Tuesday 6 October 2009

Golden South America.

Lands of the Nazi rat lines.

Certain regions of the “known” world are groomed for their emergence into the World stage at certain times appointed by Destiny. Each taking it’s turn, from Rome to North America.

After the end of the Western Roman empire the city states that comprised the shoreline of Byzantium in the Adriatic forged their rich future, in The Holy Roman Empire a great power structure with associated mythos was forged. Each one of a scale and power to match two things.

Firstly the knowledge in circulation, secondly the number of humans extant.

The occult was traded between cities, city states, kingdoms, empires and religions over hundreds of years along the silk road in pursuit of what?

Who thinks that Marco Polo just suddenly decided to go walkabout one day? He was on a mission. Under the cover of monotheism he got from the Adriatic to Cathy for that’s how far it stretched. All he needed was a healthy constitution.

What happened after that would appear unconnected and disjointed to the causal reader.

Just because the West is ignorant of what’s really happened in the world and has been complicit in destroying memory and knowledge doesn’t excuse us, unless you’re a Labour Minister.

The process has been simple in the Northern Hemisphere. Join all the dots that were scattered throughout ancient History. Chinese knowledge and Eastern mysticism imported on the back of camels bringing the flows of valuable commodities between East and West. Denude the West of precious metals. Use the millennial old navigational bent of these sea peoples to explore. Bring the whole lot together under a blanket of a rabid cult. Spilt the resultant mass and keep the tension wratcheted up. Match all that to the herd head count.

What do you get? A process that took mankind from age old religious practices like pantheism and totemism to abnormal repetitive behaviour. We have been imprisoned and caged.

If we cast our gaze over the populations that have occupied the previously emptied regions of the North.

Let’s start at the most “advanced” region. North America. This displays complete ARB, nothing and no one there is worth anything more than a spreadsheet entry. It’s got the full predeterminsitc/mechanistic/NAOHide. Spiritually bereft it is a cultural desert and poor soon.

Europe. Splits into three part. North Europe hasn’t had the spreadsheet applied fully but is getting there. NE has full predeteministic mechanics in place and as such cannot stop evil. Some say that's where evil resides. Southern Europe remains an inactive bastion of Counter Reformation quietude. Empty real estate waiting to be occupied. Orthodox Europe awaits liquidation. If Islam is held up to be in need of a reformation well OE has been trampled to death by post determinist humanist mechanistic evil. It cannot stop the long decline started after Rome began plotting way back in the first millennium.

Islam, well is it waiting or in need of a reformation? No, as a political creation of the first millennium it has served its purpose well and will continue to do so. It’s purpose? As with all new monotheist constructs it is designed to destroy memory and will continue with all the treasure it needs to hand. Its lack of individual freedom makes it an ideal instrument in the future transhumanist agenda, good slavers.

The Far East is dominated by slavery. Proto-transhumanist slavery, but none the less it is a slave colony on a vast scale. A giant hi tech gulag in the making. A good place to experiment after monotheism pitched up and started to trash the place 800 years ago.

India, is it a backwater? Yet to be seen. However if my speculation about the destruction of Indo-European memory is any good we can expect them to suffer the full monotheistic depravity soon enough. The ground work has been laid by our believers of many types over the centuries from Jesuits to Communists.

Now I don’t want you thinking I’ve got it in for monotheism as a philosophy, I don’t per se. What I do find is that from the first shepherds, then Moses, then Christianity, Islam, Predestination, Communism to transhumanism their one trait has been a psychopathy bent on homicidal hatred of anyone. Especially anyone who has their own opinions and memory. They cannot leave anyone alone in monotheist pursuit of gold. A mind set that replaced many gods with One, the One with several, several with none and then all with man. Soon man with New Man the slave. They are so full of themselves that they cannot see that gold has taken on an intelligence and is forcing their genocidal mind set.

That’s why I love Japan, no trace of the phekkers having trashed the place. I’ve read a lot of stuff over the years about Hakata Bay 1274. The story I like most is that the local Samurai met the douche bags on the beach and although they were all wiped out they put up such a stunning defence on the day that the Mongols went back to their boats instead of establishing the bridgehead that day. The kamikaze turned up and bye-bye simple minded psychopaths. Sweet. Though if you watch carefully you can see the phekkers sloping around Japan, quietly going about their business waiting sleekitly for the day when they’ll be called to start trouble again. Dropping two A-Bombs on their churches didn’t dissuade them.

If you cast your gaze over the West since before the age of Caesar you’ll look upon an unbroken trail of sacrificial ritual and ceremony with abnormal repetitive behaviour on a gargantuan scale. All matched to the herd head count.

Tom Bombadil and Goldberry. Do they live in South America? Looks like its time as the anointed place has come. All the omens say that this is a great mixing bowl of young people who might take the transhumanist agenda on board if it lifts them straight out of poverty. All the monotheist plague factors, Jew, Muslim, Communist, Greener are there and you know how TPTB love to bring order out of chaos.

Perhaps the final stage has come. Now to match the death rate to the herd head count and with more souls on the planet than there has ever existed before that should be one hell of a body count.

Heads up.

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