Friday 27 April 2012

Archons, Archetypes and Arch Angels. Part 4 of ?

Deliberately; this outing will be chaotic.

Darwinians’ speciality.

Policemaaan”  where? Here, but how? As Brian Akira, God bless his soul, would have noted. This clown is heathen. Gently, gently catchee monkeee. Maxamixing total bollox.

If they think that the illegal alien is going to deliver anything to their empty, fat, dinner plated fates then they are unknowing, though not fools.

“Jews were by no means the only targets of this social engineering, but they were pursued the most ruthlessly. They were also, not coincidentally, the victims with the fewest resources to defend themselves. Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Reich Security Main Office, offered one of the most frank statements that syncretized slave labor and genocide in the well-known Wannsee protocol of early 1942: … in the course of the final solution, the Jews will enter the Labor Action in a suitable way in the East. In large work gangs, separated by sex, Jews capable of work will build roads. During this work, a large number will doubtless perish due to natural cause. The possible final remnant will doubtless represent a natural selection and be that part most capable of resistance. It will have to be handled accordingly, for if these were to beset free, they would act as the seed of a new Jewish revival “BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Now then now then now then, whose limiting wishes are being fulfilled within Lamarckian boundaries?


Let us listen to Gentleman John Harris. He is Archetype.

God bless him.

Thursday 26 April 2012

Archons, Archetypes and Arch Angels. Part 3 of ?

We are going to ponder a little more on the creation of monertaryreligiohermetic groups through Lamarckian selection for a little while longer, let us see if the idea can shed light on the global affliction unleashed upon the world by the gitts known to us as The Watchers. For I’ll wager that these black feathered clowns are responsible for this anti human idea embodied in such things as monoheathenistic religiofakiry, fiat money, pursuit of gold, slavery, RCE/LC and of course the religiocriminal mercenaries that always heed the call of the money power such as such arses as the Jacobins, Frankfurt School, Marxists, Chicago School, Maoists, Tavistock Institute, SRI, Vienna School, iGREEN, COMINTERN, AGENDA21 and Zionists.

So does the idea have any traction and if so can we get some answers from the actual hyperdimensional properties of DNA mooted here… well I’ll leave that for the moment. All I’ll note is that most experimenters are delving into fish, grains, fruit flys etc. and keeping the Darwinian related propaganda about us being no better than beasts to the forefront. The secret work which they don’t want us to get wind of relates to the very special nature of mankind. Junk DNA my erse!

OK then two to rock your noodle.

A really big one, so just read this part in the first page

I love synchronouserendipty. Who are the Masters of Economics in deed?

Finally one I parked earlier before the multiple take downs here late 2011/early 2012.

Now you lot know that when anything Russian heaves into view I get all tingley. The only group of persons who could match the Germans in philosophy, temporal and spiritual. Everyone else since the 17th century has been retarded by a Reduced Instruction Set of permitted thought patterns and beliefs bounded by NOAHide.

Now I don’t pretend to have read ALL of the above yet, however the thing that attracts my attention is that a great many are realizing that what we are allowed to know is what allows so many “unknowns” to exist. Many are now tackling the big questions by discarding the conventional spoon fed gruel that sustains a degenerate academia and scientific main stream mediocre.

Plenty of reading above. So I will wrap this short outing up with a pointer as to where we are going.

Have you ever considered how difficult it would have been to have a sustainable Lamarckian selection process for the chosen of the human herd without the use of cities within which to hide the self selecting Lamarckian community and its religiocriminal society destroying activities? To understand the true purpose of the establishment of cities is to understand the purpose of the conventional academic dogma concerning the origins of farming and the discarding of wandering tribes. The sudden emergence of walled cities has nothing to do with defence, it is a Lamarckian breeding boundary. Once you get that you can understand the other big mysteries like the Cold War, Voyages of Discovery and occulted human reality better.

Anyway more bollox later.

Saturday 21 April 2012

Archons, Archetypes and Arch Angels. Part 2 of ?

Archetypical deaths?

“An archetype (play /ˈɑrkɪtp/) is a universally understood symbol or term[1] or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated.

Archetypes are often used in myths and storytelling across different cultures.

In psychology, an archetype is a model of a person, personality, or behavior.

In philosophy, archetypes since Plato at least, refer to ideal forms of the perceived or sensible things or types.

In the analysis of personality, the term archetype is often broadly used to refer to a 
stereotype—personality type observed multiple times, especially an 
oversimplification of such a type, an epitome—personality type exemplified, especially the "greatest" such example, or a literary term to express details.”

As I was saying at the other shop, Newton was an alchemist, not a scientist as we would recognise. He was also a gold bug for the Ba’al Hammon worshippers. Gold worship, that’s an archetype alrighty. Now don’t get me wrong. I love these guys and their sound advice. I just cannot stop at their perspective because I reckon that the meme was planted in the beginning to drive man like kind mental with precious metal. In fact it is more than an eviling, it is a logical outcome based on human experience for 10,000 years. The analysis of Morgan, Keiser, Maloney et al never step beyond the temporal in their public utterings and yet smart guys like this must ask themselves the question.


Anyway before I get all expectorant again, ……bollox!

Can’t resist it.

If you got your head round my suggestion for a solution to the wave particle duality of the infamous light diffraction conundrum you’ll know we are off again into Lalaland as soon as I mention it. As I remarked at the other shop, the given is for the dullard and moron to sup upon. The hard tack takes a strong jaw and a differentiation in reality. The ape takes a longer time to realize the aped. Hard questions; like what are the possible hyper dimensional properties of precious metals? Look at them; all shiny and lazy in the day? Under the sun?  What do they do? What does Roth want them for? Ooohh that’s a series of serious questions no one is supposed to ask.

So let us look at the foundation bitch boy named after a now famously painted town in Australia.

He infamously sat on his arse for decades whilst allegedly being too scared to publish the ideas his noddle contained. Indeed if it hadn’t been for the likelihood of another brain scratcher about to publish similar ideas he’d have kept if all to himself. Now you know I smell a rat here when this type of legend is circulated surrounding these kinds of stories and suddennesses. The same stench that surrounds the JCM quaternion pokkelling and right royal Albert hagiography.

So here we go. I’ll try and keep this succinct for once.

Darwinian natural selection is a putting into wordy words of a statistical phenomenon giving life in this part of the universe. Imagine a normal bell curve; rotate it around the y-axis to form a solid bell space. Each life form inhabits its own specific bell inhabitation space. The volume enclosed within the bell inhabitation space is a measure of individuated niches and population. Let us take a simple bell inhabitation space. Three axes. Hot/cold x-axis. Wet/dry z-axis. Population y-axis (I know you are thinking that this stops dead at zero but if you get what is upcoming you'll reconsider). The max on the population axis, the apex of the bell solid, is those individuals ideally genetically disposed to the current conditions for procreation and survival. The x/z plane dithers and the y max moves slowly over time and in the very long term leads to extinction, adaptation and or bifurcation to two separate inhabitation spaces. I.e. species.

An extreme x/z dither is a caldera event or massive earth strike. Those previously well adapted mega fauna disappear and the shit eating dirt rodents inherit the earth.

OK I said I‘d keep this brief.

We now consider the human herd inhabitation space. Classically minimally and then heretically with fewer wordy words than my fingers want.

This will be kurz. The human herd inhabitation space as understood in Darwinian terms is cloven by the dialectic, a deliberate denial of the optimal individuated niches and herd numbers. This is the purpose of the idea of man as animal, codex.

Heretically we come to Lamarck. We come here because the sure sign of a sound idea is neglect within the iCSi. Indeed ridicule and down right ignorance in this crime scene are marker hi-viz tapes of due respect due.

If the fools that reconstitute their regurgitated past into our future are to be believed then only Lamarckian selection can answer our questions of why they do what they do(bloodline inbreeding elitist incest), why they worship their golden heathen proffered god(sacramental voyages of slaving and crime) and why we are seemed unrealised feeble (magic).

Lamarck when applied, for this initial foray of the Light Brigade, to the human herders (shepherds) can explain a great deal of their dark, given, behavior. For they never thought about it themselves when they wandered alone in the void. It was revealed to them by a djinn who knew of us remaindered. They ape their better, a bitter god, to oblivion.

Now I know you are waiting for the inevitable and I will not disappoint. Though I will limit this to the forward time line. On stochastic, that is correct, on.

They shield their DNA by their closed broadcast, gated community, weird sexual and tribal procreation anathema. All to protect the gold.

Hyperdimensional DNA watchers.

But what of the null?

Oohh that gotcha.


When I was warbling about wankstators J

Monday 16 April 2012

Strange Attractor

vino says:
the darwinian dogmatists are out of control in australia huh? Survival of the fittest and all that bilge. Well darwin has been relativized somewhat by the the work of the twentieth centuries poster boy for bad science. Lysenko the reviled symbol of what science is not supposed to be….Hey but the english climatologists were outright frauds and the english establishment did everything in its power to preserve the power prestige and reputations of these adulterators of scientiic data on behalf of the carbonazi mobsters. The english are not the only practitioners of bad climate change science but they have tried to seize the leadership of the movement so the donkey eared dolt behind the throne can make money off his investment in carbon exchanges no less….science definitely needs a reformation and cleaning out of the mercenaries who will attach a scientific certificate on almost any abomination and travesty of real science to make a buck…. deep sixing the auzzi aboriginals is all about racial genocide
June 18, 2007
They both believed that acquired characteristics could be inherited, and have long been derided and dismissed as wrong.
Now comes research which appears to demonstrate they may well have been correct.
In the new (June 16, 2007) issue of The Economist the cover story on “Biology’s Big Bang,” — the rise of RNA as perhaps the key to understanding the nature of life — concludes with the following four paragraphs.
It’s evolutionary, my dear Watson
What is being proposed is the inheritance of characteristics acquired during an individual’s lifetime, rather than as the result of chance mutations. This was first suggested by Jean Baptiste Lamarck, before Charles Darwin’s idea of natural selection swept the board. However, even Darwin did not reject the idea that Lamarckian inheritance had some part to play, and it did not disappear as a serious idea until 20th-century genetic experiments failed to find evidence for it.
The wiggle room for the re-admission of Lamarck’s ideas comes from the discovery that small RNAs are active in cells’ nuclei as well as in their outer reaches. Greg Hannon, of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York State, thinks that some of these RNA molecules are helping to direct subtle chemical modifications to DNA. Such modifications make it harder for a cell’s code-reading machinery to get at the affected region of the genome. They thus change the effective composition of the genome in a way similar to mutation of the DNA itself (it is such mutations that are the raw material of natural selection). Indeed, they sometimes stimulate actual chemical changes in the DNA—in other words, real mutations.
Even this observation, interesting though it is, does not restore Lamarckism because such changes are not necessarily advantageous. But what Dr Hannon believes is that the changes in question sometimes happen in response to stimuli in the environment. The chances are that even this is still a random process, and that offspring born with such environmentally induced changes are no more likely to benefit than if those changes had been induced by a chemical or a dose of radiation. And yet, it is just possible Dr Hannon is on to something. The idea that the RNA operating system which is emerging into view can, as it were, re-write the DNA hard-drive in a predesigned way, is not completely ridiculous.
This could not result in genuine novelty. That must still come from natural selection. But it might optimise the next generation using the experience of the present one, even though the optimising software is the result of Darwinism. And if that turned out to be commonplace, it would be the paradigm shift to end them all.


Once again list and listen @ GeorgeA.

Did U hear the stochastic echo?

Saturday 7 April 2012

Archons, Archetypes and Arch Angels. Part 1 of ?

Well this has been hanging on me for the thick end of a year now, 2 in fact, and I still cannot bring it into focus, whatever it is. So take it and take from it what you will, this fractured thought, imperfect, flawed and yet somehow?; there is a kernel within, that will make sense, I hope. Someday.

Thanks to Akira for the unintended nudge to the lazy, a while back before his main site got torped again. Though by now you should know that your correspondent feels that the 100th monkey syndrome is alive and well. I’ve dropped some heavy hints about what we will delve into once this lot is out of the way. Ugliness is genetic. If you have not guessed it yet the concept of beauty entrances my being. A full spectrum weapons grade gliding through the thorough long grass in the companionship of a lethal woman; enjoining the combat.

Also Cont. from Fiction Factory/Faction Affliction/FigmentedFilamented Firmament

This is not a ghost hunt, so don’t be getting all confused now as the white lady wanders through the darkened stormy garden and you, all snug in the ruined building, looking out and down at her. Casting your eyes.

No, no, no; this is a little wander through something I’ve touched on before and which I’d like to have placed in the context of what is to follow when I continue the 2iC, (there’s a time stamp indicating the snail like pixel hitting on this numpty’s qwertyboard), conversation with you. I had thought it would be the other way round, however I now think not.

The usual caveats apply.

If you got the musings on Heim space then I’m sure that, even though Heim’s work is an engineered construct to hopefully facilitate human intervention in the stars, you must have asked yourself,

Not amongst the stars, on off worlds like aliens. No. Just what could out/in habit those extra 1,5 or 7 dimensions? Not though, in this Alice in Wonderland sense. The British love fiction, writing fiction, reading fiction, creating fiction. The djinn at play.

A little recap on whatI’ve trundled over and through before. Do you remember I recounted that the old patriarchs of the Syrian church would remark on their contact with something humane yet not human? So what are these topics of this outing?

which the usual afflicted bitchboy decided to turd all over in the usual ever soclever worldy wordy way. Let me simplify, unRISC and decypher what the clown was trying to hide in his in your face kind of way. The usual pretend civilised discussion until NOAHide feels it can off us unnoticed like. All full of rhetoric, loopy logic and reasoned debate about how to restore or amend for injustice, perceived or actual, until there is nothing standing between them and the murder of all who would point at them a laugh at their muppetry and assumption of rightful wrongeddoing.

The reason I highlight this guy’s overexposed approach to this thorney little item is that he clearly demonstrated the typical afflicted response to selffacedselfishbelief of RISC self.

“It wasn’t me. Big boys made me do it and then they ran away!”


Finding yourself surounded by dead people visited upon by the LPP and a smoking gun in your hand, feign mental illness and hire the best QC that money can buy. Hire a rent a shrink and invent a new syndrome, double barrelled of course, to give cover for those who can use the pretext in centuries to come to hide their sociopathy and psychopathy coveted in obsequious group thought through vomit inducing syndicated sycophancy.


If, when at last, you have been hunted down and the body count for the camps you enforced has been deliberatley underestimated, blame it all on a system that you had no control over. The system that gave you a great big hardon everytime you pulled the trigger.


Having removed every witness to your crimes such that only rumors and legends remain. Die peacefully in your comfy bed knowing full well that it was the fault of your victims that you visited death upon them. Nothing to do with you. You are not culpable in the sight of your djinn.

This is the prototypical self fulfilling delusion of the afflicted who wander their murderous way through our lives killing anyone and everyone with all the temporal instruments they can lay their hands on. These instruments can be financial, cultural, moral, epidemiological, martial, psychological, any art or artifice; anything just as long as there are victims piled up dead everywhere these infested clowns settle.

The geneticmemetic can be summed up in the one word, me. “It wasn’t me”. Me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me….ad nauseam.

“All the dead people, nothing to do with me!”. Though I slept and dined in luxury the starving rent payers, tax herds, out with my door were nothing to do with me. They brought it upon themselves, they gave me what is rightfully mine and then died. Nothing to do with me, it was their choice.”

This the signature of the destroyers of peace, infected by their own self reverential djinn.

Now don’t be getting me wrong. I have the greatest respect for the autochthonous and their beliefs. And from my limited reading the memories and beliefs of the North American Aboriginals are worthy of intense study and cultivation. That is socounterafflicted. Though I wouldn’t want to be them!

Pax vobiscum