Wednesday 30 September 2009

Can you smell the kaffir?

Over and over again we destroy the thing we defend, better to prevent the situation developing in the first place.

Oops that’s not how human beings work.

Badon p113-114 The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles 350-650. John Morris, Weidenfeld and Nicolson 5th Edn 1989.

“The aim of a large infantry army advancing deep into British territory must have been to overwhelm the main force of British cavalry by weight of numbers, and destroy the bases whence it drew remounts and fodder. Gildas calls Badon a siege. Though he does not say who besieged whom, it is probable that the infantry besieged the cavalry. He describes the site as Mons Badonicus, a distinct and separate hill at or near Badon. Hard-pressed cavalry required the shelter of a steep sided hill not too large for their dismounted men to hold against superior odds. There are many hills and hill forts in the neighbourhood of Bath. Most are defended by spurs, easily attacked from the rear, or forts placed on the flat tops of large hills. One only is a separate Mons, sharply escarped on all sides, small enough to be defended with ease by a body of dismounted cavalry, Soldbury Hill by Batheaston. Though there are endless possibilities, this site best fits both Gildas’ choice of words and the nature of the campaign.

Whatever the precise site, the circumstances are the same. The size of the forces engaged cannot be known, but there is no reason to suppose that the British cavalry numbered above a thousand men, if so many. To entertain hope of success the English required an army several times as large as the British. A siege of cavalry on a steep hill demanded more of logistics and supplies than of tactics; if the siege had been in English territory, only time was needed before starvation forced the besieged to try to break out whatever the odds. But in British territory, time favoured the defenders. An exeptionally large infantry army must needs live on the country: and any supplies available in the immediate neighbourhood of the siege must quickly have been consumed. In British territory, small foraging parties of the English risked encountering larger forces of armed men on foot, for men without horses might fight in their homelands near the shelter of their walls. The despatch of larger parties in search of food also risked weakening the encirclement. Nennius’ poem allots the siege three days. The figure might be chosen to suite the metre, but it is not unreasonable. Competently organised cavalry with well-stocked saddle-bags might last three days with greater ease than a larger infantry force hungry in an alien land. At the end of the three days, the poem makes Arthur charge, slaughtering 960 of the enemy. Few of the English can have hoper of escape. Unless the survivors were very numerous, able to withdraw in good order, those who escaped the first charge were at the mercy of the pursuit, in enemy country where none would give them shelter.

Badon was the “final victory of the fatherland”. It ended a war whose issue had already been decided. The British had beaten back the barbarians. They stood alone in Europe, the only remaining corner of the western Roman world where a native power withstood the all-conquering Germans. Yet the price of victory was the loss of almost everything the victors had taken arms to defend. Ambrosius and Arthur had fought to restore the Roman civilisation into which they had been born. But in most of Britain, the society of their fathers was ruined beyond repair. What emerged was a new world, startling not only because it differed from the past, but because it differed from the rest of Europe.”

The other thing to make note of is that we were poor then, clipped coins are everywhere. All precious and semi precious metals were gone. The traffic from Cathay to the Med had drained the West of Gold and Silver.

Kind of like today.

In one of these you can do whatever you like to your harem in international airspace.

Go on then burn your bras now CIA Bitchboys.

I love the smell of elastane in the morning.

Heads up fucked up.

Asynchronicity and Aserendipity

Bad timing and even worse luck!!!

Thanks to Scunnert posting the reflections of a Glasgow gone, earlier and the rantings of a man I have always maintained is out of time . I reflected on this and why? Why would a man of such obvious good intentions be part of a process which took the Glasgow of that photomontage and turn it into the 3rd world? Satrapy and client status.

When you look at this

Take any man in that type of line, whether US or UK, and present him with today’s bloated welfare state and he would think you mad. He would understand the reasons why this state of affairs existed but he would know that it was not here to help him. Certainly not help him back into work. It has warped into a special interest trough.

If we had the welfare state as it existed in his day applied to welfare seekers today then there would quite quickly be none left within the year, they would be dead of starvation.

Why? Because the tax payer then would simply say that they had not contributed to the country and should therefore not receive a penny. Ergo we’d be back to Dickensian conditions and cast from the scientific age.

How have we ended up with such a complete mess today?

The answer is Asynchronicity in intent. The intent to deal with the 1930s has no place in the 2010s. However the over correction will be fatal to many. The BBCR4 discussion about taking teenage mothers into care just makes alarm bells start ringing all over the place. If a government cannot get simple things like school meals sorted because it is not smart enough to see through economic dogma then this is on the cards as is this, also see Aangirfan today.

For not only is Asynchronicity at work so is Aserendipity. Who else but Gordon could have the luck to have a criminal business paradigm?

You see the men in that queue were hoping to get work in a business that was not stuck to the government’s teat. Those who owned the businesses risked their own assets and sought to ply the capitalist system as it was held to be in action and theory.

Today’s business paradigm seeks a government cheque add infinitum to deliver services to government agencies without any risk to business.

Again let’s turn to the excellent Catherine Austin Fitts to see how that is meant to work . See once you are in the system there is a disincentive to ever let you back out again so long as the public purse can be milked for revenue streams. Once the public purse is empty the prisoners are out. Those who support prisoners “earning” their keep miss two things. The principal of restorative justice, and hence they must have given up hope in the vigour of their political economy and their society. Secondly they do not see the direct link between this and slavery. One might also add that perhaps they are criminally minded and hope to make a fast buck.

What do you think Gordon’s places for young teenage mothers are going to become when criminal agencies give criminal business contracts?

What Gordon never got his head round is the fact that he comes from a nation that is still distinct from the one where he lives in No10.

In Scotland Non Pictii and Non Scotii tend to be the decedents of immigrants starving for liberty and freedom. Scotland, although showing some marks of none Scottish traits especially in Edinburgh (why do you think it’s got the Festival?), is still distinct and can therefore entertain Scottish Nationalism.

The English can never have English nationalism because they became Venetian and have been for hundreds of years. That’s why the authorities keep a close eye on what is nothing but a rabble, the BNP. Deep inside that rabble is the shining truth, a truth that does not exist in our conventional polity, a truth which should it get abroad in the body politic would cause mayhem with the remaining English. The English were usurped by professional economic migrants seeking rents. If the Venetian Ponzi scheme crashes then the English disguise will drop.

So where does this leave Gordon Brown, son of the manse? He’s completely flummoxed by reality, his ideas are out of time and his luck is appalling.

Gordon I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt you are not criminally minded, but your actions are mentally asynchronous.

Head for home and give us a rest.

Zorzi in camera.

Zorzi didn’t usually get involved in these sorts of occasions but the confluence of events recently had dictated that he be there in person with the signs of his newly reconfirmed authority freshly displayed.

It had been a good summer in the Adriatic and he had enjoyed the high ancient ceremonies. Child sacrifice was so easy now compared to the old days, he’d been told, when families had existed and cared for their young. He smirked to himself, fools they’ll do anything we suggest, but why was it proving so difficult to quell these scum? They obviously didn’t care about anything. His brow furrowed. Still must look on the bright side he’d soon be back in his beloved Adriatic, The Fondazione Giorgio Cini beckons again, no matter how short the stay.

Anyway back to the business at hand. Ceremony, some times it could be so tiresome.

The room was small and low ceilinged with no obvious way in or out. There were three others in the room with Zorzi. The Mark and 2iC were seated to the left of Zorzi at the bare triangular cedar wood table. To the right, precisely in the middle of the third side, sat the one who was going to be doing all the talking. No one else would or could, that was the rules of the ritual. She was Duca Riva Degli Schiavoni.

The accent was purest Anglofied German. “Look at the headlines today, the last day of the ninth month. You know that this is the sign that means you are next. You know that the incumbent expects this and will soon move to his next assignment should he survive.”

These question/answer/statements were the ceremonial rhythm, ancient and revered.

“You know that because of the complexity of the task we face globally this incumbent will not step down until the very last moment. You know that this act is to pent up such hatred for all that he stood for amongst the herd that you will be returned to us without fail. You know that your task is to surrender totally the treasure of the Floating City to its newly secured location. You know that this will be dangerous for you since the measures you must take will be regarded as treasonous. You know you may not survive. You know that you’ve been through the sacred ceremonies and that to break your bond will have extreme repercussions.” The Duca halted and waited to let this sink in.

“You know that the intertwined snakes of your family are reduced. You know that we will as always honour our part of the contract without fail, if you comply. You know that for you failure is disaster.” Again the Duca waited.

“You know that we can and we have always” With that the room went pitch black.

In the centre of the table a sepia glow resolved itself playing scenes familiar to all present, the death of a man on the steps of the Forum, the death of a man and his family by firing squad, the death of a child in a sealed room. The noises were appalling and the scenes continued and continued, one after the other without break.

Sudden silence and light, the Duca gated out. Zorzi was back in his comfortable seat in his office high above the floating city. The hologram of John Dee rotated silently above his desk, the smell of box wood wafted through the room. Zorzi was happy.

The Mark and 2iC arose from their seats ashen faced and prepared for government.

Tuesday 29 September 2009


I was going to stay the fuck away from it but C4 news was barking in the back ground and this is what I heard!!

The madman who’s fucked us over so many times, the madman who lives off planet, the madman from Davos has turned into DAVROS.

He’s going to round us up with his daleks and put the fuckers into old people’s houses to care for them.

Oh fuck, what have we done!!!!!! What have we done to our country????

We’ve got to get out and vote next time, vote and get rid of every last one of the dungpustule riddled clappedarses.

And make sure we keep our lists up to date.

Get some archery practice in!!!

Heads up.

50/50 or better. Heads down.

This basically continues with some of the musings in my post How long is the Long War?*

In that shambles I hopefully got over to you my feeling that a massive long term project of cultural vandalism was at play using various methods to erase Indo-European archaeological evidence in a great arc from Serbia to the Indus.

If the lads on the vid above succeed in winding the whole Iran thing up into an enormous conflagration then here’s some things we’ll never get a look at again. No more tourist visits. No more archaeology and academic endeavour to find out about the past. Just a great big radioactive dump with wandering groups of skeletal wreckage.

Here’s a good map

And here’s a good summary of the wanderings of the Indo-Europeans. It’s got a map as well.

An Exploration Into Indo - European Migration Towards South Asia

Here’s a language map.

Some info about Iran.Interesting Persia.

Now I don’t know about you but I love ziggurats there was a nice one here at Tappeh Sialk. This is also named Kashan and Natanz I believe.

Now if I play mix and match with these two sources here and here. Then take the second source and just do simple wiki searches on the place names. Well that’s more cultural heritage blown to hell in a hand cart then!!!!

The second source isn’t even the most up to date.

Hope you can see what I’m getting at here.

If the great big 2009 list of politico/nuke related targets in Iran gets the green light, no matter who’s involved we can expect the destruction of more heritage. More memory obliterated. They don’t even have to drop any BIG STICKS. The Depleted Uranium for the little sticks will be more than enough to keep us away. Not to mention the savage bands of wandering survivors.

The tally would then be Balkans (Genocide/War), Turkey (Dams), Iraq (War/Sanctions/War/Genocide), Iran? Then Pakistan and NW India to come. Sweet.

The one thing that our clever foundation intellectuals in the vid didn’t mention though is the 2 Zillion pound turd in the room. What about the Saudi Chink Missiles, who’s got their finger on that button? And what’s under the pointy end of the things? And why does no one ever mention them, they’ve been there for decades. If the Pakistanis using Saudi money and N Korean know how can get the BIG STICKS, well go on then follow that line of thought.

And if the N Koreans have that stuff how did they get it in the first place?

And then you’ve got to ask yourself Kim Jong-Il, where have I seen that hair before?

Heads up.

Are you having technical difficulties?

Have a look at this then.

US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK

Heads up?

Monday 28 September 2009


The madness of logistics, what makes us think it will be different this time?

“In fact, the Americans expected every item from aircraft parts to toilet paper to be supplied and shipped by the British. Fortunately, the American commander of the base, of his own volition, eventually chose to interpret his orders quite liberally. In fact, he disregarded them. So much so that by the time the BPF and fleet train arrived in Manus “anything that could be given without Admiral King’s knowledge” was provided.In the end, the American commander even offered the facilities of a complex located on a nearby island (that included a hospital, cinema and church) to his British guests. Such support was very fortuitous for the British because, as shall be seen, this assistance was instrumental in the RN’s ability to sail and fight in the subsequent months.” P36 MASTERS OF DEFENCE STUDIES THESIS, THE BRITISH QUEST FOR “BEANS, BULLETS, AND BLACK OIL” IN THE PACIFIC By/par Commander M.B. Watson

First Afghan War

Whatever spews from the mouths of The Downing Strasse Mob you can be sure it is rubbish.

We have certifiable moonjuice sluicing criminals and incompetents sending UK forces into other people’s back gardens to hunt down evil fomented by our own duplicity. How much more barking does it have to get?

We are not welcome there, have no right to be there and have left the moral high ground open to capture by evil. Once that happens there is no right and wrong. Just happenstance. Happenstance like Pol Pot, like Beira, like Herod.

UK forces home now. No questions, no prevarication, no more dead for NOTHING.

Heads up.

Sunday 27 September 2009

Take an Andy Warhol moment, it could be your last.

I had intended to let you sit back again with another glass of finest blended tonight but I’m feeling pessimistic so the next part of the optimism can wait.

I remember after the Berlin wall came down and that foundation bitchboy Fukayama got his Warhol moment we were told that we’d won. The West took the Soviets down. Afghanistan had tortured their souls and Ronnie had out spent them.

Those of you who’ve stayed the course since this tachyon feed started will recognise an “I don’t hold this view and here’s my take on what I really reckoned went down. The secret stuff that only the initiated will get to find out about centuries from now in the great libraries of the five sacred universities”

Well sorry to mix metaphors but remember the film The Spy who Came in From the Cold? The Brit spy who was sent into the Soviet zone, came back damaged and went back again.

The late 19th/early 20th century great experiment raging through the Northern hemisphere finally settled down into the two power blocks. West and Soviet. Both run by TPTB’s representatives. After thirty or thirty five years, around the time of Saturday Night Fever, one lot of oligarchs noted that the other lot were having a phekking good time. Not that they were miserable. Indeed they’d never had it so good.

However their cousins in the West were having a much better time placing their familial reproductive organs in pleasurable juxtapositions. Better places, bitter music, better food and bitter drugs. Las Vegas, Saint Tropez, The Beatles, Sony, Ferrari, Le Mans 24 heurs, endless beaches with babes, golden sand and water skiing, 2001 A Space Oddity, Michelin Stars everywhere the list goes on. What they did have, the most advanced scientific philosophy and concepts on earth, they couldn’t give a stuff about. They wanted to be on the beaches with their Western cousins just like it was before it went pear shaped way back in the 1890s.

So they told their Western cousins, “We’re coming over”. “Hold on a minute” the lads in the butt tight disco flares said “you can’t just pitch up”. WTF we need a narrative to keep the story unbroken and the scum in the dark or TPTB will verily fuck us up.

So they came in from the cold, and lo it was good. The narrative was Glasnost; their agent now runs a big green foundation. However the happy conjoining of those so long sundered was not good for the Russians.

Now it is not good for us either.

Everyone is getting all up tight about the goings on with The Mandelbrot Set, Broon and the DebtOnation Kid in USofA.

We who think ourselves mentally alert and sane cannot get our heads round the Uber mind-bending drivel that has poured forth from the big G20 child sacrifice ceremony of the past few days with the top predators jetting in from all over the world to feast.

Well we just don’t think properly, we just don’t get the fact that no matter what our opinion, on any matter, if that opinion differs in any way from the chosen then we are wrong.

Check out the DebtOnation Kid’s entourage. Everyone’s a winner baby and we are losers. Gates is the Dead Stator here. If we are unable to grasp the fact that the state has to define every part of our life and leave us no choice in any matter what so ever then we will be removed. There is no room for any other viewpoint. The state is benevolent and we are bad.

Now why do they insist on such a viewpoint? Well there is a certain degree of auto erotic narcissism involved here. In an average day you and I would be happy perhaps trying to get Pre Heavyside, not these guys. They need to be on stage strutting their stuff under our adoring gaze. They’ll spout anything to get up there in front of the limelight. If we don’t watch they’ll force us to at gun point. They have no mercy, their Lead Pill Pharmacy dispenses at all hours for Dr NaZoviet.

That’s why they were tapped at Uni; the psychopathic, schizoid disco dancer was waiting for the call onto the dance floor of tyranny. As an aside that’s what the great expansion of University education was about in the latter part of the 20th century. There has been absolutely nothing intellectually complete come out of these places for over half a century, the real secrets are inactive. The time is not just right for their further development. TPTB needed to get a more diverse range of bitchboys to front for them. Now TPTBs stable is full of breeding material the University doors will slam shut. Just watch.

They dance and prance around absorbing our gaze whilst anything we ever had is stolen from under our noses. And what a lot of stuff there was to be stolen. Everything that was ever the pride and joy of the private citizen/subject, everything that was worked for, fought for, sweated to achieve, broke men, devastated women and despoiled children has been picked clean. No matter the dancer goes on driven around by their master’s whip crack, high frequency reanimated herms threatening us.

To what end? Why would such a thing be attempted? The answer to that is ceremony and ritual. For those to whom the gyrating pricks pay homage have a world view that is very different to ours. If we the vulgar think of the flow of historical progress we would perhaps cite maritime progress sail, steam beam, steam reciprocal, steam turbine, coal, oil fired, gas turbine, nuclear etc. A clear progression of technological achievement.

The minds that control the whole show however wouldn’t be impressed if we developed a star gate, time travel and action at a distance. Their world view would regard that as pathetic. This concept is important to grasp, they KNOW that is child’s play.

We are vulgar and pathetic our correct place in the universe is to give them worship through ritual and ceremony, every day, every year, every generation, for ever and ever.

Heads up.

Wank Stator Taxonomy update.

Thanks to Shibby rattling my memory banks this morning I realised that my drivellings a couple of months ago, nothing new there I hear you groan, on the subject of Wank Stators was incomplete.

The new taxonomy now includes Dead Wank Stators.

Why so long to put the phekker in his place?

Well I fell for it.

I fell for the Hidden in Clear Sight malarkey.

I thought the buttwelding wraithe was just a turncoat backstabbing foundation bitchboy who just couldn’t help himself.


He’s a primary agent of destruction which, if you remember my mind belch of last week Thank God I’m an Optimist , feeds directly into the deliberate discrediting of our democratic political system.

He’s an enemy of democracy.

So the additional definition is

DEAD: Can be closely related to FIXED. A clearly placed piece of mobile political sculpture always in view but cloaked. Always present in the herd attention space but never dominating it. Designed to distract by random and seemingly chaotic behaviour, the DWS is programmed to seam and merge traditional boundaries in the political lexicon in preparation for new political cultures. Not strong on the eye music or the ear shine the DWS will however be a supreme meaning and muse bender. By its nature the DWS will run in concert with the RWS and NRWS in the herd attention space. The DWS is a clear sign of unwanted change in the HAS. Psychopath rating: Vitriolic Undead.

To find a DWS and an IWS operating in the HAS is a clear sign that demonic forces are at work and societal breakdown is imminent.

Mandelbrot reckons we are moving into a post democratic age.

Yes you muppet, oligarchy. Slavery, tyranny, oppression, NaZoviet gulag with no escape.

However the Dead Wank Stator’s job is never to sate the obvious.

Head up.

A good boot to the teeth.

Thank your lucky stars you are not getting any more aeroplanes.

Go Gerald go.

Give that man a P47, 8 50cals and the full nine yards under his thumb.

However the target will be missed.

What he’s after is alchemy.

Time does not figure in their trends.

Saturday 26 September 2009

A thought for the day from Bible John at the G20.

Caught a bit of BBC snooze this morning going on about the G20 high occultic, how many children disappeared around Pittsburg to satisfy the entourage?

The BBC/GGT talking binthead waffled something along the lines of the G20 leaders having "given themselves extended powers to…..blah,blah,blah".

Now a couple of things.

I see no leaders. I see bitchboys, gangster stooges and foundation limp dicks.

Who the fuck are they to give themselves anything?

Go on look at them, the GGT webfart has a brief rundown.

Let’s look at a couple of the lads and lassies.

UK plc the bloke there is unelected to the position of PM, hated by his electorate, as dolally as a moonbat, thinks he’s been great and has been instrumental in allowing the ruin of his country AND the USofA..

USA corp the bloke there is an alien, has gangsters for advisers, likes to hang out with Nazi’s disguised as behavioural economists and will put in place a program of eugenics disguised as socialised health care.

PRC that bloke heads up a bunch of eugenicists, psychopathic, criminal, jailers who are stuck with the worst of both worlds of oligarchy and tyranny, check him out and see if he’s wearing anyone else’s organs from a prison execution bus.

EUSSR who the feck is that goon, who elected him, how do we get rid of him? One thing we can say is he’s the spawn of tax exempt inter generational foundation wealth. He effectively lives off planet.

Brazil that chap’s an unreconstructed foundation bitchboy caviar and champers communist with a xenophobic streak a mile wide. Melting pot my ass.

The German Quantum Chemist. Because of the way the last big one ended there was no legal basis for the Bundesrepublic, ergo she’s an imposter.

The Froggy bevy merchant he’s on an ego trip, that’s all. No hidden agenda.

The real Russian is back home.

The Saudi guy comes from a racist, xenophobic, misogynist, oligarchy with foaming mouth rabid theocracy gurgling out of the severed necks of unholy minions. Oh they’ve also got great big feckin’ chink missiles, with likely very very shhh don’t tell anyone very secret PRC nukes on top. Shhh that’s meant to be a BIG FUCKIN’ SECRET!!!!!

The list goes on and on and on.

So G20 eh!!! I don’t think so look at it closely.

From the GGT fartscape

Members are: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, EU, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UK, USA

Joined by Spain, Netherlands, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organisation

Now this will very quickly boil down to the G3. EU, USA, PRC.

The kicker is that despite all the evidence we see telling us that the opposite is the truth the USA will be run by the Saudi’s using dual nationals as has been the case now for over thirty years.

Heads up.

Thank God I'm an optimist. Part six.


What does it mean? Trees, bunny rabbits, earth, sunshine.

Well here’s the markers I put down last time out. I think you know where we are going with this.


Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says

Sun Blamed for Warming of Earth and Other Worlds

Global Warming on Mars, Pluto, Triton and Jupiter

So global warming is a solar system wide phenomenon. Vulcanism puts more gases, volatiles and particulates into the atmosphere every year than we could ever do. Cow farts are a story designed to starve us into a vegetarian diet which will make us more placid.

The Nazis were very green

, they’re not too keen on people.

So is unreconstructed communists

, they’re not too keen on people.

Even the pandas’ best friends are suspect

, they’re not too keen on people.

The UN loves GREEN , and loves people for the wrong reasons, because from that body will be proclaimed a King. Notice the dove there, that’s NOAHide.

No I’ll bet that the UN is only a stepping stone in this process. I’ll bet the real move to one world and transhumanism will be when we get the Gaia Co Prosperity Sphere.

When the Venetians start talking about markets you can be sure there is a scam on. So any market in anything green, any tax with a green angle, any laws and statutes with a green angle are part of a rip off. A rip off to do what? To pay tribute. Tribute to the elite from everyone on earth for ever and ever Moloch.

There can be no doubt that the great central banking income tax swindle has now run its course. The world has simply bubbled itself out of existence. No more work is to be allowed, only service and servitude. Raise an eyebrow and you’ll become a none person, the computers will terminate you existence credits; you will be deactivated and deleted.

I’m sure the Venetians were hoping to integrate another 2+billion dupes into the scam to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat. Man they’ve tried hard, as they always do, even knocking out a couple of towers, torching evidence and forensic accountants to destroy their theiving tracks.

It didn’t work, they’ve been exposed. They’ve got to keep a cover story going whilst we are corralled for the next fix. So the never ending war goes on.

The replacement for the central banking income tax scam is the green tax scam but on a global basis. That’s why little Timmy Geithner is so up for bye bye US Dollar. He must have been really well indoctrinated by the globalists in SE Asia where he grew up. Kind of like Obama, he spent formative years in that neck of the woods as well. Internationalist front men. Traitors to their countries.

They started laying the work long ago, Club of Rome etc and then kicked it up to the UN for global roll out. Ideally it should have been played out in the test beds where everyone had been made poor and unemployed, i.e. Angle-Saxon world, before rippling out into the big world as China and India got themselves dragged into the 21st century.

However it’s all gone pear shaped and it might need war on an unimaginable scale to transform our societies to the oligarchic one world system.

If these elitists are to succeed they need to do two things destroy memory and hide true knowledge.

I’ll take the latter first.

In order to make the new economic model stick, feudal rationing, pseudo science has been brought in to tell us things like, CO2 is a poison, human action i.e. us causes climate change, emissions of all sorts need to be capped etc.

Now I remember when I was young watching an OU prog on Sat morning telly that stated that 25-30% of new teachers didn’t believe that photosynthesis, water and CO2 were the building blocks of plant growth. That was then. The new generation will believe anything now.

All these pseudo scientists are funded by tax exempt trans generational foundations who have been aiming at oligarchy for centuries and the kicker is these scientists don’t even realize that their scientific method has been corrupted by the Venetians over the centuries anyway. Now this takes us into the realms of occult belief and true philosophy and how to describe the process that has been going on.

Now is time switch out the light, put on your reading light, sit back with a large snifter and enjoy the read. It will take a while.

Lyndon LaRouche explained the process involved in 1994 and the universe answered again today. What’s on the LPAC site today, oh yes links to the three papers. Enjoy.

See you tomorrow.

Heads up.