Friday 26 February 2010


What is time? It has a strange quality. It is. It is measurable. It is ubiquitous.

However I have never believed in its existence, preferring to see contained within the concept a differential of energy stasis.

Time may actually be hormonal, its character changing with the ebb and flow of vast astronomical alignments and distances. There are certainly enough anomalous indicators in the works of Tesla, Dirac, Allais and even in Bearden’s reporting that makes one sit up and pay attention.

Now if you remember a while back I stated that I looked forward to a point where there it may come to be that the metal will stop flowing and the rock can be shaped like putty again. I was looking forward/backward to a place where we may experience a complete change of the fundamentals of what we would term our Natural Philosophy.

Why? Well apart from it being novel in the extreme, I reckon it explains a great deal about our past.

Cyclopean architecture? No not Gordon’s garden, this. I do not in any way intend to demean the achievements of our ancestors. No, I just reckon they might have worked in a different environment and built things with no difficulty. Things that we in our shuttered minds might consider impossible and cultic.

However this time I’m going to revisit a pet topic of mine that I’ve banged on about on several occasions. A time that oscillates around the present.

Goldman Sachs and stealing time.

I dropped this on you a little while back. The story has it that a Russian national, but of what ethnicity, stole some proprietary GS tech that allowed them to intercept their clients’, and others, buy/sell signals to give them pico seconds of advantage in the rigged markets. The whole theft being parked in a German server farm I think. The secrets of Goldman Sachs High Frequency Trading half inched.

That’s the story.

However I noticed that the US commerce secretary tooled on over to ChiComm land as I detailed here in on November 5th 2009 AND a US Coast Guard cutter berthed at Shanghai, just afterwards.

What does all this have to do with TIME?

You need as always to decode what you are presented with. The rules of the game, their rules, mean that we have to be given a chance to see what’s coming and demure. If we don’t then it is taken as our acceptance of whatever is in store for us. The clues will not be handed out on a silver platter but they WILL be there hidden in plain sight.

High Frequency Trading.

I'm off into the past now, I'll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

More books and films.

If you remember I posted back in July kicking off the 9/11 rant, 9/11 was NOT an inside job. The pantechnikon of reasons why. Part 1 of ? . I related that the chap who confirmed my suspicions about the Post Office Tower also told me about some high strangeness he witnessed whilst skulking around near Suffolk airfields, specifically NATO airfields.

He remembers watching from cover through wire mesh fencing a “something”. The something turned out to be a bloke in camo, special camo like the thermoptic stuff from Ghost in the Shell or Predator. The wire mesh fencing caused a bit of interference so the game was up. Of course we now all know that that kind of field manipulation has indeed been solved and you can see the Jap scientist hiding the globe on YouTube.

Why do I mention this?

Well films and books.

I lamented just last outing the fact that William Gibson went, in my humble opinion, corporate. I also remembered that one of the things that could happen to you when you slipped on the trodes in his first stories was that if the black ice and the sharks got you, you died.

Now that always stuck in my memory, how could that happen? How could you die, actually die physically, like in the Matrix films? After all “you” weren’t anywhere other than in an artificial construct.

Even in the film Johnny Mnemonic Keanu’s nose started to bleed and there was a possibility of death, it kind of gave the film its impetus, yawn.

That death in cyberspace stuck in my mind for over two decades and amongst other things I began to wonder about and catch whiffs of was time manipulation. Again very recent films have been giving us tastes of that little game.

So firstly. How do you die in cyberspace?

We need to examine the nature of human consciousness to try and come to a conclusion about that one.

What is?

We will stick with temporal matters and speculation, stay away from the spiritual.

If you’ve piled through you’ll have come up against the idea that the Soviets might have reconstituted an artificial virtual mind.

For the moment I’ll leave the mass effects of this technology out of the discussion, just be aware that it postulated though, it should be possible to constitute a group artificial virtual mind.

Now I read this yesterday.

Drone pilots have a front-row seat on war, from half a world away

It got me thinking about the nature of the next BIG ONE. If like me you wander around the milsites and watch the discussions about fleet, airforce, army, special forces structure and size you quickly realise that the one thing that is missing to inform the debate is a BIG ONE to reference. The last one is now too far away; our error is likely too great, for meaningful comparison of real/imagined opposition in a shooting match against our own forces.

However one thing that is becoming clear is that someone reckons the BIG ONE lethality space is too dangerous for human beings, Terminator anyone, and the remote war fighter is now a necessity.

So looking at the drone pilots above I wondered how could you get their mind into the drone/weapon? Also if you could do that then you’d be in William Gibson’s world with the black ice and sharks. A Soviet artificial virtual mind. That got me wondering again about WG, the Soviets featured in his tales. How much was dropped in his shell like and by whom? Was he corporate all along?

If you had an ersatz mind that you decanted into and thundered off down the great canyons of light what would be left behind?

Now this is where it becomes scary. If you are in virtual combat deep in the cyber war how is a “result” affected. I.e. how do you win? Well it is just like the old days you kill the opposition. How?

Once again Bearden describes a weaponisation of the Soviet virtual mind tech.

“Mind Snapper”

Which if you read through his stuff he believes may have been deployed in the US of A.

What does “Mind Snapper” do? Well as best as I can gather it is a virtual mind that maps over the neural behaviour of a live mind, mirrors that live minds functioning, synchronises and then literally snaps your mind shut by pulling the consciousness/awareness/life out of you when the virtual mind is vectored away.

Now that’s what WG was on about. That’s how you’d do it. It takes a different philosophy of nature and reality and consciousness.

Whether what Bearden reports is correct or not I am intrigued by the possibilities opened by this view of consciousness.

So fact or fiction or a mixture. Deliberate confabulations to keep us scum in the dark?

Well I’ll take the following as given. Currently we are being subjected to a subtle form of the group mind manipulation; a group virtual artificial mind has been constituted. It has been mapped over the West, don’t believe me look at what the Soviets were up to with Woodpecker decades ago, and we are being slowly marched to NOAHide.

That’s just my preference and my view of events.

How about you? Well let’s scare you to death.

Even in a minor BIG ONE, imagine our drone pilots above, but the numbers increased by several orders of magnitude. All out fighting through the cyber war. Row after row on shift or chemically enhanced to fight days or weeks without end. There is a big push and the black ice is mind snapping away. The virtual body count is heavy and the rows of cyber warriors are depleted on both sides.

Now I know in my favourite scenario the ChiComms are the enemy and you can be sure that the organ harvesting wagons will be waiting outside their military cyber facilities, just like their prisons today. All those healthy suddenly lifeless bodies can’t go to waste.

What about us, are we better than them? Of course not!

It will be an organ harvester’s paradise.

Indeed they’ll most likely cause the war to kick off in the first place and provide the tech. to both sides.

I’ll start on time synaesthesia tomorrow.

Heads up.

Friday 12 February 2010

Books and Films

This one has threatened to break out for a while now so if you are not interested in SF or SF Movies then it’s not for you.

You know me, if you are still here after all this time; I never view the world through the prescription optics. My lenses sometimes hang upside down, my optics are decidedly non-linear.

I always wonder.

So we have to go back a quarter of a century to the mid 80s when I started to wait and wait and wait for something truly marvellous to continue and give birth to a new “something”.

What that something might be depended on one person, William Gibson.

His first four books, shades of which can be seen in Johnny Mnemonic and the Matrix; all that Count Zero stuff, left me on tenterhooks. After Wintermute, the telephone banks, the artificial sun on the space station, the beach, the robo dogs, Hideo, the babe with glasses and the nails, black ice and the net, after all that stuff where did he leave it all?

The intelligence in the net has reached instantaneous communication with Alpha Centauri, I think.

Then WG sods off and joins futurology engagements in the US Dept of Defence. Immediately after he says that life is too complicated and makes his fiction irrelevant.

Well the stuff I’ve read from him since certainly makes me wonder if the same guy is doing the writing.

Only other author that even got close was Patricia Anthony.

What’s the difference?

The difference can be seen in the Movies, they look in, down, and the human experience is inward, concentrated and limited. Bounded and trapped.

Those first four books left us looking out, unbounded and free. With limitless possibilities for human experience. Even though the world portrayed therein was a dystopian shit heap.

WG was persuaded to STOP I reckon.

Thursday 11 February 2010

A Speculative Assay into the Past and Future.

Here’s a lad that’s been to the Munich Conference on Security which I gave you a heads up about .

I love the little list of the top bods who pitched up to eat and swill the best produce, no measure of their global fart print would have been taken there I’ll bet. Oh no that’s for the proles.

However this short assay into Natural Philosophy and the occult starts with the eye of your correspondent catching the items discussed.

“The main issues of the conference, launched on Feb. 5, were "Energy Security and change the global balance of power", "The Future of European and global security", "The Future of Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapons", "The Future of NATO: its strategy and mission", especially in Afghanistan. Of course, special attention was paid to the atomic problem of Iran, as well as a new strategy for relations between Russia and the West, the new Russia's initiative to conclude a treaty on European security, the future of Afghanistan, the chances of peace process in the Middle East.”

I will concentrate on "Energy Security and change the global balance of power" & “special attention was paid to the atomic problem of Iran

This all needs decoding. As always what we the uninitiated see and what is to be read are two different things.

We are supposed to think about oil and gas, esp. LNG, when these clowns start to bang on about energy. However translation would tend to suggest to me that the genie of “free energy” might be out of the bottle. If you follow George Ure’s very entertaining and informative musings, not financial advice, the Web Bots have been expecting the “New Electrics” to pitch up about now and indeed GU gave some info on this very topic coming out of China and India soon.

I also note that the “release” onto the market of this tech. is to be controlled so that no one really notices that a New Philosophy is in play. Marketing is after all about managing perceptions of reality.

So I’ll bet a great deal of yakking went into how the guys with the money, ChiComms, and the guys who’ve deliberately been made broke, USofA corp., can come to a modus vivendi at least for the short term.

Now I did warn you at the beginning of the year that this blog was going to go “weird” by that I mean I am going to wander as I want way out side the cage defined by MSM and prescribed knowledge. If you want some kind of back to earth INCOMING!!!!!!! Head over to D&TT.

And so we come to Persia.

What is the “atomic problem”?

Well I’ll let you into a secret; it is all in the timing.

The first part of this essay has dealt with occult knowledge first described in the mid 19th century and then Heavysided into the occult. The reasons? Money of course. So one and a half centuries later the world has moved enough to let the (New?) money decide that the New Electrics are to come forth.

The Persia problem resides in occult knowledge never released into the public domain, unlike Maxwell’s original equations.

As you know I don’t subscribe the usual story of Atomic bomb development, my view explains N Korea, the conventional MSM story doesn’t. So into the making of big bangs we go.

When the lads letting off the really big sticks were checking their theory against results they found a very interesting anomaly from what I can gather. This is true for Western and Soviet research. If they expected to get a yield of 10BANGS worth from a particular bomb they found that they got 13 BANGS worth of yield. Repeated trials on both sides confirmed this anomaly. Only the Soviets were smarter, or not so blinkered, and realized that the timing of the experiments and the, dare one say it, celestial alignments were influencing the “gating” in of energy. A nice balance of spies on both sides eventually equalized the knowledge pool, but not the insight pool.

Remember I’m wandering way out here outside MSM reality so I don’t have to worry about “peer” review. I can think what I like.

So if someone outside RockRoth control started down a path that has been deemed 22nd century Tech. because the NWO hasn’t been achieved yet and human society melded into a single amorphous mass locked into perpetual oligarchy, well then they might get sat on as well as providing a suitable vehicle for squelching humanity into one amorphous mass through casus belli.

Just a thought.

Though if you get what the cloud guys were on about in Monday’s post the above thought lines really need to be pursued when considering the nature of our Sun.

Right then I is off back to reality at D&TT.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

How far back can we go?

Really depends on how much you trust human memory and on what you can “find” on the ground.

Adam’s Calendar

I like Adam’s place, 75,000-200,000 years ago, just the right position for a Diaspora from the S.E. Asian archipelago, and there be gold there.

If like me you see a focus on lifting ancient artefacts, especially “written” artefacts, from Baghdad as a primary aim of the Iraq invasion 2003, think of it as Kelly’s Heroes without the nice outcome, you’ll know that more is known about our where froms and whys than we’ll get from prescribed education. The proscribed is always far more illuminating. One of the aims of the current oppressive “outlawing” of questions is to stop our inquisitive nature into deeper happenings I believe.

Anyway how far back?

Quite a long way it seems for lots of people who’ve not had their memories deliberately erased.

I love this kind of stuff, tucked away in sites of high strangeness.

University of Georgia researchers conclude: "Our interpretation of the geologic history of the Lake WaccamawLake Waccamaw is a relatively young lake, probably around 15,000 years old or less." (Unofficial site of the University of Georgia) area, the sediment record, and the relevant data of others is that

An official University of Georgia website states simply: "One theory of the origin of Carolina bays suggests that a meteor hit Earth thousands of years ago, breaking into pieces that made dents as they skipped across the planet's surface." (Source: the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, 2001)

George Howard, one-time U.S. government ecology and land usage consultant, writes: "It is perfectly reasonable to conclude that if such a cataclysm occurred during a known time of known human habitation on the North American Atlantic Coastal Plain (approximately 10,000-15,000 BP) legends would be told to relate the horror to future generations." (Howard, 1997)

There are, in fact, numerous examples of such repercussions. For instance: "The local Indians are known as the 'People of the Falling Star,' and they believed the lake was created by a falling star, perhaps a great meteorite." (Waccamaw-Siouan Indian legend, Wild Shores, Exploring the Wilderness Areas of Eastern North Carolina. p.150)

What is one to think of this kind of legend? As an anthropologist I must give some degree of credence to the idea that some core event must have given rise to certain elements contained in the above legend. And there are plenty more of these which must be considered.”

Don’t tell me it’s all bollox, I reposte that all MSM is currently ultra bollox!!!

How Much Wealth? Part 9

Last two trips, Part 7 out the traps, Part 8 ; had me try and bring this yakk to a halt, fully conscience that I’d opened up the discussion too far to stop now.

I hope I got over to you the idea that “their” philosophy of money is about complete control of everyone, everything and all time; and that philosophy was very ancient.

I also reckoned we needed to (re)establish our philosophies of nature, life and value in order to free ourselves and all to come for all time.

If their quantised fiat money/credit gold racket is rumbled and they’ve moved onto a new scam called Carbon credits then you can be sure that anyone displaying independence of thought will be getting the cold shoulder. No matter in what field they endeavour.

How to progress in this glacial runoff then?

Well let’s stay on the rocky road that is the UN IPCC SNCF CCX scam that should be taken down using RICO statutes.


These guys are wealthy indeed,

The Cloud Mystery Part 1

The Cloud Mystery Part 2

The Cloud Mystery Part 3

The Cloud Mystery Part 4

The Cloud Mystery Part 5

The Cloud Mystery Part 6

They own their philosophy and I wish them ultimate success. They may not have all the answers, but they are enquiring without a hidden agenda of globalised gangsters and racketeers stealing from the rest of humanity. I like their outwards gaze, looking out and up, instead of what we’ve been cued in on by scientific method this past century, inward and quantised.

The Sun is changing weather all throughout the Solar system . We’ve all heard of the idea in chaos theory that a butterfly farting in the Amazon can cause a hurricane in Wembley. Well let’s just say that when the chips are down I’d reckon that our position with respect to the galactic spiral arms will have a far bigger effect on the fart than we have been allowed to contemplate. The nature of the Sun itself will need to be re-evaluated as well. There is no need to think that any physical constant we currently use will be found to be other than very, very local. Once we are out in deep space Newton’s gravitational constant won’t last. So a steady gaze and a raised eyebrow asks, “Just what is our Sun?” Another raised eyebrow asks “Quantum Mechanics is it all in the timing?”

Science is fully corrupted by racketeering, which should be obvious by now. Just look at the legacy of Big Pharma, Medicine, nuclear waste, foot and mouth, Genome research, BSE, GMO, H1N1 and AGW. All travelling in the HAS (Herd Attention Space) with a respectable cover from establishment figures and bodies. All fronts for lifting our cash and delivering no benefits to humanity in the general.

Where are we going on this jaunt? Way back into weirdness and way forward into strangeness. One clue always to be kept in mind is that the boss of the BIG BOYS knows that something that was can be put back together again. That much is out in the clear.

So let’s go and find out what was, what is and what can be before they take out the net and license it like they did to US Radio in the 1920s/30s.

We know their philosophies stink and I reckon we can hammer ours together with a little effort.

Heads up.