Wednesday 28 October 2009

Two things.

More innocuous GGT terminology to keep you calm and not ask pointy questions.

IED=Fucking great big phekking bomb that kills our troopers, DEAD.

Anywhere you see this; no exceptions,

then you should step back and ask yourself why am I being shown this?

Heads up.


  1. Your posts are exceedingly Delphic, Incoming.
    GGT? a cypher for the BBC...?
    But've got me.

  2. Hi Conan the chequerboard symbolic to me says there be evil and ritual here. So why do I find the little boy's face staring up at me today no matter where I go. When I see that photo and when we realise what is going on I have to ask who took the photo? Did that person know the symbolic ritual involved with taking that photo just so? If as Aangirfan has been posting this is deep, deep stuff then everytime that image is used the ritual continues even after the child's death and power is drawn from it's use by the real perps.

  3. Yeah, incoming, I've wondered that for a while, but didn't want to ask in case I appeared more stupid than I already am.

    What does GGT stand for???

  4. Hi Gigits,

    Goebbels Gobshite Towers.

    Another tell tale in MSM that says "I've got cover, do not mess" is the use of "33" somewhere in the report. To you and me we won't see it. But someone somewhere does and there is no interference.

  5. Incoming!! Did you know that was a masonic symbol?

  6. Yep DL, but the symbolic works on so many levels. I reckon one of the deepest levels is in play with this particular case. This isn't a Lady Gaga video it's ritualistic killing of children.

  7. "Goebbels Gobshite Towers"

    Very apt indeed. Thanks for letting me know.

  8. So where does Noahide fit into it Incoming!!! ?

  9. GV at its simplistic it reflects the world view of TPTB, an eternal oligarchy with ritualised slaves worshipping forever in penury. Both separated by a prescribed ceremonial. The current model takes the laws of Noah as handed to him by God as the no questions asked imprimatur.

  10. On some levels then Noahide seems to equate to Dhimmitude - or is that really too simplistic?

  11. GV you get it, Dhimmitude is the strongest vehicle on the planet at the moment for NAOHide, the West doesn't get it. Previously it was Communism/Corporatism, next comes the transhumanist agenda. NOAHide wants anything that downcasts the majority of mankind to the spiritual abyss, a spiritless enslaved piece of meat, any weapon that can acheive that end NOAHide will grasp with both hands.

    I saw a great picture of Richard Dawkins at a humanist conference this weeek gazing at the platform, good man though he is and I've got time for his work, he's being used for an other age old agenda.

    They are the only spiritual beings allowed, we are to be animals.

    NWO=NOAHide you cannot escape that logic.

  12. I was reading abt transhumanism the other day. To put it in the vernacular, "It did my head in." (As did 12th Bough's site which I mooched around yesterday).

  13. GV get stuck in. It is all in plain sight.


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