Monday 12 October 2009

May 2010 it is, after that the 1997 demographics IUD blows us away.

Here we go again. The verminous goons are going to apologies to each other in parliament for getting caught thieving. No apologies to us the peasants, no. We don’t count and how dare we call them to account for larceny. They aren’t ashamed to be selling off £16billion quid of our bought and paid for assets on the cheap to the guys that bought them either. Just like when some genius sold of our gold into the rigged gold market to cover criminal goings on.

OH reckons that the next general election after May 2010 will be the key election. I disagree. May 2010 is D-Day. If we do not replace all 646 of these criminals with our “own” then we are dead. It is bye bye to whatever we call freedom. The election of 2015 will see the spawn of all the flood of immigrants join their fathers in returning non freedom candidates, go on I dare you to prove otherwise. Where did this wave of people originate, non freedom countries. They left not seeking liberty, but to get a free pass into the money voucher jamboree that has been UK plc for the past 12 years. Their role was to change the UK, not the other way round as the theorists and immigration propagandists’ claim. Change us to satrapy and oligarchy just like the places they were imported from.

So 2010 it is then, demographically we’ll still be able to make it. By 2015 it’ll be too late OH and any blogging activity not approved by the state will see you transported/renditioned to a private prison to spend the rest of your days in slavery.

So UK plc if after May 2010 every Tory, Lib Dem, Labour, SNP, Green etc main stream, foundation bought and paid for, traitorous office isn’t abandoned and empty then that’s it. Anyone with a mind that hasn’t been addled by 24/7 soaps might as well scarper because UK plc will now be integrated into the Open Oligarchy. The Soap Shirts will come and get you, drag you away for a good telling off or whatever their masters bid, and then return to the communal soap spring for another fix in the hive mind.

Heads up.

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