The tragedy of each of the three constituent parts is that the drive to annihilate the other only weakens the actor and revives the victim. It is deeply spiritual and a non physical phenomena.

What do you believe?

Unfortunately for those caught in the progress of the affliction, the body count gets bigger and bigger. Go count the bodies. Here is Gideon Polya again . These dead people are as a result of the normal administration of this rabid belief system on the planet. The attrition is measured in proportions. They know that less than 5% is their target. All the rest is expendable. The number of bodies does not matter, that’s why numerology is so important to them. The agenda realizes that 2 dead on date 35/5 is no more important that 20 billions dead on date 45.600. There are no calendars, there are no calendrical calculations. There is only a count system and the survivors who will await the return of the old days and their god. So forget 2012. Forget significant dates. Like the religious calendars constructed to keep the Herd Attention Space illuminated these are simply ritual and ceremony. The true worship is centered on esoteric knowledge. Secrets of the count system.

Dead people that we would share ice creams with on a hot summer’s day, or a rough shag in the bicycle shed, do not count in the count.

Dead people do not matter.

Only the restoration of what was.

What was the Affliction?

Their god is not, never has been, never will be, and never could be….God.

Just think about that. Everyone who is a follower, whether let into the secret or not, of the Book is likely pointing in the wrong direction. This god is remembered by humans as a powerful entity and unfortunately for us not enough of the reality experienced by these entities has been handed down for us to know who they worshipped in their turn.

As I said previously we need to peer through the murk that has been chucked into our faces, peer past Abraham & Noah and what do we find?

We find a pantheon of gods. If we take my chummies the Sumerians, or if you want Vedic, a whole load of actors and super powerful entities are at war.

Here is an expansion on the part pantheon that I posted up a little while back. Genesis of the Grail Kings. As I mentioned previously none of this lot display any of the attributes that we would associate with God. Indeed they are a bunch of muppets.

So what have we got?

Well it looks like an amazing bunch of fractious humans dealing with life in a universe which has since changed its properties after these events occurred. Could these events described in such detail have caused the changes? They must have occurred since the recording of these deeds would not be entrusted to Akkadian Tom Clancy or Sumerian Enid Blyton. No the recording of this vitally important material would have been given to the brightest and best of those who remained.

From what I remember of one of the books that tipped me off to this scam many moons ago, Andrew Collins- From the Ashes of Angels, Collins relates that in one of the many expeditions lead by Western archeologists in the Near East in the late 19th/early 20th Century, in fact if memory serves me correctly it was near Illysu, an ancient tribe was encountered and when the head man was given the gen on what the expedition was up to i.e. the top bods were hoping to hammer some archeological evidence together to back up the Biblical story. That there was only one true God, forgiving and caring of all mankind etc. The head man, to paraphrase, said “That’s bollox, we around here worship Shatan. He’s the one true God”

Now that’s what I reckon someone is covering up in all the redaction, coordinated editing, deliberate obfuscation and pissing around with what we have been fed. The end result is a mishmash of madness designed to feed the egos of a bunch of backward lunatics who know that the focus of their locus is a devil.

Even the phuckwitz atheists cannot get away from it because they are denying or running from the wrong bloody thing. Ass holes!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder the body count is massive and will get even more massive. No wonder life is miserable. No wonder the whole of our political economy is rotten.

This disease has degenerated every institution and structure that we rely on for our day to day existence.

We are worshipping an affliction. We are obeying an affliction.

Hidden in clear sight as always.

Monday 24 May 2010

A Partial Affliction of the Sun...

Or the killing pill ……

……The Tension .

If we would realise that we are being used as host to a virulent agent, a disease, an ultratoxic hallucinogenic pathogen, then the prognosis for our recovery might be rosier.

Have a look at this H/T War News Updates

DARPA’S Brain Implants Would Help Replace Mental Function in Wounded Warfighters

Spectacular or Gruesome?

Sunday 23 May 2010


Dr Who

Do you know? Or kow.

Where is this place now?

What was out there that is out here now?

H/T The Anomnibus Physicist.

“More From and About The Curious New Khalezov Partner, Daniel Estulin, & Other Agents & Patsies
By The Anonymous Physicist

Below you may have read my article on Dimitri Khalezov and his three 150-Kiloton 9/11 nukes theory and his background. There I noted he has recently paired up with Bildeberger exposer Daniel Estulin. I noted that Estulin was born in the USSR, but lives in Spain, and has a family background in the former KGB. He proudly admits to getting much of his information from the “secret services” whom he states are comprised of great patriots. After avoiding mention of this for all the years he has been a conspiracy expert, just last month, Estulin declared himself a proponent of both nukes at the WTC and at the OKC bombing in 1995.

Below are some recent and fascinating videos of interviews of him. I have pointed out how some hidden intel assets, who are authors and such, sometimes put out 80-90% truth before lying about what I have called the Ultimate Truth of a matter. This they do because their masters fear the People learning this final truth, and to sow disorder in the conspiracy field. One can often still learn from such people, as long as one is careful to disavow ever completely adhering to what they offer.

The first video I list is here. It is by [Russia Today] whose contact page states they are an “Autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) “TV-Novosti”, Channel RT TV.” Among its proclaimed 14 “partners” are Izvestia, Pravda [“Truth”], Huffington Post,, and the Association for International Broadcasting. The latter has its headquarters in a London suburb, and is probably the “motherload” of all the others, and a likely MI6 front. Their homepage has it motto listed as “The Global Knowledge Network For Television, Radio, Online, Mobile.”

In the first video just cited, the interview is conducted by a Russian named Evgeny Belenky, who holds up Estulin’s Bildeberger exposing book at the outset. The book is said to have sold 3 million copies worldwide. But my point here is for you to listen very carefully, and you can hear that he either slipped up, or there is an overdubbing that throws in a “thirty” at first. So that one can briefly hear a 33. Shortly after this, it is clear that 3 million copies were sold, not 33. So once again an organization, here, RT, is acknowledging its masters, and this is a front, where you will not be getting “Ultimate Truths.” Another reason for “needing” a 33 at the outset for Estulin is to tell all the agents, and thug assassins, out there that even though this guy seems to be against the PTB-- he is working for them. So don't kill him, rather promote him. Note that my writings have detailed that this was also done in the famous speech when the South African leaders unbanned Nelson Mandela and his party-- and that's why he wasn't killed during their transition.

In these RT videos, Estulin goes over the material in his new book, “Shadow Masters.” The latter is about Victor Bout who you may know about from the recent Nicolas Cage movie, “Lord of War,” as the dastardly “international arms dealer extraordinaire.”

Estulin says that all the info about Bout is false, and that Bout is “just a patsy” if I may borrow Lee Oswald’s words. Bout was arrested and jailed in Bangkok, Thailand (in 2008), where Dimitri Khalezov’s offical (333) address is, and where recently the actor David Carradine was suicided as he was apparently about to expose how his father handed over his sons as young slaves, as the intel agencies and secret societies are wont to do. Note here and now is a possible tie-in with the murder of Michael Jackson—also announced to the world, as I wrote with the emergency 911 operator being “dispatcher 33.” Jackson too, and his brothers, were said to have been sodomized during their contract signing, as described and allegedly witnessed by alleged former sex slave, Brice Taylor, in her book, “Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Sex Slave” [read here]. I ask, was Jackson drugged and murdered for starting to reveal his childhood secrets to the world? Are the PTB- -with their murders of Carradine and Jackson- -signaling their fear that the masses would not stand for the child kidnapping and sex slave making they monstrously carry out?

Bangkok, Thailand was also where John Mark Karr was arrested for allegedly being the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey. I have written that IMO JonBenet was a sex slave and that her killers will never be “found,” because they are protected by their colleagues in the intel agencies and secret societies. And while the parents didn’t do it, they gave their daughter over to those dastardly individuals for “training,” and the young girl must have resisted this training, and was killed, perhaps somewhat accidentally. Karr was brought to Boulder, Coloado, where he was found to be innocent of charges he harmed JonBenet, and was relased there. He was then taken to California where he was charged with child pornography. Those charges were also dropped after “the police lost his computer.” A year later, Karr was again arrested in the Atlanta, GA area and charged with battery and obstruction. These charges too were dropped. John Mark Karr had been in Thailand as part of his plans to change his sex. Wikipedia’s article on “him” is now under the name of “Alexis Reich”, and Wiki calls him a woman, even though the operation supposedly has not yet occurred. Curiously, Karr’s new last name, Reich, is a German word meaning region, realm, kingdom, government or regime (as in “the third reich” of Nazi Germany.) Wiki states that Alexis is Greek and means “to help or defend.” It seems to all make sense to me: “Alexis”/Karr was “just a patsy” used by intel/secret societies to “defend their realm/Reich.”

So it is clear that Bangkok, Thailand is a nexus for the intel agencies and secret societies. Victor Bout was held for some time there, and fought extradition to the USA. Bout’s assets were frozen in 2004 by Bush under his (here it comes) Executive Order 13348.

Bout finally won his case, after a year of imprisonment, in August 2009, when the Thai regime declared that he was a political, not a criminal, prisoner. However, Bout’s own website, -- which lists Moscow as its headquarters and says Bout was merely a salesman-- indicates that he is still jailed in Bangkok after the U.S. “Reich” [my usage] got the Columbian Reich to intervene and ask the Thai Regime for extradition again. And Daniel Estulin appears to be Bout’s biggest supporter, and has written his newest book about him.

Recently Jeff Rense, interviewed Estulin, and youtube has this in four parts, starting here. It makes for interesting listening. During the two RT youtubes, and the four Rense youtubes, you will hear Estulin declare that the U.S. is now a “Nazi-like state controlled by the secret societies.” (Sound familiar?) And Rense states that “Brazil is totally controlled by Britain” via one of its big banks. Estulin proudly proclaims that some 40 languages or countries have his Bilderberger Group book translated and sold. He even cites his first printing in China having 170,000 copies printed! So clearly, this indicates that the PTB are globally promoting Estulin, and through him the Khalezov 9/11 nuke theory that WTC 1, 2, and 7 had 150 Kiloton nukes go off under them. Recall that I stated that each is 10 times the yield of the nuke that destroyed Hiroshima, and the three total nearly half a Megaton. Yet somehow this only demolished a handful of buildings— in a controlled manner— and didn’t blow through to the Hudson River.

Estulin contradicts himself at times, in these interviews, saying that money means nothing, and later that money matters mean everything— and the Ultimate PTB are the Hapsburgs and the Dutch House of Orange who are worth Quadrillions of dollars. Estulin actually first states that Putin (former KGB officer) is a good guy, but later discounts him as a world leader who will help Mankind get out of its fix. Of course, you won’t get any Ultimate Truths from Estulin, Khalezov, or their interviewers with their beloved 33’s.

Their whole raison d’etre is to hide the Ultimate Truths for all the evil, wars, and chaos that my books and works have revealed, and the true nature of the impending catastrophe— unless stopped. But these videos still contain some interesting and factual matters, and I recommend listening to them.

Perhaps the ultimate gatekeeping is heard from the Rense interview. It is something I heard in an Alex Jones video exposing the dastardly deeds of the PTB, that someone had sent me. Both Jones and Estulin in the final analysis state, either explicitly (Jones) or implicitly (Estulin) that “what’s in your mind is all that counts.” This, of course, is why Bill Cooper was assassinated. He would be calling for ACTION, as it will be too late when everyone is either dead, in a concentration camp, or so poisoned as to be incapable of resistance.

This completes my exposé of Khalezov and Estulin. There is no need to purchase Estulin’s gate-keeping books, rather the Ultimate Truth of the nuclear destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and of the Quarantine are in my books. The Quarantine (and its escape by those quarantined under it), of course, is THE matter whereby Mankind’s creators and controllers are revealed to be the cause of all the wars, chaos, evil, and impending global catastrophe about to befall Mankind—unless this is revealed to all in these last days and years. So please tell people to get and read the books available at Ask your library to get them so even more people can read these references. They are among the extremely few conspiracy books not written by a hidden intel agent/asset or secret society member.”

Take a great big look at a map.


Who was messing around in there?

Like 33, the signature with these fools is middle-class. A breeding pen for the correct alignment of psychopathy and blood lust in a small boy.

Go ask the bitchboy with the Hollywood hairstyle.

Which oblast and why?

Friday 21 May 2010


From the time that never existed for a place that never was. By a process unfit for speech. We ,except a very, very few, have survived their piles of undead. They didn't survive. Are they afraid we will kill them?

Monday 17 May 2010

Total Dulux

I remember asking a chum to video this for me when first transmitted. I had decided to join a bunch of UFO spotters and ghostie pesterrers on Shooters Hill so I couldn’t see the prog when it aired. Hanging out with the wildlife turned out to be one of the most informative nights of my life. I found out that a great deal of what I had suspected was indeed true and confirmed my belief that I was midst a bunch of mainly barkingmaddeloodedmoonjuicessloosing loons. But what a great bunch, what a great time was had, even the Old Bill took an interest in our proclivities and no wild life was harmed.

You want from 9mins to 17mins and then the ion wind guy at the very end.

I always wondered why we never got more of this investigative stuff. Well of course they were just testing to see who was awake. All the rest of it is pure arsebark.

So what’s this got to do with the extensive drizzlings on these pages then? I hear you murmuring.

As I said last year Die Bienenstock is likely the source for Dr Who. I believe the original radio phonic workshop theme musik gives that away.

I reckon they couldn’t give a phekk about anti grav they’ve used the tech to steal time. Goldman Sucks high frequency trading.

The ChiComms have been given the tech delivered by USCG cutter to Shanghai docks late last year.

Of course all this stuff is being “discovered” and not suppressed awaiting the correct alignments.

If my intuition is correct we live in the shadow of the greatest spiritual battle ever seen on the planet since the bottleneck, and the bad guys won. That doesn’t mean to say that the opposition wore white hats. It means you need to understand the spiritual and existential ritual that we are party to.

Interestingly since all the trouble came from the West it is most likely that we’ve been targetted for removal.

Isn’t it funny how things heave into view when looking for something else?

Now if any of that makes sense to you, you need more help than I do. At least I am familiar with the sources of the minddrift.;-)

Have some Starfighters.

Saturday 8 May 2010

Ayoop, heads up.

I wonder who'll be crawling all over this to keep anything interesting out of our ken?

Sweet. More power to their elbows.

Get on with it and give a swaatch soon.

Ever wondered about Arch Angels and Graham Hancock?

I’ve mentioned these guys before.

Usually in connection with synaesthesia

Time : time time : spirit time : soul time : space time : materia
Spirit : time spirit : spirit spirit : soul spirit : space spirit : materia
Soul : time soul : spirit soul : soul soul : space soul : materia
Space : time time : spirit space : soul space : space space : materia
Materia : time materia : spirit materia : soul materia : space materia : materia

As opposed to the usual synaesthesia.

Sight sight sight smell sight sound sight taste sight touch
Smell sight smell smell smell sound smell taste smell touch
Sound sight sound smell sound sound sound taste sound touch
Taste sight taste smell taste sound taste taste taste touch
Touch sight touch smell touch sound touch taste touch touch

The latter synaesthesia is usually associated with women. Could the first set be associated usually with men? If you’ve bothered to read through the Enuma Elish that last statement might not seem so unhinged.

When the container that carries the Kabbalah returned from Babylon a whole smorgasbord of angels and their rankings had turned up to spoil the pristine scrubbings in the work of the psychopathic entity we know as Moses. From there we find them entering into the vastly redacted, polluted and bastardised memory scribbling we term the Bible.

“Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard and I am come in response to them. But the Prince of the Persian Kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael one of the Chief Princes came to help me, because I was detained there with the Prince of Persia.” (Daniel 10: 12,13)

What were these things?

You must have got the message by now that whatever is written down and offered to us as truth is a mere shadow of what were the original event witness recordings. So let us peer past Abraham, Noah and Adam& Eve, or whatever names/sounds whomever they were had, back into the world that leaks into our vulgar consciousness. Though I do entertain the unshakeable idea that we are not getting any where near the full truth that is currently “understood” and has been so for a number of centuries at least.

Now I mentioned Yonaguni a little while back and this site has a great couple of maps showing the World and East Asia with the sea levels as they were way back before the flood. On the World map I can see where Tsarion gets his Irish stuff from and the Fin cycle. If you look in the Med, that green bit near modern day Tunisia may be the original location of the Amazon city state that Heracles had a bit of rough and tumble with. See the bit down South America way, the bit where all the Nazis and trillionaire larcenists are currently hiding. The bit with the Falklands on it? Oooh that does make you wonder. When the Amazon River ran into the Pacific what was it like down there? What are they currently digging for, what memories are they after related to the Gate of the Sun (tsk tsk yeah 1500)? I see that there is no Black Sea on that map. Mmmmm wonder who was living down on the plain by the lake.

I love maps and I’m again unshakeably sure that there are real maps that the vulgar don’t get a sniff at. You know the one’s the Black Angel shows to the lads that tell the doorkeepers to tell the dog handlers to tell Rock/Roth to get on with putting back together; again.

The second map shows East Asia and my lovely Yonaguni. Look at the real estate that disappeared.

Now I know what you’re thinking. These alternative tossers are full of it. Well I am not unaware of valid criticism. Tracing Graham Hancock’s Shifting Cataclysm

I remember reading TFoTG on the train out of London Euston to Glasgow Central in April 1995. I had the thing knocked off pronto and thought he was onto something. Though I have admitted here that I do sometimes wonder if he deliberately gets it wrong or gets overly carried away.

Anyway 15 years of ferreting and checking out the wails of the tenured hasn’t shaken my belief. The lads are onto something kept very quiet.

So without getting too far into the argument what can we say about that map of the world before the floods? Well just like today the human population will have lived by the sea. So anyone looking for the remains of cities/ settlements and it will be stone I’ll bet if my guess about the synaesthesia is correct, will need to look at where the rivers met the sea on those ancient shorelines to maximize the hit probability. No easy task I hear you jeer as you look at the green areas near Korea and Indonesia. The river mud makes the water a bit murky and it might be a bit deep!!!!

To which I say to you. Boomers.

Oh yes! Great big phekking SSBNs.

Let me take you back to this. Got that? I bet that there will soon be a lot of dredging for gold round Cuba soon. Why?

Well if you are protecting your SSBNs and SSNs you need to map the sea bed. Things like trenches to sneak down in your boomer, Hunt for Red October anyone?, or lay in ambush in your SSN. Soooo I think your getting it. The wrecks are currently a military secret. I’ll bet their sonography has shown where the cities are as well!!!

Ditto SE Asia I’ll bet.

God this has wandered a bit. I forgot about the angels.

So to finish have a swaatch at this. It only deals with the materia : space part of angels though.

Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity

You won’t get much of that from the jibberings of a bunch of sheep wanderers, but if we ignore their propaganda and look back it is all there in the evidence their belief descendants have spent centuries killing people to hide. How far back is the question?

My betting is past the bottle neck in the mitochondrial DNA record around 70,000 years ago when the Indonesian caldera blew its load.

Now that is stretching human memory.

However it also takes us bang up to the present. As I mentioned a little while back I reckon the ancient quest hidden in sacred voyages disguised as trade got the mission complete signal forty years ago. They couldn’t hide the ritual in trade voyages anymore. There was no one there to trade with.