Thursday 29 October 2009

I love the New World Order.

I cannot wait for it to turn up.

No more fucking around with fiat money, no more restrictions on where you can go, who you can see, what you can think, what’s on your kebab, who you skewer.

No more wrinkled mental cases that seek to restrict your every move, seek every impediment to your peaceful existence, and seek to kill every beautiful thought you have or may have.

The end to the division of the whole of humanity.

I cannot wait to book myself onto a supra light ship and visit the stars, start my own off-world ferret run and dance in the galactic hot spots.

However I will not have any part of this clown’s NWO, no way, no how.

He can get to fuck, and if we just stop giving money to the organisations that he fronts for we’ll soon be rid of our parasite class of MPs, MEPs, Lords and Ladies, assorted Royal hangers on and the funny farm filling barph boaking waste of gametes that clog up our existence.

Starve them of our money and attention; make them obsolete to you and your loved one’s existence.

We’ve no money so stop spending it anywhere near a shop or enterprise that you do not personally know the owner of. Indeed start your own business the local poor, just like you, will flood to your door.

Boycott all banks, retailers, purveyors of distraction and deceit and get a life.

If eventually it comes to it, remember it will be their blood on our streets.

Keep the lists up to date.

Heads up.


  1. I'm with you all the way, mate! Christ, these socialist fuckwits/tyrants are so fucking predictable with their world domination horseshit - I wondered how long it would take for this to happen!!

    BTW, in the comments over at my place, If you click where it says "Guest", you can then type INCOMING!!!!!!!

    And if you hover the mouse pointer over the place where the picture should go, you will see a pencil appear - click on that and it will let you browse your files and upload your avatar - seemples!

  2. The fucking bankers have been planning it since the 1930s, the cunts. It's going their way. Soon a united Europe, a North America org., China, Asia and African and the rest can fuck off. We'll all be chipped and then we are CONTROLLED.

  3. DL to paraphrase "Things can only get bitter", it hasn't even started.

  4. You guys are all prime candidates for Lawful Rebellion. So get it done already! I did and I cannot tell you how enjoyable it is to fuck them up.

    Banks, barristers, courts, judges, ministers, civil serpents, politicians, they are all fair game.

    Lawful Rebellion sets you apart, and it scares the shite out of them.

    And it works out to roughly one laugh per minute. There's no downside!!


  5. Notice how Soros backtracked on his "new world order" to call it a new monetary order!

    It's gratifyinig that the US aren't buying their new world currency - yet. Soros is looking after his own interests, not the interests of the US.

  6. CR, oh yes the pirate ship is due a change of crew alright but the gunfire and sniper crew won't be exchanging niceties any time soon. They're below decks, even though they don't realise it, because they've swallowed the full moonjoos.

    2010 they'll be called up to the poop deck, that's what we have to stop. Then the shit hits the fan.

    We need to take care of treason.

    No games, no pleasantries, get ready for BOGSlife.

  7. Fausty, yes its getting very oratory. Logic has been chucked overboard. That's a sure sign of organised chaos approaching.

    That old bastard loves it becauase he gets to see the REAL maps.


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