Monday 31 August 2009


They want us to forget and won’t stop until we have been reconditioned.

It took them 22 years to get our nation reconditioned last time from 1929-1951. In there were a depression and a world war and Korea.

That’s the scale of the calamity coming our way. In fact some would argue we are already in the process. The excellent George Ure at Urbansurvival has the jump on this.

What do they want us to forget?

They want us to forget that we could actually do things and were not drugged up satraps of the benefit state. Toothless officials keeping ourselves in mind gulag.

Why do they want us to forget?

If we remember then we will have cognitive dissonance when TPTB tell us how sweet life is.

All I’ve heard for decades now is change. Well how come TPTB never experience any change? Rock/Roth and their minions still get to park their knobs in their siblings, screw around the same exclusive beaches, pull the strings that get the Obama/Mandelbrot marionette show twitching.

We must never be allowed to ask questions like “How come Prince Andrew represented UK plc at Davos 2009 and now turns up in the Libya fiasco?” If there were really societal change then a grandchild of a wee cooper from Wigan would have been scoffing the caviar and quenching their thirst with pails of bubbly, or pints of heavy!!!

ALL the “change” pish is about stealing from us the things we’ve paid for. Paid for not with their funny fairy dust money, but with real currency. The currency of lifework, blood, sweat and tears.

Rock/Roth wants to walk off with our motorways. They’ve set their minions to work stealing land globally. Remember these goons do not buy from us, the organise a steal.

Our NHS has been stolen in front of our faces by the Blair/Brown cabal. Watch how NICE will start getting to do real work, as was always planned, now that we’ve been convinced that WE spent all the money, WE must tighten our belts, WE caused it all, WE are to blame.





Watching us and making sure we are hounded as we draw breath so we can never get to join the dots.

Heads up.

Sunday 30 August 2009

NWO= New Worm Order

“Lightning arse strike fells Brown.” Scream the headlines.

I’ve ordered two of these for delivery before the next election.

That would be poetic wouldn’t it?

When the obit.was written they could say that the man who talked nothing but crap was tazered by a giant worm fart.


Heads down, watch your step.

Why are TPTB all heading South?

Last week I mentioned how the Bushies, Moonies etc. are bolting to Paraguay, now the Dutch royal family put the kybosh on any reporting of their holiday in Argentina, they’re also building big in Mozambique.

Could it be that they know something we don’t?

Something about the coming boom, town rats getting out of town away from the flash damage?

Is that why Gordon is looking strangely serene?

Every other administration I’ve witnessed getting near to election day is usually shitting itself about now.

Not Gordon.

Does he know that the borders will be sealed and that all the new immigrants will have the language skills needed to run the great big UK GCHQ listening station?

Is that why there is no more RN, no more RAF, no more Army?

UK plc is just a great big spy base for the NWO?

Makes sense of what we are witnessing.

Saturday 29 August 2009

More dead on the way home.

What can be gleaned from the tables below?

Currently Afghanistan is much smaller in scale than Vietnam.

However the greater the number of troops involved the higher the casualty number. This is obvious from the second source. What the non-hostile deaths were I don’t know. Training, fragging, suicide?

We don’t get any WIA and MIA numbers for Afghanistan so being crude and using the Vietnam data WIA is 5/6 times the number of KIA. So I’ll do that for 06/09 in the first table.

What’s the body count going to be when all coalition forces are in the field? Who knows? Even using predator drones and remote assassination it’s going up.

Has there ever been a time when we the British electorate have had our representatives tell us to go fuck ourselves!!!!?????


Coalition Military Fatalities by Year*
Year US Other Total Est.WIA(my figures)
2009 165 121 286 1430/1716
2008 155 139 294 1470/1764
2007 117 115 232 1160/1392
2006 98 93 191 955/1146
2005 99 32 131
2004 52 7 59
2003 48 9 57
2002 49 20 69
2001 12 0 12
Total 795 536 1331


Casualties By Year*
US Forces 1,864 7,337 18 unknown

ARVN unknown unknown unknown unknown

NVA/VC unknown unknown unknown unknown

US Forces 5,008 1 29,992 61 unknown

ARVN 11,953 71,584 unknown unknown

NVA/VC 71,473 unknown unknown 3,247

Note 1: there were an additional 1,045 non-hostile deaths for a total of 6,053
US Forces 9,378 1 56,013 113 unknown

ARVN 12,716 76,299 529 unknown

NVA/VC 133,484 unknown unknown 6,065

Note 1: there were an additional 1,680 non-hostile deaths for a total of 11,058
US Forces 14,594 1 87,388 176 unknown

ARVN 28,800 172,512 587 unknown

NVA/VC 208,254 unknown unknown 9,462

Note 1: there were an additional 1,919 non-hostile deaths for a total of 16,511
US Forces 9,414 1 55,390 112 unknown

ARVN 22,000 131,780 683 unknown

NVA/VC 132,051 unknown unknown 5,905

Note 1: there were an additional 2,113 non-hostile deaths for a total of 11,527
US Forces 4,221 1 24,835 101 unknown

ARVN 23,000 137,770 727 unknown

NVA/VC 86,591 unknown unknown 3,934

Note 1: there were an additional 1,844 non-hostile deaths for a total of 6,065
US Forces 1,380 1 18,109 16 unknown

ARVN 19,901 123,545 727 unknown

NVA/VC 19,320 unknown unknown 2,304

Note 1: there were an additional 968 non-hostile deaths for a total of 2,348
US Forces 300 1 3,936 11 unknown

ARVN 25,787 139,731 727 unknown

NVA/VC 4,261 unknown unknown 1,349

Legend: KIA = Killed In Action WIA = Wounded In Action MIA = Missing In Action CIA = Captured In Action
Note 1: there were an additional 261 non-hostile deaths for a total of 561

Gordon Brown a man quite literally out of time.

If Obama’s Bipolar then I think I’ve cracked it with Gordon, though no mention of Nokia Abuse.

And I quote “Here the withdrawn factor—loneliness and constricted affect—was also complemented by the physical anhedonia scale. The original sample (1995) was then combined with the replication sample to examine associations with the dimensions of extraversion-introversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism.
Introversion loaded on the first withdrawn factor. The second unreality factor—unusual perceptions, magical beliefs, and ideas of reference—was unrelated to the Eysenck dimensions.”

No amount of screeming and yelling at him is going to penetrate his “unreality syndrome” .

He’s going to send more British troops to Afghanistan to help train Afghan forces!!!!!

WTF, all that’s going to happen is the local warlords will send their lads in for our training and shiny new boots etc and then they’ll turncoat at the given signal, and shoot our guys in the back.

Gordon doesn’t get this simple fact.

He sees this

When we see this.

Heads up.

Blueberry smoothies. Mercury time!!!!

I'll get back to the fuckwitz in shades later because as I was wondering around Man Widdicombe’s lovely piece of cyberspace when this heaved into view and got me thinking.

UN eh? That would be these guys.



Oh fuck it just start here and just keep digging

By their deeds shall yee know them. Check out this to see what's been pumped into everyone in their vaccination programmes, and this is before you start digging into murky stuff like AIDS, these guys now have mandate to enforce mass vacination globally.

The UN. You might dodge our lead pills but our death jabs will get you.

Grooming us for NWO take down. Sanctimonious crap spewing two faced commie bastard foundation bitchboys.

Oh and have you noticed a strange GGT/UN synergy?

I just noted that when C.Boorman & E. McGregor had screamed over the horizon on their bikes within the year trouble flared. Other GGT programs with UN interest seem to do the same.

Heads up.

Hair, shades & plastic faces. Why?

Friday 28 August 2009

More Afghanistan background.

Did C4 news pull the Holbrooke monstering Karsai footage from its lunchtime news?

I got the screaming and yelling at the intro and waited for a repeat in the main body but no.

Did I miss it?

So what is the Master of Disaster up to?

Well our Kissinger chum and Rothschild scion seems to turn everything to crap when he heaves into view and when in Vietnam he and the Nobel Peace Prize winning beastie boy made sure everything went swimmingly. Just like when he turned up in Yugoslavia.

So he’s after a Nobel Peace Prize I’ll bet and being a good disciple of Kissinger that can only mean millions of dead people locally.

I'll bet he’ll try and go one better and get some nukes to go off there just to make his case for the prize cast iron.

These twerps were knee deep in making sure that the whole Vietnam tragedy was a fuck up from all points of view apart from theirs.

And that’s what’s coming in Afghanistan. Watch this it’ll take 8 mins, lessons are deliberately not being learned.

Heads up.

Forget Bloodgate we've got Traitorsgate.

Some more stating of the obvious.

It should be obvious by now that we have traitors in our midst.

“What proof can you offer?” I hear you jeer.

Well if you go up far enough in the chain of command you’ll find that the guys that have ordered our troops to die in Afghanistan are Taliban fan.

Remember who started it all in the first place Obama’s mate Zbig. It’s just like Vietnam; both sides are being played out of Rock/Roth HQ.

At home Brown is stealing from the weak again.

Now if we look at Brown closely I’ll put that in context.

Let’s go to another place and time. An Ocker media mogul is having a word in the Broon shell like and the gist is “Mate, I’m not bloody paying a red cent in tax to your fucking treasury, you Poms can go fuck yourselves. I want complete tax immunity since my new Chink Sheila’s costing me a fortune. Ooh I’ve got a right hard on bend over Jock clown, butt welding time!!!!!” “Aye your greatness, anything you say”

See now that puts you in the picture, hard men!!!!

Only traitors would snatch benefits from our wounded troops.

Now with more USofA troops headed into Af/Pak there are some further questions to be mused.

In a previous posting I asked the following, just how much does it cost to run a C17?

I don’t know but if you run a fleet it must be a shed load of cash.

If your year end accounts are coming up around Sep 30th, end US fiscal year, and there’s a massive clang as the world cannot ignore the fact that you are a pimpin’ bum with no cash taking up the top floor in the Waldorf, well your arse will be skidding down the street pronto. USofA troops in Afghanistan will find themselves fucked. Ditto UK troops.

I won’t even bother to go along the route of who actually owns the C17s or any other aircraft that might fly stuff in and out. The true owners might decide to park them in Tierra del Fuego and put sand in the tanks. It’s theirs
after all.

To any trooper going into Afghanistan I’d recommend on the flight out read Xenophon’s Anabasis for God’s sake, I hope you don’t need it but I fear you will.

A gloomy picture I’ll admit but once we realise that European culture is the youngest culture on planet earth and that we are under attack then we should be able to pick ourselves up and go on the offensive again.

Why have we forgotten that we are under attack, well for 50 years in the last century we lead pilled every last one of our leadership. They knew who was out to get us and once they were removed we were wide open. Older cultures with intact leadership structures could start their move on our territory.

Prize territory it is too and it is coveted by those who live in, well, shit heaps.

Sorry North America you are not a culture, merely occupied real estate. You guys have no chance of cohesive resistance and your main threat comes from Europe ironically.

So two things to remember when it comes to voting time.

1. Troops out and home now.

2. Any traitor that starts talking about us taking more immigration tell them to go fuck themselves.

Heads up.

Thursday 27 August 2009

How far can you flee now?

Beautiful isn’t she?

If there is any one thing that is certain it is that the specific assassinations should start quite soon in the West.


Because the fight is on.

The guys who won out in NaZoviet Europe 1900-1950AD have infested the West. Those who fled to safety 1000-1600AD have been caught up with.

The big stoochie is on the cards.

We’re all about to see that human beings are marionette/splinters.

If you ever wondered why it is so quiet wonder no more.

Go read some Shakespeare, we're all Venetian now.

Heads up.

Libya, Sudan, Kenya..Al Megrahi...…AfriCom?

Getting it yet?

Heads up.

Primitive primates are taking us to hell.

These guys are gonna help us kill ourselves, or if not they’ll get the state to do the deed.

Ezekiel Emanuel is surrounded by professionals who will assist him in the pursuit of his goals.

Now with an administration full of behavioral economists you’ve got to scratch your head and ask what’s this NaZoviet stuff doing in the 21st Century?

Now this describes the Science Czar in Obama’s administration, it’s a long read but you’ll love it.

OK from a 21st Century point of view it doesn’t make sense, neither did it make sense when the previous concoction of this shit surfaces in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

Oh and the same screaming front men were out pulling the wool over the scum’s eyes by telling them it was all going to benefit them in the end.

Pol Pot pulled the same crap, so did underage girl shagging Red Guard Cultural Revolution Mao.

To you and me this is objectionable diseased mental degeneracy with no other outcome than dead people, the despiritualisation of life and the monetisation of the miracle of being.

However if you’ve got a Bronze Age mindset then this is just fantastic stuff, it’s hot NOAHide and it makes you feel good all over as you lord it over everyone else killing all who stand in your way.

Obama’s administration, Brown’s administration (and whatever follows) are BRONZE AGE primitives.

Get them out now before it’s too late!!!!

Heads up.

NaZoviet Jeeviljangling and how to stop it.

Let’s face it.

Finally let’s face it; it’s all a great big charade.

“What is?” I hear you ask.

Well there is no other way of putting this, everything.

Can you imagine going on the way we were, constantly circling through Tesco’s every week in an incessant ritual year after year, generation after generation?

Can you imagine trudging into work through staged chaos every day ad infinitum?

Can you imagine a more deranged state than to spend your holidays in a prison camp, queuing 90% of the time for 30 seconds on a ride?

Can you imagine sending your child to a state sponsored dumbification academy for the first 15-20 years of their post toddler existence?

Can you imagine letting experiments be run on your children through educational and medical professions?

Can you imagine sending your warriors, and their always will be some God bless ‘em, out to die with no suitable weaponry in fruitless campaigns that are being run by the same clowns that always stay at home and play off both sides?

Can you imagine consenting to living in a prison island that brings in thieving mercenary crime families under the guise of refugee/human rights whilst leaving those who paid for it all in the first place to die by NaZoviet NICE rationing of care?

If you can then why don’t you do something about it. Use the Rigorous Voting Method and drive the parasitical scum sucking leeches that infest our body politic in to the void.

It is the start of a long journey to recapture that independent spirit that made us once great and we were great make no mistake about that. Don’t let the doublespeakjeeviljanglers fool you with their NaZoviet lies, before they turned up to steal our nation we were an industrious, resourceful people.

Now what do we have, the aboriginals are all out of real work and the new arrivals are all taking their rightful benefits somewhere in the smothering cesspit of governance!!!!

I’d love to see the Chinese fall for that, but we have. Time to haul the pirate ship onto a new course and storm the bridge.

Once we’ve done that we can start on tackling the scourge of mankind.

The still functioning Pan Galactic Pyramid Selling Scheme.

That will take all the powers of St George, St Patrick, St David & St Andrew to skewer, but if you want to see freedom anytime soon, skewered it must be.

Heads up.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

?Hablas espanol?

I keep asking what Spain is up to buying stuff. Since when did Spain become a financial heavyweight?

I have no answers yet however my sense of the ludicrous tells me part of the answer lies in the weird way WWII in Europe was conducted and ended.

Still Bob Chapman gives some more info on US bank failures this past weekend.

“The results were on display Friday, as regulators seized Guaranty Bank of Texas and immediately sold its branches, deposits and most of its assets to Spain's Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.”……“The sale of Guaranty to BBVA is the first to a foreign buyer during this crisis. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which sells failed banks, also is considering rules that would make it easier for private investors to participate in the bidding, which is generally restricted to healthy banks. The agency already sold BankUnited of Florida to private investors in May.”……..“BBVA and its major Spanish rival, Banco Santander, are notable exceptions. Spain's unusually stringent banking regulations kept both banks relatively healthy, and they have emerged from the crisis looking to expand. Santander bought struggling Sovereign Bank last fall.
BBVA expanded its U.S. presence with its $9.6 billion purchase of Compass Bancshares in 2007, giving the company almost 600 branches from Alabama to New Mexico. The Guaranty deal gives the company more than 150 additional branches split between Texas and California.
The company also owns the largest bank in Mexico, Bancomer.”

I also keep asking myself why Bush bought big in Paraguay, and the universe provided some answers. Water, gas and troublemaking in MERCOSUR.

Apparently the Rev Moon, a big pal of B., has an even bigger spread down there right next to Bush.

The same universe also links Bush, Operation Condor, Lockerbie & GWOT all through Paraguay.

Heads up.