Saturday 31 October 2009

It is soon T+33

Junky Puppy thinks his destiny in Euro Pale will be consummated by the freak Darwinian Marxist Oligarchy, well it will not because too many plotting psychopaths bring the temple down and then we can start from scratch with fewer freaks in town.

As I said earlier the published psycho numbers lie, they are everywhere.

This is a message from the future.

Heads up.

The Sting.

Watching the obfuscation over dead soldiers and helicopters, or the lack off, no one mentions the obvious fact.

The military operations we are engaged in have been put through a business case; there exists a business plan and a project plan.

Just like building a stadium the prime contractor pockets a huge wad of cash and hits the beach immediately. Bungs are handed out to the politicos and the PC then lets contracts, excuse the pun, out to secondary contractors, who contract with tertiary contractors and so forth all the way down to individuals who pay for all their own equipment and then don’t get paid for work carried out when the project spins out of control.

The result is that the project costs multiples of that originally contracted, is late and parts were built using substandard materials and had to be pulled down.

Apply that method to Afghanistan and we are where we are. Only the guy at the bottom of the contract chain doesn’t end up sitting at the road side out side the site looking glum and drawing on a cigarette, he’s in bits at the road side.

That’s Western Government, look at our hospitals, schools, roads, and water. In fact anything you care to mention. We paid for it all, it’s been stolen, and now we have to pay for it again for ever. What a shit heap.

Who’s Robert Shaw though? Are we Robert Redford? Surely Gordon Brown isn’t Paul Newman!!!!!

And don’t give me any GREEN shit!!!

Heads up.

T+23 . 9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 7 of ?

If we would stop looking.

Thousands of USofA citizens were murdered

All WTC got trashed.

All evidence from the crime scene was removed before the striped CSI tapes wrapped the scene of crime.

All the passports were ready.

And just realise that all the money we thought we had saved was stolen by very clever people with an age old addenda, then we could get to resolution of our agenda.

A Big Giraffes Arse

However the Hegelian must be put in play.

We have no idea how quickly we could be invaded from New Guinea in the future.

Do not try and administer human kindness anywhere in the present though without clearance.

Heads up.



Right then back to the case in hand.

Got interrupted earlier and I hope the flow hasn’t gone.

To explain more about Die Glocke and Der Bienenstock.

If you are not careful you’ll be taken off scent when it comes to the money trail. Stay away from the movies and the best sellers and the chatter. Focus on the bare possible.

Remember TRILLIONS of dollars US, were stolen from the US taxpayer, the world’s pensions and the world’s market before 9/11.

We are all about to be told that everything we did to save for the future over the last 30 years has gone. We will be told that that is how markets work. However if any of you have been watching the blood hounds that are the Celente/Keiser/Noubiri/Salbuchi pack you’ll know they smell theft.

EVERYTHING since 9/11 has been designed to keep you off that trail.

However the perps were not ready for an other, or others.

The glocke thread will distract you from the ceremonial and ritual, the bees.

When descriptions of the effect that the torsion fields had on simple “living” things are examined. The interesting feature is that they came out/back with the correct shape but something was missing, then they degenerated, not rotted, just degenerated. They were not dead, they had been removed.

This must have been a great engineering problem, human systems aside, for the greater plans for megalomania.

I’ll bet though that someone really smart got the idea to use non life bearing, initially static, means to capture something. In the past? In the future, maybe. Use the temporal attractor to take something forward, expend energy/consume time to retrieve something?

And the human shrapnel of those days of ruin with their memories of sight and sounds, conjecture and rumour, the smart ones who survived the slave colonies of the bright were cast throughout the West to earn their bread by revealing things in their way that no one would believe.

There is a chilling question that needs to be asked though, what if the glocke went off on its arc and was eventually successful?

One final remark.

NWO is the attempt to restore a long lost finality, not fatality, within humanity based on ceremony, ritual and worship; it is therefore more accurately termed as the Old World Order.

Heads up.

Friday 30 October 2009



Sometimes I take you lot into the garden, a place of beauty and confusion. Today we go into the maze of maize, what to nourish, are we in the garden or within, without.

As I mentioned a little while back my chum who visits China on a regular basis was telling me about meeting his old buddy after a long time last visit to the old country. His mate is a finance bod and one of the things his old buddy remarked upon, so my chum tells me, was, upon his being posted to the States, the technology at hand for stealing the world’s loot. So to paraphrase, I’m sure that conversation was full of big technical finance type words and lots of colloquial, his old buddy has seen the financial weapon systems.

So where to start.

Well “Concrete Music” I think that is apt since the amount of ‘crete poured into whatever by our Teutonic chums never stopped no matter what was happening in the front line during the last Big One.

Here’s a flakturm,

and a bunker, reminds me of Chester.

Why? Well only in recent times was enough tech and money available to get rid of the Roman founds in the town!!!!

So let’s have a listen to this. The REALLY important sound is about 2:15-2:20 the very end.

The visuals also look very interesting if you can guess where this is going. Every time this stuff is aired there is a general uncertainty about it all. How it was really done and the people involved? MSM smothering. There is a telly on in the room but someone’s chucked a duvet over it.

Look at this

Then this. I especially like this guy Mr Henry.

That looks like some kind of remote control technology to me.

All this stuff is peddled about in clear sight, just like the Tarot, no one seems to be interested in why? It maybe total bollox now but what happens if it has something very interesting conceptually buried deep in the black.

Or as we say here in the maze. Ignore Die Glocke and follow Der Bienenstock, that’s where the money is.

Now as I mentioned on Wed the rumour on the streets is that the top ChiComm agent in the current US admin is handing over top US of A tech so that the USS Titianic can stay afloat for a little while longer. George Ure had also noticed that day, and posted again about it yesterday.

As I remarked on Wed I’d seen two items about this then. Both mentioned tech transfer the implication being missiles and big fancy beam weapons, however it’s not the Sec Def that’s being fingered is it? It’s the Commerce Secretary.

This brings us nicely to Goldman Sachs and the high frequency trading malarkey. As you know a Russian was lifted for lifting the Goldman Sachs “software” onto a German server earlier in the summer. Goldman Sachs secrets. We all know that a secret is never called by its secret name if it gets into the public realm. So you hide atomic bomb research in tube alloys.

Now high frequency trading is sooo suggestive but let’s just take a leap of….faith. Follow the beehive. What if the Commerce Secretary has been delivering a nice colony of bees to the ChiComms?

So it is T+31 and I think I’ve spotted the first signs that the end of the Fed has indeed just taken place as advertised.

Heads up.

Thursday 29 October 2009

I love the New World Order.

I cannot wait for it to turn up.

No more fucking around with fiat money, no more restrictions on where you can go, who you can see, what you can think, what’s on your kebab, who you skewer.

No more wrinkled mental cases that seek to restrict your every move, seek every impediment to your peaceful existence, and seek to kill every beautiful thought you have or may have.

The end to the division of the whole of humanity.

I cannot wait to book myself onto a supra light ship and visit the stars, start my own off-world ferret run and dance in the galactic hot spots.

However I will not have any part of this clown’s NWO, no way, no how.

He can get to fuck, and if we just stop giving money to the organisations that he fronts for we’ll soon be rid of our parasite class of MPs, MEPs, Lords and Ladies, assorted Royal hangers on and the funny farm filling barph boaking waste of gametes that clog up our existence.

Starve them of our money and attention; make them obsolete to you and your loved one’s existence.

We’ve no money so stop spending it anywhere near a shop or enterprise that you do not personally know the owner of. Indeed start your own business the local poor, just like you, will flood to your door.

Boycott all banks, retailers, purveyors of distraction and deceit and get a life.

If eventually it comes to it, remember it will be their blood on our streets.

Keep the lists up to date.

Heads up.

Time to bring back Khin Nyunt? But who’s the architect?

Isn’t it funny how posting a chequerboard pattern can get your mind off onto things long considered but not actually realized in type?

Ceremony and ritual.

Myanmar's new capital: Remote, lavish and off limits

Great City
of the Sun Abode of Kings

So bearing in mind that these guys have a nuclear program, don’t hear much about that do you, they run Special Forces for the ChiComms into East India, and the place is knee deep in drugs, what’s going on?

If someone could actually identify the Architect behind it like Lúcio Costa /Brasilia then we can work out is this just a dump in the jungle for a bunch of nutjobs, or has it got top ritualistic clearance to emerge as a controlling entity in a century’s time?

If it is the latter then that would stop me scratching my head about why Aung San Suu Kyi is always given MSM smothering cover. She’s most probably not a Satanist Initiate of the highest order.

The item below is quite illuminating about lots of things.

new frontiers

Briefing on Tourism, Development and Environment Issues in the Mekong Subregion

Vol. 12, No. 5 September-October 2006


Special Report


The October edition of The Irrawaddy focuses on Burma’s capital relocation. Editor Aung Saw’s essay reads: “Three of Burma’s most celebrated kings stand watch over Naypyidaw, the ‘royal city’ where Than Shwe presides over what might be called a new empire. What lies in store for him, and the kingdom he is carving out of the dusty hills of central Burma, will undoubtedly remain a topic of speculation for politicians, pundits, and perhaps even the country’s many soothsayers.” The following story is excerpted from an article by The Irrawaddy’s Clive Parker, one of the first foreign journalists who had the chance to visit the new capital [The Irrawaddy: Oct.06]

Naypyidaw’s new city hall stands at the end of a road so long and wide it could almost serve as an airport runway. The imposing building—a colonnaded structure with an interior courtyard—will look better, though, when it is completed.

After more than two years of construction, Asia World Company, the private Burmese contractor responsible for the building, says it will be a further 12 months before the project is completed, locals say, despite pressure from the authorities to finish by the end of 2006. Each week that passes costs the state millions of kyat in labour costs that it cannot afford. Asia World is the country’s biggest construction enterprise, run by Tun Myint Naing, also known as Steven Law, barred from entering the US because of suspected links with drugs trafficking.

Nearly a year since the ruling State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) first began moving civil servants to its new administrative centre, Burma is learning the hard way that relocating a capital city is a difficult and expensive undertaking.

Burma’s new capital is still very much a work in progress, and the civil servants transferred there since last November—at least those prepared to talk—are unanimous in their dissatisfaction. One could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, from the highly embellished reports in Burma’s state- run press.

One article in The New Light of Myanmar in August provided this rosy depiction of the dusty capital: “A long row of new departmental buildings…in Naypyidaw has become a majestic scene for anyone visiting the place,” the article declared. “It will not be wrong to say that service personnel have entered a new age.”

Asia World Company has been contracted by the government for another six years, which means that Naypyidaw will remain under construction until at least 2012. And for the 80,000 workers enlisted to build the new city, conditions have reportedly been poor from the start.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) received reports that at least 2,800 people from the surrounding area were forced to build camps for three army battalions and an air force battalion to secure Pyinmana ahead of construction. “In addition to labour, each village had to provide roofing and construction materials and transport for the project,” an ILO report from March 2005 said. The government has denied the allegations. The ILO has not received any verifiable evidence of forced labour since then, and says it is reluctant to draw attention to labour complaints from Naypyidaw for fear that the government might punish complainants for “spreading false information,” as it has in numerous other cases. The government agreed to a moratorium on such prosecutions in July.

The relocation project has had some positive economic impact. Local companies have benefited from the influx of new business, notwithstanding their allegations of the government’s confiscation of land. Big construction companies—Asia World Company, Htoo Trading, Eden Group, Max Myanmar and Shwe Thanlwin—have also seen significant revenues, but the government’s reported inability to pay for services has required companies to generate income from numerous concessions offered in the place of cash.

These companies were all given the opportunity to build hotels in Naypyidaw, while the government simultaneously prohibited smaller operations in old Pyinmana from accepting foreign guests, thereby denying them the ability to earn foreign currency.

Max Myanmar has made the most of government concessions. It’s Royal Kumudra hotel, located in Naypyidaw’s new guest accommodation zone along an unfinished stretch of two-lane highway, is the busiest of the city’s new hotels—and one of the most expensive, charging US$144 per night for its top-tier executive villas.

Air Bagan, owned by Htoo Trading chief Tay Za, became the first private airline to offer service to Pyinmana’s Ela Airport on 1 March. Other companies not involved in construction in Naypyidaw—including Air Mandalay—were permitted to fly to the new capital two weeks later.

In Naypyidaw, residents’ discontent is as evident as their confusion about why the move was necessary in the first place. The civil servants and laborers who toil each day in the dust and despair that shrouds the new capital give little or no importance to the government’s construction timetables or cost projections. Being uprooted from their families and homes by force is all that concerns them. q

Oh boy the plot thickens, again.

There must be something in this hyper viscous soup of political intrigue that the croutons of light can penetrate.

Here’s a little item titled A Crisis in the Kremlin

At least two sources today are, one of them in the sidebar over there marked in Yellow, reporting that Obama has been usurped and more free tech transfer into the ChiComms is under way using there top US intel asset. His paternal family comes from NE China and if that doesn’t set off alarm bells then you’ve not been keeping up with the Rock/Roth, esp. Roth, plan kicked off up that neck of the woods in the Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast way back in Stalin’s day.

I always thought that Clinton had shipped the entire tech over to the ChiComms anyway so what can be left?

Meanwhile Juniper Cobra is kicking into high gear, oh the pun of it all!!!

And there are bombs going of all over the shop, check out the list of major bombings in Pakistan for Oct at the end of this piece.

Afghanistan here Karzai’s bro’ and Hoh get a mention.

And the croutons?

They’ve gone soggy.

Heads up.

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Two things.

More innocuous GGT terminology to keep you calm and not ask pointy questions.

IED=Fucking great big phekking bomb that kills our troopers, DEAD.

Anywhere you see this; no exceptions,

then you should step back and ask yourself why am I being shown this?

Heads up.

Gunfire & Sniper.

As you know when The Soylent Green Apprentices get their hands on you they face you with a battery of tests. Just like it was when you wanted the only thing that could save you, though not guaranteed, from the lime pit and the Lead Pill Pharmacy. The SGA want to know how you have behaved in the past since that is a very good indicator of how you will behave in the future. These social engineers, nee shaman and necromancers, need to ascertain, it’s the law, that if a lions testicle licker is being sought, indeed that’s what their organisation will get. No point in putting in place a pussy washer is there?

And so it came to pass that Her Majesty’s, she’s compliant no doubt about that step outside if you dare, SGA brought a huge force of flea biters and vermin squeezers to fill the empty rank ranks of the mighty workforce that once humbled dictators and made free minions.

And the SGA were pleased. The skill sets so lacking in their slave class, I wonder why Tesco dude, were now on tap 24/7.

A Base for Operations in death, the floating city. Operations in slaving, child trading, organ theft, narcotics, snuff and death all the good things that the 21st century metropolis needs to tick over. A closed down sleekit micro managed, staged fluence of filth and degeneracy that sucks the life from the free world. There is no way that the SGA can accelerate puberty but they can lower child labour statutes, in which case the gates are about to slam shut as the new subjects are put to their intended use.

Never forget that the bosses of the SGA and LPP love gated communities. The gated life is not something forced on them by gunfire and sniper, it is a lifestyle choice. Give a gater the open pampas, freedom, liberty, fresh air and a deserted vista, what’s the first thing they do? Erect a stockade, watch towers, minefields, machine gun nests and big attack dogs with crocodile clips on their bollocks. Why? Well they know that the only way they got the wealth in the first place was to steal it, and the world is full of people like them. There are no peaceful souls content to let others get on in their world view. No these clowns love chaos and destruction, kidnapping and ransom because that’s how their minds work.

So the freedom loving people that swarmed to these shores, nothing to do with the free money being given away, are ensconced in their proto gated communities staring out at the aboriginals, what’s left of them, and scratching. Itchy trigger finger. Having been bought and brought, hash and marry, skulking under the UN flag the old ways of their societies intercourse rises to the surface just as the SGA always knew it would. And lo it came to pass that the LPP will increase armed patrols in the Metropolitan area. That’s like drinking petrol when your arse is on fire. That’s their modus; they’ve come from Sarajevo, down town Mombasa and Lagos, bastions of freedom all.

When was the last time you saw sepia prints of wave after wave of humanity seeking entry to those places? Never. The waves broke on the shores of freedom. And freedom welcomed them because she saw in their faces a suffering that was not complicit or calculated.

The waves breaking on our shores now have gunfire and snipers in mind; they are here to create a huge gated community in which we will be imprisoned.

Heads up.


PC has been at it again. Posting up beautiful pictures of my favouritest place.

So I’m going to show you some horses bums.

These babies are heavy though, like a Suffolk Punch.

They are tourist-wild up on the old military roads in Aomori Prefecture.


Tuesday 27 October 2009

Unlevened Nukes

Jung wrote,

"Though we know from experience that psychic processes are related to material ones, we are not in a position to say in what this relationship consists, or how it is possible at all. Precisely because the psyche and the physical are mutually dependent it has often been conjectured that they may be identical somewhere beyond our present experience."

One of the things that you can see from a very great distance is the bigger picture. Up close and sweaty, knee deep in the sewage it all reeks of conspiracy theory, hidden agendas, secret societies, brotherhoods and masons. That’s if you can be bothered looking up from your chains and having a quick glance around. If you stare too long a crack of the whip across your back soon gets you back into the gang step.

Even those who you might think have broken free of the chain gang are never free. I was chatting to a chum about this on Friday evening over a couple of chilled Magners. No way are you allowed to become a billionaire without getting approval. There are too many checks and balances at work for that to be allowed. The idea of a rogue billionaire being allowed to get into the protected charitable foundation racket and peddling his/her agenda ad infinitum is just not allowed. Look at Bill Gates, his billions are now working for TPTB and his minder Buffett made sure the billions he made lock the Gates fortune into the programme.

Our conversation touched on the “Secret Squirrels” working deep in the bowels of telecoms and the games they play. Their ability to spy on you no matter where you are or what you are doing. I asked the question and then answered it. “Who are they afraid of? Well obviously it must be another load of gangsters.”

If you view the whole world in that context then it makes sense, rather than the model we are supposed to believe in about the free market democratic “bollox”, as Gentleman John Harris would no doubt quip. They are afraid of other gangsters, not us they kill us with impunity, de Maneses, not Al Qaeda, other gangsters. That’s what was behind the hit on Litvenyenko and the no liquids on planes farce.

That’s just a step backwards and a quick look before the gang master beats you into place. However what happens when through an accident you find yourself far away on top of a hill on a clear sunny day? What happens if you can see the ziggurat below and the city surrounding it and the wide plain stretching to infinity?

Then you might get the idea that somewhere, hidden there is a mighty long range effort millennia old that is trying to put things back the way they were. Someone remembers when things were just sooo different and yet understands, not speculates nor theorizes nor conjectures, but knows and understands because of retained memory that it will all get different again. Over the past two centuries this process has been accelerated and the most unlikely of alliances and occurrences are explained by this occult process.

A simple example, Iraq. Roth and co were all over Iraq on the sniff, mainly German and French. The Germans have along tradition of being in Iraq/Persia. What were they looking for? Well whatever it was if they found it Rock took it, if they hadn’t found it Rock came in and found it and took it away. Dead people everywhere and chaos. All part of a plan and the cleverest thing about it was we were told what they had come for.

To fully understand reality you must grasp one thing, the “truth” will always be placed right in front of your nose but you will dismiss it because as they term us, we are vulgar.

They came for WMD.

As Jung was alluding to up above there is something that we humans are on the edge of constantly. A realization that teeters on the cusp of consciousness. Like that dream you had but cannot bring back to examine, you know you had it you can remember it but its going, going, gone.

Those of you who have stayed the course will know that I have mentioned on at least two occasions a time when molten metal would stop running and rocks would fly and or be shaped like doe. That is a way of saying that physical reality will be changed by the fundamental reordering of the physical universe. It won’t happen quickly but it will happen since human history remembers it has happened in the past, way back a long time ago.

I’m no dummy and I have studied all my life on a vast number of subjects but if the lights went out I’d be hard pressed to remember my Ray Mears and survive one year. Never mind build my own henge from tree stumps and dead badgers. So when a civilization has developed a calendrical system that runs into millions of years like the old Indo-European belief systems you’ve got to wonder. Even a simple cycle like the Mayan would take thousands and thousands and thousands of years to get all the subtleties mapped and fixed.

So what’s going on? Don’t forget these ancients didn’t have time for writing utter drivel, that’s a luxury, soon to depart, that only the West has had. This was what their brightest and best were charged with. It was life and death serious so we’d better pay attention pronto.

If the basic fabric of local space time changes then expect unbelievable powers to become accessible to the human mind. It’s all there in the old legends, even the WMD.

That though would bring a crisis to certain long range planners. A crisis that they are well aware of. There has never at any time been this many human minds in existence, what would happen if they all got rid of the psychos?

Are there any conclusions that can be stated about TPTB if this view point on the hilltop affords an advantage?

Yes only one that I will state, so far.

They have no balls.