Friday 31 December 2010


Relived again and again, through the endlessly neared tears.

Releive your soul and settle your proximal account.
Let your natural spirit regain your fulfillment.

The meshing of any human,
no matter how damaged,
within this universe is part of an unbroken chain.

Potassium rush for ever and ever.

Disabled, brain dead and helpless.

Can you bear this?

Heart and beat.

The smallest light is a shadow of the greater reality.
No; light is not death.
Darkness is not void.

All this within you.
Within the endless spiral.
Who are you?

The mystery is not how we live but how we all know everything.

Solis, Helice, Vortice, Splice.

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That's what little boys are made of !"
What are little girls made of?
"Sugar and spice and all things nice
That's what little girls are made of!"

Naked under the sun,
transparent to all forces,
undone to none.

Only you know all of this;
that is, was and is to come.

Raise us all.

Child bearer.

Wednesday 29 December 2010

What year can it be?

"The Habiri existed since the most ancient times. They are present in the first documents available to us, hundreds of years earlier than Avraham. They were scattered all over the Near East from Egypt to Mesopotamia, to the extremities of Assyria, along the coast of the Mediterranean through Canaan, and in the regions of Anatolia. They are not limited to any geographical area, any nation, or any social category; they appear at every level of society, in many different activities. They usually wandered from place to place. The movements of Terah, Avraham, and other members of that family were according to the habits of the general Habiri people. This is the reason by which the Sumerians were attempting to define their social roles. They truly were "wandering Arameans", though their origin is Akkadian/Assyrian, being descendants from Arphakshad. Notwithstanding, these "wandering Arameans" were the path through which the ancient Semitic linguistic world memories were preserved. They certainly played an unique role in reconnecting us with the remote history of mankind. They also brought a genetic line down into historic times, with Avraham chosen as the outstanding representative of that blood blessing.
The Habiru had a Deity whose Name was unknown to the other peoples, and also to themselves, as the Name was not revealed to anybody before Mosheh Rabainu. The fact that their Divinity's name was unknown is a further proof that identifies them with the "Children of Ever". The enigmatic MalkiTzedek, kohen of El-Elyon (Bereshyit 14:18), whoever he was corresponds to the characteristics of a Habiru authority, holder of the original spirituality which Avraham himself followed.

One mega.


Thursday 23 December 2010

The curse of time.

The Anonymous Physicist will describe our quarantine.

The vast spaces of our minds are not ours, are.

The delivered and stopped are others. No shit .

Can we think and conceive of our unimportance, halted? Our impotence?

There should be no doubt that our four dimensions are separated from reality.

What lives out here?

They are thinking?

The lads have the metronome sussed.

No death jousted struggle.

This is a nam shub, so no names are welcomed.

Tuesday 21 December 2010


Every purchase is a crime scene.

Every dollar bucked trend is a spended blank.

Ever wondered the slaked thirsted necked gold?

If there is nothing why do we exist?

Defined and denied.

Fiat, mined, slaved and mitred.

Metals poured after the rock.


Wednesday 1 December 2010

Synchronecromancy & Alchemy

Is your tea oot? Part two.

Toiling forever is a long, long never ending struggle. However that is what we’ve signed up for. When will never arrive? The answer to that is never of course. There is no end to this, our realisation, now that we bring it back into our ken.

We do this synchronous.

In order to make sense of the history we are not supposed to know, the current of events we are to be excluded from now and the future from which we are to be extinguished, a profound level of ignorance must be adopted by the inquirer.

How does one achieve this idealised state and what is it?

Let us take the latter part first.

A very large clue to this approach is to seek the verboten.

If you are one of the less than 20 percent of the population, or so, who are scratching your noddle wondering why the modern world is so backward, primitive and getting more antedeluvian? Why the so called remedies and solutions, there’s a give away, to preceived problems and manufactured crises are so inadequate and obviously false constructs? Why there is no purpose to existence other than following a number in a reducing instruction set? Why there are piles of suddenly dead people everywhere? If that is you then the verboten is for you.

Careful now, because you are an innocent abroad. The local environment is full of charlatans, paid and played. Before you know it you will be invited to consider your quest over by those who offer exposés of public record documentation and proceedings. Freedom of information requests and regurgetated unverifiable garbage. This is the public domain flytrap designed to capture and confuse your attention space. To take you harmlessly out of play.

If you are serious then you need to be seeking out the dead guys, dead guys who were fucked over and forgotten. You know the names Solzhenitsyn
Behan, Pound etc., the list is endless. A very few of those you seek might even still be alive, usually goaled and isolated in the West. Stay away from any muppetry that smells like Rand, that crap is designed to take you out of play. The clue here is to look for the unjailed, lionised, lauded, feted and prize given in the West and stay the fuck away, as a gerneral rule. Anything coming through a major publishing house is commissioned by TPTB to condition us in the Herd Attention Space. They don’t waste their money on talent, they want puppets. Think Wells and Huxley.

Once you’ve got your eye in you can tackle the treasure trove that is the classics, that’s correct the guys in togas and skirts from way back.

You want the oldest references you can access or possess in hard copy. The newer the copy the higher the likelyhood that it has been censored or as they say “modern edition”. The stuff on the ausphart has got to be treated as suspect goods unless corroberated.

Remember most of the crap out here doesn’t pass the Turing test so in all probability it is produced en masse by robots!!!

If you don’t dice out here with the full nine yards on board you will get no where. Out here with the mental cases.

Then you want to form your own unique opinion. You don’t want anyone else’s that is for sure. If you do you’ve failed and been taken out of play. Once on that individual track, once your mind is free and self directed, you will make extraordinary progress.

Finally you must expect to be shunned, to work alone, to be aware of and embrace your isolation. Thrive on this deliberate choice of a free state of conscious exploration.

Inevitably you will know if you are successful in your questing, not because you unearth a nugget or reveal a smidgen of the hidden, but because your activity is causing a disquiet throughout the Herd Attention Space. You are causing the herd to unsettle and deprive the religioKriminalrats of their greedy worship. On that day you will find you have a new friend appearing from out of nowhere, as if by magic. Pooph!!! All unexpected.

However if you are smart enough to have ruffled the gulag Kapo’s feathers, that’s what you want isn’t it, then you’ll know who your suddenly knewest and bestest buddy fronts for? Won’t you?

So that’s the later part of “How does one achieve this idealised state and what is it?” described and inevitably I’ve clumsily started to answer the first part of the question, hey ho let’s go.

How does one achieve this? Well to give an extreme example, Clif High of halfpasthuman, from what I’ve gathered from G.Ure’s descriptions of the process involved in getting the web bot reports together, removes himself completely from external influences and stimulae. Even so far as to not listening to music. This has a tinge of the stylite about it but I know where he’s coming from.

For the rest of us though who have to get to grips with traffic, shopping, schools, councils and the other accutriments of torment, the prime action has to be the complete curtailment of all media. No liar’s box in the room, no liar’s voice in the room, no media mogul liar’s dead tree press in the room. Anything GGT, local radio, Fox, Thompson, Foxman, Murdochian Soapland mind spew. Junk it. All of it is predictive programming.

As I’ve said before X-Factor, Apprentice, Big Brother, blockbuster films all of it is getting us ready for NAOHide. Pleading and begging before the select few. Placing ourselves at the mercy of the Star Chamber. Getting ready for communitarian living in a pen.

No thanks.

Then there is the Affliction. The Reduced Instruction Set Curse of the corrupted temple front men. Most clearly demonstrated by those who cannot do anything but quote from some so called holy tissue of lies. Quote after endless quote from cleverly memorised texts and scribblings. Well there is no more obvious example of the afflicted at work than when they go all OCD RISC and quote, repeat, quote, repeat, quote, repeat… ad nauseam. No one at home. Ignore them all. Con artists and sincerely toxic to the body of humanity.

You need to construct your own media, even if just for you the sole viewer and user. Eventually you’ll get an audience. These lads have the idea.

Even TPTB don’t have enough secret policemen to cover all the trees in all the parks under which people will be yapping. Mind you the roboswarms will need a good repellant. Take up smoking!!! A big phekking stokey should do it. One each.

To elaborate on MT who says that only the lies need a massive life support apparatus surrounding them, the truth stands and will always stand alone, free and in no need of parasitical theft from others. Just think on that. If the great whirlygig and magic show that surrounds the thousands of years of utter mendacity that flatters the Affliction were to stop there would be enough for everyone here today and to come in every way.

So with that crap out the way let’s continue with the stream of mindleness from yesterday, well Monday 11th Oct since this intended snipe is turning into an unintended fully fledged barrage.

In the aggregate the behaviour of human beings can be predicted, influenced, shaped and directed. This is not new, Bernays and Freud were not smart enough to get this stuff fresh from between their ears. Oh no this is a Babylon gig, in fact it is a gig from way, way back I’d suspect all the way back to the Watchers. Those who knew what we are and where we came from. What made us tick locally amidst the larger subtle influences impinging upon us from the local universe.

And we slip very easily out of reality and into sacred geometry.

Ever wonder why you cannot escape worship? The repetitive, the structured ritual. Whether overt in a temple setting or mundane like going to work every day. Why there is no end, why there is a continuum no matter what you try to achieve. Always the ritual captures, always the repetitive reframes your attempts to escape. Why is that? Guys like us always railing and forever captured. They, you, me, we are still within the sacred geometry of their choosing that is why. The terms of our reference are forever outwith our powers to change. In order to make ourselves sane again we must completely ignore the crumbs of every clever trail the Hansels set for us and the cosy conspiratorial duvets the the Gretels invite us under and just think and see clearly.

Ignore the come ons to prove how clever we are to ourselves.

As you know I’ve speculated that a long, long while ago a very, very few humans survived the population bottle neck when the caldera in Indonesia blew its lid and choked the planet.

Within that small group, scattered across the globe, there was a coherent remnant of the newly destroyed high culture which set out with unshakeable belief to put what they had just seen obliterated back together again.

What do they remember that we are only now getting a very small glimpse of?

Union of this perhaps.



The really scary thing about us is that we might be unlimited.

Scalars, numbers, integers, vectors.

UNreal blue.

Poetry might be one of our moderators.

WFM life may be a count but existence is infinite, enjoy .

We are are going to bloom for we have pity for the RISC.

Beautiful snow, solis, night, day approaches.

Embrace and live.

Saturday 27 November 2010

What meaning have the numbers you can count?

MI6 bitch throws fire extinguisher from roof.

Secret cabal front the junta.

Pilates exercise spies.

Turncoat slaving fucktard talks out his arse.

Where is Madeleine McCann?

NATO/EU sacrifice?

Chink Slaving Scion continues the communitarian steal. (Love the comments.)

Don’t be confused just wake up.

One of the great whitewash jobs done on the British, whenever they are given a predictive squeek at history they need to be aware of, is this. H/T ZGR.

We are all supposed to shrug our shoulders and sigh. Just what could the poor old Brit government, lead by a sex criminal, and the UK Monarch, who was in on the kill, have done. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Help the Romanovs and Red Clydeside would have swept the country in fire. Help the homocidal, psychopathic, genocidal, Afflicted, commie, Kazari, New York funded bitch boys and Red Clydeside would string up the Royal family.

Oooooooo what a conundrum. Hey ho on with the show, Highers coming up soon. You aren’t supposed to recognise the signature of the puppetmaster.

You aren’t supposed to see the deliberate state of stasis induced to hide the kill or the steal. Induced by seemingly irreconcilable conflict and dead ended solutions. All fomented by ridiculously unreasonable forces concocted to keep the sane unsane and the mad in power.

The words you needed to know and would never be told are Bullingdon, OxBridge and Altinum.

Today’s examples of this kind of madness?

In UKplc you get thrown in the slammer for joking about blowing up airports in a manufactured security emergency. You also get to wander around the streets without hinderance yelling about killing the aboriginals if you are an asylum seeker/refugee nutter.

See the Bullingdon puppetmaster at work.

Don’t snicker USofA corp. You are going to get it right Royally. Commie Queenie wants her property back under control soon.

When these guys were in charge anyone pulling this shit would have had visitors.

However we now see the hidden hand because nowadays USofA corp. has been assimilated into the commie bitchboy world of the commintern bankers’ next ten year PLAN thanks to Jekyll’s plot and there is a nothing in the White House causing decision paralysis.

When you’ve got a rocket trail, a la Jericho, you know that political stasis is being engineered. That the appropriate bitchboys and boybitches are in place or queueing. That the induced madness which will turn the sane unsane is iGREEN. That the same madhatters are in power again getting ready to throw the die.

For the gamble is a sacrament.

However USofA corp, because you are broke, the funny funding for the homicidal, psychopathic, genocidal, Afflicted, commie, bankster bitchboys and boybitches will come from their extended familes parked, over there decades ago on plan, in Shanghai.

As DIcke says, whenever you have a bad case of the Keystone Cops near a crime scene then you know there is a puppetmaster at work. What type of Reduced Instruction Set Clown is ideal for the purpose?

Law givers of course. Take a look at the iGREEN lunacy to clarify that one. I wonder if the statutes will be applied in Iraq and Af/Pak.

Lawyers=RISC of deliberate confusion and stasis. Layers of lawyers causing societal torpor and releasing the moral pustulosolvent into any structure that can get in the way of the communitarian paradise they hope to shit, deliberate choice of word there, on top of.

Go on then check out what all those genocidal muppets were trained in when they were brought into the Commintern training regimes in London, Paris and Moscow before heading back to their home countries to kill everyone within their homelands with the banksters help.

The unquestioning certainty of arrogance versus the unquestioning certainty of ignorance.

Both deadly to the rest of us.

Sing me a song then on the X-Turder.

What are the names of the lawyers of its love? Mandela, Clinton, Blair, Fidel, Van Jones, Schwartz, Weathermen.

What are the names of the fools of its love? Any contested state in the Reduced Instruction Set Criminality, as above.

Never forget the foundations look after their own no matter what they have done. Don’t get in their way or you’ll at best end up in a broomcupboard counting paper clips.

How many numbers do you count in a Reduced Instruction Set Court?

Count Zero Statute.

Then invent and create our own numerology just to destroy their symboliotic simplicity.

Beavis and Butthead, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, STASI, NKVD, TPTB really hate that.

There is no point in raging against the machine, against the symbol and symbiosis. We might as well rage against the fairies. There is no doubt though that fairie believers will kill and like it. That they do believe their unsanity is proven to them by their success. They have the power and money.

However you and I know that their trinkets and traipings do not exist. It is a state of mind reinforced by a tissue of ritual, ceremony and worship in a repetitive Reduced Instruction State.

So be it, ignore and maneouvre. Leave them alone. Abandon their every offering, every invitation, every come on. We give them that imaginary power by our acceptance of the proferred poisoned chalice.

However the real fight, which we are losing, is the removal of the suppression of our imagination and humanity. Imagination and humanity is our spirit. Again I concur with DIcke, we are deep into a spiritual war. Most do not realise it.

We are not atomised as they’d like us to be. We are infinitely varied, the spermatazoon of the universe, though we realise singular. The RISC just want multiple clones of one seed. Well they can go fuck themselves into a frenzy in the sacred geometry of their temple cellars all they like, it ain’t going to happen.

Ignore those who will tilt at wankstators. Get creative everywhere, everytime and sabotage at every and all opportunity. Mess with their minds for they are truly spiritless.

We count, not them.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Ceremonial Weapons

Nothing changes



Community Organisers


How many are they?

Doing the Djinn's work.

As Maximum Max sayidsauid recently, the aim is to have 99% of the human population subsisting on 2-3USD per day.

The cold war is coming.

Getting it yet?


Do you think that when the last two of us were left standing that we’d lose to a pustulent, inbred, onanistic, supremacist, buboid, virulent, afflicted fuckwitz? We always have. That thing is us.

We’ve been imprinted and memed.

Greek and break out now.

It is all mental.


AK47 my fuckin’ arse.


Who’s ceremonial weapons are these?

Have you done the body count?

We contribute.

We buy.

We Worship & Ritual.

I think we are incurable.

In our presented state.

We kill all the dead people.

That is correct.

Refute and bring it on.

Ignore and restore.

We are their danger.

They are Reduced Instruction Set Phukkedwitz.

They cannot handle being alive without killing vast numbers of us.

Ignore them and all they do and they will kill themselves.

It has been done before after all.

Monday 11 October 2010

The Terrible Beauty in Beleif.

“I long for the day I can return to my beloved parents when my service is over.
I am here far away from home. Even when I die, no one will cry for me;
how lonely it is only to hear cicadas cry.
No one will come to visit my tomb. Then, I am better off buried along the road,
since someone might offer flowers.
I don’t care which flowers they offer. Perhaps camellia blooming in the wild along
the road?
No water is necessary, since it will rain.”

die like beautiful falling cherry petals

Yet many never volunteered, so do we have peer pressure at work or a fatal flaw in the behaviour of the human being? Strength or weakness?

Valour is as nothing, indeed a weakness, in the Methuselahn struggle. Martial might is a frail construct upon which to base your survival. Look back in time ask yourself just what are the successful strategies to ensure the survival of your seed? Don’t get all confused and start thinking about Darwinian and Malthusian preditive programming.

Don’t be thinking King of the jungle. Don’t be thinking Duelists. Don’t be thinking Red Baron vs Billy Bishop. Forget that stuff, you need to think survival of those who can take down more of the weakest than any rival. To set potential rivals against each other in a foolish survival of the fittest congame. You need to be ubiquitous and descernable by your signage and baggage. For that role you cannot allow yourself to be burdened with the weight of a state or ideology since those two factors require the protection of the weak by the strong, things to be built up. Let others build these things for you to take over.

Think Death Star Commander, who cares who built the thing just so long as you can use it to snuff out the lives of those you want to rob, preferably after a long period of turmoil in their midst so they won’t know what hits them. In fact getting them to beg you for help and then blasting them after you’ve looted all their valuables will give you a right hardon. Sweet.

Think long lines of traumatised refugees getting machine gunned by ground attack aircraft. Think destruction of anything that doesn’t contain precious metals, make sure you grab those, from their jaws especially.

All that is required is to look around and see that burning bush. How many years ago now? What was the population of the planet back then? A paultry few millions and into the that body of humanity was injected the hermetic memetic.

Put yourself in their place what would you do if you were them? Are you too special to think for yourself. Chosen to have a constantly repeated reduced set of instructions to shamble through every day. Driven to reduce all others to that simple set of rules. Ancient and backward. Simplified jinnbitchboys on Darkness’ monotonous chessboard.

Yet there are always replication errors in the genetics of the hermetic memetic. Every so often the great big cuckoo in our nest reveals itself and things like this give the game away.

God’s work? You fuckedwitz. You are a jinnbitchboy. What does he believe? Nothing. He’s runniing on a reduced instruction set. He’s divorced from humanity. Muppet. Jinn’s hand puppet. Hope you enjoy the fisting Lloyd.

This also suggests that a replication error has occurred.

Lloyd and his jinn worshipping empty sets, numerologically obsessed, astrological slaves and OCD’d retards are not part of us. They make that obvious over and over again by the millions of dead people they cause to appear thousands of miles away from their ceremonial sites and dank temple cellars of worship.

Jinn rewards them with all the money that doesn’t really exist, that is magic and proves to us their vacuous existence if you care to look. They are a RISC to us all, Reduced Instruction Set Counts. No wonder they are so shit at the arts and sciences. Everything they do is ugly. The haggard diseased mask of their unbeleif. They know not what they believe. They are nihilistic.

Truly retarded creations of the jinn, too thick to be anything other than banksters and Rock/Roth flunkies. Anywhere anyone or any group has their own belief system these RISCs will sidle up and take them out. They hate anyone operating with a fuller deck than them.

This takes me back to the beautiful falling cherry blossoms.

I don’t judge them, I just ask you to compare. You would never find a RISC with the backbone to do any of that. Jinn needs you to hide, the hermetic memetic you carry cannot be risked.

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Boring Part 14 of 15

Once again everything that follows has nothing to do with God.

Where have we got to in this wandering, this Monte Carlo walk like a thirsty man in a security tagged water bottling plant looking for that one way in to his opportunity to quench and drown? All the invites and all the come ons beckoning him to annihilation and disaster. For that which he seeks, is ever watchful and knows his attention span and intention space.

Tortured like the celibate man looking for the zentral whore house, the temperate searching for the covert distillery and the open barrel into which to hurl him. Driven to seek the lethality space down endless corridors of death’s distraction. Life only worth living in the light of realisation, no matter how short the personal flicker of ken.

Looking forward from Part 13 and looking back from here and now, as is our want at this toxic watering den, we should collide in a great particle explosion of stressed geometry and fractured torsion in Part 15. Some confection of extra dimensional extermination and the alchemical transmutation of our medium.

Lt Uhura was not looking back nor forward, neither was she in the present. She was out of time skryeing the geometry of the shimmering hyper fabric of the measure of quantised reality. There is no infinitely small part of anything; all is wrung from the lattice of Heim spaced nothing.

There is no limiting to our crying out in our ken at any riveverend of the universe simultaneously and being heard at the very, very centre on the hollow point where our collective mind rests sensitised to all that we realise when we still our stalled eyes.

All is realised from geometry, the quantum and relativistic are not all that we can discover. Our three halted eyes restrict our immvision; stunt our vista of the phantoms that we stride through our daily lives. Lives upon which are pitched standing wave formed shadows in higher dimensions. Like and likened, blinded and mute, deaf and tasteless, numbed to the touch and yet suffering from time and ethereal synaesthesia. Something within us knows, feels, senses and skryes that there is more than that which we spend our days in ritual, ceremony and worship.

Our detached minds synched through our brains to our loving hearts, gated out and in to our universal soul. We do this every day in everyway and never realise our power.

This is not Uri Geller pissing around with shape memory alloys.

This is real.

Would you argue that we are enslaved to ritual? Caught by the ceremonial. Imprisoned by worship. Would we deny? How often do we go shopping? Into rubbish, built environment, cattle sheds. How often do we attend a sports event? Herded into a stinking, built environment, pig sty. Ever watch the finer products of the Cali Valley? Nothing more heterosexual than watching adults copulating is there? Watch closely, we are worshipping the phallus, just as we did in Memphis thousands of years ago. Who brings this all to us?

This gives us a great problem. Our greater realisation is being deliberately stunted. Deliberately crippled by a more primitive Weltanschauung. An ancient belief system that strives to bring their impoverished past into the barren future, to complete the cycle and regain their lost evil paradise. Old, old and yet blazing into the future. Contradictory. Are we likely to follow?

That gives them a problem. The more we allow ourselves to be compressed into the tiny space assigned to us, the more they force our restriction, the more likely we are to defy the laws of thermodynamics and transmute out into the realization of exactly what we can achieve, by default. So softly we are to be farmed, they have the mystery school teachings to guide them. Remember, as I’ve speculated before, if the universal mind is affected by every overt action in these lower dimensions then the feed back loop will kick their asses; if not done just so under correct celestial alignments and psychological preparedness.

The tools and devices used against us in this struggle, of which we are made unaware, range through science, philosophy, religion, psychology and the arts. Applied learning that we are supposed to think arose from our intellectual development and natural progression. Building brick upon brick, each generation standing on the shoulders of giants. However over the past 150 years or so the process is guided. When we stare real hard at the subjects of these intrigues and tricks they were injected into our society through a very select group who are guided by a jinn. Communism, Relativity, Quantum Theory, Trans humanism, Natural Selection et al. All designed to limit our horizons. To shutter our minds. To corral us into smaller and smaller cells.

This is a conceptual battle. They are bending every sinew to ensure that we cannot conceive of these additions to our experience. Why do you think that in this realm they are the beloved abortionists? Those links in the unbroken chain that are rightful hours released from the sacred geometry.

If you take a little look at the newer topology described in Part 13 then I believe the mistake that we are making can be seen. We are falling into the trap, their trap, so carefully prepared. Just what do they want?

Since this shop went weird in Jan we’ve covered some of their activities and speculated about others. What we can say is that they’ve been at it for 6000 years at least. In its current form. The Watchers who gave us urban living and then set about introducing the funny money scam assisted by their logistics specialists, the dusty donkey drivers. Well although we cannot put a name on the current Watchers the descendents, genetic or otherwise, of the caravaners are Goldman Sucks. That should be clear by now.

When the two towers were taken down did you ever notice that when you looked down and ignored the smoking ruins of the twins you could have been looking at the green roofed temples of ancient Babylon?

All the strangeness spewing into and out of the flow of our realisation. Gate in, gate out and then the sudden hot breath on our id and we are not alone.

What do you believe?

What do you want to believe?

If you can generate your own sovereign thoughts, no matter how strange, then you will be free and enemy. The whole world has been subsumed to a constricted set of limited thoughts for centuries. The result in the 20th century is licensed unlimited action and huge heaps of dead people. Everywhere. Go on then wear some shoes and feel the squelch of napalmed children. Fucked witz.

This is not the time for action; this is the time for combat thoughts, fighting spirit and realisation of soul through which we can change all and leave the poor jinn obsessed fools in their darkness.

Saturday 11 September 2010


Potassium rush

Death flood

Geometry will never be straight and to the point.

If ever the reality strikes us it will be as a release from our stunted affliction. There is no end, no beginning and nor ended.

The least and last things we regard are most likely the greatest flight of our realization. However we ignore them in a ritualized phasing of obstraction.

Pay attention. These are our gates in and out. These are the deliberately cheapened, debased stressing of reality that we are guided to ignore by suicidal infanticide clinics and terminal nursing.

The smoked pall will fill our lungs and choke our future lives in thrall. The piling ash will kill our dead under a dread sun.

All life will test our reality through the labour of our mercy.

Whether gone, presented, to come or killed.

Psychokillers think we are planted out of place. Weeds. No.

We spoil their redundant ancient rarified, hi maintenance, slaving geometry.

Go seed and propagate.

Thursday 9 September 2010

Blade bearer

Bare our hands; let me see our palms blade bearer.

Are our psalms gloved in innocence or naked caked in blood, blade bearer? For what purpose do you seek the blade? What are our intentions? Where is our heart, blade bearer?

Do we remember when the blades were obsidian? When the blade was the crystal and our conjunction with the calmed universe was completed.

Then reality changed, for us. We shed our minds and grew our eyes and descended to now.

Our blades were sundered from the fabric of realisation, our powers gone.

Do you remember blade bearer? Only that which beats in our breasts can feel the shadow of that last, lost touch. For now our mind is bereft of its purpose. Our monde is bicameral.

The purpose of wielding the beautifully spectered blades.

However we were not completely amnesiac and the blades turned to stone, desecrated as best we could. When the metal flowed we set the crystal in the bronze, hilted. In the iron and steel the jewels were always set in decoration. In memory for our ripped minds and halted eyes. Waiting for reconjunction. For renewed geometry,

Can you remember how our ken could swirl time and destroy gravity as we handled the blades. The great power of our thoughts and the changes we wrought? Our power in the 4 realms of the 5, where we reigned.

The four realms where we reigned alone. Haunted. Hunted. Hounded. Never free. Pandora’s hope released.

Be mindful blade bearer that on handling the blade we can become the foe all too easily. Be wary of our intentions, ask our heart and only then look into her eyes, for she is the unbroken chain, a link to our past and the realisation in its purest sense.

The blade is dangerous to us, blade bearer, and will surrender us if we are untrue. To accept the stones is to be set upon a high wire of fate, for the stones will allow the jinn to afflict us if we weaken.

Look into her eyes blade bearer. Are we true? Her gravity is our doom. Are we true?

Pick up our wondrous blaze swordsman and enter the fray.

Saturday 4 September 2010



Bereft to come.

Drink deep, you will be called. Not for who you are but for what you can fire.

Sleep short.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Shield bearer

Can you lift the shield’s mighty mass, shield bearer? Can you bear the great shield’s leaden weight? Can you carry its vast bulk? Can you get off your knees and carry her in your arms?

Can you smell the framed wood’s resinous bite, the great thick skin hide’s tanning, the acid, the dyes and the bronzed warmth of the frozen iron?

Are your arms mighty through the carry leathers? Are your shoulders broad against the strikes to come?

Can she call to your reply? Is she aware of your intent? Do you lie in your fight? Are you true to your word?

Can you carry the call to protect the weak, serve the dispossessed, dependant of the poor?

Are you rich in your spirit and soul?

How great an area can your shield proscribe from the evil, shield bearer? How much peace can your shielding shadow cast? How many can live their loves and lives within the shield’s grace? How much freedom is your reach? All of it? With the shield you will wield.

What of the foe?

Which of them would never shield but seek to expose to nakedness by violence, fraud and storm? Which of them are thieving brigand bands? Which of them are cloaked sleekit assassins with an occulted dagger? Can you discern them and their blood brood?

Can you blind the enemy with the glint of your measured intent under the sun? Can you cast the shield's light into the gloom of their devilry?

Can you see their hidden hands’ work? Can you feel the fight? Can you couch the edge of their intentions?

Stop their murderous blows? Deflect their killer devices and protect our innocent and gentle intercourse?

Can you deal with the lonely responsibility shield bearer?

Can you?

Go on then.

Lift your shield.

Carry her?

See, she is as weighty as a feathery thin film’s bubble. Light as the caress of a summer breeze. Delightful to your heart. She floats in response to your powerful arm.

She is love.

That leaves your sword arm free.

Shield bearer.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Am I stopped?

Petrified. Halted. Unmade.

You see the English language is watered to dust.

With my eyes?

Am I dead or deed?

Am I dying?

There is no one to answer that question in our hearts?


Friday 20 August 2010

Boring Part 11 of ? The word, The soul and The sound that is sung. Rechoice

Nothing to do with God..

Everything to do with why we are constantly watched.

Is your tea oot? Part one.

There are no speelinmg mistooks here.

Every word is measured.

If you have been reading the words and listening to the thoughts you will know that there is inevitably an end to all this.

Though not yet.

Quantisation of reality?

Why does our heart only have so many beats to measure our life?

In our aggregate.


Here we go.

Hold on tight it will take a bit of getting there.

If you remember a little while back I mentioned my Irish ex-colleague, she’s still in the borough so I won’t be making a break for the border this week , and her near death experience. What I didn’t recount was the further musings we had about prelife and after life. Being a good catholic girl she did not appreciate my comments on pantheism then and would be horrified to hear me describe all monotheism as an affliction on humanity.

One of the great buffers to spiritual oligarchy is the presence of many deities. It provides checks and balances. Once you get monotheism supreme it is but a short leap to having a woman as god. Or the flowering of atheism.

Go on I dare you, bring it on.

That is the danger of monotheism it leads to psychopaths thinking themselves supreme and unchecked. Groomed by their lovers.

As you know I believe that the entity that started it all and chose the sheep shagging dusty driving burro buggerers was an evil entity.

That explains so much that puzzles.

It explains why certain rabbis could think they can out argue this god. They are arrogant fools for they have no relationship with God, only a jinn. So all they can bring to this world is organised evil. They can never be seen to stand alone. They always need a red, green, white mob around them;. They are not free and can never offer freedom. They are communistic at base and deceitful of their intentions; always. How else can you be if you think you can better a jinn?

I could not take the discussion, much though I enjoyed it at the time, a great deal further and I let the ideas stew for a long time.

Part of my conjecture that evolved, revolved and resolved around the idea of the universal soul. The idea that we are poisoning that source of our wellbeing. If every aborted child has been joined forever to everyone gone, here or to come, then the universal soul must be traumatised. The action of the jinn is sun.

Ritualistically, ceremonially, worshipfully and deliberately so.

For every soldier torn to shreds in war, for every civilian starved in the raw, by broken blade of the priests' singing. For each child abandoned, for every mother and father bequeathed the death’s hand. The fabric, or transformative medium, that binds us all is affected and effects us. We are afflicted. To our detriment if we are not careful.

And we have not been so.

Now it is time, and it is bound in amber, to let them resurface because if we can get our heads around the implications of Heim Space, we could at last pin down definitively some of the great mysteries of life and the beauty from which we are being blinded and starved.

What do you believe? Just what do you believe? Is there something that is uniquely you? Or are you an animated marionette stumbling to another thing’s empty thought and spiritless jinn jerkings? Are you a void vessel into which all the evil of the world is going to be decanted in the pasted past? Are you a jinn’s Ivy Leagued plaything? A JinnComm bitchboy?

Or are you full of your own authority though humble in possession?

What are you? If you know who and what you are then the power of the transformative medium is yours to hand. This is definitely one of the great secrets that the ritualised emptiness of our drudge filled daily ceremony keeps from our ken.

From the potassium rush at our inception to the death chemical flooding our body just as we expire, the things we are witness to are but the shadows of the reality from which we arise.

Have you ever thought that if there was no funny money then there would be a much smaller population?

That the funny money scam is a ritual for increasing the population so that when the funny money is removed ceremonially there is a ritual murder of the human herd?

Ever thought that for every funny money dollar there is a funny money baby?

Not ours, theirs.

Ever thought that and it is getting more and more sophisticated?

This is not the first time it has happened, again.

It isn't finished.

However the English language is not up to scribing my heart.

So I've taken to walking the night air and visiting friends.

Isn't the world beautiful?

Heads up.

Thursday 19 August 2010


I’ve had a lovely evening, my friend rattled up a good curry and her young son insisted I watch a great DVD. Fantastic.

He is a cheeky piece.

They are busy so I left them in pees.

As I walked back through the Easyjet borough, homeward, around and down the Great North Road, in the late evening, unlike when I set out this afternoon when heavy showers chased my ploddings. The sky was clear. The beautiful late evening sky was pure again.

The watery glint on stilled plants. No insects, no bees. Glorious trees.

Above I watched the approaching strobbings and wondered. Flash, flash white, strobe red, flash, flash white, strobe red. I listened to hear the quiet howl. RR, GE, P&W, you can tell. RR. The sky was clear and a half moon sung. All the memories I have had in the North Smoke came flooding back as I walked past the old, old residencies and lodgings.

The ale houses and eating, meeting and greeting places. The amber light spilling on the pavement, splashing light to guide me forward when the sodium glare had failed. The stark neon and candled friendly lite. Illuminated my right. Of way. Old London was awash with light as the silent moon slipped behind strolling late night puffings. All was beautifully calm. All was human, all was peace.

Not a single thing was ungentled.

Black boys catching the bus, Chinese girls walking home, Mid East on the mobile trombone talking to his loved ones…who knows?

All are not fortune to the spy..

Peace. Quiet revellers going home, and Meze bars full of friends. Tooley’s, where 850 quid is up for grabs, enjoying the craich.

Japs crossing the street after calling in at the sushi bar for a take way, TSG out all night, jogger and walkers all getting on with their own business.

All was calm and still and the way it should be.


And then home.

What I am trying to say is that the beautiful confluence of life is departed from the joy of realisation.

One day the metal will not flow and the granite will be as clay.


Monday 16 August 2010

Breandán Ó Beacháin.

Why does he come to mind again today?

Like MT says West to East that is the way it snows.

Or he would if I could put the words in his mouth.

Just remember, never forget.

When it kicks off, and it will, that is how funny monkey money works, it will be with a whisper.

Keep your ears to the ground Tonto, the Big Sticks are Fascist and ceremonially bound.

Apart from that fart I’m having great trouble getting the next bit of shit out.

Unlike mathematicians I cannot work it out with a pencil.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Boring Part 10 of ? Salt and Ashes

As I noted when finishing Boring Part 7 of ? Or The Disposition of Forces and The Transformative Medium of the Great Uninhabited War. Part Twol.

It is all a racket. Everything. Why? Because the well spring of what we have allowed to be constricted round our thoughts is a falsehood.

Everything that we accept from the self appointed goons that think they are better than us is utter crap.. Our belief structures are constantly torn down by a seemingly seamless malevolent, relentless, fluid and usually cloaked self contained meme. A meme given to a very few that has afflicted the many.

If we believe that our actions will precipitate a lethal reaction then care must be taken.

In the vast infinite specific space fields of our imaginings there is one rule to be regarded at all times.

Everything is, was, will be and understood.

If we act now the repercussions will be felt by our ancestors and may set our children’s children in stone.

That is what the meme is constantly running away to and from. Schizoid in its fear, it will murder without reason to divert the nemesis which constantly pursues it putrid footsteps throughout history.

Heads up they are exposed in their stinking pyre piled high with bodies of the good people in this world who have ever been, were, are, could have been or will be.

Read this and weep.

These verses are from the Mahabharata (written in ancient Dravidian, then later in Sanskrit) and describe horrific wars fought long before the recorder's lifetime.
o Various omens appeared among the gods: winds blew, meteors fell in thousands, thunder rolled through a cloudless sky.
o There he saw a wheel with a rim as sharp as a razor whirling around the soma... Then taking the soma, he broke the whirling machine...
o Drona called Arjuna and said: "Accept from me this irresistible weapon called Brahmasira. But you must promise never to use it against a human foe, for if you did it might destroy the world. If any foe who is not a human attacks you, you may use it against him in battle. None but you deserves the celestial weapon that I gave you."
This is a curious statement, as what other kind of foe different from a human might there have been? Are we talking about an interplanetary war?
o I shall fight you with a celestial weapon given to me by Drona. He then hurled the blazing weapon...
o At last they came to blows, and seizing their maces struck each other; they fell like falling suns.
o These huge animals, like mountains struck by Bhima's mace, fell with their heads broken, fell upon the ground like cliffs loosened by thunder.
o Bhima took him by the arm and dragged him away to an open place where they began to fight like two elephants mad with rage. The dust they raised resembled the smoke of a forest fire; it covered their bodies so that they looked like swaying cliffs wreathed in mist.
o Arjuna and Krishna rode to and fro in their chariots on either side of the forest and drove back the creatures which tried to escape. Thousands of animals were burnt, pools and lakes began to boil... The flames even reached Heaven... Indra without loss of time set out for Khandava and covered the sky with masses of clouds; the rain poured down but it was dried in mid-air by the heat.
Several historical records claim that Indian culture has been around for literally tens of thousands of years. Yet, until 1920, all the "experts" agreed that the origins of the Indian civilization should be placed within a few hundred years of Alexander the Great's expedition to the subcontinent in 327 BC. However, that was before several great cities like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro (Mound of the Dead), Kot Diji, Kalibanga and Lothal were discovered and excavated. Lothal,a former port city now miles from the ocean, was discovered in Gujarat, western India, just in the late 20th century.20 These discoveries have forced archaeologists to push back the dates for the origin of Indian civilization by thousands of years--in line with what the Indians themselves have insisted all along.

A wonder to modern-day researchers, the cities were highly developed and advanced. The way that each city was laid out in regular blocks, with streets crossing each other at right angles and the entire city laid out in sections, gives archaeologists cause to believe that the cities were conceived as a whole before they were built--a remarkable early example of city planning. Even more remarkable is that the plumbing/sewage systems throughout the large cities were so sophisticated--superior to those found in Pakistan, India and many Asian countries today. Sewers were covered, and most homes had private toilets and running water. Furthermore, the water and sewage systems were kept well separated.21, 22, 23

This advanced culture had its own writing, which has never been deciphered. The people used personalized clay seals, much as the Chinese still do today, to officialize documents and letters. Some of the seals found contain figures of animals that are unknown to us today, including an extinct form of the Brahman bull.

Archaeologists really have no idea who the builders were, but their attempts to date the ruins (which they ascribe to the "Indus Valley civilization", also called "Harappan") have come up with something like 2500 BC and older, but radiation from the wars apparently fought in the area may have thrown off the date.

The Rama Empire, described in the Mahabharata and Ramayana, was supposedly contemporaneous with the great cultures of Atlantis and Osiris in the West.

Atlantis, well known from Plato's writings and ancient Egyptian records, apparently existed in the mid-Atlantic and was a highly technological and patriarchal civilization.

The Osirian civilization existed in the Mediterranean basin and northern Africa, according to esoteric doctrine and archaeological evidence, and is generally known as pre-dynastic Egypt. It was flooded when Atlantis sank and the Mediterranean began to fill up with water.

The Rama Empire flourished during the same period, according to esoteric tradition, fading out in the millennium after the destruction of the Atlantean continent.

As noted above, the ancient Indian epics describe a series of horrific wars--wars which could have been fought between ancient India and Atlantis, or perhaps a third party in the Gobi region of western China. The Mahabharata and the Drona Parva speak of the war and of the weapons used: great fireballs that could destroy a whole city; "Kapila's Glance", which could burn 50,000 men to ashes in seconds; and flying spears that could ruin whole "cities full of forts".

The Rama Empire was started by the Nagas (Naacals) who had come into India from Burma and ultimately from "the Motherland to the east"--or so Colonel James Churchward was told. After settling in the Deccan Plateau in northern India, they made their capital in the ancient city of Deccan, where the modern city of Nagpur stands today.

The empire of the Nagas apparently began to extend all over northern India to include the cities of Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and Kot Diji (now in Pakistan), as well as Lothal, Kalibanga, Mathura and possibly other cities such as Benares, Ayodha and Pataliputra.

These cities were led by "Great Teachers" or "Masters" who were the benevolent aristocracy of the Rama civilization. Today they are generally called "Priest-Kings" of the Indus Valley civilization, and a number of statues of these so-called gods have been discovered. In reality, these were apparently men whose mental and psychic powers were of a degree that seems incredible to most people of today. It was at the height of power for both the Rama Empire and Atlantisthat the war allegedly broke out, seemingly because of Atlantis's attempt to subjugate Rama.

According to the Lemurian Fellowship lesson materials, the populace surrounding Mu (Lemuria, which predated the other civilizations) eventually split into two opposing factions: those who prized practicality and those who prized spirituality. The citizenry, or educated elite, of Mu itself was balanced equally in these two qualities. The citizenry encouraged the other groups to emigrate to uninhabited lands. Those who prized practicality emigrated to the Poseid Island group (Atlantis), and those who prized spirituality eventually ended up in India. The Atlanteans, a patriarchal civilization with an extremely materialistic, technologically oriented culture, deemed themselves "Masters of the World" and eventually sent a well-equipped army to India in order to subjugate the Rama Empire and bring it under the suzerainty of Atlantis.

One account of the battle, related by the Lemurian Fellowship, tells how the Rama Empire Priest-Kings defeated the Atlanteans. Equipped with a formidable force and a "fantastic array of weapons", the Atlanteans landed in their vailixi outside one of the Rama cities, got their troops in order and sent a message to the ruling Priest-King of the city that he should surrender. The Priest-King sent word back to the Atlantean General:
We of India have no quarrel with you of Atlantis. We ask only that we be permitted to follow our own way of life.
Regarding the ruler's mild request as a confession of weakness and expecting an easy victory--as the Rama Empire did not possess the technology of war or the aggressiveness of the Atlanteans--the Atlantean General sent another message:
We shall not destroy your land with the mighty weapons at our command, provided you pay sufficient tribute and accept the rulership of Atlantis.
The Priest-King of the city responded humbly again, seeking to avert war:
We of India do not believe in war and strife, peace being our ideal. Neither would we destroy you or your soldiers who but follow orders. However, if you persist in your determination to attack us without cause and merely for the purpose of conquest, you will leave us no recourse but to destroy you and all of your leaders. Depart, and leave us in peace.
Arrogantly, the Atlanteans did not believe that the Indians had the power to stop them, certainly not by technical means. At dawn, the Atlantean army began to march on the city. From a high viewpoint, the Priest-King sadly watched the army advance. Then he raised his arms heavenward, and using a particular mental technique he caused the General and then each officer in order of rank to drop dead in his tracks, perhaps of some sort of heart failure. In a panic, and without leaders, the remaining Atlantean force fled to the waiting vailixi and retreated in terror to Atlantis. Of the sieged Rama city, not one man was lost.

While this may be nothing but fanciful conjecture, the Indian epics go on to tell the rest of the horrible story, and things do not turn out well for Rama. Assuming the above story is true, Atlantis was not pleased at the humiliating defeat and therefore used its most powerful and destructive weapon--quite possibly an atomic-type weapon!

Consider these verses from the ancient Mahabharata:
...(it was) a single projectile
Charged with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as the thousand suns
Rose in all its splendor... was an unknown weapon,
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

..The corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognizable.
The hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white.

After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected... escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams
To wash themselves and their equipment.24
In the way we traditionally view ancient history, it seems absolutely incredible that there was an atomic war approximately 10,000 years ago. And yet, of what else could the Mahabharata be speaking? Perhaps this is just a poetic way to describe cavemen clubbing each other to death; after all, that is what we are told the ancient past was like. Until the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, modern mankind could not imagine any weapon as horrible and devastating as those described in the ancient Indian texts. Yet they very accurately described the effects of an atomic explosion. Radioactive poisoning will make hair and nails fall out. Immersing oneself in water gives some respite, though is not a cure.

Interestingly, Manhattan Project chief scientist Dr J. Robert Oppenheimer was known to be familiar with ancient Sanskrit literature. In an interview conducted after he watched the first atomic test, he quoted from the Bhagavad Gita:
'Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.'
I suppose we all felt that way.
When asked in an interview at Rochester University seven years after the Alamogordo nuclear test whether that was the first atomic bomb ever to be detonated, his reply was:
Well, yes, in modern history.25

Incredible as it may seem, archaeologists have found evidence in India and Pakistan, indicating that some cities were destroyed in atomic explosions. When excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro reached the street level, they discovered skeletons scattered about the cities, many holding hands and sprawling in the streets as if some instant, horrible doom had taken place. People were just lying, unburied, in the streets of the city. And these skeletons are thousands of years old, even by traditional archaeological standards. What could cause such a thing? Why did the bodies not decay or get eaten by wild animals? Furthermore, there is no apparent cause of a physically violent death.

These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, on par with those at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. At one site, Soviet scholars found a skeleton which had a radioactive level 50 times greater than normal.26

The Russian archaeologist A. Gorbovsky mentions the high incidence of radiation associated with the skeletons in his 1966 book, Riddles of Ancient History. 27Furthermore, thousands of fused lumps, christened "black stones", have been found at Mohenjo-Daro. These appear to be fragments of clay vessels that melted together in extreme heat.

Other cities have been found in northern India that show indications of explosions of great magnitude. One such city, found between the Ganges and the mountains of Rajmahal, seems to have been subjected to intense heat. Huge masses of walls and foundations of the ancient city are fused together, literally vitrified! And since there is no indication of a volcanic eruption at Mohenjo-Daro or at the other cities, the intense heat to melt clay vessels can only be explained by an atomic blast or some other unknown weapon.28, 29, 30 The cities were wiped out entirely.

If we accept the Lemurian Fellowship stories as fact, then Atlantis wanted to waste no more time with the Priest-Kings of Rama and their mental tricks. In terrifying revenge, they utterly destroyed the Rama Empire, leaving no country even to pay tribute to them. The areas around the cities of Harappa andMohenjo-Daro have also been desolated in the past, though agriculture takes place to a limited extent in the vicinity today.

It is said in esoteric literature that Atlantis at the same time, or shortly afterwards, also attempted to subjugate a civilization extant in the area of the Gobi Desert, which was then a fertile plain. By using so-called scalar wave weaponry and firing through the centre of the Earth, they wiped out their adversaries--and possibly did themselves in at the same time!

Much speculation naturally exists in connection with remote history. We may never actually know the complete truth, though ancient texts still in existence are certainly a good start.

Atlantis met its own doom, according to Plato, by sinking into the ocean in a mighty cataclysm--not too long after the war with the Rama Empire, I imagine.

Kashmir is also connected with the fantastic war that destroyed the Rama Empire in ancient times. The massive ruins of a temple called Parshaspur can be found just outside Srinagar. It is a scene of total destruction. Huge blocks of stone are scattered about a wide area, giving the impression of explosive annihilation.31 Was Parshaspur destroyed by some fantastic weapon during one of the horrendous battles detailed in the Mahabharata?

Another curious sign of an ancient nuclear war in India is a giant crater near Bombay. The nearly circular 2,154-metre-diameter Lonar crater, located 400 kilometers northeast of Bombay and aged at less than 50,000 years old, could be related to nuclear warfare of antiquity. No trace of any meteoric material, etc., has been found at the site or in the vicinity, and this is the world's only known "impact" crater in basalt. Indications of great shock (from a pressure exceeding 600,000 atmospheres) and intense, abrupt heat (indicated by basalt glass spherules) can be ascertained from the site.

Orthodoxy cannot, of course, concede nuclear possibilities for such craters, even in the absence of any material meteorite or related evidence. If such geologically recent craters as the Lonar are of meteoric origin, then why don't such tremendous meteorites fall today? The Earth's atmosphere 50,000 years ago probably was not much different from today's, so a lighter atmosphere cannot be advanced as an hypothesis to explain an immense-sized meteorite, which of course would be considerably reduced by heat oxidization within a gaseously heavier atmosphere. A theory was advanced by American space consultant Pat Frank, to the effect that some of the huge craters on the Earth may be scars from ancient nuclear explosions! 32

The echoes of ancient atomic warfare in southern Asia continue to this day, with India and Pakistan currently threatening each other. Modern India is proud of its nukes, likening them to "Rama's Arrow". Similarly, Pakistan would love to use its Islamic atomic bombs on India. Ironically, Kashmir, possibly the site of an earlier atomic war, is the focus of this conflict. Will the past repeat itself in Pakistan and India?

There is always the possibility that this has all happened before. Déjà vu!

Boring Part 9 of ? Astrology, Alchemy, Kabbalah & Murder

Some things are just not witnessed very often. Like incandescent dicks.

I knew a chap once who’s party piece, ooh err missus’, was to drop his strides, set fire to his pubes and beat the inferno out with his cock. Like a mad flaming purple bulging metronome. However we all knew that we wouldn’t have to suffer that again for a long time.

Ceremony, Ritual and Worship.

Some things just do not come around very often. Like the ritualistic use of A-Bombs.

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over in Japan this past dew days. As I said previously
Don’t give me any “Oy INCOMING!!!!!! What about the A-Bomb”. My predilection for going my own way on this has been laid out for you on several occasions. I will say again two types of A-Bomb, only one “tested”, dropped around the 33rd parallel, dropped on Christians coming out of their churches. That’s ceremony and ritual. Whilst I remember why would this be remembered from Manhattan otherwise?
“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”
J. Robert Oppenheimer (quoting the Bhagavad Gita)

These technologies are sacred objects that have been conjured from the fabric of space time and are not to be used in anything other than high ceremony.

A close look at the guys involved in this stuff and their astrological and ancient mythological beliefs makes you realise that this process has deep chronological occult planning.

What do I mean? I mean that all knowledge is known, the realisation of the knowledge simply requires the release of fiat lucre. We are dealing with magicians.

Again let me illustrate with an example. The consumer lifestyle which swept the West and Japan immediately after 1945 had NOTHING technically contained within the knowledge used unique to that time. Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, toasters, sanitation, kettles everything was OLD tech. No, it could have happened 20 years previously. All that was missing was the fiat lucre, alchemy. The transformation of the human population by trauma, kabbalah. The timing, astrology.

Another example is for the armour fans out there. If you believe the line about the T34 being a huge surprise for the Germans, well you’ve been Gok’d by the MSM. The T34 was known about, after all the Germans had been training the Soviet scum on armoured tactics for many, many years before hand, what was not available was investment in a war economy on the German side. Alchemy and kabbalah. Go on check UKplc armoured development, similarily no funny money for the aboriginals, the whole war was outsourced to USofA corp. Astrology.

So come on then, are you with me? Yes. The concept required realisation ritualistically. All the knowledge is known, it all is, however the realisation requires a ceremony. The great ceremony is pulsed and stirred by the injection or removal of fiat finance. We are in a never ending ritual and crap like the Pike stuff I refer to earlier is Über crap, Pike’s shit is simple pre-programming.

The poor gentle slobs that razed their eyes up into the clear blue sky just after 11am on those mornings were slaughtered in an act of worship murder just as surely as if they’d been thrown into the flames of Ba’al Hammon in Carthage.

Over at Catherine Austin Fitt’s site there is a good discussion with George Ure, I’ve referenced previously, which discusses the astrological/black backdrop to the removal and resurrection of fiat finance within the West’s economic system.

The Kondratiev theory that informs so much of George Ure’s commentary is but an indicator of a deeper cycling of human emotion and spirit. A deep extradimensional conception of our time and place.

Now that we know that the world we live in currently is a confection, a great soured caked emotion derived from our tears and heart break, driven by evil psychopaths who suck from us every second of every day in an eternal device of worship. We know the result is nothing more than chaos. The end result is our profound atomisation. Not the atomisation that they planned for us within their Bernays and Freudian hyperviscous amber. A society set in glass to be forever ritualised. No; a freedom at last, forced upon us by the deeper stresses and strains within the seas that our emotional and spiritual fulfilment awaits. We do not want this lets face it.

We would rather stay at home and immerse ourselves in the mindbatheingmachine safe from challenge, safe from responsibility, safe from self.

Unfortunately the Universe has other ideas. We have abdicated our personal responsibility for too long and the world is being reshaped not by our power, or the evil that is focussed upon us. The great weight of nothing that is the ritualised days of our existence has changed the deep cycles of all existence and we will soon realise that the power held over us is dissolving. Dissolving because we are making it happen.

That is the power of humanity at last in harmony with the transformative medium.

Everything good is realisable though we may not like it.

Saturday 7 August 2010

Boring Part 8 of ?

What was he initiated into?

“After witnessing the first test at Trinity, Oppenheimer wrote that some laughed, some cried, and through his mind floated a line from the Bhagavadgita: "I am become death: the destroyer of worlds." His ambivalence towards the use of science for military ends led to his opposition to the development of a hydrogen bomb after the war.”

Consider this from the Mahabharata:

A single projectile
Charged with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as the thousand suns
Rose in all its splendor it was an unknown weapon,
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.
The corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognizable.
The hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white.
After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected and to escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves into streams
To wash themselves and their equipment.

Mmmmm makes you ponder.

As I have allided and eluded, we are the thickos, we are the dolts. The Ancients were very smart lads, though not smart enough not to kill themselves off. Perhaps we’ll be lucky and prove too stultified and stupid to actually get round to it again.

Just a thought.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Boring Part 6 of ?

Dusty Steppe Donkey Drivers? Go on look back.

Not High Plains Drifter. No Sireee. These guys are ancient sneaks. Brothel creepers.

When I was young I sat in a car in a wide dry street. The sky was PRU blue and the trees steamed. The silence was golden, the scene was beholden. In the sepia tinted spy of my eye the time stalled. Nothing stirred and nothing was heard. Everything stopped.

I will never forget that grind of the ties that bind.

What is time?

In 8 dimensions, in Heim space. Time emerges from the waters. From the Nunn.

Somehow from the watery darkness, a hill of mud emerged. This hill provided a resting place for the creator. The Egyptians based this hill on the reality of the way that the earth emerged from the annual flood. Firm ground separated from the watery mass and created a place where the god could work. Here the god separated into four pairs of divinities including primeval flood, the hidden ones, endlessness, and the undifferentiated ones. The sun then emerged from these beings. The first sunrise signaled the beginning of creation. Many Egyptian symbols refer to this emergence on a hill. The pyramid shape is a model of the hill but also points toward the sun. The lotus blossom that floats on the water comes to symbolize the birth of the sun god. A cow goddess can also emerge from the water with the sun between her horns. The best-known form of this goddess is Hathor. All these symbols were another way for the Egyptians to state that emergence was the beginning of creation.

This begs the question.

Just how far back can humans, you and me, remember?

Or who can warp reality so that today is yesterday?

Got it?

If you’ve been reading carefully, the last 8 months of bollox should make sense.

Monday 2 August 2010

Boring Part 4 of ?

Our 33rd Degree mason and all round good egg beater and pinney wearer who swanned around Roswell in the 1930s, GeheimeStatsPolizeiLand thereafter before getting into the Paperclip trail and Las Vegas Monte Carlo ruse to the end of his daze, had a problem with his rockets in the very early 1959/60s

They were encountering something weird. His rockets were fucking over Newtonian mechanics.

So our lad wandered over to Bonn’s faux État to speak to a guy who would give him a clue.

Then all of a sudden it went bang.


What field effects were they after once their Soviet mates gave them a cover story?

Why does Starfish Prime which blew the comms in Hawaii remind me of Berlin after Insel Rügen?

Just what was Heim into?

Why should we care?

We need to distinguish the mode, model and meme.

Who realises you through nothing?

How far do you squeeze the fields of your ken?

What warps you until you exist from the lone lucked fuck none?

What are you? Are ouy, you?

How much is our ken Kan you know your ken?

In the out who are you?

My soon to meet mate Bill the Dumnonian along a long, long while ago just this moment told me that there were seven levels of ken in the Mebyon Kernow Ken.

Long before or alter I stood.


It was intensely cold bitter by the glassy pumped flow of evanescence. All was stilled and dead, alive and stilled no gyre.

30 degrees below ice forming. ISO.

The infinite two moon, three sun sky was Scottish blue black.

The Sodium glow of Glasgow was over the law.

The Clyde was Scottish midnight quick silver. Beauty stunning my eyes as it flowed out past Arran and Paddy’s Mile Stone.

The potcheen stills stilled.

In the blazing moon cast I could count each individual field down, leap each field boundary, edge hedge to the coast at Ardeer and into the stilled blackwaters.

All was beautiful in the gleaming frostfire. All was perfectly frozen, petrified.

Hot in cold. Motion in still. Free in unending eddying and reediting spinspununeaseuncease.

The grass had shattered beneath my coming footfall like cryogenic sprouts as I hadded strodenode over the vastending and infinteempty moornothing into the future.

Counting the nostars, the nonstellations, the pastcoming and last presented.

I beheld the Heavens and stared upward in wonder, out through my rasping fogging breath. Out through my rising tiny grasping reach.

If I plucked out my eyes would the stars still twinkle? Would the winkling out of my sight make me blinded? Would the winking of my ken be at an end?

Seeking out past forever. Seeing is believing.


Our temporal reality will need to accept the jinn.

We have the totality of all under and as above but not all.

Heim Space.

Not just space propulsion. In thence where is space here for our deeper realisations and realities?

My favourite uncle once told me of the time I ran and my aunt the slowing threw the table and I ran over slowing me down until she left the church and time slowed catching flee in harder I tried to escape I ran. Escaping from the haunted ground I never forget.

It sucked my will.

This is the kind of nonsense we will have to deal with as the new reality comes into our conscience. We’ve been asleep. The waking up will require some vary deep very realisation and a remarkable candour of who we are and are not.

In the great fields of our reality there is no truth to be handed to us on a green, red, white or multihued plate. There is only the crockery self made. There is only the desire to seek the unenlightened, unilluminted, dedarked, uncloaked, brightenedmysterium place where no entity is struggling to steal our young.

Do not worry? Through the deaths of millions and billions and the pyre of trillions and the squandering of quadrillions from the bogroll printers we will all see that the clowns who have been lead pilling through the patented right of the pharmacy license are marked.

Our problem is that we are seen as co-conspirators by the waves of desperate, egged on by the killing caked kiln bakers and assorted rollover dead baker’s dozens oven stalkers, already dead. Proselytised by the foundation globalist cabalist community organisers and organ grinders. Seeking to make loam of us for their rotten fruit trees.

The great Metushélach cuckoos of the secreted temple forgers have been killing us softly, one against the other like playground spastics, millennia after millennia as the blossoms blew, the rain fell, the snow tumbled and in the sun shone. As the trees defecated their leaves. Tumbling down and seeded the solar eddy’d killing fields. As all our bodies, slaughtered or lightly lifted from the death bed were returned to the earth shine sun shit from which it came.

But what of us? Our souls?

That one thing cannot be found.

But in Heim Space we may find our consciousness, our thinking and our social control. In there the unending battle. The never peace.

I know you do not believe me but we are under a Nam shub. All available evidence leads me in that direction.

And if you have been with me so far you will know that TPTB have been identified.

WE are TPTB.

Isn’t that a pisser.

Fucked witz.

Heads up.

Friday 30 July 2010

Boring Part 3 of ?

More on the Affliction. This is why the Ausphart is getting closed down. The sleuths are closing in.

Thanks ZGR

- Myths & Traditions of Gypsies -

Romany Mythology

In Romany oral tradition we can find mainly elements of the Hebrew mythology with a marked accent on the kabbalistic aspect and some features connected with fire-worship of ancient Persia. There is not any slight hint related with Indian mythology, nor sacred animals, nor fantastic characters that may be traced to any of the traditions of India — Even though many authors try to find in a forced manner elements that in any way might support the hypothesis of the alleged Indian origin of Roma (just because of Romany language, not culture or ethnicity), they do not achieve in getting anything more than weak coincidences, which are present in any other European or Middle-Eastern culture, customs that have been adopted by Roma in Europe and that actually do not belong to their ancestral tradition. The very few elements that may apparently be connected with Indian traditions are in fact originated in the Hurrian culture, in Mesopotamia, that is the common source of the Assyrian-Babylonian, Persian and Indian mythologies as well as the origin of the traditions of the Danubian peoples, with whom most of Roma have coexisted during centuries. Therefore, the so-called "Indian" features of Roma are indeed elements that are found, even in a larger amount, among Hungarians, Russians and Slavic peoples, features that they have inherited from Khwarezm, and farther in the past, from Sumer and Subartu.
Concerning the religious aspect, the Roma traditionally profess a monotheism in which the Personality of the Supreme Being is well defined, a monotheism that is tainted with the Roman-Byzantine idolatry, typical of Christianity and the religions with which Roma have been in touch during the last centuries. There is not any trace of pantheism or belief in transmigration of souls, nor anything that may connect Roma with the peoples of India. On the contrary, the only characters that represent animals or imaginary beings are to be found only in the Hebrew/biblical symbolism. It is not feasible that such elements would have been acquired during the long sojourn among Christian cultures, because the approach of Romany tradition is rather in the style of Hebrew interpretation or even of Midrashic commentaries, although with a less emphasized mysticism. Indeed, it is not even correct to speak about "festivals" which may be typical, exclusive of Roma, but only of peculiar interpretations that they have done of the popular celebrations of the countries where they are dwelling. It is possible to speak only of a Romany "style" of expression of the European culture.
In this site we will consider some legends that Roma have kept and transmitted for generations, in order to analyse their historic and symbolic content.

A Story of Roma of the Balkan Area

Excerpts from: "Traditions, coutumes, légendes des Tsiganes Chalderash"; textes recueillis par le R. P. Chatard présentés par Michel Bernard; La Colombe, Paris, 1959.

«In the beginning, there were O Del and the Beng, who challenged each other. One of those days, while they were walking about by the shore of the great river, the Beng said: "I am able to go down to the depth of the river"…
O Del with His stick commanded the pear-tree and the apple-tree to bear fruit, then He commanded both of them to eat the fruit, respectively Damo to eat the pears, and Yahvah the apples. So they felt desire for one another and after O Del's command they made love. Yet the woman, insatiable, asked the man to repeat many times the act. Therefore, O Del said: "You, woman, will never be satisfied; your desire will always be for your husband". And He left them to their destiny.
O Del created from the earth the Sherkano or serpent and his female partner Halla, and the pairs of all the other animals.
In this primeval world O Del Sinpetri had some companions: Sunto Yakof, Sunto Avraham, Sunto Moishel and Sunto Krechuno. These were the suntse, the ancestors. With them there was also Pharavono, who later separated from them causing the division of mankind - until then being one race and speaking one language - into two groups: the Horaxané led by Sinpetri and the Pharavonuria led by Pharavono. This group kept self-isolated in the beginning, but then, multiplying themselves and being full of intelligence and boldness, decided to conquer the whole earth. Therefore, Pharavono moved war against Sinpetri; but he did not know that Sinpetri was O Del Himself. Heading his army, Pharavono crossed the river, invoking O Del's power; but when crossing the sea, plenty of pride, invoked his own power and was overwhelmed by the water. His last attempt to worship a stone idol was punished by a thunderbolt. The whole inhabited land was flooded. O Del Sinpetri remade the earth and enlarged it, and gave it to His Horaxané and carried the suntse to the Rhayo, the other world above the stars. The Pharavonuria, drowned, fell down in the Yado, the underground abyss where all the dead of evil death go. The few Pharavonuria that survived - that is, the Gypsies - are sentenced to never have their own national territory, nor political organization, nor church, nor alphabet, because all their culture was flooded by the sea.»

This myth of the origins belongs to the tradition of Balkan Roma, and even though drenched with Christian interpolations, the purely Hebrew elements appear evident as well as the Zoroastric conception of dualism. Now we will analyse mainly the phrases and words written in bold in the text above.

The personality of "O Del", that is God, is that of the God of Israel, Who is often represented in an anthropomorphic manner. The God that was "walking about " is a clear image of Genesis 3:8, where it is said that He did so in the garden, which was indeed by the shores of a great river (Genesis 2:10); consequently, the image is approximately the same in the legend and in the Bible. In this case He speaks with His antagonist, while in the biblical account He speaks with man.
The Beng, name that originally meant a frog, is the evil force, quite like AnghraMainyu of Mazdeism, but with typically Hebrew characteristics: the fact that "he goes down to the depth of the great river" identifies him with Leviathan (Isaiah 27:1), a biblical figure of Satan. The serpent "Sherkano" is the Beng himself, and has a female counterpart that coincides with Lilith* of Hebrew tradition (Isaiah 34:14), who was also in Eden. Not only this, but also her name "Halla" recalls that of "Helel" (Isaiah 14:12 - Hebrew), that is indeed the female name of "Satan". Moreover, since the original meaning of the name "Beng" is frog, this is also a Hebrew image of the apostolic period - when the first Christians were all Jews - representing the impure spirits that come out of the serpent's mouth (Revelation 16:13) like frogs.
God created all the animals from the earth (Genesis 1:24), among which the serpent is distinguished (Genesis 3:1), as in Hebrew tradition.
The woman's name, "Yahvah" is very enigmatic, because it is written in the same way as the Name of God, "YHVH". Eve's Hebrew name is "Havah". The Spanish Gypsies call Eve "Hayah", that is a Hebrew name derived from the verb "to live" - Genesis 3:20 "the man called his wife 'Havah' ('Hayah', 'Yahvah'), because she was the mother of all living". Also the expression that the woman's desire will always be for her husband is biblical (Genesis 3:16) and is the consequence of having eaten the fruit.
The names of the "suntse" (saints) are evidently those of the main Hebrew Patriarchs, Yakov, Avraham and Mosheh - it is interesting the fact that to Mosheh's name it has been added the Hebrew ending "-El". Only "Krechuno" and "Sinpetri" (Saint Peter) are interpolations of the Orthodox Christianity.
As well as in Jewish tradition, Pharaoh's pride ("Pharavono") is compared with Satan's - invoking his own name instead of God's. In fact, in Judaism there are two main prototypes of pride: Satan and Pharaoh. In this story two events are mixed: the Egyptian troops overwhelmed by the Red Sea water while pursuing the Israelites and the universal Deluge; this results from an oral transmission of both events of the Hebrew tradition which along the time got confused. The division of mankind into two groups recalls the antediluvian split between the "sons of Elohim" and the "sons of the Adam" (Genesis 6:2). The survivors of the Deluge here identified with the "Pharavonuria" may coincide with the descent of Kayin (Cain), who were wanderers, smiths and musicians, like Roma are by tradition - and often it was alleged that the Roma were Cain's offspring. Also the "multiplication" of mankind and their intellectual development recalls Cain's generation in Genesis 6:1-5. Pharaoh however has not any problem in crossing the "great river", that is the Nile, of which the Bible says that Pharaoh considers himself to be the master (Ezekiel 29:3), passage in which he is compared with Leviathan - therefore, the identity Pharaoh = serpent = Satan. There are also mixed the persons of Pharaoh and Nimrod - as he is also a prototype of pride -, who has been a rebel when the whole mankind still "spoke one language" (Genesis 11:1) and tried to "conquer the whole land" and gather all men under his rule. The idea that man was a wanderer in origin coincides with the period of the Hebrew Patriarchs, all of whom were stateless (Avraham, Yitzhak, Yakov). Also Pharaoh's identity as a "worshipper of stone idols" is Jewish, as well as being "struck by lightning" as punishment for idolatry. Nevertheless, in this story the Roma identify themselves just with the survivors of Pharaoh's army, sentenced to never have their own country, a written language and their own religion - this is exactly the curse of the Tribes belonging to the Northern Kingdom of Israel, sent to exile to lose their independence and identity as a punishment for having worshipped the golden calf, namely, because of their return to the Egyptians' religion… "You shall not be a nation" (Isaiah 7:8).
God's Throne "above the stars" is a biblical image (Isaiah 14:13), while the underground abyss is the dwelling place of the rebel spirits according to the Book of Henok. The Balkan environment has contributed to identify the "Gadgé" (non-Roma) with the "Horaxané", (muslims), and with their "god" Saint Peter (Roman/Byzantine Christianity), to whom "Sinpetri" has given a homeland, an alphabet and a political system, in contrast with Roma, that because of their disobedience are sentenced to perpetual exile, just like the Israelites of the Kingdom of Samaria.

Although there are Christian interpolations, all the traditions listed here cannot be considered as the result of Christian influence, because they come from a purely Hebrew biblical instruction, which in the Balkan region has never been available for common people and much less for Roma. Almost nobody was able to read the Bible except clergy and some individuals of the privileged classes that knew Greek or Latin, the only languages in which the Bible was written in Europe in that period. The scarce Bible knowledge given to people was rather about the New Testament and tainted with traditions concerning the life or sayings of the saints of the church, not commentaries of the Scriptures like the Parashat, as these Romany stories may be considered. Therefore, it is more than likely that this tradition is much older than Roma's arrival in Europe, dating back to the first and second centuries c.e. in Mesopotamia. On the other hand, the interpretation of biblical figures is not Christian at all, but quite Jewish, with evident kabbalistic features. From this and other similar traditions it is inferred that the development of Romany spirituality is the same as that of the Israelites in exile, in which zoroastric elements contributed to their mysticism. And it is certain that the Roma did not read the Scriptures until very recently, when the Evangelical revival developed among them…

* Lilith: it is interesting to notice that there is a parallelism between "Adam's first wife" in the Jewish and Romany traditions. Both of them conceive the idea that before Eve there was another woman, who sinned against her man and was replaced by Eve - in Hebrew mythology she is called Lilith (allegedly Cain's mother), in the Romany one she has not a specific name, but is considered "Roma's mother", that having been expelled before Adam's sin that brought the consequent curse -namely, "by the sweat of your face will you eat bread"-, her descent was not affected by it. The idea of such replacement of the first woman is not found in any mythology except Jewish and Romany, and certainly not even in Christian tradition.

Stories of Bulgarian Roma
O Bashnuvosko Dzhes (The Day of the Cock)

«Long time ago the Turkish decided to wipe out the Roma genus – no children, no boys. They went from door to door and wherever they found a boy they killed him. A woman had a three-year-old son. She wondered how to save him. She took a cock and slaughtered him. She spread the blood upon the door. The soldiers came, saw the blood on the door, and said: “They have already been here. There is no boy any more”. Thus the boy was saved. That is why we celebrate Bashnuv Day, because we, the Roma, have been always chased».

By Malina Antonova

This story is obviously a tradition about the slaughter of the Hebrew male children in Egypt by order of the Pharaoh, mixed with the tenth plague in which it was required that the Hebrews paint the doorposts and the lintel of their houses with animal blood so that the Angel of Death would pass over and not murder the firstborn. A similar tradition is the following one:

«Roma people have several feasts they celebrate in a special way. One of them is Ihtimya. It is the child’s day. Whoever has a firstborn male child, he has to find a rooster and slaughter it in the morning. They spread the blood all over the gate of the house. This is a cast left by the Lord. He has said that if they do it otherwise He would strike each house where a male child has been born».

By Raziika Pamukova

Stories of Russian Roma

Prophet Elijah and the Fire

«When our ancestors lived in caravans and a lightning storm was coming, they prayed Prophet Ilija to send the thuderbolts far away from the camp, because Prophet Ilija has the command on fire. One day he was offering a sacrifice to O Del, and it began to rain so heavily that the altar got completely wet and he was not able to set fire on it. So he ordered a lightning to fall on the sacrifice and burn it, and suddenly, a flash with a noisy thunder fell on the altar and burnt the whole offer, leaving only ashes. Since then, Prophet Ilija took the command on the storms, and he made to rain when he wished, or not to rain any more until he commanded. One day he wanted to go to Heaven, and ordered a fire whirlwind to take him away, and since then, he commands the storms from Heaven. That is why our Roma since ancient times, when a storm is approaching, ask Prophet Ilija to be merciful and to send the storm away».

By Toma, a Kalderash Rom from Argentina, of the Roma that immigrated from Russia.

This story was undoubtedly originated in the Bible account about Prophet Elijah's offering (1Kings 18:35-38), his power over the rain (1Kings 17:1) and his rapture to Heaven (2Kings 2:11). Elijah was a Prophet of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, whose people was later deported by the Assyrians to Media, and from there they reached India. This is an oral tradition that was passed from generation to generation, and the relationship of Elijah as the Prophet of fire is not taught in Christian churches ‒ and Elijah has never been a common subject for sermons. This image belongs to Jewish symbolism. Let us remember that Roma had no knowledge of the written Scriptures until very recent times. The way in which Roma associate the Prophet with his power over lightning and storms is amazingly Jewish.
Roma Women and Drabarimós

«Why do Roma women go around for drabarimós? One day, O Del warned all Roma to leave their country as He was going to punish the king of the Gadje and his people. Roma elders were worried, because they had nothing for the journey. Then, O Del said: ‹You will get whatever you need for the journey if you send your wives to ask from the Gadje women jewels and clothes, and they will give them also food, because I will daze their minds and they will not deny your wives to give them whatever they ask. So you will take from them what you need to afford your wandering around the world›. This is a commandment that we have kept since old, as we have still not finished our journey...».

By Fardi, a Kalderash Rom from Argentina, of the Roma that immigrated from Russia.

Drabarimós is the custom of going around for fortune-telling with the aim of getting some compensation in money or items.
Gadje means "non-Roma".
This story has no parallel in any tradition and not any possible source except the Scriptures: Exodus 3:21-22 and 12:35-36, in which Mosheh gave these instructions to the Hebrews under God's command. This event of the Bible is hardly heard in any Christian church, and such a detailed explanation cannot be the result of hearsay within a Christian environment.

There are many tales like these among Roma all over the world. On the contrary, there is not any oral tradition that may be traced back to any event, real or mythical, of Indian peoples.

A Legend of Roma of Camargue

The Legend of Sara Kali

One of the favourite topics of the supporters of the alleged Indo-Aryan origin of Roma is the legend of Sara kali, through which they hopelessly clutch at straws trying to find a relationship with the bloodthirsty Indian idol Kali. These scholars speculate on the name coincidence, like this:
"Sara kali was black; Kali is a black Indian goddess; therefore, Sara kali is the Indian Kali";
such reasoning is comparable to the following one:
"Elvis Presley died in Memphis; Memphis is in Egypt; therefore, Elvis Presley died in Egypt"...
No, this comparison is not an exaggeration, is quite objective, because they do not search if there is any real relationship between both Kalis, and even do not realize that the legend of Sara kali is absolutely unknown by the largest majority of Roma (that have not any similar legend). Now let us consider which is the origin of this legend, and its relationship with Roma, by quoting the oldest account ascribed to Roma that we have:

«One of our people who received the first revelation was Sara the kali. She was of noble birth and was chief of her tribe on the banks of the Rhône. She knew the secrets that had been transmitted to her... The Roma at that period practised idolatry, and once a year they took out on their shoulders the statue of Ishtari [Astarte!] and went into the sea to receive benediction there. One day Sara had visions which informed her that the saints who had been present at the death of Jesus would come, and that she must help them. Sara saw them arrive in a boat. The sea was rough, and the boat threatened to sink. Sara threw her dress on the waves and, using it as a raft, she floated towards the saints and helped them reach land».
(Franz de Ville, "Tziganes", Bruxelles, 1956).

It is interesting that Roma, not having read the Bible by that time (it was impossible, as it was written in Latin and banned from the popular reach; what is more, almost all people were illiterate, and Roma more than anybody), had knowledge of the Canaanite/Babylonian goddes Ishtar! They did not know anything about Lakshmi, Parvati, Indrani, Annapurna, or any other Indian idol, but they knew Ishtar, that by the time when Roma arrived in Europe, was no longer worshipped under that name for at least a millennium! The account is trustworthy, as the name "Ishtari" cannot have been invented by the author, as the name sounds quite like a purely Romany word. Ishtar was indeed worshipped by ancient Israelites of the Northern Kingdom, those that were exiled by Assyrians and reached India. It is also remarkable the fact that Roma in those times were able to recognize that the Roman catholic religion consisted in replacing the pagan idols with the saints but keeping the same rituals, and that the worship of Mary was exactly the same one of the ancient Ishtar.
A further detail (purposely ignored) is that the character of Sara kali is completely the opposite to that of the Indian Kali, as she (Sara) is presented as a pious believer. The scholars that assert that Roma once were devotees of Kali show how they utterly ignore the Romany character: Roma would never worship a deity of death, violence and destruction! Much less when such worship involves sexual promiscuity! To ascribe such a past to Romany belief is greatly offensive towards Roma.
Another detail that is ignored is the very name of the saint: Sara, whom Roma consider to be the mother of their people. But Sara, until proved otherwise, was the mother of the Hebrew people... Oh, yes, the biased scholars may argue that Sara kali is Sarasvati - in this case, Brahma is Abraham, why not?... If one wants to find name coincidences, usually succeeds.
A further detail is that Sara kali is known only by Western-European Roma (Kalé and Sinti), while the whole Eastern Roma group knows nothing about her, and has not any equivalent legend. The first historical mention of Saint Sara dates back to 1521 c.e. (The Legend of the Saintes-Maries, by Vincent Philippon), and tells of her as a charitable woman that helped people by collecting alms, which led to the popular belief that she was a Gypsy. By that time, Roma were in that region since more than a century. They adopted Sara as their saint because they found in her a common character, and because her name was the one they recognized as that of their ancestress. As the saint was dark-skinned, they called her "e kali", that is, "the black" ‒ it is not a name, but an attribute! When Roma arrived in Europe, they were already Christian. Where did they learn about Sara, Ishtar and Jesus? In muslim-occupied territories? How would they come to know such things, on the way from India through the whole muslim world, until they reached Europe?
Other traditions concerning the origin of the legend of Sara kali are that she was an Egyptian maid of two women called Mary (the "Saintes Maries") that were among the followers of Jesus or else relatives of his mother, and that allegedly reached the Camargue by sea.
Whatever be the origin of this legend, it always leads to the Holy Land, not to India, and has not any common feature with the Indian Kali as some scholars try to demonstrate with unlikely theories.