Monday 30 November 2015


....the scions of these creeps being your Big Regional Muppet in 2084.

That scared the shit out of you. How would you like a Big Muppet iGREENdrone shuvving high velocity iGREEN lead based pharmacy through your shipping crate envirohovel window because you were iGREEN non compliant, comrade?

Here is an excellent current summary of the long range plans started sometime after the maps got completed/reconfirmed in the 18th century.

It is not conspiracy fiction, it is fact. All one needs to do is think like a spiritual banker and stop farting around with media.

Now then now then boys and girls can you spot the unasked/unanswered postulation?

If all this Agenda21 bollox is a mere flash in the pan to absorb stray weeds encroaching after the ice age into the garden of the great house, then there must be a master plan on the green baize within the games room where the geezers with the finest cigars swill essence de femmegarcon. Which recently, as many have been wondering about in various ways, got a brief exposure through disc jockey slaughter.

So what comes after the clearances then?

50,000 years of global Capability Brown?

I think this is where the break away religion comes into play, which is being groomed very nicely thankyou in USofA corp. with Royal Dutch subtlety, and Oxbridge mid wifery and wiffery these passed few years.

Sunday 29 November 2015

Not the usual fair, darker by chance.

Some music to calming the sweetener brow as we watched the huskies run, the wind to sky blew and the strangeness of anticipation overwhelmed my ever decreasing impulse to reaction. By chance I was waffling about the outlines of a new cosmic belief system being slowly fashioned and coming into view. How viewed in a certain light the Manson malarkey was a testing of the waters to see if USofA was ready yet for a Franckiinsteinian Sabbatean full on cleansing of the immediate Messianic horde. How Levenda’s new book blended tantric and alchemy for a clearer understanding of the whole transubstantive prima material malarkey. “So we’ll need to go and read all the original material in its original lingo then” quipped my Apiruapache audience. “Well I don’t think you or I will get into the bowels of whatever archive the chosen have allowed themselves to ononotate” then I remarked that the whole Laurel Canyon gumph was Phoenician admiralty and before I could give out about the observatory I heard those unforgettable words “When I was a lad I stayed in Laurel Canyon, at my uncle’s place, for a year. He was an arms dealer and his nympho wife couldn’t keep her hands off me no matter how much I protested!” I didn’t know until this morning that my audience is a major, major Doors/Morrison researcher. So we got side tracked into doubles/triples and the many Janus faced polioticians we are likely surrounded by unknowingly if what we know about multiple faked deaths of Nazis is even half the truth. I was going to get into the break away religion bit by steering back through Levenda again when he floored me with “ I remember sitting on the Bakerloo line over 30 years ago now and eyeing up a very attractive older lady sitting opposite me. Massive afro she had. So I looked at who she was accompanied by. Jim Morrison was looking at me.” FFS. Well that was it; I was about to embark on a detour into what Suspicious Deaths blog used to write about when all hell broke loose, the others had arrived and it was show time.

Thursday 26 November 2015

I wish to take you back to a time when this hit the…


I think it was July 2009 when we were all getting excited at dumping the biggest load of turgid Marxist turdery in existence from power in the retardoUKasylum. One half of a psycho special needs duo who were groomed from birth to finally kill the aboriginals of UKplc, operating from Nos 10 & 11 Downsinnedroom Strasse. Whilst commiting war crimes as a moonlighting job.

If one listens to the Cheeky Girls’ favourite popopinionator at the end of the RT piece,
then one and one immediately thinks of national socialist jew cells deep within Nth London and Manchester at work plotting terror in the ME 80 years ago, 1935. Not ISIS recruited MiHi grown camel dronejockies and Ferrari monkeys today in Tower Hamlets, Southgate and Harrow, 2015.

Anyway here is the classic piece of polling practice and post election technique ,c2009AD, espoused by the nonSOROS(jew slaver) funded(poor as a church mouse) geezer hammering the pixels here today.

“I don’t care if you end up voting for an Ullapool couch worrier wearing rotating and non rotating incontinence pants; your objective is to secure a small space on the deck of the pirate ship with people you know. People that you can walk round to and punch on the nose if they turncoat on you.
  1. Do vote for your mates
  2. Do vote for someone that you can physically walk round to (see above for reason)
  3. Do vote for anyone who is not a psychopath
  4. Do put yourself up for election
  5. Do promote a message of hope and reality
  6. Do tell your potential constituents that they have the power to turn the lights back on if they start the process with you now
  7. Do bring forward the message on strong families, localness, small state government and world unity from the individual up not the other way round.
  1. Do not vote for anyone who has not lived in your constituency.
  2. Do not vote for anyone who will move out of your constituency.
  3. Do not vote for anyone with more than one residence.
  4. Do not vote for anyone without full command of the Queen’s English
  5. Do not vote for anyone with any other income other than MPs salary.
  6. Do not vote for any dual national”
Naïve it is true, but that was then and this is now. One could add that anyone who is a friend of Israel is an enemy of UKplc abos. One should always check for the east European chequered CHEKA background of our immigre MP families for killer clues.

  1. Do not vote for any of Israel’s UKbitchboys or EUboybitchs. Israel is the RCE/TA firebase for the spread of CHEKAlike and OGPUke terrorism globally. COMINTERNstylee in the name of iYahwe the Rothbot Mongmoneygod. In fact as is usual with all these criminal families they are essentially layabout inbred violent psycopathdullards.
  2. Do not vote for any wahabi sauce wallah or any other slantyeyedmoldavian purveyor of weird black stone fish poisonous idolitardey.
  3. Any iGREEN Rothbot gets a good stahlboot in the rising shore line or a belt in the clown’s misanthropic autoerogenous zones etc….

I would like to add a few bon mots to a little item posted by SOTT today

“British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has presented his Syria bombing plan to
  Rothboybitch  pig furcklcker   spunked his  global terrorist sacred fluid spreadsheet
lawmakers saying Britain should join airstrikes against the ISIL terrorist group in the
upon more Rothboybitches’ statutes for ACTS OF TERROR by UKHERPESILFOR
Arab country. "I believe that we should now take the decision to extend British
in Arabia Felix “I’m a vacuous Rothtart, fill me, unleash the Friends of Israel
airstrikes against ISIL into Syria," Cameron told MPs on Thursday. "It is wrong for
terror form the skies upon Chaldea”  Rothbarph  told Muppophukkedwitz “we always
the UK to sub-contract its security to other countries", he said while addressing
out source terror as part of the business plan” he ejaculated his diseaseed all over the
the House of Commons.
Boybrothel and PigPumphouse.

During the speech, the premier said the threats to British interests and people are  
Whilst cummoning, the cremecentre spurted “I will kill the UK abos if they get above
such that the country cannot afford to stand aside and not to act. He said there
their station, pronto tonto, again 7/7stylee.
have been seven terrorist plots in the UK in the last 12 months. Cameron's call is
We’ve got a shed load of 9/11s on slow boil and more on the back burner. Porker
in response to a recent Foreign Affairs committee report on airstrikes as well as recent
oinked whilst getting cattleprodded by Israel’s special Interests chanting "luftwaffe al fresco
deadly attacks in the French capital, Paris.
are here to stay" and recent gladiatrices live weapons camp on frogs.

The UK is already part of a US-led anti-Daesh coalition but its air unit is restricted to
Rothzentral is already party to warcrimes but we want freedom of he skies for more
 target the terrorist group inside the Iraqi territories. The government argues it is
killing ordinary slobs and innocents. Rothbitches, Soroskickstartrentboys and
illogical to restrict action to Iraq as ISIL does not recognize the border between
Rockboybitches irateorate for dead people where ever death’r’usinnit want.
the countries.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who is a veteran anti-war campaigner seems
Selfcastrated Redeunuch who’s done nothing but sell out UKplc
remaining against any action in Syria but he is under pressure to offer his MPs a free
will stand and flight then wordmangle and turntail as always.
vote. On Thursday, he reiterated his opposition saying "he is reluctant to support
"whimper whimper meeuwl meeuwl waffle waffle theory pot plant Belisha beacon
strikes without the approval of political plan for Syria".
Aardvark nettlesoup crouton meusliemeewling yoghi Tibet." he monged

Cameron, who lost a vote on Syria airstrikes in 2013, needs to persuade several
Rothbitch almost got stone age prison releasees(Stalin anyone) of RCE/CIAISISMiHi
lawmakers in his own Conservative Party as well as some opposition members to
installed in Damascus wants supine satrapy from UK elected crookery for further
back his cause if he is to win parliament's backing for military action.
Roth  missions in death dealing by remote.

Breaking with a British political tradition of using a "party whip" to keep party
Bought and paid for, control filed, UK redarsed pullstartladymen and baronsluts discipline,
a Labour spokesman said the party is considering allowing its lawmakers
will pimp their own offspring, slaughter hospitals, wedding parties and schools for a pigswilling
to vote as they wish, which may increase support for Cameron.
life, doing nothing but sell out the UK under cover of being uselesskuntsof the apocalypse.

There, that should cover it.

So in order to bring the RVM up to date we have to assume that the clowns will get round to bringing us all into famine and want; like a 17th centurystylee collective oligarchee. So we have to add a retrospective and anticipatory termination by Pharmacy recommendation to any and all one encounters.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

A must read over at WW's shop

As I have stated many times based on watching their phukkwittery, especially in interminable CochinChina negotiations/peace talks/general pig troughing, when the garlic swilling swine are involved in some "diplomatic" activity where action is needed, e.g. Syria, then expect megafannyingabout. All to disguise the true intent which is to cause maximum death.

UK and France are after all nothing but Roth bitches of chaos.

So we find a true case of "blowback" from French Libyan crimes come to visit them and get turned to Roth advantage in Paris.

Monday 23 November 2015

Pork porker cannot stop telling porkies: British Prime Minister Outlines A New Defense And ...

Hog snuffing, money swilling war pig knows that when, not if, when UK gets hit by an orchestrated ersatz flag it will be a massive banking/finance strike to eliminate evidence of industrial scale theft of UK subjects' pensions and assets in the afront run, pirate frequency trading swine sty known as London City.

War News Updates: British Prime Minister Outlines A New Defense And ...: Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron waits to greet his Slovenian counterpart Miro Cerar at Number 10 Downing Street in London, Bri...

The eves droppers in the ELO spaceship will know the whys, whos and whens of it all, after all they are the larcenous ears to the ground and will know when the abos are getting uppity.

Abos out, terrorists welcome. UKplc is now an open shcity.

Helloho....RCE/TA policy has been, since 1960, to burn out the USofA causing a massive.....

....hyperlittoral war. The ME 2015 is like Spain 1939. Look at Europe 1945 and see the Hyperlittoral in 2030.

War News Updates: Russian Prime Minister: U.S. Policies And Strategi...: © Sputnik/ Dmitry Astakhov Bloomberg : Russia Says U.S. Policies Helped Islamic State, Interfax Reports * Comments come after Obama ...

Never in the field of human history have so many consumed themselves with their own ignorance and vacuity.

If we can see this how come the highly paid priests cannot?

Well they can and that is what they want.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Well there is your first mistake....... base anything on what Merdechai Ihavniaclu said or says or doesn't doesn't get to say FFS!

War News Updates: Report: Israel Has 115 Nuclear Warheads And Some 6...: The Negev Nuclear Research Center in Dimona (Screen capture: YouTube, via Channel 10 ) YNet News: Report: Israel has 115 nuclear warhe...

Go ask him about why RCE/TA was asked by Roth to fuck over USofA corp at the most opportune moment in Nov 1963.

Just like all the so called damanaged whistleblowers that cannot tell us anything about 9/11 or 1933 or how many got offed and where in the smokohoax.


Friday 20 November 2015

Whilst the HWW rages, Parsley will be projecting in space earning its medals and promotions..

War News Updates: Gunmen Hold Hostages In Deadly Mali Hotel Attack.S...: Reuters: Gunmen attack luxury hotel in Mali capital, TV says commandos free 80 hostages Malian special forces stormed a luxury hotel in...

All the geezers with the stupid face hair, stupid shades and stupid hats are long gone now and the old AFRICOM site is gone but there is still enough left here to consider. 

Since then the question, Is Walvis Bay far enough?, is coming to mind. In fact it might be considered a perfect base for southern command of the satellite lanes during Ironmountain in orbit, if RCE/BS proves sovereign, inconveniently and uncontrollably so.


Wednesday 18 November 2015


War News Updates: The New Look Of Police In Britain: Photo: Armed to the teeth and sporting military fatigues and a combat helmet, the officer is part of a counter-terrorism unit unveiled at...

Tuesday 17 November 2015

There is a guerilla in my soup or who's the regurgitated flyshitter?

The Vatic Project: Henry Kissinger: Good or Evil? 10 historians asse...: Vatic Note:   I have a much different perspective of what Henry did that harmed this nation tremendously.  First of all Henry was a Khazar ...

I think Vatic misses the point. And the ten bought and paid for hystoricians are too stupid to understand what is going on, or let on if they do. It so pays to be tactically and practically thick these days.

Good that Vatic picks this out but as usual we get the academic bullshit from tenured Hollyweird glamour maddrassa whores. Just like Einstein is nothing but a couch ratrun psypsicist.

Anyway these clowns are nothing but plug and play empty slot machine goons. No traitors. No turncoats. No nothing. Keep pushing in the nickels and the spastic marionette dances to any tune called.

Just like Kissingerlite Holbrooke

“In 1970, he became the Peace Corps director in Morocco. The next year, he visited Peace Corps operations in Afghanistan. The country left a lasting impression. He later said, “I saw this romantic, exotic, harmonious, multi-ethnic society, just a few years before it was destroyed.””

These guys are a toxic marker whenever they appear that the millennial long mission to remove non compliant humanity has turned up on your door step. You might have to wait a few decades or a few minutes but either way you and your society are doomed to be blasted and withered away because a merchant of menace is in town.

Although we know all about them today one can be sure that it is designed that they disappear from history in future centuries. Just look at Henry 8th. Can you name his advisors? No; can you name any of his fucknuns? Can you name his apothecary? Do you know why he was unable to successfully continue the lineage?

This is not history. It in not about learned(?) opinions. It is about the spread of a disease carried by the Môn heathen through epigenetics.


Monday 16 November 2015

Terrorist footpaths & ISIS Pathways.

Ho Chi Minh gives forth on the secret Great North Way out of Londonistan and Chaldea.

In the land of perpetual cuts for things that were already paid for. I mean if you paid for a loaf and went to collect only to be told to fuck off and have a crumb you would be miffed if not muffin’d. So how can there be shed loads of lucre to buy 1900 agency staff for spying on bread queues. I mean if the secretive squirrels are as good as their contracted analogues in the National Health Service, where life is rationed and death handed out freely, we can expect several things to happen.

  1. The new recruits will be MOSSADISISCIAGCHQ boybitchbitchboyRothbot rent seekers totally anathema to aboriginal British life and values (?).
  2. The new snoopers will be terror sit operands planted here for this very purpose of shitting on the natives and totally aligned with a foreign Mafia/RCE theft structure.
  3. The newly hired lay about MiHi Oxbridge club med freaks will be cloned to think as internationalist UNOAHiGreendronebots and be totally at variance with the deeply held peaceful disposition of the ordinary loafer here in UKplc.
  4. Facilitators of another 7/7 if Tommy Atkins ever got uppity again. Every so often the master of the scullery is instructed by senior Zohar great house staff that there must be unquestioned obedience in the kingdom and it has to take houseboys out to the woodshed to demonstrate blahblahblah… infinitum

So what we have here is the CHEKA/STASI/KRIPO/OGPU/GCHQ incompetents, except when it comes to murder,  buying more unemployable assets here in the UK command economy. And unemploy1984usable assets are only there to burn money and us.

What brings this mismusing to the fore today.

Well here in the outsourced Gaza refugee camp easyjet borough where Barnet F.C. used to play at home, there is demonstrably more danger to the tithed subject and council taxed herd member of ending up in Barnet General because of the council’s abdication with regard to public safe conduct and right of way than getting blown to smithereens by the in-house terrorist cells currently bunked up nice and warm out with the RCE/LC city limits here in UKplc.

I witnessed another subject of her majesty being taken off to wander down the path

are clear and present dangers to the public on foot.

BTW just to make sure one gets the point of this outburst, the shitjet borough laughed at another subject of her majesty who ended up hospitalised whilst the arsefart council had a contractor laying fourth world standard asphalt on the streets nearby. Their fall caused by animal track, jungle quality, outback grade degraded public paving. If ISIS Bunkers’ɹ’Us were in charge of public paving in the criminals’ hideaway borough I would suggest that Cameron & Firm would be laying foundations, the public better served and the tax payers’ purse somewhat less thieved upon.

As it is with Rothbot Cameron’s Commiebitch boybankers flea circus in charge we get deadly paving, constant cuts on things already paid for and dead persons in our food. Oh yes, oh yes, it wasn’t only donkey that made the pony burgers fly off the shelves when the shit hit the fan at the criminal, social engineering talmudicdrygoods megastores here in UKfricasee. Burn the evidence!!!

Say what you like about SORIASIS and all the other false alphabetiterroristas we have trained and paid for, at least they have operational standards, compactence and do what they say on the sidewalk.

They know how to run a supply route and right of way.

Hos in the UK paid for it all after all.

Friday 13 November 2015

Boak making

On the fine line between good and faith there is a hair to be split and an angel to be balanced upon its communist hive minded pin head. That is all there is about economics. Time wasting theft from all for the few creeps who kill all and all time. A constantly changing nonce sense for the soon to be stolen from life. Pumped into the HAS by lifeless thieves and workshy scribes, dullard prophets and false gods of the joyless void systems. All ensconced within a socialised cacophonous vacuous tart choir of barren biobotchedbitches.

I miss the hanabi, I love lying there in the dark on the open space listening to the calming chatter and the warm clamour as the rockets fly high. A true firework display, I mean 45 mins minimum. Not a 10 minutes odd hit like you get at New Year here in the Shohola of the universe, after fighting through rationed space and travel for hours and getting soaked by a econocuntry that hates its occupants. I mean have you ever seen a UKplc bankster herd ATM. Designed to make you soaked in the winter, blinded in the summer and optimised for street criminals to mug you 24/7. What a steer rationed shit house! The medium might be the massage but here in the child killing centre of the universe there is no medium and there is merely the seeping London sepia Cage.

We now exist in a sealed room full of court rumours. Kind of like it was in the early 17th century around James or slightly later around Louis. Most likely this is the eternal Purim effect as demonstrated nicely by the toxicharitied Swedish ghostly Spectre’d boybitchwitch. We are suffered, fed and watered and will be exterminated. I mean who needs a bunch of powdered wig poufs? No one. The next waves are those who were spied outwith the estate walls by the night watchmen, huddled and hungry keeping themselves alive on sustained nothings, they will defect to the outside huddled and hungry as the Arsebooked, AltMSM whisperers, onehourphotoboothers and jizz fly. All they need to do is breed and wait; their day will come once the royal court is a blood bath and all towns aborted by Esther’s hand.

As I have mentioned before, all, absolutely everything, is all enclosing scalability.

TS has parked a lovely little missive which you can find on the side bar. I really like this collection of thoughts.

Terroir as the vine knows it. Do we change the mongheathen weeds as they stray deliberately into our realm or do we exchange them with our spiritual pharmaceuticals?

Olaf SPECTRE doesn’t want the wall of sound to take her barren arse and shuv it up her sterile channelling. I mean would you leave anything precious in the hands of these Apiru thieves? Of course not. That is what governance is for, their front on all occasions. However once the front is massage and the message choked by their kin, all false, falls apart. Choked by their own presence they must become scatautophagously outrageous like a Zisblatt statute.

I parked this over at the stoker courtesy of Rothschild Hunter.

RH is correct to point out the link between economic indices and money fake fakiry.

Notice that not one maker of fake markets nor faker of market indices, or fakersquares like Moodies, Bloomberg etc, has been taken into the woods and had high velocity lead based pharmaceuticals delivered CHEKA lime lined pit style away from the limelight.

No one seems to wonder why millions of innocent persons who go to the market for onions and bread got taken away by the money police and killed in every land that the iYahweistmongheathen and their secondary and tertiary wavayahws of commercial iExecutioners laid foot on. How come no one notices that the only way this, so called, economic theory works is if other peoples get killed in massive numbers.

Anyway Fhuckkthepfuck off mongheathen, does you know that?

As an aside I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who seem to like, phukk knows why, the drivel spouted here on a semi, infrequent and incoherent regular basis.

À bientôt.

Votre ami,

Thursday 12 November 2015

Follow up on:Paint the Sky Blue

War News Updates: Israel's IAI Unveils "TERRA" A Radar System To Tra...: Jerusalem Post : WATCH: IAI unveils unprecedented radar system as long-range ballistic missile threats increase * IAI joins the cyberwa...

Keeping in mind the vectoring of the energy always, one should be able to appropriately scale the field and using the relationship m=E/c2 , create the desired local response.

The comments in that item are particularly revealing when we consider who got lifted "home" after 1945 from the SS research teams.

"Anonymous said...
Russians who moved to Israel brought with them their excellent knowledge of mathematics and physics, critical to the development of systems such as this one.
fazman said...
^^^ actually its all funded and designed by the u.s defence industry nothing to do with Russia
Anonymous said...
Fazman: You are factually incorrect. Russian emigres, not Russia the state. You seem to be confused by the distinction.

Hell what do I know.

Here is a much more balanced appreciation from WGT. He touches on a naughty little thought I had about what were the benefits for China in this scenario, what if they are using their jihadi South America contacts to carry out a deep op in the ME? RCE/London City would be in on that act of course.

Anyway just to put all this into perspective to show how old this thing is. Russia is a new boy to the action. USofA is just out of kindergarten and UKplc is a whipper snapper. So to see the old geezers exercising with the test tube babies in the Atlantic makes one step back and ponder the 500+year operation that the goons in onehourphotoboothland are unaware of in general.

I mean who would you reckon USofA corp would have undying gratitude for, and parallel strategic interests with now, as budding democracies in the mid 19th century? The guys who saved their hides in their civil war from Roth trashing by UK/France or the guys who still lived in the 14th century and had Sassoon Bagdadians trashing them?

What Is Going On In The South China Sea? – Analysis | Eurasia Review

What Is Going On In The South China Sea? – Analysis | Eurasia Review

Wednesday 11 November 2015

CSIO: prophets of dirty tricks brigade are masters in sp...


Blackpoppropaganda specialists start talking bollox about Olympics.

"Lord Coe has raised the spectre of Russia being banned from international competition if allegations it was operating an “East German-style” doping programme were proven to be true.`

Coe, who admitted that claims of widespread drug-taking and cover-ups had already dealt a serious blow to the reputation of track and field, also called for the International Association of Athletics Federations to make public the results of its investigation into the scandal which has engulfed the sport."

I did wonder why the boy Coe got the jobs. Safe pair of hands for the black propaganda schmeerjob long in the planning. I thought the London 2012 Olympics were hermetically sealed against drugs by the greatest bunch of incompetents on the planet. Is someone going to check those wheel chairs in the paralympics for induction propulsion now?

Utter bollox eh Oscar? I suppose the carbon legged sprinter was never under the influence.

""We were surprised by allegations that the deceased had been perceived to be a burglar," said police spokesperson Denise Beukes.

"The premises are fairly secure... This is a fairly secure estate."

"There's previously been incidents of allegations of domestic disputes at the home of the accused."

Beukes said they were talking to neighbours who "heard things" earlier in the evening.

"The state will be opposing bail," she added.

Crime is a major problem in South Africa and many people keep weapons at home.

Pistorius has previously spoken of carrying a firearm when faced with a potential threat at home and of visiting a shooting range.

A year ago he told the New York Times of an incident where he took his gun to go downstairs to check on what turned out to be a false setting off of his security alarm.

He also took the newspaper's reporter to a nearby shooting range with his 9-millimetre handgun after learning that the journalist had never fired a shot.

Asked how frequently he went to the shooting range, Pistorius said: "Just sometimes when I can't sleep."

The Johannesburg-born athlete - known as "Blade Runner" because of his carbon fibre running blades - made history at the London Games in 2012 when he became the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics.

He won gold in the 4x100m relay and the 400m individual at the Paralympic Games in London and was triple gold medallist in the Beijing games in 2008 in the 100m, 200m and 400m.

Pistorius was named by Time Magazine last year as one of the world's 100 most influential people.

"You're not disabled by your disabilities but abled by your abilities," he told Athlete magazine in a 2011 interview.

He had both legs amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old after being born without lower leg bones. But he played sports unhindered while growing up, switching to running after fracturing a knee playing rugby.

At high school, he was so good that his personal fitness coach said she was unaware for six months that he ran on prosthetic legs.

But he was initially banned from competing in the Olympics in Beijing by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on the grounds that his blades gave him an unfair advantage.

That decision was later overturned on appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), although he ultimately failed to meet the Olympic qualifying standard time.

Off the track, Pistorius is an adrenalin junkie, with a love of speed reflected in a passion for motorbikes.

Four years ago he crashed his boat in a river south of Johannesburg, breaking two ribs, an eye socket and his jaw.

He also once owned two white tigers but sold them to a zoo in Canada when they became too big."

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Rothboybitches installed for trouble making games ahead.

Myanmar now ready for hunger games.

“Secretary of State John Kerry congratulated the country for the historic election but said the process was " far from perfect."
"There remain important structural and systemic impediments to the realization of full democratic and civilian government, including the reservation of a large number of unelected seats for the military; the disfranchisement of groups of people who voted in previous elections, including the Rohingya; and the disqualification of candidates based on arbitrary application of citizenship and residency requirements," Kerry said in a statement.
Kerry said it was important for the country to remain peaceful following the vote, regardless of the outcome.”

They are fucked now a Roth asset is in charge and on cue.

Maldives soon on fire and set up for roll over by more trouble making Rothboybitch assets.

Amal Clooney takes on Cherie Blair after Maldives ‘coup’

“Now, Clooney’s focus is on another nearby Indian Ocean archipelago — the Maldives. Clooney has been lobbying on behalf of jailed former president Mohamed Nasheed, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison in March following a court case, widely derided as unfair, in which two of the three judges appeared as witnesses for the prosecution.”

They are fucked now a Roth asset is in charge and on cue.

That is the Indian east coast sealed off Nth-Sth. All one needs now is Roth to kick off the East Indian separatists and communists and blammoh!!!..... the ChiComms will have Malacca to Pakistan secured.

Gowaan,gowaan,gowaan......and more gowaan

Betrayal by the spineless bitchboys in purple and empty boybitches in blood red every time. Which bit of living in an intrigue's herb garden does being taken to the wood shed not register in the flock of fluke infested morons and dorans? I suppose that this is what happened to the other lost civilisations we get skewed theories about. Massive climate change and natural disasters did not take them down, they got infected by the pompous money parasite. Always with the glittering worthless earthly awards? Oh scar faced pimp.

Maurice Pinay: Ever deepening 'Judeo-Christian relations' rudely ...: “Nostra Aetate established a new era of friendship in Catholic-Jewish relations, and nowhere is that more evident than here in New York. M...

If the monocultural self budding and sterile fruit of their murderous works be known then no amount of donkey cock worship will save you, you holy harlot and religious thief. Enjoy the dollar slattern company you keep. 

Monday 9 November 2015

Once again we turn to our favouritest newest bestest ersatz faux ChiComm chums and their ratline rat tales.

I was chatting with my neighbour yesterday about timescales. About the vulgar timescales, hours, days and weeks versus the chosen timescales of centuries and millennia. Even when one meets one of the very few who know this fact, it is almost impossible to converse on the fallout of this view with someone who has not dwelled on the length of time it takes to develop a world view that can see sub projects resolve in the period of 1000 years or more, without reference to divinelike systems. Once the subject is broached then the deep state work invested in passivecryptoatheism defence mechanisms starts jamming and the chaff falls. 

Tavistockian counter measures rears its head from the aether.

So something like the death of Hitler can be recognised as no more than a footnote to an addendum to a comment to a chapter to the project plan. Destruction of China is likely a full chapter of the plan’s scope, the plan got a set back in the 14th/15th century when Islam got booted into touch, which got rescored after the 18th century. I would note that these Rome/Mecca/Salem money heathen always have a backup plan so we can conjecture why there was a sudden “renaissance” at the other end of the Eurasian mainland that brought more than spaghetti to Europe at the time of Imperial China was getting rid of the Môn heathen from power. Note however the mongheathen virulence paralysed the nation, spider toxin like, for the day that the Môn heathen turned up again powerful enough to take it down centuries later in the 1800s.

So consider.

This is an interesting recent comment about Bagdad mongheathen operating out east.
“I was browsing in a second hand bookstore a few weeks ago and came across Brian Inglis, THE OPIUM WAR (1976). The Sassoons were not mentioned once! How is it possible that a history of the Opium Wars never mention the Sassoons?
Well, Inglis was a well-known journalist and broadcaster in Britain from the 1950s thru’ the 80s. He had been an editor of the Spectator, our establishment conservative weekly, and was presenter of the TV show that until ‘World at War’ did most to prop up the narrative of WWII as the good war, ‘All our Yesterdays’. As regular presenter for many years of ‘What the Papers Say’ he had the important job of summarizing the week’s news and stories in digest for the TV audience.
I guess that’s how you get a book on the Opium Wars that forgets the Sassoons – hire a lifetime Jew-establishment shill!
It isn’t much recognized but the modern Zionist movement did not begin in Europe or America among Ashkenazi Jews, but rather within the communities of Baghdadi Sephardim sponsored by the Sassoons spread throughout south and east Asia. From a review of Maisie J. Meyer, From the Rivers of Babylon to the Whangpoo: A Century of Sephardi Jewish Life in Shanghai (Lanham, MD; New York; and Oxford: University Press of America, 2003.), quote:
While at an early stage in the book Meyer mentions Baghdad’s long-serving (1859-1909) ecclesiastical authority Hakham Yosef Hayyim, she does not involve him in her discussion of Shanghai Zionism (pp. 171-190). She sees that phenomenon as largely the creation of N.E.B. Ezra between 1903 and 1936, when Ezra led the Shanghai Zionist Association (SZA) and edited Israel’s Messenger. However, prior to Ezra, Hayyim was a powerful force inculcating pre-Herzlian Zionism among Baghdadis in India, Burma, the Straits Settlements, Hong Kong, Shanghai, the Philippines, the Dutch East Indies, and elsewhere. He urged his brethren to visit and settle the Land of Israel long before Theodor Herzl’s establishment of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in 1896, with which the SZA was affiliated, and even before the founding of the WZO’s predecessor organizations, Hovevei Zion and BILU. (8)
8. See David S. Sassoon, History of the Jews in Baghdad (Letchworth, U.K.: S. D. Sassoon, 1949), p. 217. – end quote”

And this 

is a great Part 1 slow release of knowledge into the public domain for use in the plan to destroy Europe.

Every time one hears the word Nazi here, simply insert Sassoon, to bring one back to reality. Then ask yourself.

How many orders of unreality are the Zionists, Nazis, Sassoons, RothRock raised from the Dirac sea?

I know that a very good rule of thumb is Qui Bono and “follow the money”. However this is a trail of crumbs disinfofest of the Rovian bitchboys and their MSM boybitches.

If the actors are never visible, only their shadow proxies, at seven orders of magnitude remove and their effects modulated by several centuries time delay then Qui Bono is effectively masked in the signal to noise ratio for the one hour photoboothers. As for follow the money, this will surely do in a good old murder in the drawing room life insurance scam mystery, but since this stuff does not exist for the actors, the geezers in the Big Room, then one ends up chasing ghosts into a Rovian mind fuck.

I mean how do you explain to the iMe attention spanners that the counterfeit five quid notes initially produced by their in-house jewish criminals were too good to be passed as real currency when the SS started to industrially print wank of England paper? Got that? It is like a gulag body shop producing a Rolls Royce more luxurious and finely engineered than the coachworks at Crewe FFS!

Once you understand that the objective of these business persons is always to exchange shit for valuables at no effort to themselves then one can start to look more studiously at the real problem.

The problem is a contest between those primitives executing war using larcenous commercial weapon systems, aimed at spiritual death, disguised as a holy evil creature, and us.

In order to win the elusive victory all pretence must be abandoned.

Friday 6 November 2015

Gowaan, gowaan, gowaan……again.

I don’t know what bit about P2 lodge, 1970s NY mafia counterfeit bearer bond theft and laundering, market theft, poverty nurturing and ignorance cultivating we are supposed to forget or forgive but it has to be said that this middle eastern stone age house of evil is but one part of a full spectrum affliction upon mankind.

It is a system of religious theft all disguised as good. An always taking larcenous Môn heathen fabrication of spirituality to allow a few chosen yahwehkreepzoids to wallow in wealth and worship the money weapon.

It is nothing more than an empty front for the Rothgoldrot and UNmongbots of destruction now. One will notice that as soon as it became a useless totem for crowd control in the west it merely became a sterile franchise and marketing proposition as the step up to cabal global control was effected.

As soon as the ordinary masses who had their spirituality nurtured there became powerful the whole thing was sabotaged and abandoned, infested by psychopervs and intelperps to kill off the faithful. It, as usual, fulfilled its mission and betrayed the ordinary person at their honest toil.

It is now no more than an RCE/TA evil stone age Sanhedrin Shell Corporation.

Well it was set up as a genocidal slave management scheme by psychopath Apiru Ba’al worshipping, lucre trafficking and slave scheming, manumission families in what had been Roman Rome. What do you expect?

Exclusive: Vatican inspectors suspect key office was used for money laundering
Vatican financial investigators suspect a department of the Holy See which oversees real estate and investments was used in the past for possible money laundering, insider trading and market manipulation, according to a report seen by Reuters.
The information in the confidential document, which covers the period from 2000 to 2011, has been passed on to Italian and Swiss investigators for their checks because some activity tied to the accounts allegedly took place in these countries, a senior Vatican source said.
While most of the media focus of the Vatican's murky finances has for decades centred on its official bank, the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), a department called the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See (APSA), acted as its own financial powerhouse.
APSA, a sort of general accounting office, manages the Vatican's real estate holdings in Rome and elsewhere in Italy, pays salaries of Vatican employees, and acts as a purchasing office and human resources department.
One of its two divisions also manages the Vatican's financial and stock portfolio. The 33-page report suspects this division was used by an outsider for non-Vatican business, with possible complicity of APSA staff, in violation of its own regulations.
The internal investigation is part of a drive by Pope Francis to give Vatican financial authorities free rein to dig deep, over-ruling some cardinals who would prefer to forget the past now that the Vatican has enacted major reforms and instituted controls to thwart irregular practices.
Under Francis, the Vatican has overhauled its scandal-plagued bank, given more power to its Financial Intelligence Authority, appointed its first auditor-general and set up a new ministry to oversee economic activities of all departments, which previously ran their budgets with little or no control.
It is not clear whether this will be enough to bring full financial transparency to the traditionally secretive Vatican.
The report by Vatican financial investigators zeroes in on the activity of Giampietro Nattino, chairman of Banca Finnat Euroamerica S.p.A, a family-run private Italian bank.
Vatican investigators suspect Nattino used the APSA accounts for personal trades on the Italian stock market, the report says, adding that the balance of more than 2 million euros was moved to Switzerland when the accounts were closed days before the Vatican introduced stricter new laws against money laundering that put money transfers under more scrutiny.
From May 22, 2000 to March 29, 2011 Nattino, who has served on the board of many Italian firms and volunteered as an usher in the papal palace, was the owner of APSA "Portfolio 339", which consisted of four separate accounts, the report says.
The report speaks of the "dubious origin and dubious final destination of the funds in the closing of portfolio 339" and asks why Nattino was allowed to have accounts at APSA in the first place in apparent violation of department regulations.
Those regulations, which are published on the Vatican's website and mentioned in the internal report, say the department can carry out financial transactions for third parties only on an "exceptional basis" and only with prior permission of the cardinal in charge.
On Tuesday night, Nattino issued a statement saying his work had "always been characterised by maximum transparency and correctness in respect of regulations in force" and that he "trusts that the matter can be cleared up definitively as soon as possible".
Financial investigators gave their findings to the Vatican's Promoter of Justice, or chief prosecutor, Gian Piero Milano, a senior Vatican source said, adding that Milano had opened his own investigation.
The investigators asked the prosecutor to look into possible money laundering, insider trading and market manipulation related to Nattino's accounts at the conclusion of their report, which includes some 30 charts and graphs detailing stock holdings and transactions and bank transfers.
Vatican investigators suspect that on one occasion when his bank handled a stock placement, the APSA accounts were used to buy shares before they were allocated to other investors, according to the document.
The investigators also asked the prosecutor to look into "potential co-responsibility" by APSA staff in execution of the activity in the accounts and if the procedures followed "rules and internal practices" at the department.
Nattino's daughter Paola, who acts as company spokeswoman, declined to comment about Portfolio 339 and suspicions of irregularities connected to the accounts, saying in an email to Reuters that "it is our custom not to issue statements".
Milano's office did not return phone calls about the case. It has said in the past that it does not comment on investigations.
The cardinal in charge of APSA from 2002 to 2011, eight of the 11 years covered by the investigation, was Italian Attilio Nicora, who is now retired.
The report does not specifically mention Nicora but cites the APSA regulation that only its head can exceptionally authorise financial operations for third parties.
In a letter to Reuters, Nicora said only that APSA was not a bank "because it does not lend money", but declined to comment on a list of questions sent by email via his secretary.
In one apparent anomaly, a 2012 evaluation of the Vatican by Moneyval, an arm of the Council of Europe that assesses compliance with international anti-money laundering standards, says APSA officials had told it that in 2001 the department decided to phase out individual account holders and that no new funds had been allowed to enter such accounts since then.
But the report on the internal investigation seen by Reuters says money was deposited into such APSA accounts from outside sources or moved between them in APSA as late as 2009.
APSA made headlines in June 2013 with the arrest of Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, who worked there for 22 years as a senior accountant. He is on trial in two cases. The first is on charges of conspiracy to smuggle 20 million euros in cash into Italy from Switzerland to help friends avoid taxes and the other is on charges he used the Vatican bank for money laundering. He denies all wrongdoing.
(Additional reporting by Stefano Bernabei; Editing by Crispian Balmer, Timothy Heritage and David Stamp)

Wednesday 4 November 2015

An12 down very near Kenya and Lord's resistance movement.South Sudan: Cargo plane with Russian crew crash-lands, up to 10 reported dead -- Society's Child --

South Sudan: Cargo plane with Russian crew crash-lands, up to 10 reported dead -- Society's Child --

Kenya: shoot down practice range for NATO.

Lord's RA: Trouble making gangster crew to be called on when needed in the area.

Looks like the RCE/TA has moved from Hi-Tech to down and dirty shootdowns to provoke Russia at the western end of the Hyperlittoral War.

Note that there is no negotiated way out of this. The kreepzoids want a massive expenditure of high velocity pharmaceuticals and bodies everywhere.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Gowaan, gowaan, gowaan…I know you are dying to say it…..

..gowaan, gowaan…GOWAAN!!!

BWAHAHAHAAAAA oh phukk me.

This kreepziodclown has been cosying up to the terrorist firebase

Trying to take us back to yahweh’s dark ages

Talking bollox at the perp’s ladyboyplaypen and harlotfilthhouse

Now this.

“Two members of a commission Pope Francis set up to study reforms, including a high-ranking Holy See official, have been arrested on suspicion of leaking confidential documents, the Vatican said on Monday.
It was one of the biggest internal scandals to hit Francis' papacy so far and was reminiscent of the "Vatileaks" furore that preceded the resignation of former Pope Benedict in 2013.
Spanish Monsignor Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda, number two at the Vatican's Prefecture for Economic Affairs, and Italian laywoman Francesca Chaouqui, a public relations expert, were arrested over the weekend, a Vatican statement said.
Vallejo Balda, 54, was believed to be the highest-ranking member of the Vatican's central bureaucracy, known as the Curia, ever to have been arrested.
Chaouqui, 33, whose sexy photo of herself on her Facebook page raised Vatican eyebrows when she was appointed to the commission in 2013, was released on Monday after she agreed to cooperate with the investigation, it said.
The Vatican said the leaks represented a "serious betrayal of the trust bestowed by the pope", without providing any details. There was no immediate comment from Vallejo Balda and Chaouqui, or their lawyers.
Both were members of a commission that Francis set up shortly after his election to advise him on economic and bureaucratic reforms in the Curia.
The committee completed its work last year and handed its report to the pope, who subsequently made some changes in Vatican administration, including the establishment of a new economic ministry.
The twin arrests came just days before two Italian authors were due to release books that their publishers say will reveal new evidence of scandals in the Vatican and alleged conspiracies by the old guard to undermine Francis' reform efforts.”

undermine Francis’s reform efforts” You fukkin’ what?!!!

OFM!! FFS!! BWAHAHAHAHAAAA…...stop it I’m going to piss myself.

You mean “sweep a load of shit under the carpet” and arrest everyone if they can get away with it again. Keep all the screaming of the helpless, gun shots and roaring of pyres quiet. 


Like all phukkedwitz jumped up self appointed “leadership” big gobbed commies, jews, christians, muslims, greenies, corporates, half baked retards…all the mongheathen inadequate criminals……they cannot stand ordinary persons being free to point at them and their stupid stone aged beliefs and piss themselves laughing at the absurdity of the phukkwittery and then marching the criminal phukks off to prison for their crimes against humanity.

Go arrest yourself you fukkin’freeks!!