Monday 30 November 2009

False flag.

Well your correspondent popped onto this mortal coil at this hour a prime number of years ago. Though by dint of location it is not his birthday.

What’s in a name and a place?

From the Greek name Ανδρεας (Andreas), which was derived from ανηρ (aner) "man" (genitive ανδρος (andros) "of a man"). In the New Testament the apostle Andrew, the first disciple to join Jesus, was the brother of Simon Peter. According to tradition, he later preached in the Black Sea region, with some legends saying he was crucified on an X-shaped cross. Andrew, being a Greek name, was probably only a nickname or a translation of his real Hebrew name, which is not known.

What’s in a flag?

Difficult questions to answer.

I’ve only ever burdened you with one tentative conclusion so far and considering the name and the day I’ve firmed up another one.

The false flag bearer is legion and is far more dangerous than any nationalist.

Ανδρεας knew who they were.

Heads up.

They are not qualified to rate my farts.

Unfit for purpose.

Connecticut plans to join Ohio in suing credit-rating companies for “negligent, reckless and incompetent work” in grading debt purchased by state pension funds, according to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Connecticut and “a number of other states” are preparing legal action against Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Corp. and Fitch Ratings, Blumenthal said today in a Bloomberg Television interview. Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray sued the debt raters this month on behalf of five Ohio public employee retirement funds, saying “improper” ratings cost the funds more than $457 million. The state actions come amid criticism of the ratings services by investors and lawmakers including Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, who has said the companies wrongly assigned top credit rankings to U.S. subprime-mortgage bonds just before that market collapsed in 2007.”

Unfit for purpose.

Time to audit the Bank of England by those who are fit for purpose.

Ignore the Fed, it is a shell game.

Why do you think the BoE is built to withstand siege?

Audit the BoE.

Then destroy the cabalistic crime scene.

The greatest favour Al doesn’t exist Gorequaeda could do is to let of a Big One whilst they are at their desks meeting targets.

Fukkwitz Ahoy!!!!!


USS Indianapolis

Port Chicago .

Heads up.

A looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

I couldn’t upload Donna so have this .

T+62 Cunltickst.

Sticky fanny?

Self Righteous Violence.

Shuv his face in it.

They are all butt welders.

Why oh why would one think ? Hahahahahaha children fucked up the arse in dungeon?

Nothing wrong with welding.

Seam, mash, arc. Dead?

Coming to you from an agency

riddled with perps and the undea

d let free.

Stakes at hand, silver bullets in your bandolero, garlic up your arse and mercury in your flaps.

They swarm though they say they are few.

Beautiful Ofra Haza.


Stand back.

White gloves, Rong target won gun.

Jeeves and Wroostchild.

Older than old, younger than young.

Sanguineous and desiccate.

Can you see it yet?

Sunday 29 November 2009

Handed maps. You'll never get St Petersburg. Bless.

This has just heaved into view. I emphasise my view ‘cos it sure ain’t the common view.

If these Muppets who’ve been allowed by our governments since the 1960s to lift our tech think it is all over, well forget it.

The lads from Belfast went over and helped as best with the C5, and it went wrong.

That’s after hundreds of thousands of hours of massive aero structures manoeuvring in the Big One.

USofA you were never in the inkyblack .

Not Ta152s and Tempests but great big wing/fuselage sections corkscrewing through obsidian dark with fucking

big aero structure breaking cannon shells chasing the poorly armed buggers.

USofA corp got the gas turbine tech and was crap at it.

USSR got the gas turbine tech and shot at the USofA corp over the Yalu.


The UK plc built the greatest manned aircraft ever and got shot down by the NaZoviets.

The covetousness of our neighbour’s children knows no bounds. Autogyros, helicopters, wings, aero frames,

landing gear, ram air turbines, motors.

All gone from an ignorant nation that levelled the world.

A massive research programme will now be needed to rediscover the long forgotten and deliberately consigned

to the dustbin, decades ago.

Nothing from Brest to Brest Litovsk was current from 1930-1950, all war Ural.

That is when human intercourse divorced human inquiry.

Saturday 28 November 2009


Ever wondered why you walk so far, zig zagging in airports?

Our children will never give birth to great poetry they will kill mathematically.

Who will engage their soul from ratio?

One explanation for our current dilemma is that we are in the midst of a scorched earth policy disguised as a frog slow boil.

Heads up.

T+58, 27/11/2009 Disclosure? Who outed the GREEN con and why?

The rise in MSM criticism of all things Khazar recently is bizarre and has not gone unremarked. Strange outings and briefings. The intentional CRU exposure was a bit like turning on the floodlights at a secret dogging spot, all the dirty little secrets exposed for the world to see and confirm suspicions about who were spread-eagled over the bonnets with what.

Why? Well as FDR remarked nothing accidental happens in politics.

So let us pull together some more unrelated happenings into the self fulfilling prophecy.

DL the following contains turkey bark; don’t be getting any wood now. Close your eyes and venture no further, go back, no…don’t, you’ll only feel dirty later.

Soros, Deripasky, Adelson and now it begins to make some sense that totally barking suggestion that the HK$ would become the global currency replacing the US$.

More juxtapositioning of sexual organs coming up.

Now I’m not suggesting that just because the two events were cotemporaneous that there would be a fleet of limos belting down the M40 in the dead of night stacked full of gear , solid gold dildoes and gerbils, but….. well.

With Gold hitting close to $1200 this week that could explain the price spike and gold shortage. It’s not shorting that’s caused the volatility it’s the fact the market knows some of the metal is forever debased knowing which orifices it has been inspecting. Would you take delivery in the future knowing where it could have been? No amount of remelting will get rid of that level of impurity!!!!

It is all interconnected, every last bit CHiComms, casinos, Rothschilds, HMG minisiters, oligarchs, strap on deviancy, and the rewards for helping keep up the smoke and mirrors job are fantastic if you take the pain of selling yourself out completely.

Watching the useless GGT telling us all about how terrible the child stealing market is in ChiComm land where the one child policy means a human trafficking in small boys is rampant. I couldn’t but help ask “Well you Fabian/Tavistock muppets who foisted the whole Malthusian/NaZoviet mess on the Chinese people in the first place?”

The unsane loons are intent on leaving us with nothing more than a de-industrialised serf’s economy where unreality and rabid beliefs rule the human existence and poverty stricken experience.

When I read through this drivel I noted that not a single word was uttered about the prime feature of our global political economy. IT IS RUN BY CRIMINALS FOR CRIMINALS. Criminals do not care about you or your family. So the subtext of all this crap is prepare to be poor, die younger, remain stupid, become physically stunted and if you do get a job you’d better be prepared to believe whatever you are told to believe. I almost died laughing at its total irrelevance and vacuity. In fact the last time I laughed so much was when I was being lectured on the subject of business ethics.

Bwaa hahahahahahaaaaaa.

Heads up.

Friday 27 November 2009

Something’s gone arse about face.

Compare and contrast.

H/T Fidothedog.

H/T some old time NaZoviets.



What’s going down in groove town?

War is there to change society.

Whether you give any credence to the Report from Iron Mountain or not that is the function of modern warfare.

If you look at the famous battles that mark the modern war society from the American Civil War, War 1914-19, War 1937-45 to War 1950-90 then nothing really happened. Its not like the Punic Wars, no ground was salted.

I think we can lie to rest Pike’s shit as well since there has only been one great big war waged throughout time and space.

Don’t give me any “Oy INCOMING!!!!!! What about the A-Bomb”. My predilection for going my own way on this has been laid out for you on several occasions. I will say again two types of A-Bomb, only one “tested”, dropped around the 33rd parallel, dropped on Christians coming out of their churches. That’s ceremony and ritual. Whilst I remember why would this be remembered from Manhattan otherwise?

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”

J. Robert Oppenheimer (quoting the Bhagavad Gita)

So with that depressing thought what’s on the news stands in groove town?

Well over at the Washington Post China is getting hustled by Israel’s bitchboy to take down the Aryan.

Globally the number of flat tops, and I’m a keen student of these beasts, is going exponential. When I was down Yokosuka Naval base recently the number and quality of the warships in sight were quite impressive. All the USofA hardware was out so just JMSDF.

I think it’s the source of this article that reckons something is going to go bang in NE Asia soon. Sooo much construction steady, progressive and uninterrupted. This has the look of the pre 1914-19 war where all the money was made available to future enemies to build big war machines.

It could be that the race between the railway and the ship has finally been won by the spaceship.

Fer de Lance is over. Is the gear left behind? Is an attack on Israel an attack, de facto, on NATO? It’s the secret protocols and treaties that we dumb SOBs don’t get anywhere near that decide how many of us die unspeakably for unfeasible reasons.

Interesting straws in the wind if my neuron burp is any good? I thought I’d leave this for Dark Lochnagar to translate for us, he’s a fan of the senoras y senoritas, but thankfully it’s in Estuary.

Getting back to my favourite meme at the moment Aryan civilisation and its removal from history. I simply cannot resist this

If you have ever seen *Paul Merton’s trips round China and India the thing that struck me was how serious the Indian’s were at recycling, seriously, seriously. It sociologically fits and serves as a warning to us all. However, it is not a con like the crap we get in London which is setting us up for a theft. My chum travels out of borough to recycle because she knows her council is telling porky pies on this matter. I only have to look out my window on the morning these strobing ass lobs turn up with their Soylent Green Wagen schadstoffarmes Fahrzeug and gaze at the trail of papeiren bitte, glass, Schrage musik and cans to realise it is all dulux.

However the Indians are running counter culture and are due for a kicking.

I cannot see any sign that they are RockRoth compliant. They diss Grün as defined by Goldman Sachs despite getting the green thing sorted. They are deep into the tech theft of intellectual property without actually doing anything with the process. Unlike the Chinese who just steal and get away with it. Su27 anyone?

Finally we have the light unto nations. The Nobel laureate, the Y bearer, the birth certificateless monkey god juggler.

He’s like Futahaguro . TPTB always give you the opposite of what you want and desire for your loved ones.

Its ritual and ceremony to them, and death to us.

*Any UK plc cameras mean spies and striferingers be around.

Thursday 26 November 2009

Turkeys everywhere in the MSM and Govt, academia and macadamia.

Goddam, Bob Chapman launches a Big One today.

I love this bit…UK plc PAY ATTENTION…”Schools all over the nation are going to force furloughs on teachers to save money. Now that the stimulus loans for schools and unemployment have been spent, massive cuts are coming. We warned our daughter, a teacher, months ago of what was coming. Banking, Wall Street, insurance and Washington are living fat and high on the hog. They even tell us Obama saved the system from collapse and that economic conditions are improving. Then again, Wall Street in their arrogance tells us they are doing God’s work. That is why they get giant bonuses as the public starves. The modern version of “Daddy Warbucks.” In case you hadn’t noticed there has been little change. What change is trying to be stuffed down our throats is Medical Reform, Cap & trade, more war and a tax on us for creating global warming that doesn’t exist.”

Right I’m off to see what Celente and Keiser are up to today.

Happy Thanksgiving Day chums.

More later.

Yee haaa.

Nice picture.

This has been simmering for a while, like since 1945 when they nicked all our tech. Left the lads stranded in the Shires after our commie government told them to hand it all over to our allies. That’s how they treated our brainiacs.

Enemies? They invited the Nazis over to stay in the sunshine and fire missiles. They’re paying for it now though.

Japan is not allowed F22s. They’d pay real big time for the things because they can actually see the use for force multipliers like those babies in NE Asia. Someone said no we don’t want 200 of those things clearing our mud movers from the sky thank you; well I don’t speak Mandarin so I’ll extemporise.

UK plc has PAID. But no F35 magic lettering.

So let’s recap what we know. USofA corp. DoD, contractors and alphabet soupery is knee deep in ChiComms and dual nationals half inching the entire tech. Only when the POTUS isn’t actually handing the stuff over anyway, but its good to have a back up PLAN.

Only the guys fighting on our side won’t get the gear.

It all smells like the days when someone paid for the factories in the USSR that turned out the
tanks to be used against us.

Heads up, about face!


My tiny sqeezed mind.

Heads up.

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Dongs and dorks


Remember that country and how it got flattened to make way for the psychopathic monotheists’ sweat shops to feed our massive super stores?

Super stores funded by funny money from the capital markets.

You surely don’t think that internal cash flows allowed these guys to exterminate all those local businesses that we used to frequent. The Tinker, the Taylor, the Candlestick maker, the Butcher, the Baker, the Greengrocer.

Tinker tailor soldier …..Traitor?

Well now that the old have been knocked off in Dongland and the disabled are displaced from polite society, money can be made from the newly adult with no overheads and fiat spending money.

Getting the drift yet?

Agent Orange and aspartame, you buy the drink in the store that you hired the sneakers you wear, no animal skin there no, not a hide, and you’re touched by the dong as much as by the dead in the tunnels of Ku Chi.


Here’s a big dork.

Here’s some teensy weensy dorks talking crap.

Told you so

And again.

Here’s some calm analysis with none of my ranty swearyness.

I said way back to keep an eye on the psychopath Richard Holbrooke, didn’t I?

In the future when the DU has cleared what sort of member will touch your offspring in a franchise, somewhere far removed from the dead in the tunnels, offering no, not a hide, respirators and kidneys?

Heads up.