Friday 31 July 2009

9/11 was not an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 3 of ?

My mate Tim the tube driver has pointed out that I’ve not been clear on the WTC7 malarky.

So I’ll make it clear.

A tuned gated in/out fusion weapon was used to take them down.

Saw this in the Phoenix Finchley a long time ago.

Phekkin’ A.

What do you smell?

Heads up.

Thursday 30 July 2009

Post-Pantheism, watch out it'll be worse than this lot.

I see OH is vexed about events again.

All I can say is NOAHide.

If you don’t know what that is get your eyes round this.

“Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;”

We can expect similar in the EUSSR

Got that.

Now I’m sure I covered this in a previous post,

, and on inspection I have.

However just to make my position clear on this subject.

All Molech worshipping, Hyksos mono theistic, psychoMoshe loving brain fevered followers of the book, sons of Abraham, fucking Allah clowning Bronze age freekwit, Roming skypiloting, I’m so insecure I need to immerse myself in large groups of hive minded cranial deposited antediluvian retarded skunkknockers can go fuck themselves.

There now is that clear.

You sad, I cannot think of anything by myself, wet myself if alone, group hugging mentalist, scared of the dark, I need to be in communes, look at me, me me me meist, don’t ignore me you anti skunkist, I must be looked at, I crave your attention and you’ll give it or I’ll lead pill you and carve my image into your eye, idol wanking autobrainfelching calfchokers.

I’ll add a bit more clarity for the slow mono theist fucks.

The I shit myself if I meet someone that can actually get on with life autonomously, AAHHHHH they are scary. They will not bow down to me. AAAHHHH, I must work some sort of psychopathic shit to take them out, undermine their lives and make them my SLAVE!!!!, slow on the uptake scamming lower digestive track gerbilturdtoasters.

If you clowns want to live in the Bronze Age then build yourselves a time machine and fuck off there. Just for once I’d like to live co temporally without any of you sticking your nose into my business, you homicidal monotheist shitstinking blooddrenched inbred money-grubbing unimportant nobodies.

I don't want any of you aardvarkarsebarkbandits around all you do is kill.

Heads up.

NWO take down, this is the bit in the movie when the SENTINELS gun down the beasties in the tunnels

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Just caught the GGT about UK Afghan wounded numbers.

About 250 wounded v's about 20 dead so far.

That's taking us into Vietnam/NI territory from the analysis on the BMJ paper posted in an earlier blog.

Heads up.

More Af/Pak background.

You are all going to die. Not me, I've had my cans of SPAM hidden for 40 years now.

Let’s concatenate the West.

Stick it in a little lab and accelerate history.

Cripple human development.

What might you get?

Starving in plenty. Great technological advance and famine.


A pool of every flavour must be strewn around the blessed’s table for the serfs to supp upon occasion.

Whom ever supp cannot see the table.

Whom ever does not supp will die.

How long has the table existed?

How dry the pools before I?

If they can drain your soup bowl?

If they can do this in nano seconds?

Heads up.

Wednesday 29 July 2009


Now that we know ever penny ever in our pockets has been stolen. The next Pan Galactic Pyramid Selling Scheme selling scheme has started. Cue BBC news last night with top GGT propagandist out with the Foundation whore scientists in deepest darkest Greenland.

We’re onto the FED scam so we’re getting the greenwash to keep us quiet.

Any dissenters will be off to a re-education centre for an indeterminate period. Hence reading this will get you VIP treatment there.

The whole Solar System is undergoing profound change, i.e. heating, at the moment. Has it anything to do with the….let me think….SUN perhaps!!!!! BIG hot thing in the sky.

However the show trials will need to be ramped up to make sure us peasants get the message so,

So don’t try doing anything about it yourself. Your ingenuity is not wanted. GOT THAT PERP!!!!


Heads up.

A little more India/Af/Pak/Iran background.

Some more background info published here.

Heads up.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

9/11 was NOT an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 2 of ?

I’m only going to post one link on this waffle to keep it tidy. Those who know won’t need any pictures and those who don’t can do some quick googling.

Those of you who’ve been unfortunate enough to catch the ravings on these pages will remember my listing of some reasons why 9/11 was not an inside job. In order to help the following rant develop I’ll give you a framework into which these reasons can be decanted so that their true importance can be more fully appreciated in the whole scenario. The key here is to realise that every single event and happening that you the researcher can identify has more than one reason or meaning behind its existence. The simple framework outlined will help you work out the why/when/how/who of any event you witness.

Create a 3D matrix with four reference points. Tactical, Operational, Strategic & Existential

“WTF?” I hear you cry. “That’s really lit my fire doofuss!!!”

OK then if you look back at an even earlier date around the time of the bombing the moon rant you’ll find a list of the, one a year biggies, that get pulled off. I’ll put them into their relevant place in the above framework’s vertical axis.

New York (11/09/2001), Series of complex events covering first three T/O & S
Bali (12/10/2002), Operational
Madrid (11/03/2004), Tactical
Beslan (01/09/2004), Strategic
London (07/07/2005), Operational
Bali (01/10/2005), Tactical
Mumbai (11/07/2006), Tactical
Mumbai (26/11/2008), Operational
Moon (??/??/20??) Tactical

“So going to your list for 9/11 where would I put each thread smart arse” I hear you chuckle. OK. Sticking to the vertical axis.

1. Snuff movie. Existential
2. Casus Belli. Operational
3. High level Illuminist Ceremonial. Strategic
4. Removal of evidence of Drug Trading money laundering through off balance sheet accounting. Operational
5. Hit on Pentagon auditors Tactical
6. Insurance scam. Tactical
7. Weapons system demonstration. Operational
8. Marketing promo. Strategic

So now you’re asking “What would constitute an Existential event in this frame work smeg for brains?”

By the nature of these things they are very difficult to pinpoint because their importance is not immediately obvious to us mere mortals.

To illustrate, I’d put the event that was Pol Pot in the Operational part of the framework. Now millions died and if you were one of them it was major league existential to you. In yesterday’s rant on the PO Tower, that plan is Tactical.

However I’m trying to get you into the mind set of TPTB. So for TPTB December 23rd 1913 is Existential/Strategic. No one died that day because of the signingof the Federal Reserve into being, in fact everyone was on holiday, and it must have been lovely just like a Frank Capra movie with the snow falling and all. However the effect of that signing reverberates to this day and far into the future with the body count in the hundreds of millions and still climbing.

Existential/Existential? World Religion creation. Existential/Existential/Existential? Now you’re getting the hang of it. Only once in known history, and that is for another day.

As a further example, those of you of a Scotch flavour will no doubt want to “kick ma heed in” for referring to the wonderful inhabitants of the lands of Picts and Scotii as “aboriginals” on more than one occasion. This is not an insult, the use of the language is deliberate to try and get you into TPTB mindset and reference framework. TPTB think of us all as vermin.

Whenever you deal with TPTB and their chicanery always remember that each event is multi layered and the truth is hidden in clear sight. They love doing it just to take the piss out of the vermin.

So let’s pick an event and flesh out what I reckon went down, pun intended.

WTC7 is famous for being standing when the BBC told us it had collapsed. They even broadcast the building standing behind their, richly rewarded, reporter. Mistake, clusterfuck? No very deliberate.

Two terms need to be stated for this discussion. These are constantly repeated to take you off the trail of evidence and dull your senses. Be wary of them and their users.

“Free Fall”= A body subject to the local acceleration of gravity. No other forces involved.
“Foot print”= Controlled demolition of building into its own ground plan.

When WTC7 free fell into its own foot print what disappeared with it that we can place into our framework. Well all the evidence that would have exposed just how much crime wealth was being pumped through Wall St. by off balance sheet accounting methods a la Enron. So 4.Operational for the US economy.

However that’s not all. Remember this stuff always plays out in more than one part of the overall spectacle. You’ve got to stare at this like a fly, don’t blink, and don’t think. Just stare. It’s all there hidden in plain sight. Why would the BBC let us see WTC7 still standing hours after the main event? What did WTC7 put into the public consciousness?

Controlled demolition.

Look at the crumpled remains of WTC 7. That’s what we must think about the whole NY 9/11 take down.

So you don’t question that the towers were similarly destroyed. The whole Thermate/Thermite, Nano explosives gig takes you way off scent.

Well I kept remarking to my mate Tim the tube driver that there was something mighty wrong with the controlled demo of the Twin Towers.

For one thing they didn’t free fall into their own foot prints. They both peeled open like bananas.

So I’m going to ask you to come with me way up in the sky, hundreds of miles up, and stare down at the scene early that morning before anything happened. What do you see? Well the sky is clear. Off the US East Coast there is a massive storm that no one ever mentions, Hurricane Erin.

Why would there need to be a clear blue sky that day?

If you read through this

You get some hints.

After the take down you look at the wreckage and ask the question what happened to WTC6?

Now I don’t discount that there was super thermate/ite in WTC 1&2 what I’m saying is that evidence for it’s presence is to be combined with the WTC7 meme to make us stop, congratulate ourselves for being so smart as to see through the smoke and mirrors and give up further thoughts on the matter.

If you watch WTC1 and WTC2 going down you cannot come to any other conclusion than that they were gutted. Their main supporting structure disappeared, that’s why they peeled open. Their remaining pile of rubble constituted only 30% of the pile you’d expect from a WTC7 style controlled demolition.

I would even go as far as to contend that they were taken down by two differing methods. WTC6 gives a clue as to what one method was and hence the need for clear blue skies. The second method leaves evidence of heightened levels of tritium in the whole WTC complex.

So WTC1&2 is 7. Operational for supra national entity.

WTC7 then Operational/Operational.

Believe it or not that’s one of the simpler ones to deal with and I’ve only skimmed the surface. The other esp. 1,3 & 8 will leave you depressed and sickened so I’m going to move onto something hopeful which was the whole point of me starting this rant in the first place.

So tomorrow you’ll get;

How to take our real lives back. It’s not stupid stupid. A Rigorous Voting Methodology.

Then I’m offski.

Heads up.

9/11 was NOT an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. 1 of ?

This is going to take the long route. Continuity of Government.

"In the early hours of October 31, 1971, a bomb exploded on the 31st floor ""WHICH DEVICE?"" (curiously, no one ever claimed responsibility for hiding the device). No-one was injured in the blast but the physical damage took two years to repair."

"Why is it round? The architects that designed it wanted it to be able to survive a nuclear attack (so that the British government would still be able to communicate with the world, post bomb). They noted that the only buildings that survived in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were circular, allowing the enormous blast wave to surge round them, so they built it round."


If you believed that the Soviets had got it wrong and their bombs were dudds. After all that effort where would you stick a bomb to kill your civil control problem?

Heads up.

Monday 27 July 2009

Babylon, Rome, Venice who knew?

I’m offski for a while.

If ever an English woman held my heart I’d hoped it would be this girl.

Before I skeeedaddle I’m going to post two more real rantings and then enjoy the silence.

9/11 was NOT an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why.

How to take our real lives back. It’s not stupid stupid. A Rigorous Voting Methodology.

The theory, execution and navigation of unreality bubbles.


Keep your HEADS UP.

Sunday 26 July 2009

The Lowland Clearances. USofA and UK?

We've gambled and lost again. Time to pay our crap table debts.

On lots of the blogs today there are postings about immigrants being pointed to Scotland for settlement.

I think the words I used on a previous blog were that the aboriginals in Scotland need to view themselves as TPTB does.

Scotch real estate is eyed enviously by others with REAL MONEEE, and they have no intention of paying for it. They’ve sent their agents ahead to lay possession.

The aboriginals there have no jobs, no babees, no REAL MONEEE, no government, no institutions that they control and no representation. BTW CoL doesn’t want the interlopers sullying Kent and Surrey, they’re brethren are to be KEPT inside the M25 and outside an expanded CoL.

As I said in another blog we are getting the 21st century equivalent of the pumping of opium into China to steal their money and destroy their society. The Chinese didn’t want the opium but the damned well got it.

We don’t want the immigrants but we’re damned well getting them, they’ll siphon off our wealth and destroy our society, all with the help of a fifth column. Our NAZI/SOVIET parliament and the deep cover fascist/common purpose/Marxist traitors.

Now listen to these guys if you’ve got 45mins, it’s two years since La Rouche broadcast that it had gone pear shaped. Everything these guys discuss about USofA just read UK plc.

Also very interesting analysis from long ago reposted today. Look at the map of continental USofA (Alaska must be similar) that’s got to be what China and USofA are yakking about tomorrow. If anything makes sense from this expect Chinese satellite cities springing up in these reserved areas in USofA. Under some deep cover green pretext.

Heads up.

Eclipse before the apocalypse.

I’d forgotten all about this piece of esoterica until George Ure knocked the memory banks over again.

“So, what are the dates? Once again looking to Excel to do the heavy lifting because it's a weekend and I try my darnedest not to really wake up until lunchtime, we see that the 34-day post emotional peak day would make 9/25/2009 our first 'hot date' to fear. The second one pencils out to 10/16/2009.”

Then La Rouche sidles up with another indicator.

“October 12 or October 15 is the deadline, unless some very wild unforeseeable changes occur before that. When the fiscal year closes for the US, that will be the clearest evidence of a fullscale global collapse. Obama has to be either put in a cage or out of office before then, or things are lost, and it will only be for future generations to write the accounts of how civilization was destroyed.”

Get the candles and cans of corned beef stashed high!!!

Heads up.

The Queen and the Countdown to the Abolition of Westminster

I've been chucking around some questions about what is really going on, and a partial answer may have surfaced?!?! I came across this link at nobody's place.

Could also throw some light in the Eire referendum issue. We are in danger of an EU wide putsch. Don't be fooled by the quietude. That's what happens on a regular basis throughout history.

Very very interesting muse.

Heads up.

Now what part of the Carbon Ponzi scheme does this fit into?

Go on read carefully now, here’s a glimpse into 21st Century Green Carbon Ponzi scheme free markets with full NAOHide cover.

Can you see the fit?

Saddle up for the Bronze age horror show.

Go on.

Heads up.

Wounded and killed by conventional weapons in conflicts during or after second world war as reported in medical literature. Some numbers.

More British dead.

Another UK trooper dead in Afghanistan.

The thing that I really want to know is what our Dead-Wounded ratio there is. The wave of dead troopers is disgusting enough. However the silence over our wounded by MSM is pure evil.

The G gives this snippet

This put a 1:9 approx ratio to the conflict.

So I’ve done some digging.

Go here for a fuller discussion.

If the G’s figure is correct then this takes us into Table 3 “Numbers of people wounded and killed in incomplete and unverified selection
of military or paramilitary incidents from January 1996 to end of 1998, as reported by
BBC radio's World Service” territory for this entirely bogus conflict. Indeed when you think of what we’ve allowed to be done in our name we cannot be in Table 1 at all. Or if we are transiting from Table 3 to Table 1 we are heading for a bloodier Northern Ireland or Vietnam.

This makes me wonder just what the Hong Kong Phooey is going on at the top of our so called government. With just months to go until a general election is called you’d expect panic and floods of ordure pouring from the political establishment. No it’s quiet, too quiet. With the fiscal position of the nation trashed you’d expect that one subject to generate so much heat that we’d be deafened, but no. What’s going on?

I reckon they’ve been told that there will be no general election. That something so big and awesome is going to hit us that we’ll be under lock and key for generations to come.

I reckon it’s worth wandering over to the Time Monks, , and catching a swaatch at what they reckon is on the way. Treat it as a warning, not an actual description of what’s coming down the pike, but it should make you sit up and pay attention.

Look around you, the TeeVee is getting you prepped for show trials, kangaroo courts and rationing. The supermarkets have the infrastructure in place to deliver rations to the doorstep. You know it as online shopping. Snoops are everywhere and the entire basis for our civil society is being trashed.

Heads up.

Friday 24 July 2009

Co prosperity spheres, where have we heard that before in badpropagandaland?

Stick it down the craws of the NAZI/SOVIET operatives in your midst.

There are no benefits to you or anyone who’s not been touched.

Stop the piss take, the NAZI/SOVIET entertain dreams of global pacification and destruction of individuality.,1518,635074,00.html

They are going to play on your fears and then screw you.


Who are you going to vote for?

Heads up the phekkin’ Irish.

How would you justify DU use to get an MBA.

I want to take you to a place far far away, to a time neither tomorrow nor yesterday.

Look at this list.

IGOR ANSOFF, Corporate Strategy, 1965
SHONA BROWN & KATHLEEN EISENHARDT, Competing on the Edge, 1998
LARRY DOWNES & CHUNKA MUI, Unleashing the Killer App, 1998
PETER DRUCKER, The Age of Discontinuity, 1969
SUMANTRA GHOSHAL & CHRISTOPHER A BARTLETT, The Individualised Corporation, 2000
ANDREW GROVE, Only the Paranoid Survive, 1996
GARY HAMEL & C K PRAHALAD, Competing for the Future, 1994
ROBERT S KAPLAN & DAVID P NORTON, The Balanced Scorecard, 1996
REGIS MCKENNA, Real Time, 1997
MARY MODAHL, Now or Never, 2000
GEOFFREY MOORE, Crossing the Chasm, 1991
RICHARD PASCALE, Managing on the Edge, 1990
TOM PETERS AND ROBERT WATERMAN, In Search of Excellence, 1982
MICHAEL PORTER, Competitive Strategy, 1980
PETER SENGE, The Fifth Discipline, 1990
CARL SHAPIRO & HAL R VARION, Information Rules, 1998
THOMAS STEWART, Intellectual Capital, 1997
ALVIN TOFFLER, The Third Wave, 1980
SUN TZU, The Art of War, 500BC
WATTS WACKER & JIM TAYLOR, The 500 Year Delta, 1997
WALT WRISTON, Twilight of Sovereignty, 1992
SHOSHANA ZUBOFF, In the Age of the Smart Machine, 1988

It summarises the complete and utter shit that has been spewed into our world by “Business” theorists. These clowns rate with Educational theorists and Social Care theorists in their utter shitspeak.

I remember being lectured to about “unleashing human potential” and these fucks were on the recommended reading lists.

I’ll paraphrase, but these goons were knee deep in this utter stinking pile of treacherous double speak.

Apparently corporate leaders were puzzled by the fact that their employees were not giving their all at the workplace. This truly troubled these beneviolent titans of capital, after all no one at their workstation hot desk needed a canary anymore. They couldn’t get their heads round the fact that their employees would return home and give their hearts to music, composition, artistic endeavour, historical societies, bird breeding and other lovingly tended pursuits. Why oh why didn’t their workers love the workplace so kindly provendered by the masters? What was wrong?

Well this was all bollox. If any of these clowns had been invited to a roundtable discussion with these titans of capital this is what would have happened to Zuboff, Ansoff, Handy, Senge, Drucker, Porter et al.

I’ll translate everything that these clowns were writing in vain. This is what the beneviolent titans were really thinking after handing oodles of cash over to the university research depts.

“Who do these fuckers think they are? They are taking MY MONEY and raising canaries. Enslave the phukks, give them no time at home, enfeeble their pastimes and abolish their pleasures. They will work 24/7 for MEEE!!!!! Or I’ll smash their fukkin’ brains in.”

Got that.

Now when we consider NAZI/SOVIETS don’t forget that the USofA NAZI/SOVIET was buried deep in a giant dynamic economy that has taken over 100 years to ensnare.

Look at DiNiro. It’s Hilter, Heydrich, Beria, PolPot, Stalin, and who is it now USofA?

The US military is now fully integrated into the US business dynamic. USofA has truly degenerated into the condition of PIRATE ship.

They are now truly English and their elites Venetian.

Heads up.

PS any fuck that mentions Sun Tzu to you kick them in the cunt.

Thursday 23 July 2009

Would you accept medication from a WitchDoctor? NHS chemical shamanism.

Much has been written about the lunacy of war, the utter stark raving mentalness of the whole enterprise. So why so often recently?

When you look at WWII and the British effort you realise that we were nothing more than a garrisoning exercise fed by the USofA. Our main force never met the German main force. We never met anyone’s main force anywhere and defeated them. Bring it on, I challenge you to provide evidence to the contrary. Even WWI will leave you floundering.

In WWII only 5% ever took part in our main force effort and were never recognised.

Their leader, for all his faults, knighted and not ennobled. Why else would this chap almost end up crying on the Parkinson Show when explaining .303 vs 50cal.

Do you want to know why that was?

It was because all the blood, sweat, and tears of all those men and women working day and night 24/7, every day of every year from 1939 to 1951 was ceremonial. It looked good but did nothing to change the world. The real authors of change had other things on their minds

Can anything be gleaned when a steady gaze is cast over that world of the early 20th century and the 100million dead Northern Europeans?

Only that we have been groomed to take part in an endless ceremony that seeks to bring the whole world to the altar of a passed age that wishes to rebirth itself.

The chorus is ten millennia in the making,

the song centuries in the arranging,

the orchestration decades in practice,

the actors groomed since birthing,

the whole piece an affront in malice.

“Poison gas was probably the most feared of all weapons in World War One. Poison gas was indiscriminate and could be used on the trenches even when no attack was going on. Whereas the machine gun killed more soldiers overall during the war, death was frequently instant or not drawn out and soldiers could find some shelter in bomb/shell craters from gunfire. A poison gas attack meant soldiers having to put on crude gas masks and if these were unsuccessful, an attack could leave a victim in agony for days and weeks before he finally succumbed to his injuries. “

“The nature of the gasses carried by the German asphyxiating shells remain a mystery. Whatever gas it is, it spreads rapidly and remains close to the ground. It is believed not to be specially deadly -- one that rather over powers its victims and puts them hors de combat without killing many. Its effect at Bixschoote may have been due to panic caused by the novelty of the device. Its composition and manner of discharge are probably no mystery to the scientific artillerymen of the Allies. That such devices might be used in war has been known for a long time, but the positive prohibitions of The Hague Conference have prevented the more civilized nations of Europe from going far with experiments in this line.”

Notice the soft relativistic soporific wording. It was all natural. Despite the conventions against such behavior. They thought to kill us all but it didn't work. We, you and me non psychopathic inhabited carbon based lifeforms, helped each other and through our humanity lengthened our misery.

Now when the NHS, as part of it’s theft from us who’ve paid for it, will hand you over drugs on the fly you know that means we will be groomed into never seeing a doctor and swallowing any damned drug they want us to have.

Ask your self this question.

If after all those dead British men and women, those destitute British children, the societal conditioning, has anything changed in the medical provision for Regina from Elizabeth I to Isabella 1?

We are a great big test bed, a lab; into which TPTB decant their latest attempt to groom us. We accept our medication “IN FAITH”.

That is ritual and ceremonial.

Heads up.