Thursday 28 May 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 20. EinsatzersatzwankkenhutZaibatsu

Now I am not going to suggest that Himmler, Hitler, Bormann et al had a fine close harmony barbershop style, nor am I indicating that if one sought for proof of their feminine sides one would discover an as yet unrevealed predilection for veterinary services and that they ran an orphaned not for profit small animal hospital in the Harz. I would never suggest that one would leave small birds and infant pygmy hippos in their care. I am not even gong to posit that they may have been overlycovertlystylite. No we have no Jesuit saints here, not even temporarily temporal.

Indeed the last thing that a responsible adult should do is ever leave anything precious to the care of any leader of any sort in a world run by iYahweh Infinteloans Inc.

The fact that almost all modern adults do abdicate their responsibility to myth, mystery, fiat psychopathic and blind faith gives the awake person a measure of how sick humanity is AND the likelihood of one being murdered by a member of this seething tribe of hatred currently numbering over 6 billions. One could argue that to live within one’s own fable and unreality is a valid defence mechanism.

So given the above, when one is invited to concentrate on one particular group, of any sort, by the HDTV altar whores and iPisscribes one can safely ignore completely their instruction for it has no merit in the real world one seeks to inhabit and expand.

Victims are perps and perps are victims and everyone else is nondescript. All is relatively worthless in this gray metamorphic empty world of infinite money and universal poverty.

Here is another equality/relationship
Yahweh Money=Ignorance=Universal Poverty=Spiritual Death=Turing Fail

To touch Yahweh money is death.

To deal in Yahweh money is to be a murderer.

Poverty outside the Yahweh money system is life giving. Poverty within a Yahweh money system is death. And here the revisionist altgoons don’t get it. It does not matter whether you are an early adopter, jew, or a recent convert moron, it does not matter whether you are pink, brown, semi off colour, semi on colour, the system uses you as an instrument of death. The deeper one is in the system however and the earliest adopters we know off demonstrate this, the less you are human and more machine. The spiritual death cult uses artificiality on the artificial to create its self replicating reality.

One day we must look at the likely movement of the pre-Yahweh rendezvous eviloid and its origins. It is not European put it that way and if one takes a good look at the anti semitic crap lurking as background radiation in the every day discourse we partake in, I am always drawn to any map, ancient or modern, showing Arabia to be empty. Oh yeh Yahweh. Where do you think the Apiru lurk to this day with there pre Stone Age modernity?

So let us look at the products of the work camps where criminals were put to work and where the knowledge workers were selected for contract to the EinsatzersatzwankkenhutZaibatsu.

What great wheezes were run out of these lethal fiefdoms that will find their modern expression in the USofA corp prison/work slaver complex?

(Note USofA corp. that you are getting Yahweh’s business model forced on you under antsemitic cover. BWAHAHAHAAAAA. Man if ever a colony deserved getting fucked over because of its uselessness, go on USofA corp. what have you really given the rest of the world? From what we can see at this remove a big fat nothing. You have become, all by yourselves, the first collection of clowns never to have achieved a culture that will be identified in the archaeological records, you are even worse than the Romans. From free pioneers to Yahweh’s consumer slaves in one great backward step for humanity.)

So, unlike the USofA corp. prison-slave system, the German arbeit macht frei camps had talent locked up. And being good corporate theists the SS made use of this talent. One of the best documented we know of is Operation Bernhard. A small scale, by comparison to the scientific, concrete and rock engineering, project concocted to create real counterfeit money.

The idea was to produce a perfect copy of the British pound, print it in great quantities and to actually just throw them down over Britain with bombers, dropping money instead of bombs. The hope was that the British would use that money, start massive spending and cause big inflation in the country, destabilizing the economy and the faith in the British pound throughout the world.

The memory of the hyperinflation of the early 20’s in Germany was still fresh, success seemed possible and so the SS started the biggest counterfeit operation the world has seen until this day.
It was called ‘Operation Bernhard’ after SS Major Bernhard Krüger, who was in charge of the whole operation. He decided to use the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp north of  Berlin to set up the operation and requested the use of Baracks 18 & 19 in the ‘small camp’, the first expansion of Sachsenhausen.

He also requested more than 140 Jewish prisoners from Sachsenhausen, mostly printers, engravers and bankers to work in those barracks.

Later on, he also requested specialists from other camps like Ausschwitz that the SS considered useful.

Two things to note, pun intended, here. One does not use a military operation to destroy an economy, one uses a bank. One uses military means to kill populations who do not comply banksterstyleee.  In the fog of religion “War is merely the continuation of policy by other means” does not adequately cover the spectrum of monetary objectives. Secondly note the skill sets we have here.

Printers, engravers and bankers.

Apiru secret skills.


Wednesday 27 May 2015

Now I do not want to get your hopes up but.....

....UKplc, the 21st century equivalent of Venice 1945 where NZ and Ulster troopers found nothing but old women and poofs sitting around, might just be too far away from the gunfire and sniper to need defending.

CSIO: NATO General Warns, Putin Is A "Dangerous Gambler....: Social NATO™‏  ‏ @ NATOSocial     5m 5 minutes ago # NATO # Ukraine @ SocialNewsCorp "Daily" http://

Or it might go the way of the Etruscans.

Either way enjoy the war because in lock down CCTVUK where Big Muppet sees all and turns a blind eye to all crime, where shoot to kill is an option of civil administration Einsatzgruppen 6 countiesstylee, where larceny is a wealthy lifestyle choice and massive theft a right of passage, the peace will be hell.

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 19.

As has been mentioned here on several occasions there is a simple method for working out where the next round of trouble is about to be hatched by RCE/LC. All one does is check the origins of those who get taken by the slighthand of the VazBooth&Cu, Romance Attorney’s at Westminsterfraud, on the yellow brick road. Didn’t you know all Laandahn Tahn’s pavimientos are golden Dick? Or have you got glansanal dementia alacrens in mens in camera? Once one has clocked the numbers arriving via OxfarmhandNGMO@Heathrow one has a handle on where the next gunfire and sniper has been plotted.

Or one could make a bed check on the long term sleeper agents awaiting the call to repay noblesse obliguestyleee. So have a wander through the grad/post grads lists from CamFord and match with nationalist movements for a good indicator of deep lime filled pits in the wildernesses soon, agent cointreau, IED and IUD medicines sans frontiers and killer interrornationals.(Just after I scribbled that line yesterday, CANNONFIRE popped this one out

and would yer believe yer apples and pears I named the bint as a likely agent, from associations and profile, to a buddy of mine last Saturday as we strolled around Trent Park. FhukkMee!!)

Remember. Past behaviour is the surest indicator of future performace.

So it is no surprise that here in the smoke I have lots of new Slav plumbers, ISIS shop keepers and PKK satay wielders. and the fact that this Sunday the Australian prime minister remarked about Bay of Bengal Burmese Boat Persons, diversity non compliant you will notice, needing pick up and Australia was all of a sudden in a Song for Europe with such bastions of Western culture like Zionland of Yahweh of CryptoSkrypto States RCE/TA and Azerbarbarianistan is an indicator of things to come down Obi Wan’s Kwai Bridge way.

Like North Korea, another WW2 nuke relic, Burma has been left fallow under western sanction for a purpose.

Just like Germany 1933.

Anyway let us get back to the narrative of the forensics here. Kind of jaCSInory for the fucked off and bewildered detective at rest. The clues are out there disguised within lies, hidden in truth, ignored and buried, unrecognised and occulted. It is a toxic brew and no one can be bothered going around finding them because in the aggregate it really does not matter to humanity if it lives a lie. Does it? One of the phase damping effects of a constant applied Roveian narrative is sorting the wheat from the chaff. To be engaged is to deselect one’s self. Do you seriously think that anyone in the billionaire range gives a flying one? No. They are too busy snuffing lady boys up the chocolate highway writhing in the surf on exclusive virgin beaches. Only those who want to do more with life are too poor to do anything meaningful in scale.

So in order to put a perspective on what is happening today we shall plough back into the past. Everything is reversed in reality but the truth and the first guide to antiRoveian narratives is to stop looking for whatever it is you are searching. Use the Jung and feel the farce. The Yahweh is definitely out there.

The Nazi’s and ZIONist Yahwehists both sought to build nukes in the only country capable of doing so. The Reich und Protektorate. Each hoping to put one over on the other. That is what the whole holohoax fabrication seeks to hide. Over at the FG site una persona con necesidades especiales

raises its ugly head to utter the usual bollox. Mmmmm. Let us see ma amiga. Previous actions by the temporarily stationary jewish population in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Bessarabia, Karelia and assorted places Eastward indicate that murdering Soviet cadres infest that demographic waiting for the Red Murder Army to arrive at the border. So when NKVD/CHEKA murder divisions arrive within ear shot of your country in 1940 or 1944 the wise administration ships the threatening demographic far away from their temptation to turn all murderous skrypto on the defenceless civilians of your own country.

Simples, simpleton.

However it is not within these traitorous gypsies that we seek the engineers, scientists, technicians and workers on contract to IGFarben, AEG and SS kibitzes who were getting all skilled up in Nukefab before transfer to Dimona post 1943. George Soros would never have been seen dead near a worthless thief.

That is another of the, AND mark my words here, another of the obfuscations perpetuated by some so, in fact most, called reviled revisionists. Ergo we have a tell for agents at work out in the wastelands. The 1944 movements are used to shit diamonds all over the collaboration long before that year by Soros and Soroslike recruiters of talent for the SS.

Ever wondered why the SS and the non ersatz-Elies and gold standard criminals were all tattooed?

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 18. Amnesia Falls

Once the Rock/Roth’s Rott und Rotten Roth Murder Army got its hands on all the millions and millions of square miles within which they had killed millions and tens of millions and hundreds of millions of Europeans, 1917-45, on command from Godless Rothschild Criminal Enterprise/Rothschild Corporate Enemy/Rothschild Creepzike Enclave/New Yahweh/New Yahmsterdam/New York (BTW we must have a look at the legend of old King Cole one day) RCE/NY, Roth/Rock had Churchill in RCE/LC cry Wolf on cue and call the iron lung hermetic curtain down to keep the secrets of the crime scene hidden from the fools in the West, paying for all the murder with their taxes, all within an entirely false construct known as the UN Keystone Cops Cold War.

Then safely behind the scream screening curtain they continued killing the surviving nationalists as per the original plan 1940 with full UN silent approval.

“Mateusz Wyrwich talks with dr. hab. Krzysztof Szwagrzyk

MATEUSZ WYRWICH: - The years of Stalinism in Poland are an extremely demanding period for an observer. It is allegedly easy, because there is an access to nearly all documents. However, in fact, extremely difficult, because there are still alive torturers who think that they were only fulfilling orders. And they are trying to disturb in these investigations less or more directly…

DR. HAB. KRZYSZTOF SZWAGRZYK: - This time is one of our biggest white stains. These are years 1944 – 56, that is, a period of installing the communist authority in Poland, and also the biggest terrorism. It is the time in which, I think, the Polish society had its backbone crashed. The communists finished the work of the Nazis and Bolsheviks. The losses which our nation had at that time, were extremely painful and I do not think that they would be easy to compensate.
– Besides publications from the sphere of communism, you undertake initiatives connected with this period. The first one of them was the exhibition ‘The guilty? The innocent?’ presented in Wrocław in the year 1998. One could see photographs of communist criminals there. Criminals did not like the exhibition. But the attendance was very high. The exhibition was wandering throughout the country, whereas in the very Wrocław, during four months of its existence, it was visited by a dozen thousand people.
– I made an assumption that seven years after the collapse of communism is sufficient time to show people, who led hundreds, thousands Poles to death. They gave death verdicts, working either in the Security Office or in a military administration of justice. I remember when at that time a lot of media, mainly criticising the exhibition, used an argument that images of criminals should not be presented because this….stigmatizes those functionaries. But they are old and they did their service in the country recognized in the international arena. They had not been accused of anything earlier, so the whole matter should be left for the administration of justice.
– There was a bizarre situation caused, that you had to cover the criminals’ eyes.
– Indeed, it was an extremely interesting element of this event. At that time, I worked in the ward Committee for Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation in Wrocław. I organized this exhibition within work duties. A few days before its opening, we had received information from Warsaw in which it was suggested that we should asked the General Inspector of Personal Data about the exhibition – Władysław Kulesza, in order to have a confirmation that everything is compatible with law. And we received an answer from there, which came just after the opening of the exhibition, that in the light of the law of that time, showing portraits of criminals may expose organisers to bad consequences. And, besides the photos, there was also information such as: the name and surname of an official of the Security Office, a judge and a prosecutor, date of birth and the course of career. I did not agree with this peculiar interpretation of law because those people had public functions, they were functionaries of the country, so their data are not subject to classification. So, I decided that if showing an image may expose the Commission to legal consequences, there is no choice but cover all functionaries’, procurators’ and judges’ eyes with a black strap. And among criminals presented in the exhibition were: a judge Bronisław Ochnio who delivered a several dozensof death penalties; a judge Włodzimierz Ostapowicz – he has given delivered two hundred death penalties; a prosecutor Filip Badner (Barski), managing the public prosecutor’s office in Rzeszów and Wrocław in the 40s and 50s, being responsible for a big scale of repression.
– Another phase of your activity is a decision about searching for victims of communism. What inspired you?
– When the Institute of National Remembrance was established, many historians in Poland, including me, decided that it is a great institution in order to judge this criminal communist period. Whereas, the best way was the publication of documents unavailable before the year 1989. We could not agree on this situation that a few decades after the war we do not know a complete number of communism victims. We do not know what is the actual number of victims even today. We do not know names or surnames of the murdered in secret or sentenced to death penalty. Divergences between estimated data are enormous. We do not even know the burial places of the victims till now. As long as this situation was understandable till the year 1989, it has been more difficult for to agree with it for a quarter of a century since the defeat of communism. It was obvious that in the graveyard in Wrocław there were victims of communism buried, but it was not known who the victims were and where they had been buried. So, in the year 2003 we started investigations. The first communism victim, whom we managed to find, was the captain Włodzimierz Pawłowski, a founder and commander of Silesian independence organisation called ‘Polish Republic in fight’. During other works in this graveyard, we managed to extract a few hundred bodies and identify nearly three hundred. Later we were also carrying out works on areas of Opole in search of a part of crime done on soldiers of Henryk Flam. Next, in Szczecin, where soldiers of the ‘Boa’ group were exhumed and recognised. And, finally, last year we started works in one of the most mysterious places in the graveyard in Warsaw.
– Where on ‘Łączka’ or – in other words – in the billet “Ł’, on graves of communism victims, communism criminals were buried. Functionaries of the regime, who had made decisions about murdering them, among the others, Julia Brystgierowa, Roman Kryże. Why do you think?
– I think that it was a typical example of following the Soviet and Nazis methods of blurring signs. The communists thought their political system as perpetual. There must have been an assumption that if people so meritorious for the communist system were buried there, then nobody would dare to ask about this place. However, it must be added – and I am trying to emphasize it – that on ‘Łączka’ or in a field near ‘Łączka’ there are not only peopleburied there, who were meritorious for communists. There were also doctors, engineers, pilots buried there. And, I would like us to remember about it. Otherwise, we will hurt these people.
– Preparation of this investigation work is surely a great organizational undertaking…
– It is. In Wrocław we extracted 299 debris. We managed to identify nearly 80 per cent of them. We could say, that it is a success. But we also knew that this kind of exhumation and identification investigations did not have any chance to be successful without establishing an interdisciplinary team, consisting of representatives of various spheres of knowledge. And what I always emphasize – passion. Because it is not work which is possible to do from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and not to think about later. Without passion it is not possible to do, even for a short time. At that time we managed to establish this team. Today I can say that for over a year, we have had a team consisting of historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, genetic experts, paramedics. Joining knowledge with skills of all these specialists gives us the basis for successful searching for communism victims and identifying them. The fact that we have other places where we reveal debris, the fact that we have other surnames of identified people, proves that the method which we accepted, is right. And we should proceed in this way. But the work of these people requires a lot of logistic preparations.
– Volunteers participate in your works a lot.
– I must admit that wherever we are going to find victims of communist terrorism, many volunteers come to us. Some of them want to work for a few hours, others – for a few days. Like, for example, in Białystok, where over twenty people applied for a job as a volunteers. This year in Warsaw we had a few dozens of volunteers. They arrived not only from Poland, mainly from Warsaw, but also from abroad. There were those who decided to have special holidays in order to work on ‘Łączka’. People of various professions come to us. We had, among the others, a cleric, students, clerks. There were Poles from England, Norway, Germany. People at various ages –from the age of 15 to 70 years old. It is beautiful, touching and constructive, because it denies the opinion promoted by some mass media, how bad we are, not interested in history or not in solidarity, etc. That is not true. If Poles decide that a matter is really important, that it is a matter of the nationwide significance, they give us an evidence of their unusual engagement. The example of ‘Łączka’ just proves it. The work lasted there for a few dozen hours a day. In the heat or rain – in May this year, in Warsaw it was raining for nearly two weeks.
– There is still the campaign of leftist and liberal media against people who fought about the independence of the country. It gets stronger on the Independence Day, on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising or Day of Accursed Soldiers. Also during your works…
– I noticed that since the 90s of the last century, there have been attempt to make us believe that returning to the Polish history is something embarrassing, about which we should not talk. If we are going to return to our history, then only in the category of our responsibility for the alleged crimes done on the Jews, Germans and I do not know what other. Let’s note that for a long time we have had the following history message in populist media: if we, Poles, insist on speaking about the Polish history so much, we should remember that we bear the responsibility for the crimes of that time, either of the war times, or communism times. I reject this way of narration. And the activity which we can realize in the Institute of National Remembrance is an evidence for the fact that there are many unexplained matters in our history and it is a duty of our country to cause such a situation in which all chapters of history will be investigated, described, documented and completed. What we are doing now, that is, searching for victims of communist terrorism, is a duty of the country towards its citizens. I think that they all should be found and buried with dignity. They have been anonymous for years. Now they should return to their surnames and homes as heroes. The reaction of the society shows that despite what the mainstream media think, there is still a great interest in the fact that we should carry out our actions and publish their results. I think that we are going to have much work for many years and I cannot see any possibility that any institution could be able to stop the search for the communism victims. It seems to me that now the searches progressed so far that it is impossible to prevent them. I think that even those who are against the Institute of National Remembrance and our actions, will not dare to take an open attitude against opening graves.
– What other searches are you going to have in the nearest time?
– As I mentioned, last year we did research in areas near Opole, looking for debris of soldiers of Henryk Flam. And we return to them. It is similar in Wrocław – here we are going to look for debris of Edward Taraszkiewicz ‘Żelazny’. We are also going to carry out investigations in Gdańsk – in search for Danuta Siedzikówna ‘Inka’. Also works in the second necropolis – in the graveyard in Wałbrzyska Street in Warsaw where the murdered were buried in the prison in Mokotów. In addition, there is an analysis of materials which we gathered during the searching works in ‘Łączka’ and at the moment we are working on finding an effective method so that we could start the third phase of works in the graveyard of Powązki, that is, extract about 90 debris of communism victims, who remained there. We know that they are over there… “

Friday 22 May 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 17.

Let us recap the relationships postulated so far.


I also want to take a little trip back to another of my relationships.

As an indicator of just how useless real British persons and their real technical brilliance were in WW2 we have to visit my table of inverted martial importance/title awarded with relation to British war effectiveness.

I.e. Importance in Honour/Rank= Mission decisiveness of Actor.

So compare.

1714=Duke of Marlborough-1945=Sir Arthur Harris
1815=Duke of Wellinghton-1918=Earl Haig

With that in mind expect to see ChiComm John Company military types getting a right royal promotion to the top of the land titles soon.

There is also a further relationship here.

The more ordinary people involved in the war, conscripts/volunteers/citizens, the less “important” it really is to the Apiru long range mission setters and planners. To put it bluntly. The more the aboriginals from the base of operations are involved in the dying, gunfire and sniper the less valuable it is to the Apirupureistclowns. The mission is sullied by the involvement of the divergently replicated.


Here are a further three names and to my shame the one I should have read biographically I have not. All reach O-7 but the rate of their rise, their backgrounds and timing of their progress tells one a great deal about priorities within the old base of operations.

(BTW there is a great piece on the GGT this morning about the London stock exchange and its new vortex of death screen FTSE100 analogue. As the commentator said most of the FTSE100 is foreign, a great deal being China. Which explains why Clegg got the word that it was time to move in May. Mission accomplished. La Senora Clegg y Los Cameronistos had done the heavy lifting for the Big Boss is RCE/BS)

Frank Whittle
F R Banks
Richard Gambier-Parry

On the subject of names let us take a little uneducated wander through the two O-10s that were operating out of the provisional provisions base in 1945.

Eisenhower got to be president for two reasons.

One: he tidied up the loose ends in Germany by allowing the continued pattern of murder, remember we are dealing with a psychopathic repetitive behavioural display here, in European leadership that were non compliant, started in earnest way back in 1850s.

Two: he managed to stall US progress, in concert with RCE/LC wishes, until the pick up was arranged. To understand this we have to realise that the “pick up” was to be achieved by Soviet forces. If we are to understand JFK’s assassination which was an act of black magic against USofA corp. people not the person of the POTUS, and it has worked splendidly, we need to understand the “pick up” fumbled pass actors, like Patton and Dulles, who either dissed the Rock/Roth or tried to outsmart them and so behaved in the best interests of USofA corp.

MacArthur didn’t get to be El Presidente for two reasons.

One: he competently formulated strategy with Nimitz in the best interests of USofA corp. in the Pacific and instead of a massive Slav cull stylee drain on USofA corp. manpower US forces achieved the take down of IJ with manageable casualties in a record time frame. Contra RCE/LC wishes. Out east he was away from the direct control of RCE/LC preistbankillers as he was protected by a still functioning USofA corp. patriotic firewall government machine.

Two: he, even though thousands of miles away from the scene of the “pick up”, still felt the ZIONheat, 5 years after, from the burning crime scene when he took USofA corp. up into the Chosin dams without telling the priestbankiller’s UN* what he was up to. As I said earlier just check out the movements of

1st MASH, X Corps

and who was watching their every movement of Chesty and the lads for report back to RCE/LC.

And then Big Mac was gone.

So let us be clear on this one. To know who killed JFK one does not focus on JFK and his dissing the CIA, getting all trippy with Mary, printing real lucre or any of the other malarkey of the grassy knoll crowd. All one needs to do is realise that USofA corp., TWICE, did verily not bend the knee to the jumped up creepzoid inbred Dante’s mutantes priestweirdos real. And when the USofA corp. for a THIRD time rubbed up against project “pick up”. USofA corp. had to take a lead pill to the head courtesy of the Pharmacy no matter who the president was. I admit that with a guy like Kennedy as POTUS the chances of the Pharmacy making a house call were dramatically increased. However USofA corp. has no danger of that ever happening again. You’re POTUS as all bitchboys and boybitches of the altar now.

When one realises that the great hidden game of the “pick up” was running in various variegated flavours all through out the massacre of Europe 1930-1950 for delivery to Tel Aviv one can see that USofA corp. was a veritable pain in the ass with its “freedom” and “morals” and “can do attitude”.

Indeed if one looks clearly at what actually happened at Dresden in 1945 we can see in that single event the concentrated distillation of what was the true point of indiscriminate carpet bombing by a high explosive logistics effort on German cities for 4 years. Operation flush the German nuke research out of German cities and under ground for “pick up” by Stalin and delivery to RCE/TA-Dimona. Of course there were complications like Stalin going rogue. And don’t believe a word about the jet stream being all of a sudden a big surprise to Hap. At the same time Tokyo et al got firebombed the preistcreepsziozoids realised they had a massive out break of nuke fever in the orient as well.

One final relationship.


*”“…I had been able to piece together a reasonably comprehensive picture of the way in which the UNRRA set up was being most skilfully used to promote what was nothing less than a Zionist campaign of aggression in Palestine. In defiance of the prohibition by the British Mandatory power, reluctant as ever to employ decisive means, the admirably organised Zionist command was employing any and every means of forcing immigration into the country irrespective of the hardship and sufferings of the immigrants, few of whom seemed to have spontaneous enthusiasm for the Zionist cause. The whole project evidently had Russian connivance, if not actual support, since its success would conduce to the elimination of British authority in a vital area of the Middle East. ” – Frederick E. Morgan
A correspondent reported that Morgan made “casual observations based on what he saw … but the controversial remarks were taken out of the context and put together by correspondents.” [42] UNRRA expected that Morgan would offer his resignation but he did not do so. An attempt to clarify his position “off the record” failed, and Morgan’s position in Germany was eliminated by UNRRA Director Fiorello La Guardia.
Lieutenant-General Sir Frederick Edgeworth Morgan KCB (5 February 1894 – 19 March 1967) was a British Army officer who fought in both world wars. He is best known as the Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (COSSAC), the original planner of Operation Overlord.
Comment by who dares wings — May 18, 2015 @ 3:47 pm
“…I had been able to piece together a reasonably comprehensive picture of the way in which the UNRRA set up was being most skilfully used to promote what was nothing less than a Zionist campaign of aggression in Palestine. In defiance of the prohibition by the British Mandatory power, reluctant as ever to employ decisive means, the admirably organised Zionist command was employing any and every means of forcing immigration into the country ” – Frederick E. Morgan
The leaders of the UNRRA – Lehmann, La Guardia, Rifkind – were all Zionists, most of them being even Arch Zionist Stephen Wise’s good puppies.
“Morgan’s position in Germany was eliminated by UNRRA Director Fiorello La Guardia”
Fifi probably got a nice reward from Master Wise for that…. ;-)
Comment by hermie — May 20, 2015 @ 1:45 pm

Thursday 21 May 2015

Where is the table?

Those who read here often, God help you; will know that from time to time the mind drivellings here, overflowed upon the electroalbedoA4, wander to contemplate the actual geezers sitting in the BIG room. The physical and corporeal entities that are behind the fhukkwhitter we know as designed for and by intelligence.

I have mooted that the table sings within

“…….the room with the geezers smoking huge cigars, gulping ambrosia, slaking metamorphs and worshipping djinn there must be, beside the secret maps, upon the table; the recipe book. The great big book of alchemy that describes and tabulates everything you need to do to grow humans in the garden and remove the weeds.”

And the BIG room…
”Surely the guys that sit in the BIG room puffing on the fat cigars and drinking the elixir cannot believe anything that their minions believe, that goes for the “secret PTB”, guys we all know about like Rock/Roth and the 300. If they believed what their Roc/Roth minions believed that would be counter ritual and destroy the occult power structure.
So what do they believe and what do they want the gold for? What kind of human society supports these eternal beliefs? I.e. what changes are enacted within human intercourse to keep the gold drive going as Human numbers increase and the water table of knowledge actually rises?
When there wre no more than a few thousands of humans on the planet spread over many continents where was the BIG room then?
If there was a BIG room it needed to be somewhere quiet, pleasant and abundant. Somewhere that allowed easy access to nautical or riverine movement. Ethiopian Highlands sounds just about right. Any other contenders? Kurdistan? Siam? I like Siam but it is just not quiet enough in the time frame I have in mind.”

Now I reckon that we are dealing with geezers and not geeztrice because event though the odd geeztrix does get involved in the crime scene, what we are dealing with here is a malevolent change vector injected into the herd by Yahweh. Yahweh being a given name for one of the geezers in the BIG room. Male is change-amnesia and female is memory-continuity in this war as life giving model.

Unlike a great many who feel that there is an omniscient intelligence directing every action/reaction/solution event and thought experienced by the worshippers within the HAS, , your correspondent feels we have an epigenetic dither acting as Monte Carlo walk to the HAS. End state is a desired higher sterility, which is all.

Undoubtedly to reach this terminus, the time scale is long, the objective is androgyny, and the body count is absolute. Why else would one go to all the trouble of reconstructing the constantly sacrificing self replicating mutation catalyst made flesh?

That is correct the followers of Yahweh are one weapon system deployed against humanity in its aboriginal destitution.

As Devlin remarked to Hamer in Good Vibration podcast 59 and I paraphrase, “Where is the Metre des Archives”. Or how do the clowns in charge measure their progress towards the big mission accomplished tail hook party.

I think that this is the first occasion I have heard someone say such a thing. There has to be such a gauge for we know that someone gave the order to bugger up natural philosophy immediately after Maxwell parked his quaternions on us. Hence we got Heavysided and ended up with the Hollyweido Einstein road blocking everything. We also know that the engineers operating out of mittel Europe wandered into a very weird, by conventional physical doctrine, physics that had to be stamped on after 1945. Kron, Townsend Brown, unknown and executed SS operatives, assorted AEG engineers and Soviet war booty all wandered with state sanction into the area given cryptodiscredit by the public spectacle of the Serb, pour encourage les autres, within the HAS.

However the main source of error here is to assume here is a physical script or metric against which to measure progress. We are not talking project management here. We are talking magic.

If, as I’ve mentioned before, Newton (the Alchemist and gold guardian), Descartes and Leibnitz seemed to glimpse a long lost, deliberately destroyed, non numeric mathematics mastered by the ancients and Lubicz sought to deconstruct the ancient mind through the remaining scraping on stones, then one has to consider that part of our guidance system is a search and destroy mission. Removing the old mind, bicameral or not, replacing with the new limited mind.

Why do I say this?

Well if we go back to the mind drizzlings started at

Finishing here

The primary speculative I focussed upon was a magic event. Starting that series of musings was the realisation that somewhere a long, long time ago, before Yahweh made his name known, long before the Jews there were the Apiru and deep within a temple by the two rivers the original crime scene was enacted. It needed the concept of count and number systems to flourish and spread and kill. This underground temple ceremony was a sacred event for it was a regenerator of the new human restored and it is deduced that Apiru are wandering caravanning sacred conduits for the mission.

This brings another two relationship to our attention.



So where is the table?

Epigenetically the table is now us recreated anew.

The fables’ location is in our minds.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 16.

Before we proceed further let us savour a little vignette. Let us imagine the days immediately after June 22nd 1941.

One has been looking forward to murdering millions and millions and millions of defenceless men, women and children. Just like one has done at home with the connivance of Marxist theoreticians and accompanying mass murdering mentally unhinged creepzoid followers of the Talmud. One has plotted and planned to ethnically cleanse Europe of the weeds in Yahweh’s garden. One had been so looking forward to killing everyone and everything because one is a screaming skryptopsychomentalist bitchboy and vacuous altarboybitch of the priestbanksters. One is surrounded by phukkedwitz of the death cult and you LOOOOVVVVE IT!!! Following Yahweh has made you feel like a god.

However the house painter has ruined your day and you KNOW, somewhere up above you in that sacred place where the money is fabricated, SOMEONE is very, very displeased.

Guderian/Kleist/Hoth and the lads in puny panzers are steamrollering their way through your expensively paid for SOVIET RED murder armies. Hajo and Rudel are taking your tacair out and bombing your shit. Expensive Roth bombers from USofA corp. are being turned to scrap on your airfields by geezers with backbone. All your gulag troops, your yellow CHEKA, your Christie tanks, your gutless NKVD and legions of COMMIE assorted scum money worshippers, brave when faced by defenceless women and children, are dead or fleeing like the cowards they were. You are deserted by your own terror, phukkmuppet!

And you wait and wait and wait for Rock to send the Chicago Pharmacy to pay a high velocity lead home visit.

Instead of a house call from the 1930s equivalent of Bugsy Harold Shipman M.D., the rest of the sick COMMIE SOVIET USSR clique come and ask you to lead the way.

Now right there we know that one of that clique was direct lined to RCE/NY and had a Chicago Pharmacy bullet proof vest on. Resistant to all attempts to put you in a lime filled trench at the dead of night.

These were your paid off media allies, USofA corp., in the years 1941-45. At a time when you were to be bled to death in the decades 1940-1960.

Now I know you may wonder why I mention Chicago rather than New York in this context? Well I may never get round to mentioning it again but when one names Chicago one must always have RCMP and by extension the Venetian’s Crown in mind. It is to be recognised that London is not noted for its canals. Manchester is though.

Canada is a slow acting toxin within the re-established Ba’al Hammon west and it is from Canada that USofA is always poisoned.  I know I know, however USofA corp simply cannot understand, this is after all the state that was taken down by a staged show in 1939, that la historia real has to include the script writers guild.

“I’m reading “Preparations for the Nuremburg Trial: The O.S.S. Charles Dwork, and The Holocaust”, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, V12 N2, Fall l998. pp. 257-81. by Schlomo Aronson of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The intelligence angle has been completely overlooked by revisionists who all seem to share a single minded approach to Holocaust history which is (drumroll) forensics. Everyone they’ve put on the dock for war crimes since 1945 is a bit player in an ongoing situation comedy that was scripted by high ranking Allied intelligence operatives working with American and international Jewish NGOs. Jews ran and staffed the Nuremburg IMT, but in order not to draw attention to this fact gentiles like Robert Jackson and Telford Taylor were put forward as window dressing. Col. Mikey Marcus was named chief of the War Crimes Division, planning legal and security procedures for the Nuremberg trials. After the Nazi defendants were hung he switched names and uniforms to became Israel’s first modern Israeli Machal general. Charles Dwork is lost to history. He was the “Jewish desk” in the OSS (R&A) laising with an alphabet soup of Jewish organizations who were feeding him the atrocity propaganda militant Zionist operatives like Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson) and Hollywood scriptwriter Ben Hecht churned out and planted in the American media. The lies manufactured were epic. The Holocaust is not only a secular religion now (Christ’s sacrifice trumped by the sacrifice of the six million), but it’s also billion dollar business and shakedown racket like all organized religion is. Oscar Groening is a liar, but more importantly he’s an actor in an ever increasing technologically sophisticated drama that continually replaces reality with a new simulacra of itself.


“A thoughtful American professor, whom I met in Heidelberg, expressed the opinion that the United States military authorities on entering Germany and seeing the ghastly destruction wrought by our obliteration bombing were fearful that knowledge of it would cause a revulsion of opinion in America and might prevent the carrying out of Washington’s policy for Germany by awakening sympathy for the defeated and realization of our war crimes. This, he believes, is the reason why a whole fleet of aircraft was used by General Eisenhower to bring journalists, Congressmen, and churchmen to see the concentration camps; the idea being that the sight of Hitler’s starved victims would obliterate consciousness of our own guilt. Certainly it worked out that way.”
—Freda Utley – “The High Cost of Vengeance”, Chicago, 1949, p.183
Comment by who dares wings — May 12, 2015 @ 11:59 am

The phoney war for UKplc lasted the whole war, except for Apr-May 1945 when there was a true mission to be accomplished involving stopping the Red Murder Army getting to Schleswig-Holstein. Again this is a major Venetian mission to keep Europeans out of the high-seas. It is funny that immediately after 1945 Churchill is getting ready to continue a war against “Russia” not Soviets but Russia and hence we get what Blair was driving at in his novel 1948.

For UKplc almost all the war effort involved role play, script writing and black propaganda. Oh of course the aboriginals were to be sent out to fight as some sort of make work scheme with bullets but the real work involved preparation of real living fiction for use in centuries to come.

So standing back and refocusing we can see two operations at work in the grand strategy.

1.      The flushing out(running away) of “nuclear talent”, a kind of Talmudic Paperclip from Europe, under threat of Red Murder Army walk over, to USofA corp. All concealed within the disguise of evil German anti Semitism. Hence the skulking out of Euroville before the prepared gas attack, by Einstein et al.
2.      The setting up of a Rothschild terror state without opposition from what can only have been imagined in the hybrid kryptobrain of the Chief Zioweirdo to be a Europe laid waste from Alps to Urals. A terror state with the A Bomb in the desert oasis. After all that is what Roth and his subaltern Rock were paying for!!! Anyone who thinks the Samson option is anything recent is a phukkmuppet.

(BTW anyone catching their breath at very recent Saudi nuke newsbollox needs to be taken out into a sunny field for a picnic with the Pharmancy. You are a clear and present danger to our family.)

Anyway Ugold didn’t work out as planned because the USofA corp proved to be too vigorous and capable in a martial sense and too backward in a hi-technological materials sense.

What we now know in the wake of the Manhattan failure and the Paperclip people smuggling operation, that is an Apiru clue right there, is that the imported Semitic talent were shit at actually doing any work, theory, experimentation and engineering. Typical Hollywood physicists, all casting couch and no trouser, too busy screwing their close family members with their members, going skrypto-mental off their heads and letting the poor keep them in fine wines, good food, cigars and velvet clothed altars for juxtaposition of pleasure organs.

Friday 15 May 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 15. Bismarck and the Rothschild Chthonic Entity/Dimona.

KMS Bismarck was an expanded, obsolete hull design packed with the latest ranging radar, high velocity naval artillery, top of the line machinery and constructed of the best materials available.

Here we can have a little comparo of the two UK WW2 sister ships, HMS Ark Royal and HMS Eagle. Materially the Ark Royal was a “war build” and the Eagle was a “peace time” build. Material quality meant that the Eagle was the longer life timed hull and everyone knew she was the one to keep in commission through the 1970s, Ark Royal’s inferior hull condition reflecting her war build materials, by 1965.

KMS Bismarck was a long life time peace time hull, ergo tough.

In May of 1941 the whole of the RN from Gib to Scapa hunted down and destroyed 1 solitary battleship. Over the next four years UKplc had the whole of the RN surface fleet in home waters AND RAF Bomber Command, on occasion, target its sister ship KMS Tirpitz. This inability in 1941 to stop KMS capital ships combined with the soon to be executed early 1942 “channel dash” leaves one with the distinct impression of nightmare scenario planning in UKplc.

What for?

Convoy protection?

I know we are supposed to believe the convoy cover story but it is known now  that Murmansk convoys and others operations were sacrificed so that ULTRA could be kept secret. The cover story is that we didn’t want the Soviets to get wind of the fact we knew all their thoughts. We also know that Manhattan was a failure. So once again we are invited by the insanity of the cover story to look more closely at the nuclear legend and just who was to get their hands on the terror weapons.

UKplc, RCE/LC, was scared shitless for 4 solid years that a big one, a nuke, was going to sail off UKplc and detonate, at best, a relatively clean fission nuke, at worst a fhekking big phizzling dirty nuke/organophosphate and poison Roth’s garden for ever. Roth couldn’t give a fuck that all the aboriginal Brits would be dead. Roth was going to be upset that his Hibernian fauna and flora would be unenjoyed by the inbred geneticos mutantes of Ba’al Hammon’s favourite's family ever again. One more time the hanging gardens would have to be abandoned.

Again always remember Springtime for Yahweh, the fauxpriestfiatbanksterersatzgod of Terror.

Tsk tsk.

In 1941 the RCE/LC and RCE/NY knew that no matter what happened the RCE/TA(RCE/D) was within sight. With an exhausted/barren Europe and European colonies stretching out for decades ahead, anyone who could print all the money they wanted and ship all the gold the needed could get exactly what they covetted.

When Balfour fell for the crocodile tears of the hybrid entity supping with him and blubbling about having no home land, the nondom creepzoid, typical wandering Apiru, the UK aboriginal statesperson could never have imagined how those cold zoomorphic cryptochimeric eyes viewed the world to come.

As I have mentioned before RCE/TA is simply a fire base deep in enemy terrortery. Kind of like this one in ‘Nam.

Only unlike ‘Nam there is to be no designed defeat. It will succeed. It would succeed because nothing would be denied it to prosecute its millennia long mission and it is ideologically self sustaining as long as the money flows.
“A Jewish state fully endorses the use of the Jewish Torah and the Talmud as the laws of the land. Last year, as part of a series of moves designed to make Israel’s Jewish status crystal clear, Benjamin Netanyahu publicly stated that he aims to make Israel’s legal system based on the Talmud, as it should be. In Netanyahu’s own words to the Likud party’s ultra-Orthodox member Yaakov Vider: “We will legally define the Talmud as the basis of the Israeli legal system.”

As the Jewish state, Israel’s Jewish essence must be felt in every single aspect of Israeli life. The Talmud is the divine law of the Jewish people, so it’s essential that it also be the law of Israel – the Jewish state. Regardless of one’s feelings about Netanyahu, his commitment to following Talmudic law and cementing Israel’s Jewish status is truly something to be admired.”

Why do you think that money is the primary universal weapon system? Religion is the secondary.

So what do we have prior to the establishment of the fire base at RCE/TA and its weapon of mass destruction lab in RCE/D?

“At that point, Szilard met with Einstein to write the first and most famous of the Einstein-Szilard letters, warning President Roosevelt about the German efforts to formulate the atomic bomb, and the possible disastrous outcomes should this come to pass. The result was a promise to fund research into nuclear fission, which occasioned the second Einstein-Szilard letter thanking the president.

Szilard had written an article for the Physics Review detailing how a chain reaction would work, but asked the journal to hold up publication so that Germany and other countries would not be alerted.
Time passed, but the scientists did not receive the money promised by President Roosevelt. So Szilard approached Einstein and suggested that if the government didn't follow through with the funding, he would allow the article to be published.

"For people of such high ideals to, in effect, blackmail the government with information about how to make a nuclear weapon was quite surprising," Lanouette said.

The government apparently took the threat to heart, coughing up the funds for research that ultimately led to the creation of the Manhattan Project in the early 1940s.”

Notice that we need to invert the legend to get at the truth here. Peace my ass. The jewcrew didn’t flee Germany; they fled the territory assigned by the Roth/Rock as their Murder Army’s ethnic cleansing zone when it rolled through Europe, on schedule, around 1940-42. You do not pay for a multi-million man murder army and not use it!! FFS!!

What else do we have?

In 1937 Eichmann tagged along as Polkes took the SS on a guided tour of what was to be the jewish homeland. Contrary to the 1933 judean declaration of war on Germany the Zionists in Palestine/Germany/ME had a great thing going with their NEMICo and other entities trading goods, persons, training and technology into the future firebase of RCE/TA.

Hagana and Stern operatives, like future Nobel Peace prize terrorist  and RCE/TA firebase PM Menachem Begin, loved the Nazis and agreed to a war against UKplc in Palestine in order to help the Germans get to Suez and beyond.

BWAHAHAHAHAAAA. Ooooh doncherlove it! UKplc rationed, fooled and darkened. Their dead airmen dropping out of the skies over Germany in their thousands every week and the Nazis and jews are living it up in the sunshine Mediterranean stylee. Oh fuck me you couldn’t make this shit up. No wonder the aboriginals of Europe are going to get wiped out. Too fucking thick to breath unassisted.

Anyway back to the nukes.

If UKplc thought that a German nuke was going to go bang near the throne then what do you think Roth thought?

We have already demarked the 1945 limits of the murder army as it was allowed to drop a hermetic curtain over all the nuke research centres from Sakhalin to Stettin. Note that Rock/Roth new that no vodka slinger was ever going to fabricate something more complex than a panje cart. Rock/Roth also new that UKplc kulaks should never be entrusted to build anything more complex than a bowler hat. Rock knew he couldn’t get Ford to build anything other than built in obsolescence. And as for the French, well all they did was grow narcotics with their Nung highlanders and eat the blue waffle. Don’t even bother with the Italians.

So who else could Roth rely on to engineer something as delicate and complex as a nuke for delivery to RCE/D by crypto Apiru?

As I mentioned earlier two things fucked the schedule.

Stalin, and I think I’ve identified when he, knowingly?, shagged the plan. Winter 1940/41. Though he was by force majeure allowed to function as a Rock/Roth unit. The weeks after Barbarossa as he waited for the Pharmacy to arrive must have been comical. God I would have loved to be there and see the homicidal bitchboy creep shit itself.

The second “thing” was that beautiful, imperfect, city on a hill. Home to citizens we all could be, that so entranced our hopes and dreams until the Apiru killed Kennedy.

Which brings us to another relationship we can add to the list.


Just as an aside and note to self.

Any muppet that goes on about breakaway civilizations does not know about ancient Apiru clues.