Wednesday 14 October 2009


It is now T+14, and I’m looking hard for the sudden twang in the rigging that should indicate a failure of the main structure somewhere. No. It is all winging its way through the madness as usual; the unreality bubble conflates ad nauseam.

What do we have then to keep our eye off the ball?

Well here in UK plc we’ve got expenses gate, which though I’d love to think is cover for a secret op, is no more than the ongoing plan to discredit freedom through tainted goods. The young oligarchs being so much shinier and wholesome.

Brown is trying to flog off anything he can to raise a few baubees, idiot. It’s funny how all the money disappears just as the massive infrastructure projects are finished at public expense, ready to be harvested on the cheap by the guys that blackmailed our representatives with photos of them being bulldozed by Palambang ladyboys.

It’s like trying to buy the weeks shopping by flogging the fridge and the cooker!!!

More men are of to Afnamistan, just like was warned but Brown denied. Oh and they’re not allowed to shoot at anything, just become targets!!! Sweet.

Did the English treasury really tell Franny Drake that he wasn’t allowed to use cannon balls against the Armada? That could explain the fire ships. Plus ca change!

And then we’ve got the big scam that daren’t shout its name. The theft of everyone’s pension. It’s just like your wicked old granny got you and your younger siblings to give her a tanner a week to salt away for your trip to seaside at the fair. The old girl spent the lot on gin and big men, but broke the news to you older ones that she’d been mugged, hence the bruising, you fell for it and played along with the game not to tell the younger ones.

Well now the younger ones want their trip and you are being used by nasty old granny to keep them quite.

The old girls offski to the offy whilst you lot get into a big fist fight. Got that private and public sector?

In Lalaland there is the incredible scenario of their legislature passing a military budget of close to $1,000,000,000,000 by the time all the special provisions are included with money that does not exist!!!

Holy schomolly!!! How does that work? As I’ve asked before USofA what has all that money since 2000 bought. I see no hardware, and your guns don’t work.

This all smells like France 1930s.

Talking of which, Sarkozy’s bint has been pulling cover for Mitterrand fils who likes sodomising small boys.

Sarkozy himself has been weeping for his mate that’s been lifted in Switzerland for sodomising little girls.

And lover boy here Daniel Marc Cohn-Bendit, co-president of European Greens–European Free Alliance likes the small child to.

Just like Sit on my lap little girl Chairman Mao.

Now if you take the viewpoint that nothing is out of bounds, Woof Woof , then you certainly are not going to object to these clowns bouncing around a beach near you buggering the wild life.

However what they reveal is that they are just bullying spineless goons who prey on the poor, and more tellingly every last one is a foundation bitchboy. And you know what I think of foundation bitchboys, aberrant or not.

Right then that’s the end of that, all I wanted was to say that the Fed may have gone bankrupt Sep 30th but so far it seems to be business as usual.

Heads up.

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