Sunday 31 July 2016

Have a sniff at my wordpiss shop.

I would invite you to have a gawk at the stoker and consider a little further what has been said at the source as well as my very brief commentary.

If my suspicions are correct then we should be able to deconstruct, reverse engineer and eradicate a petrified case of massive intergenerational intentional genocidal arrested development.

I concur with Tsarion's statement that the human race was massively traumatised aoens ago.

Anyway I will get back to this in parts over the next few days during breaks in the infinite page turning.

Hopefully to make my thoughts clearer on what the ladies have helped cohere.

Friday 29 July 2016

SNAFU!: Israeli opinion on the F-35? We should not take t...

SNAFU!: Israeli opinion on the F-35? We should not take t...: Many thanks to Gil for the link! via Jerusalem Post. Given the obvious problems with the aid program currently being proposed by the ...

Man; this has been coming for over 10 years now. There will be ChiComm Js of some sort flying with the IDF very, very soon. And if you think that is going to change things for Gaza forget it. Oh and as predicted here the harem curtain has descended across the Med.

So fucking obvious and yet it is all quelle surprise in the Milblogs and skunk tanks. FFS.

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Swift currants.

As I stood in the garden just now, gazing and trying to clear my focus, I realised they’d gone, again. Hundreds of pages in and thousands to go, I was clearing the air, as it were, after a miserable morning here in the drizzled smoke. Silence.

I was scanning up at the traffic, the usual beacon twirlers and inbound, the spy in the sky sniffing to assist social media assassins and for what knows since I have not seen anyone arrested but thousands aided, all the traffic that has amused my eye since I was a lad way back when, far, far away staring up and the Red Arrows, in a tight vic, formating on their logistics, Victor if I remember correctly, and they flew right over my back garden at approx 30,000ft direct from showing the Norte Americanos how you really navigate the air. I had watched them as they came over the horizon, stark white contrails upon the sky. I watched them head south west as far as I could and then it was back to clocking German/Dutch F104s pissing around Prestwick. Well I might have been a tad awe struck that they were right over my lawn and the altitude might have gone to my head  but they were there alrighty. In formation, high in the beautiful, like PRU blue, only red.

About 3pm I was standing there beside my concrete owl, I call it Moloch just to phukkoph the gods, wondering at the silence above. Nothing outbound from Heathrow. No Elstree heroes. No black helicopters overhearing. No MiHiSkipilots. De nada.

Only yesterday they put on a marvellous unusual low level display like Hurricanes and Gnats loading up, testing the free air, screeing, careening and scooting around the eves, tree and chimney tops, round and around, whole groups of them, wing tip stalls, cartwheels and yo-yos everywhere. Lead and lag, hover and fall, all in majestic control. A thermodynamic symphonia in feather. Occasionally one of them would cling to the looming school building wall, at some vent points, for a breather I assume. This was in contrast to the normal display hundreds of feet in the air. They were skimming and sliding, pulling manoeuvres that Immelman and Boelcke only dreamed of, almost within my grasp.  I wanted to reach up and catch some of their magic that I might be transported away into their joy.

I have counted them all out and I have counted them all back over their many, many generations knowing this day would come again.

I love them and I stood and watched and was transfixed.   

Today as I was checking the tayberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries and my orphaned blue berries I was stunned by the silence around a Northolt rendition flight.

They’ve gone.

Sadness surrounds, summer is over.

All gone. I cannot be more rent.

Tuesday 26 July 2016


Pacific Sentinel: News Story: China is boosting cooperation with wor...: CANBERRA, April 27 (Xinhua) -- China is strengthening cooperation with other countries in preventing home-grown terrorists from going to ...

I love those RoyalDutchPanzerschiff. All gone by 1942. When their mates were running hard for oil with SS5. Funny that. Dutjchapiru in oil that same year. Never forget Osaka, Rothbitchtown.

When one looks back at the things tooaught and the thoughts prescribiread, for some reason I always wanted to be in that illustrative blue, yellow sunshine caressing the unsettled earth thousands of years ago drinking ambrosia, not inlearning. My likely reality though would have been staring into the fishkettle, unschooled.

Monday 25 July 2016

Too phukkin' hard workin'

Here we have the work of non vibrants.


Enjoy the plum.

More on vacuous Khaaants.

The creepzoids in Red have done their work thoroughly and destroyed the ordinary UKabo. They will slither off stage right and drop, or not, their full term chimerical things in luxury.

"An MP who quit Labour's front bench during a revolt against Jeremy Corbyn has been reinstated after asking for her old job back.

SarahChampion, the MP for Rotherham, has retracted her resignation as shadow
minister for preventing child abuse and domestic violence."

Now the fact that by asking for her job back, Sarah Champion has yet again shown what a lack of integrity she has, is not the main issue in this case.

My reason for posting is that this is highly relevant to Morgoth's excellent article. I had no idea that Sarah Champion who oversaw the rape of hundreds of children by muslims in her own constituency and yet took no responsibility for it was rewarded by Corbyn by being given the role of SHADOW MINISTER FOR PREVENTING CHILD ABUSE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

What a slap in the face for the victims, and yet another example of traitors being rewarded for what under normal circumstances would be deemed failure at best and criminal negligence at worst.
I'm shocked and disgusted by this, but at this stage I guess I really should not be surprised.

NWOZOMO Police Minister in charge of That Petrol Emotion. Burn it out.

Ever wondered why all the gas stations are closing?

Katyn bodyswerver. If his family were out in Siberia that means he was under TrotTexMex control, not Stalin.

“Gen. Jaruzelski was educated at a Catholic boarding school and graduated in June 1939, less than three months before Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union carved up his country. The Jaruzelskis fled to Lithuania, where they worked on a farm owned by a Polish family. In 1941, Soviet forces arrested them because of their “socially dangerous” background.
The family was split up, with Wojciech, his mother and younger sister sent to a remote Siberian village near the Mongolian border. His father was sent to a labor camp in another part of Siberia.”

Anyway they are all the same these khaants!

Sunday 24 July 2016

Some things that encapsulate..........

SNAFU!: 173rd forgets how to airborne? Nope, but you watc...: Everyone and their mother is sending me links to this vid.  The guys on the vid are laughing, and the public seems amused. I have a diff...

Don't be thinking I'm lazing around swilling soup. I still have 2000+ pages to go. Still it is better than being a phukkwitz eunuchprosyletising phukkwittery lotwhore.

Friday 22 July 2016

Trainted absurdist meet.

War News Updates: President Obama To Visit Cuba In March: NBC: President Obama to Make Historic Visit to Cuba, U.S. Official Says Barack Obama will become the first sitting American president ...

I dined my others' taughttoughtthoughts in the shambolic pleasure palace of deep undergrounding vaulsuse. In the quite moments before the mirror, reflection is considered and digested. The trastetedfestung continues. Tardatedfinished the sonnections and shone sreen as fish kettle.

After the imbalance of some fukkwitz actually taking the resultant wellfed interval between cordial decay and described geometry to deign an interregnum in roundup of innocence and grace, music was my mute before and before and velocity in the infinite scree.

What is an infintite? An appetite eating one for ever…...

Hot and far I Romed the bullminia, the labyrinth’s Gordian maser resolution. So , so descrepit in srkying spy.  Above, nested screenemes has been an excellent day, loudsteathlike cohering to nothing but bad missellling. Id smelt like long squeezed tachyons’ meatongs across the hot tarmac of log gone Mays, Junes and half remembered seasons without the deliberately hate half emptied joy of actuality. Dimpling my love dead teeth whiteneing leglnds of decay…... 

The swifts are awhifft and soaring despite the dead weather, the tayberries and blackcurretns floware cropped, ears of the raspberries are anewed. Buzzybees are a bumbling and ants are as adam. Fleshmored measured the deep sky with my conscious collapsing desire, and am happy patering strange attractors are no mean heat source.

If the blossoming society of insects is so joyous why are humans so desiccate oblate?

Nukes, if there, I mean in the aggregated desire of the 1000 yard smile, if the German's scurried to get the SAM batteries the hell out of the area then the nuke fablabs, precocious metals valults, will have known ages before them, can never be cut off from their power supply, they go stale, and so the base will be completely autonomous. Ignore any story about the nukes. Ignore any Russian origin slant completely just like any western MSM rubbish.

If JS is talking about anything he is talking about the old “chicken coup” tech that was abroad when the genie was out of the bottle. These days the magic is stoppered again.

Simply look a some longer range events and known facts.

ScuttlinGulen's real "operators" are in ipissHDTVMontevideo, not USofA. Menem was Syrian outerlooked. Twinkle toes, the harbinger of doom, is a secret police Pope. That is decades long sleeping for the day in Buenos Aires.

Twinkle toes and his Russian opposite, BTW if that guy doesn't know that the Bishop of Rome is not Christian and tried to off all the Slavs for his Jerusalem coreligionistas in the 20th century, then WTF!!?, met in Cuba recently. That is centuries of sleeping for the day.

Obumbarumba, the bankers' Royal Jokyakarta “Did it my way” Candidate, was in Patagonia. That is a financial year sign off.

The original US research into the A-Bomb before it went Manhattan had a weird, almost independent state like corporation, therefore I see crown(London City) hands all over it, run out of B.C. called Cons Mining & Smelting Co, Trail, B.C. at their Chemical and Fertilizer Division, Warefield.

pfHaiowlong the arcimeter of the fall?

All the nukes are, as heavy metal bundSchacht must have said to altSkorzeny, propaganda and psyops roadies on the pull.

When London yells you nukes are involved, expect a circus, for almost everyone with a flea shatfed and shafted the US/UK/Fr ordinary peace loving persons.

The religionists and royalists are coming out of their bunkers to take over again. They love all this death and chaos. Any borders they do not recognise, all they see are Apiru centripetalcaravan routes, will be dissolved.

So what caused all this?

We did it all and we love ejacultime, sports fail, HDTV desecration, entertainment butchery. We did it all and the killers know us, kow us, tow us and die.

In these places eyeless fish know all       .......        pharmacy.

Non merci, ever.

we that is me.

Thursday 21 July 2016

CAF, long gun skills and weapon check.

She will not use liquid Teflon but she knows someone who will when it comes to pharmacy time.
Let’s see.

CAF Salbuchi Tarpley Levenda Farrell.

Still two places outstanding after more than ten years searching.

I will not include Morgan, Keiser and Maloney because they are not modern in their view. For all I love their stuff they are still deep in the 10,000 year old slaver complex. Collins, Hancock, JAW, et al are too concerned with the now of rocks to get it really, ZelikovskyundSitchin was the weapon system spoofing the threat. Tsarion, mind you ('scuse the pun), is likely to get the call if he keeps up the recent good work and ditches Caliziods and their face lifts. If Thom were alive he'd keep us on the straight and narrow.

Those poor reconquistas are going to be disappointed this time round since everyone has gone uberDNAbitchretardspinelessuntermensch and no one is coming to save their asses.

Anyway what to say here when we are faced with the usual timeless dilemma of all sentient beings. Become a life time actor or remain true and die on stage. Limelight bitch or corpse in the dark?

First; as far as gun control is concerned this says it all.

DEMOCIDE: MURDER BY GOVERNMENT Governments have murdered hundreds of millions of their citizens and those under their control. The questions are, then, how is this democide defined, is genocide included, how many have been killed, how do we find this out, and what sources can be used?

From the above we can see that all organised crime is in reality designed as part of government and governance. RICO is systemic now. Homicide is ethical now. That is why TPTB1 will kill all to keep the money publishing scam going and terror casket of doom going until all are monoculturalsterile. Do you trust these creeps? Pacific Sentinel: News Story: Xi urges strict supervision, prompt re...: WASHINGTON, April 1 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday called for strict source control and enhanced supervision over nuc...

Two; Bilderberg is long gone as a player. It went west when London started shipping gold again in the 50s and the UK stopped its national service just after. These two events mark the deep background noise attenuating to manageable levels as far as the clowns are concerned, after almost loosing it despite calling in all their current markers and promises from centuries before hand.

Three; it is good to see CAF looking down the scopes, at the weird deformed things money sparks from the soup of debt, and at the far distant events and their impact after a long straight trajectory right here, right now. So 2KillaMockingPope reveals itself in Turkey last weekend. Mr Global may have removed Kennedy as part of a magical ceremony to kill USofA corp. but Mr Global’s boss just pulled a bloody feint in Turkey as part of the global operation after European homologation. That phukkwitz Erdogan has no idea what is about to happen.

Here is more PL from the bunker a few weeks ago @33:33 in.

I will be researching for some time to come as I forewarned a couple of weeks ago. I will dip in from time to time here though.

Monday 18 July 2016

G20 topshagfest discussed protectionism, global recovery in Shanghai

"G20 trade ministers discuss protectionism, global recovery in Shanghai: Chinese Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng has welcomed the adoption of the G20 trade growth strategy on Sunday. Trade Ministers from the group of 20 nations wrapped up a two-day meeting in Shanghai on Sunday. “This meeting was held in a positive atmosphere, expected results were achieved, and it was a complete success. The meeting became a […]"

Yeah. Like the sacred zygot bearers ever did anything other than jizz everywhere at our expense?
"Peter Levenda was born in the Bronx and lived in New York, Indiana, Chicago, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island before going to Malaysia where he lived for seven years. He has an MA in Religious Studies and Asian Studies, and has worked as an IT executive in China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe (he became involved in China trade in 1984). He is a member of the American Academy of Religion, the T.E. Lawrence Society, and is a charter member of the Norman Mailer Society. He is also a member of AFIO (the Association of Former Intelligence Officers)....."

I do like PL. Kind of like Jaime Bond without the PPK. He's been there and seen it all and now has a license to let us in on some of the stuff he's accounted.

Sunday 17 July 2016

Polvinas Sep 1939+Sep 2016? RoyalRedRothbitchland fakes false history fictioneering.
 "Concerns include Chinese entry into the British nuclear industry. While trade and investment links are important, and China is seen as providing great opportunities by many industries, we should not forget that foreign policy is much more than the mere promotion of economic exchanges. A government’s first and foremost duty is to provide security to Her Majesty’s subjects, and this includes preventing other powers from supporting hostile states laying claim to British subjects regardless of their wishes.
In the last few years Beijing has become a key partner for Buenos Aires, in terms of both trade and financial assistance, and military modernization. Thus, a major objective of British foreign policy must be to prevent China from helping Argentina change the balance of military power in the South Atlantic."

Saturday 16 July 2016

Really? The Islamic State's Global Strategy (In One Graphi...

False maps'r'us presents.

War News Updates: The Islamic State's Global Strategy (In One Graphi...: ISIS Global Strategy | FindTheData

You know I love a good mupp. So let us just say that the above is a false mupp, no good.

THE most important bit is the tri-border HQ shared with Li's RockRoth buddies under RCE/LC command. And that is NOT even mentioned. WTF do you think the ChiComms have been stooging around Turkey and the Levant this past decade for?

Friday 15 July 2016

PyongYang Kerb Crawlers

Pacific Sentinel: News Story: N.Korea keeping nuclear test site read...: Satellite imagery indicates a high-level of activity at North Korea's nuclear test site to ensure the facility is always ready for us...

Now then now then what is going on here then? Rock is doing what in the famously famined theme park? Traffic chaos is raining men but the girls are on duty.

North Korea: High Level of Activity at Nuclear Test Site Portal but Purpose is Unclear
A 38 North exclusive with analysis by Joseph S. Bermudez Jr.
Recent commercial satellite imagery indicates a high level of activity at North Korea’s Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site, specifically at the North Portal area where the DPRK conducted its 2013 and 2016 nuclear tests. Based on imagery alone, it is not possible to determine whether this activity is for maintenance, excavation or preparation for a fifth nuclear test. Nevertheless, it is clear that North Korea is ensuring that the facility is in a state of readiness that would allow the conduct of future nuclear tests should the order come from Pyongyang.

High Level of Activity at North Portal
Commercial satellite imagery from July 7 indicates a high level of activity at the North Portal. What appears to be supplies and/or equipment are stacked on the ground south and southeast of the portal. Additionally, a small vehicle is present at the support building immediately to the south of the portal. Several mine ore carts may also be present southeast of the portal, suggesting the tunnel is being actively worked.  However, the resolution of the image is insufficient to provide further insight into the nature of this activity.

From the comments.
“I strongly suggest you try to obtain night images as well. It is likely they have a fairly large number of political prisoners shipped in at night or already inside the mine hole digging out prior test dirt. At night you should see lot”

OK then you’ve been thinking it. I will say it.

After 70 years of total totalitarotianism can you tell me what the cards say? Are these political prisoners Al Pacino rated star crisis actors?

The traffic girls are in on it but what do you expect from ceremonial guards?


This geezer will sort out the portal.
Do you reckon that ISIS has sub contracted their too conspicuous Toyotas out to NK construction workers? Only seems sensible since, with a reversion to urban areas, the 4x4 convoys are redundant.

Thursday 14 July 2016

Close Your Eyes....and fall free........

"I'll only be here 'til Bon; if Bon comes early, I'll go home early.
I'm just a beggar; these are goodly folk, with nice obi waist-sashes and nice kimono.
If I should die, bury me by the roadside; offerings or water will come from the heavens.
(If I should die, who would cry for me? Only the locusts in those pine mountains.)"
Eng. var. trad. Kyushu lullaby

I was chatting with my Baluchistan buddy about why the AI malarkey will fail humanity and yet succeed for TPTB and their TFs. We two come from different perspectives, engineer and philosopher. Hammer and giggle. We agreed that there is only one way that they can attempt this, as usual fake ritual in a hat, and that is to make humanity as dumb as snailshit in the aggregate.

This is a Lamarckian process which they believe can be achieved simply by the application of their will. Now don’t get me wrong here, they can achieve a simulation of their objective if we continue to breakdown our own defencenetworks. Great ancient cyclopean works like lucre free focused grace and unpublished synchronised prayer. This is an all or nothing concept. You just don’t cut up the main belt of 16” KC and go hide in your safe zone panic room play pen ball pond and hope for the best in a rationaleconomicmuppet sort of way. Get this straight; economics and finance are the devil’s own artillery. Numbers are his mercs.


All the Turing Fails, the swarms of the pfukkers, that have turned up recently were brought into existence by our own inattention. If you want to experience the 22nd century of TF AI go and partake of a mass event right now. The only thing that will be different in the future is that you can have a fully retarded experience in picoseconds, not hours.

Like the Rigiddick character from Pitch Black, frozen awake in hyper sleep, anyone alive in the TF AI world will be living like flystuckamber.

TPTB know all this of course.

If your eyes can collapse wave functions for a non local time invariant mind to decipher then what the phukk do you need AI for? Jailer.

So what are they up to whilst we watch the iURINALHDTV Pyonyangpissstream?

Consider that gold is so precious because it is Pythagorean hyperviscous time; it is quite literally the herest of elements. Other elements are more, how can one put it, flexible with their time keeping in and out of our world. Non metals are sort of not here.

So what was it that brought a decelerant into view all those centuries ago?

Let us put it this way. Park the most sophisticated of Alan’s sons or daughters in a solid gold room and they will never even catch a whiff of God, never mind the presence of, like the Hebrew priests did.

And with that we set off on our separate ways through the Jurassic Park that is now Hampstead Heath where I saw May in June, in town getting her sharian orders from the kahilla.

Wednesday 13 July 2016

George Nazi Hunter Soros Vainglorious Barsjeward……..

….otherwise known as the Thief of Threadneedle Street 1992 edn…..

…..or Simon and Elie’s retarded phukkwitzdark thespian bit part fiddler on the hoof, who couldn’t do anything but horse ride around a looted Rothschildlike estancia in Hungaria whilst the Red Shock Armies were lobbing high velocity explosives at everyone who was not a commie retard, the dead commie retards were just Marxist collateral damage, on the wrong side of Trotskyite hystriomics.

Ever wonder what a teenage slaver and human trafficker could have done in 1944 that was so valuable for his Apiru kapos?

Well the first thing to do is ignore everything that we’ve been told and then look at a map of the area and it’s history. First thing to note is that the ApiruCru sent one lot of the dialectic over to USofA corp to hedge their bets before the slow burning taper lit the fuse. Lizards et al went over to Hollyweirdland at the same time that Churchill and Cherwell were tooling around Mitteleurope checking on the tubes as unalloyed chimneys scam. This is 10 years or more before Nignögy, what’s your real handle china?, got to make his bones in 44.

How can all that 80+ year old legend be relevant to NATO now?

“Soros is a behind-the-scenes despot. He is an evil man who has used his wealth to further all the causes the Democrat Party holds dear.

He was also a Nazi collaborator. In his autobiography, entitled "Soros on Soros," he blithely describes how as a teenager he helped cart off the possessions of Hungarian Jews after they were sent to concentration camps. Soros wrote that this never bothered him, even though his father was Jewish and he grew up in a Jewish home. He says he has no regrets for his actions. "Somebody would have done it," he wrote.”

Anyway far, far way but ever so Soros.

India to lend Kenya $45 million for manufacturing sector: India and Kenya have signed seven pacts, including in the field of defence and security.

“In 2012, then finance minister Pranab Mukherjee had famously said British aid was "a peanut" (sic) in India's total development spend and that the country could very well do without it. This followed loud voices in the UK protesting against British aid to India, a country which, they said, has a robust space and defence programme. Aid activists, however, pointed to India's poor millions to make a case for retaining the programme.”

“…………….Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ended a four-nation tour of Africa that took him to Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya.
On Monday at a news conference with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, Modi said India will lend Kenya $45 million to help develop a textile factory and other smaller industries.
“India is Kenya’s largest trading partner and the second largest investor here. Even with that, there is a potential to achieve much more,” Modi said.
Kenyatta said $30 million of the funds would be used to revive the Rift Valley Textiles Factory. India had evinced interest in reviving and expanding operations of the company in 2014.
India and Kenya on Monday signed seven pacts, including in the field of defence and security………………...”

Schwartz György’s servilebitchWestminster, which welcomed black George to gang bang UK on schwartz Wednesday, has finished priming the pumps in India and will now reap what it sowed on the threshing floor of RCE/LC. Meanwhile rainbow revolution György will be aiding in the theft of more property here in UKaboland and wherever his master’s point the freak and his foundationbitches to cause troubled, dead, looted and ignorant peoples.

What did the black bastard sonnbitch do to please his masters so much that he gets to stand, promise in hand, under the money publishing house laundry exit window, first in the queue for handouts?

He fed the ZionIP ratlines to RCE/TA of course, the ratfaced precious metals smuggler.



Tuesday 12 July 2016

U Phukkin' WHAT!!!! Rest Assured, UK Remains Committed to NATO

Always, always bear in mind that all the people who lived in Poland in August 1939 were dead very soon after or in a part of Poland that did not exist anymore after 1945.

Rest Assured, UK Remains Committed to NATO

UK (RCE/LC) is reverting, before it got derailed by 200 years of annoying bastards in Europe and then USofA corp sticking their unwanted noseybeaks into business that was not theirs, to the status quo ante.

Europe is no longer an obstacle to the mission. Bormann's daughter, the Kalergi prize winning STASIgadgy, has seen to that.

USofA is getting a good doze of 1905.


ABM becomes SSM and Konigsberg goes poof!!

Monday 11 July 2016

SNAFU!: BLACK HAWK Boot Camp....Sikorsky is slowing fading...

SNAFU!: BLACK HAWK Boot Camp....Sikorsky is slowing fading...: The above vid was posted on the Lockheed Martin website.  While a nice little rah rah video for one of their products, we're seeing so...

Agreed. The LM(GD)/BAe complex is a traitorous brew alrighty. PW/GE/RR, esp. RR, ditto. They have produced nothing but shit for more than 30 years now. In BAe's case 50 years. All that money and nothing to show for it. Just like Farmann, Bloch and Dewoitine 80 years ago.

RR is the drone spectre.

Strategi Militer Indonesia - Informasi Pertahanan dan Keamanan NKRI: Petualangan Cinta Bung Karno dengan Gadis-gadis Be...

Strategi Militer Indonesia - Informasi Pertahanan dan Keamanan NKRI: Petualangan Cinta Bung Karno dengan Gadis-gadis Be...: Perlakuan diskriminasi yang dialami Soekarno rupanya sangat membekas, hingga dia merumuskan perjuangannya dengan menyebut orang Belanda dan ...
Googletrans" The discrimination experienced by Soekarno apparently very impression,
until he formulates his fight by calling the Dutch and other foreigners
as whites, and native Java classes like himself as brown.
At that time, political thinking Soekarno still immature. Its view white girls conquered the same by beating the Dutch, is seen as a desire to satisfy his love of adventure lust."

"The VOC-engineered ‘race pyramid’ – with the Dutch at the top, Javanese nobility just below, Chinese traders in the middle and the indigenous Malays at the bottom – was the perfect policy of racial ‘Divide and Rule’ to keep trade running smoothly. Strict racial segregation also kept a successive Dutch colonial government in power for another 150 years until disillusioned Indonesian nationalists ousted the colonialists in 1948."

And from 22 years ago.
LAST THURSDAY, in a court in the northern Dutch city of Groningen, a trial took place of a sort that is only supposed to happen in despotic Third World countries. In the dock was writer Graa Boomsma, who penned what is believed to be the first fictional account of the Dutch experience in a brutal colonial war in Indonesia from 1945 to 1950. Also charged was a journalist whose interview with the author deeply angered Dutch war veterans.
Both were charged with tarnishing the honour and good name of Dutch troops by comparing their actions to those of the Nazi SS.
In the Netherlands there is a memory hole about this period, while volume after volume has been produced describing the horrors of life under the German occupation or the savagery of the Japanese forces in Dutch colonies in the Far East. The Dutch, quick to moralise about human rights abuses by other nations, have never properly examined or debated the unpleasant history of their own experience in the colonial war. Dutch society seems to suffer from collective amnesia when it comes to the murderous behaviour of the soldiers who tried unsuccessfully to suppress the Indonesian independence movement in the jungles of Java and other islands almost 50 years ago. Young conscript soldiers, acting under orders, put numerous hamlets to the torch and butchered men, women and children.
In the trial Mr Boomsma referred to the most notorious atrocities committed by the Dutch in Indonesia over Christmas 1946 in the south Celebes. A battalion under Captain Raymond Westerling killed at least 4,000 Indonesians over a two-month period. Charges were never brought against Westerling and his men, or the military and political leaders who ordered the action.
The war crimes against Indonesian villagers were committed with the direct knowledge of The Hague, at about the same time that Germany's Nazi leaders were being tried in Nuremberg. Today The Hague is the site of a major UN investigation into war crimes committed during the war in the former Yugoslavia.
Dutch unwillingness to confront more unpleasant parts of its history does not stop at the harassment of writers and journalists. Last year the authorities refused to allow Ponke Princen, a Dutchman now resident in Indonesia, back into the country.
Mr Princen fought as a youth in the resistance against the Germans but opposed the war in Indonesia and resisted the draft in 1946. He was arrested and sent there anyway but deserted after six months and fought for Sukarno, the father of Indonesian independence.
Even though he works today as a human rights monitor and is a regular conduit of information to the Netherlands Foreign Ministry about abuses being committed by Jakarta, the same ministry denied him a visa to enter the country last year under pressure from veterans' associations.
Official histories of the war of independence have reportedly been changed to produce a watered-down version of what really happened as the Netherlands struggled to hold on to the Dutch East Indies by keeping them divided and preventing the emergence of a single free nation. In all, around 6,000 Dutch soldiers died in the war and at least 150,000 Indonesians were killed.
Little is popularly known in the Netherlands about the atrocities. Mr Boomsma has written what he says is the only novel about the period, The Last Typhoon. Published in 1992, it is based on his father's experiences as a young conscript. Mr Boomsma's case has been taken up by International Pen, the writers' group, which has expressed its concern that the case is being brought in a country that is considered 'an example to others in its commitment to the highest principles of democracy'.
Mr Boomsma's troubles began when he gave an interview to a provincial newspaper in which he stated that Dutch soldiers 'were no SS, no, although they could certainly be compared to them because of what they did. But they were forced to do these things'.
For this he was accused of slandering the Dutch veterans who served in Indonesia during the period and charged under Article 261 of the country's criminal code. Eddy Schaafsma, the journalist who interviewed him, was also charged. Both could be jailed for up to a year if they are found guilty on 6 June, although a fine is a more likely outcome.
Mr Boomsma was not the first to make a comparison between the Dutch soldiers and SS. According to Reinier Salverda of the Department of Dutch at University College London: 'It has been said and published several times in the past in the Netherlands'. Mr Boomsma stands by his allegations. He told the court it was the military leaders and politicians of post-war Holland who should be on trial, not a writer and a journalist.
'The task of a writer is to be the memory of a people,' he said. 'My book is about the military atrocities that my father saw and committed, which included the murder of soldiers, women and children. There is a taboo (about the subject). All these war criminals were never convicted. It's not me who should have been accused, but the state.'
Jop Hueting, perhaps the most famous Dutch soldier of the Indonesian war, who was decorated for the bravery he displayed in an airborne assault on Jakarta, has compared some of the massacres he witnessed to the My Lai incident during the Vietnam War. Mr Hueting, who was also in court as a possible witness for the defence, says the comparison between the Nazi SS and the Dutch forces is appropriate, because 'it is a metaphor for unbelievably violent behaviour by our forces'.
He said: 'I went to war as a naive boy from a liberal family, so I don't feel guilty for what happened.' But while he has spoken out about the war crimes since the late 1950s, 'it was impossible for me to break through the wall of silence'.

Friday 8 July 2016

Maurice Pinay: Elie Wiesel, Pope Francis & the rich, Orthodox Jud...

Maurice Pinay: Elie Wiesel, Pope Francis & the rich, Orthodox Jud...: "My children have defeated me" (God, according to Babylonian Talmud, Bava Mezia  59b) Pope Francis recently offered anothe...

From comments
"This insanely conceited attitude toward God was institutionalized in the
Roman Church via the Neoplatonic-Hermetic virus, as early as the
Council of Florence and certainly by the pontificate of Alexander VI
(and Leo X and Sixtus V etc.). It informed the top echelon henceforth,
while a wholly different, pre-Renaissance, militant orthodox Catholicism
was maintained in the rank-and-file parish priests and laity, who were
still unprocessed and therefore could not be told the truth. By the
1960s the people were sufficiently processed to begin to leak the truth
to them. From the time of the pontificates of Popes John Paul II,
Benedict and Francis, the people were (and are) very much a product of
The Process, and they can be told anything, and their reaction in
general, is a shrug of the shoulders.

Talmudic Judaism =
self-worship, with situation ethics making any innovation possible, if
attended by the necessary beguiling rhetoric. Hence, Rome's lifting of
the ban on profits on loans (“usury” — lifted by pastoral increments;
not an official proclamation), and Pope John-Paul's revolutionary
subversion of the Gospel teaching on Jews and Judaism, endorsed and
expanded by his successors.

These are Renaissance seeds which came to fruition “nostra aetate." "

One will take note that just as the Roman church was about to become a force for good because, at last after almost 2000 years, ordinary people might have had their deepest aspirations fulfilled and their human grace shared, the institution self destructed. Just like a weapon system that might fall into the wrong hands, there were demolition charges installed when manufactured/commissioned.

Wherever good people meet you can be sure that these Abrahamist/Moses assassins will be there to kill them all.

As always the secret protocols/treaties for these money worshipping bitclowns will decide how they act out their roles to spread the universalplague/internationalistdisease in the leperousfuture to degrade and desecrate humanity. They spit in our faces every time they breath their poisonous words over us.

To find a Ba'al roman bishopcreepzoid doing kowtow to the ZicopathicZyklotronB fictionfactory Kapos is to smell the reek of the Jerusalem sanhADHDrin of James at work laundering silver again for their master.

The whole mongtheist shithouse is antihuman. It was made by fauxhumans to kill humans.

Thursday 7 July 2016

HRNK Insider: The Rime of the Juche Mariner: North Korean Sailor...

HRNK Insider: The Rime of the Juche Mariner: North Korean Sailor...: by Greg Scarlatoiu (translation of all North Korean propaganda material by Raymond Ha) During a recent speaking tour in South Ame...

One might think that this should be parked over at the other shop under HWW. As those who’ve wandered there know your correspondent watches the tri-Border area for signs of fuerzes espaciales and unteractors meeting, years in advance, for ops in the Hyper  Littoral when the time comes. Well the reason we’ve got it here is that I have not heard, read or even caught whiff of anyone pointing out that with Brexit, a staged Shakespearean production, the 2020 operation is go.

UK and Europe are now in 1905. The rainbow will get switched to full psycho mode soon when the food is rationed and we get our own 1917.

If one needs to view RCE/LC and its surrounding mayoral satrapy in any light then simply think of Moscow 1925.

Dead aboriginals everywhere and imports running the killing machine.

Do you really think that Roth/Rock were ever as uncomfortable in the USSR as they were made to feel in Europe and USofA corp. 1945? Do you think that Roth/Rock were ever unhappy on an African plantation killing mega fauna, UKabo substitutes? What ever makes them happy they will engineer by publishing infinite money.In 1930 they removed all the published money and everyone was pfukked, except them. In 2016 the world is drowning in published money and everyone is pfukked, except them. Got the idea? Economics and finance are for believers in death to all.

EUkakos and UKabos make RothRockLi’s bosses very unhappy. Expect to be engineered out of existence CHEKAstylee by creatures from Soros’ petridish of botchedchimerical antihumans.

The plan was signed off in 1943.

Start thinking in oligarchtime not UKabotime. A century is nothing when you are unshakable in your faith and proven capabilities.


Wednesday 6 July 2016

War Criminal SAFE Zone.

A war criminal base of operations Rothbitch puppet state where imported stone age racists, health tourist alien xenophobes, psychopathic Abrahamist zealots, religion of hate mongers, feminimist misogynists, homohomicidal terrorists, Mosesclan gangsters and Ba'al child traffickers/slavers can listen to shit music 24/7 and plan genocide and vast war criminal enterprises in comfort, protected by the servile eunuch iBAR, sterilising iZOMO bullets and bigmuppet iSTASIiSPYiPIGSTY.

Monday 4 July 2016

Pharmacy Time! Someone needs a home appointment. Three former Barclays’ traders convicted in Libor case

Three former Barclays’ traders convicted in Libor case

RoyalRedBitchBoySlaverKapo opens gob and...

Need to join forces to avoid instability post Brexit: Chinese Premier: Li also stressed on China's commitment to 'build a fairer, more just and open international economic system'.

"Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin agreed to beef up mutual support and enhance the political and strategic mutual trust.
Hailing the role of close high-level contact in advancing bilateral ties and promoting regional and global development, Xi said the establishment of the strategic partnership of coordination 20 years ago demonstrated the strategic nature of the bilateral ties.
This year also marks the 15th anniversary of the signing of the China-Russia Good-Neighborly Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation, which Xi said affirmed the two countries’ friendship from generation to generation."

Worshipping money means that the strategic business alignment between London and Bitching cannot reconcile itself with Russian existence. Any fukkwitz knows that. Therefore with peculiar pecuniary & numismatic black magicians decreeing death to the human race from their empty spaces, there can be only one response from humanity.

With the baubled fancies in the castles of the most advanced swine midden in the world hoping to receive more manure soon. Obviously the House of Battenburg have calculated that there is more money to be had from MercantileChinkSlavingMercs than the Common Agricultural Policy over the next half century.

Which bit of pharmacy time can you support?

War criminals first.

Sunday 3 July 2016

Cry me a river.....

Pacific Sentinel: USA: Great Green Fleet instills culture of energy ...: From John C. Stennis Strike Group Public Affairs In this file photo, USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) participates in a replenishment at ...

I do love the hypermentalism of the mad corpulent incorporated. "We scorched your city off the face of the earth to save the planet. We gave ourselves a great big fat iGREEN award."

Saturday 2 July 2016


SNAFU!: KC-390 vid.: Thanks to Marcos and everyone else that sent me this link! Let me see if I can trigger some people with this statement.  You're look...

That neat number has been mentioned many times at this shop. If it rides on the A320/IAE technician pool then we have a true C47 replacement at last. Everyone used the C47. Joe, Tojo, Tommy, Sam, Marcel et al. In fact the only guys who didn't were the tante drivers. Cheap enough to fly into trouble. No way is anything like an A400(notice the 5star ball pond health and safety conditions in the above photo from Djibouti, where the ChiComms have been invited in to play),C-2, C 17 or a C 130J going anywhere where the Khe Sanh
re-enactment club will be replaying their heroes' finest hours.

BTW have you noticed that team omega is doing airdrops these days. Key Stone cops of the NGO airwar.

I have a shit load of stuff to get through in July so traffic will be light here and the other shops until that is all sorted so Cya soon.

Friday 1 July 2016

US Tacair has gone the full Bomber B.

Air Force Officers Give New Details for F-35 in War With China

After all that money nothing is ready to do anything. The old enemy has advanced into a completely new and advanced culture that US Comintern Kombrigs do not understand. The next peer will be corpratePraetorian/Janissary and religioglobalist.

It will also be completely degenerate and anti-human.

War News Updates: Japan’s High Top Court Approves Blanket Surveillan...

War News Updates: Japan’s High Top Court Approves Blanket Surveillan...: Several dozen mosques in Japan serve the tens of thousands Japanese Muslims. Pictured Tokyo Mosque [Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Newsmakers]...

Too late. Their handlers were parked awaiting the call centuries ago. Rothtown and the MPA are hoaching with the NOAHide compliant.

I'd be watching Chabadee land grabbers and quiet Koreans rather than a trafficked slob flogging children.

BTW this ginswillingmuppet below is too thick to breathe without CPR and a crash team. Which bit of strategic business alignment, follow on management team and retirement to the shires don't you get? You buzzminded freakfront.

Kicking a Rothbitch up the arse? Not the altMedia, MSM or Chicomms.