Saturday 27 November 2010

What meaning have the numbers you can count?

MI6 bitch throws fire extinguisher from roof.

Secret cabal front the junta.

Pilates exercise spies.

Turncoat slaving fucktard talks out his arse.

Where is Madeleine McCann?

NATO/EU sacrifice?

Chink Slaving Scion continues the communitarian steal. (Love the comments.)

Don’t be confused just wake up.

One of the great whitewash jobs done on the British, whenever they are given a predictive squeek at history they need to be aware of, is this. H/T ZGR.

We are all supposed to shrug our shoulders and sigh. Just what could the poor old Brit government, lead by a sex criminal, and the UK Monarch, who was in on the kill, have done. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Help the Romanovs and Red Clydeside would have swept the country in fire. Help the homocidal, psychopathic, genocidal, Afflicted, commie, Kazari, New York funded bitch boys and Red Clydeside would string up the Royal family.

Oooooooo what a conundrum. Hey ho on with the show, Highers coming up soon. You aren’t supposed to recognise the signature of the puppetmaster.

You aren’t supposed to see the deliberate state of stasis induced to hide the kill or the steal. Induced by seemingly irreconcilable conflict and dead ended solutions. All fomented by ridiculously unreasonable forces concocted to keep the sane unsane and the mad in power.

The words you needed to know and would never be told are Bullingdon, OxBridge and Altinum.

Today’s examples of this kind of madness?

In UKplc you get thrown in the slammer for joking about blowing up airports in a manufactured security emergency. You also get to wander around the streets without hinderance yelling about killing the aboriginals if you are an asylum seeker/refugee nutter.

See the Bullingdon puppetmaster at work.

Don’t snicker USofA corp. You are going to get it right Royally. Commie Queenie wants her property back under control soon.

When these guys were in charge anyone pulling this shit would have had visitors.

However we now see the hidden hand because nowadays USofA corp. has been assimilated into the commie bitchboy world of the commintern bankers’ next ten year PLAN thanks to Jekyll’s plot and there is a nothing in the White House causing decision paralysis.

When you’ve got a rocket trail, a la Jericho, you know that political stasis is being engineered. That the appropriate bitchboys and boybitches are in place or queueing. That the induced madness which will turn the sane unsane is iGREEN. That the same madhatters are in power again getting ready to throw the die.

For the gamble is a sacrament.

However USofA corp, because you are broke, the funny funding for the homicidal, psychopathic, genocidal, Afflicted, commie, bankster bitchboys and boybitches will come from their extended familes parked, over there decades ago on plan, in Shanghai.

As DIcke says, whenever you have a bad case of the Keystone Cops near a crime scene then you know there is a puppetmaster at work. What type of Reduced Instruction Set Clown is ideal for the purpose?

Law givers of course. Take a look at the iGREEN lunacy to clarify that one. I wonder if the statutes will be applied in Iraq and Af/Pak.

Lawyers=RISC of deliberate confusion and stasis. Layers of lawyers causing societal torpor and releasing the moral pustulosolvent into any structure that can get in the way of the communitarian paradise they hope to shit, deliberate choice of word there, on top of.

Go on then check out what all those genocidal muppets were trained in when they were brought into the Commintern training regimes in London, Paris and Moscow before heading back to their home countries to kill everyone within their homelands with the banksters help.

The unquestioning certainty of arrogance versus the unquestioning certainty of ignorance.

Both deadly to the rest of us.

Sing me a song then on the X-Turder.

What are the names of the lawyers of its love? Mandela, Clinton, Blair, Fidel, Van Jones, Schwartz, Weathermen.

What are the names of the fools of its love? Any contested state in the Reduced Instruction Set Criminality, as above.

Never forget the foundations look after their own no matter what they have done. Don’t get in their way or you’ll at best end up in a broomcupboard counting paper clips.

How many numbers do you count in a Reduced Instruction Set Court?

Count Zero Statute.

Then invent and create our own numerology just to destroy their symboliotic simplicity.

Beavis and Butthead, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, STASI, NKVD, TPTB really hate that.

There is no point in raging against the machine, against the symbol and symbiosis. We might as well rage against the fairies. There is no doubt though that fairie believers will kill and like it. That they do believe their unsanity is proven to them by their success. They have the power and money.

However you and I know that their trinkets and traipings do not exist. It is a state of mind reinforced by a tissue of ritual, ceremony and worship in a repetitive Reduced Instruction State.

So be it, ignore and maneouvre. Leave them alone. Abandon their every offering, every invitation, every come on. We give them that imaginary power by our acceptance of the proferred poisoned chalice.

However the real fight, which we are losing, is the removal of the suppression of our imagination and humanity. Imagination and humanity is our spirit. Again I concur with DIcke, we are deep into a spiritual war. Most do not realise it.

We are not atomised as they’d like us to be. We are infinitely varied, the spermatazoon of the universe, though we realise singular. The RISC just want multiple clones of one seed. Well they can go fuck themselves into a frenzy in the sacred geometry of their temple cellars all they like, it ain’t going to happen.

Ignore those who will tilt at wankstators. Get creative everywhere, everytime and sabotage at every and all opportunity. Mess with their minds for they are truly spiritless.

We count, not them.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Ceremonial Weapons

Nothing changes



Community Organisers


How many are they?

Doing the Djinn's work.

As Maximum Max sayidsauid recently, the aim is to have 99% of the human population subsisting on 2-3USD per day.

The cold war is coming.

Getting it yet?


Do you think that when the last two of us were left standing that we’d lose to a pustulent, inbred, onanistic, supremacist, buboid, virulent, afflicted fuckwitz? We always have. That thing is us.

We’ve been imprinted and memed.

Greek and break out now.

It is all mental.


AK47 my fuckin’ arse.


Who’s ceremonial weapons are these?

Have you done the body count?

We contribute.

We buy.

We Worship & Ritual.

I think we are incurable.

In our presented state.

We kill all the dead people.

That is correct.

Refute and bring it on.

Ignore and restore.

We are their danger.

They are Reduced Instruction Set Phukkedwitz.

They cannot handle being alive without killing vast numbers of us.

Ignore them and all they do and they will kill themselves.

It has been done before after all.