Thursday 15 October 2009


Don’t you just love it when somewhere, sometime becomes flavour of the month.

Like South America is now.


Here are two apparently unrelated articles and the Oriental connection.

Bush Family Paraguay Hideaway Update:

Designated Persons take note here, here and here.

Perhaps that explains why its HDI is not as good as the other lads in Argentina and Chile.

I’ll bet you Bush and his mental mates will soon change that.

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  1. hmm, still puzzling over the asian connection here incoming.

    as reported in hometown papers (ahem), particularly lethal asian model psychopath terminator humanoid poses as paraguayan supermarket owner, slays 400 locals, and walks off with a slap on the wrist. paraguay evidently safe for psychopaths. please enter at your own risk. ??

  2. AP to get a better idea of what's happening you've got to search out the non Murdoch type press. Ironically the only bastions are China and India. Caveat lector.

  3. well yeah i got that part. ; )

  4. Check here,

    when I first read this stuff as serious research I thought cool, no problemo, sweet. I cawn use some of this and our lads know what they are up to.

    Now I realise that it was a kind of preparatory work for someone else, guess who and who helped steal the F22.


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