Friday 29 April 2016

Strategi Militer Indonesia - Informasi Pertahanan dan Keamanan NKRI: 16 Ribu Personil TNI & Polri Amankan May Day

Strategi Militer Indonesia - Informasi Pertahanan dan Keamanan NKRI: 16 Ribu Personil TNI & Polri Amankan May Day: Sebanyak 16 personel Polisi dan TNI akan mengamankan peringatan may day, Minggu 1 Mei 2016 nanti. Personel ditempatkan di titik unjuk rasa d...

Surabaya Angie and her colleagues will be busy this weekend. Always remember Angie that the main ISIS assets/agents/threat is in your own ministries and politico leadership.

Just like London.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

The WHITE LIVES DO NOT MATTER UKuntstrucKonstruct and The Queen wore a pale iGREEN poltergeist vest.

White Lives Do Not Matter ever, neither in the past, the future nor now to the Au bereft, slothdulledsleekit and sanguinary HMG


UKakos and UKabos are as ready use ammunition, expendable as far as HMG’s sold out Rothbotbitchboys and Rockuntboybitches are concerned, and UKabos cost nothing to consume. 

Wouldn’t want the fine wine, honey roast ladyboy and child sacrifice budget being eaten into for ammo, would we?

When you’ve got a Kenyan Indonesian CIA breeding programmed asset, a Donmeh Turk, a Manchurian railway Bitchboy, a Soros candidate Boybitch and the petri dished metastasis of the Big Ben Roth zoological garden cross/inbred hive minded mutant Lamarkian selection programme for fukkwittery, all trying to get you to vote for your own demise then you’d better wake up pronto UKabos and UKakos.

The, soon to be swapped out for newly imported IP

colour compliant UN iGREEN replacement killers, current crop of foundation bitchboys, boybitches, androgynimplants and sterile temple whores are just like the previous generations of money loving scum.

They fukkin’ hate ordinary UK aboriginals.

Which bit of that don’t you get after 2000 years of iYahweh fukkwitz taking the piss out of you, killing you on your own door step or shipping you off overseas to get machine gunned to death?

They were never going to lift a finger if their missiles started to land were they?

So what makes you think you will not be responsible for the biggest racist war on the planet because you never once delivered the unearthly collection of po-faced creepzoids to their master?

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Broke, Broker, Broken 'n' Brokeback


Welcome through my UK triumphgate to hell, cheeldren of the voerld.

I prefer you dead first.


Thursday 14 April 2016

I do like a good photo and/or map....

Seemorerocks: Pentagon "furious" at Russian fighter buzzing USS ...: The last time this happened to the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea much of the crew reportedly resigned their posts or consulted a shr...

Let us do some history.

That map's context of NATO v's USSR today has changed since 1930. Criminal bankers now give infinite funny money to NATO to manufacture arms and nothing to USSR. The reverse was true in 1930. BTW Koenigsburg has been German far longer that there has been a UKplc. Concrete filled RAF fighters now patrol where RN warships skulked in 1919 keeping an eye on, the soon to be removed by commie banker financed red murderers, native Lats, Lithuanians, Estonians and Germans.

Even more notable is that USofA corp now continues the anti open ocean access strategy of UK plc aimed at bottling up Russia which used to be occasioned by ops such as Copenhagen, Crimean War and Dardanelles campaign. Looked at askance one may discern a little of the fake economics crap espoused by the free trader ivory tower pheasant eating theorists when one realises that they are shit scared of any one else being better at "free" trade than them. That is why Germany got burned. Free traders are basically Babylonian pirates, murderers and lazy bastards at heart. True free traders strike fear into the hearts of money publishers.

Talking of being afraid I do love the photo of the ancient Su24 skimming by an old AAW detroyer. What do you reckon the level of terror was that a goat herder felt as the last thing he saw was an SLCM or VLCM heading his way. Do you reckon he or she had time for a selfie? Did he or she have enough life left to warn the rest of their family?

How many pounds of silver(UK plc puts VAT on silver, to fuck its peasants but not gold, to curry its masters) have we strewn over the world delivered from SSNs, CLGs, DDGs, FFGs and assorted air assets flying off CVs, LHDs and CVNs. How much precious metal have B52s, F/A18s, Tornados and Mirages gifted to the defenceless at high Mach numbers?

Does Osborne consider it a tax write off and GDP deflator when RDX powered self forming silver penetrators desecrate human beings? Or will he get his inflation growth and GDP expansion numbers just so by including sex traders in the Leeds protected shagging haven?

I do like a good mental image and that one makes me chuckle. Can some one send me a piccie of the first smart meter equipped whore?

Another image that I hold dear is the one of Satan chastising his failed minions. Cameron and Osborne are on the blackwatchlist.


Wednesday 13 April 2016


“In World War One many men from the farming industry joined the armed services, leaving the country in short supply of agricultural workers. Adding to concerns about British food stocks, the wheat harvest of 1916 was lower than usual and the potato crop in Scotland and parts of England failed. Food prices started rapidly increasing, making some items unaffordable for many people. 

The situation deteriorated even further when, on 9 January 1917, Germany announced unrestricted submarine warfare. This meant that British merchant ships transporting food from overseas would be at risk of being sunk, worsening the shortages.

The authorities had to take action. In 1917 the Women’s Land Army was formed to provide extra voluntary labour, with 'Land Girls' replacing servicemen who had left the farms to fight. The government also created propaganda campaigns encouraging people all over the country to start growing their own food. For example, in February 1917 the Preston Committee was formed to secure 700 plots for allotments in the town's parks and other public land for the growing of food. This increased to 1,845 by 1919. 

A scheme of voluntary rationing was promoted on 1 February 1917, with the aim of reducing the consumption of food in short supply, and to show how to avoid waste when cooking. Teachers in elementary schools took up the challenge and cookery centres were established in Preston.

The allowance under this scheme was based on three staples of the daily diet - bread, meat, and sugar. The weekly allowance was for:
  • Bread including cakes, puddings etc - 4lbs (1.8 kg)
  • Meat including bacon, ham, sausages, game, rabbits, poultry, and tinned meat - 2½ lbs (1.1 kg)
  • Sugar ¾ lb (340 grams)
Although this voluntary scheme had some effect, more was still needed. In Preston, a food control office was set up in the Harris Museum to fix the price of milk and, from October 1917, butter too. 

Shortages continued and although wealthier people could still afford food, malnutrition was seen in poor communities. To try to make things fairer and ensure that everyone received their fair share, the government introduced rationing in 1918. 

Ration cards were issued and everyone had to register with a local butcher and grocer. The first item to be rationed was sugar in January 1918, but by the end of April meat, butter, cheese and margarine were added to the list. Some foods were still in short supply even after the war ended, for instance butter remained on ration until 1920.”

Now you may not think it in any way related but consider.

also Tesco’s hunger for land ends in tears

Also seemingly unrelated.

OK so here is the question.

Which bit of “The food being grown in UK farms does not belong to UKabos” don't UKakos get?

Indeed if the UKakos don’t wake up they will be left to starve in the open gulag as the East India company ships all the food out into world markets and war zones.

UKakos and Ukabos are not needed any more in the front line. Just like Ireland was not needed when India and overseas abos and kakos were getting offed by the Rothcoats.

Monday 11 April 2016

YFW!!!! War News Updates: Terror Attack In Southern Russia Results In All 3 ...

"WNU Editor: This is a surprise. Attacks in the Stavropol region -- close to the Muslim-majority North Caucasus -- are rare. This could be a one-off, or a trend that non-Muslim regions of Russia are now "fair-game" for Islamic militants."
 War News Updates: Terror Attack In Southern Russia Results In All 3 ...: A vehicle of the Russian armed forces blocks the way in a settlement of the Novoselitsky district, where a local police station was recen...

Which bit of-RCE/LC has ordered the harmonisation of all forces it has sponsored in the middle east this passed century for projection Northwards into Russia- don't these COMINTERN commentaors get? Stewpid phukkin' kwestion! What we have here are PRAVDAbots and on message CHEKAants talking/printing utter rubbish.

Harmonisation and normalisation= being turned into a stone age Ba'al London army of barbarity. Kind of like the Ba'al agents sent into Russia 100 years ago from New York to drop Russia into Talmudic barbarity.

It took 30,000 or so Roth bankrolled agents to turn Russia into the concentration camp called the USSR death gulag. Right now we've got several million Roth bankrolled agents entering EU to do the same thing.

Like all western agitpropagriggators you will never get anything of value to you from them.

I suppose like the CIA financed "movements" of the 60s we've got Soros funded phukkmuppets here talking bullshit.

If you can see it, it must be claptrap.

Saturday 9 April 2016


The whole world is being united into one massive swirling vortex of nonsense. There is no reality if everyone has been to stage school, your neighbour is a, between jobs, crisis actor, reality TV has taken over your neighbourhood and failure is success enabled through undying mediocrity. Everyone is going round and around and around until there is no end, no beginning, no start, no stop-just infinite sameness. All is dynamically halted. No progress all captured. That is the Rovian magic at work. We have entered engineered whirling amnesia. Logan’s Run without the bodies to dispose of, yet.

Time in the general human development front has stopped. How else do you explain 80 years of money publishing as selecting for ignorance?

Now for the technical bolloxpoints.

If you’ve read here you will know that in the past I have referred to high frequency trading as time stealing. It is not the front running by nano seconds that give goldmanbuttsucks the advantage in their black magic boxes; it is the engineering of time locally on the micron scale that is the big secret. All their time stamps are dithered. Don’t get me wrong, they are real; however they exist in two or more different frames.

The isolated data points for this are scattered throughout recent popular culture.

First is the theremin. Just as tarot may be viewed as the degenerate remains of a higher appreciation of population dynamics so I view the theremin as a degenerate industrial control system for a remote system process. The process envisaged being lethal to human proximity.

Second we have the radiophonic workshop at the GGT. No, the sound invented there is not a sampling of high speed BBC DJs buggering the corpses of children. The sound I have in mind if the one attributed to a central European refugee and sounds like DC and AC hitting hard.

Third we have the macro unified field theory engineered, exemplified by the work of Kron on large electrical systems.

Fourth we have the ideas of time consumption as energy on a solar scale elucidated by Kozyrev, amongst others.

Fifth we have the artificial satellite.

Let us limit ourselves to these five for the moment. Conjugate phasing, Adler, Richter et al can wait for another day.

It really all started with the Wells shine job. Just to test the waters as to how much bollox they could get away with before they threw the switch. The plan was to be Blairite never ending war for the richest place on the planet. Blair had to modify the thesis when things went very wrong for the retardocreeps and it eventually appeared to us as 1984.

So let us look forward to how they viewed the successful plan and measure it against our present reality.


1 USofA was going to bleed white over half a century in the Far East and then a one Americas economic unit established.
2. USSR was going to ruin Europe in 2 years and remove Europe from existence.
3. The force majeure establishment of a Roth firebase in Palestine at last. WMD, developed within Germany, were to arm the newly established Roth firebase and used through the agency of the British Empire.
4. Establishment of a one Asia unit under Chinese mandate.


1.USofA is now bankrupted and set for civil war financed from an external credit source with real gold.
2.USSR has mutated into a highly developed part of Europe within a devastated Europe.
3. Roth firebase is now established and can use all the WMD within the firebase as well as those without the firebase. It may not look like it but Homer Lea forgot about miscegenation.
4. RoChinks are off plan but that is what happens when you lose control of WMD for 80 years.

In case you think I forgot about India, which bit of East India company don’t you get about Tata and UK?

Now I know that you think that such simple minded buffoonery is to be scoffed at. However I would remind you that we are looking at things from the metacreepzoid level. You know the level of the boss of the boss of the boss of the RockRothbosses. At that rarefied level time does not exist, only existence. For the guys at the singing table surrounded by the bodies of instant K rush DMT stiffs, time is to be played with and we are the string theory marionerzattes.

Although we may think that time is going forward, existence is going back to where the geezers at the table want it.

So, next, let us look at real-time time-fucking, as I think we might agree upon a time.  

Thursday 7 April 2016


I cannot find the book, never mind the exact chapter, but I will paraphrase and allow a certain dither on the time frame. The book was an overview of European history from around late 16th century until around early 19th century. I remember a phrase somewhat as follows. “The assassination of princes ceased as of this time and did not resume for another one and a half centuries, until the early/middle of the 19th.”

Substitute the word countries for princes is to find oneself in the 19th and 20th centuries and then substitute civilisation for countries and we find ourselves in the period when assassination of civilisations was practiced. Today.

Now you don’t have to be food stealing benefits scrounging work shy word mangler and empty sconed fukkedwitz like unlearned Spectre, I’d change my foundation name if I were you dronebot, it sounds like you are child sex trafficking organ thieves, to work out that what comes after civilisations is the word mankind. Or to you in the fukkwitz collective, inhabited 6C12.0107 based life form.

So even though Microfart might have shut up their anti-fukkwitz burpbot and issued an apology for nothing, how else do you describe that exercise as anything other than the destruction of Freidman economonomanics, yes you can get a free lunch. In fact free banquets all round all day every day for the fukkedwitz is the whole point of retardomaniacal thought viruses containers known as godgit’s only chosen fukkwitz.

Anyway before we get any further I want to pick up a little on what Levenda says at the end of the interview.

Though we know that the solutions to many real world problems have negative time symmetry it is convention that we ignore the –ve for day to day reality. It may be theoretically possible to bake my loaf backwards but I will ignore that since my real world butter waits the spreading of real time.

Similarity might wonder about the nature of consciousness, local or not? Many mentalists have smashed an innocent’s skull open and gone digging around the living/dead container looking for the mind. Usually done under government contract, fronted by anonymous foundation genocide scams, in Canada candidly enough.

Start around the 30min mark as usual.

Tomorrow we go really mental. Now I know that if you read yesterday’s decanting of mindmong here, that you will not want any more mentalemetics flushing out your sanity but just hang on. What flows may allow you to drag some of the more “helpful though Noahide compliant” financial commentators in a clearer reference frame.

Wednesday 6 April 2016

More Apiru Cru Du Clu

If you’ve wandered round the block once or twice then there are a few things that one can form an opinion upon whilst awaiting further evidence to modify, reinforce or dilute, one’s thesis.

It has been the opinion of this blogger that the 9/11 pantechnikon was not an inside job. It was many ops running from trivial to strategic that got fucked over by a major bitchbeating. Although the RCE/TA pirate base was knee deep, in the crime as business model, as per usual, that is what Apiru du, they were not the final perps. Let it be made quite clear Apiru do not and cannot make strategic decisions. If the UK government was going to blast its London subjects to fukk by massive neutron flux in the 1960s then what makes you think that the Rock geezers would not try a maasseeev Orson and Havana, Wizard of Ozstylee, false false flag on USofA corp without realising it was getting taken mega live?

USofA corp. has now entered that state of paralysis into which the Chinese empire was similarity induced 600 years ago. A stunting of potential through ablation and slow dissolution by magic.

Anyway until further evidence comes to hand the 9/11 WTC 1&2 operation got taken over by RCE/LC deep Ba’al agents using isomer selecting, entropy gate out, fusion field reversal. Dial out scalar nukes to you and me. NY was, and I use the term ironically, a Dieppestylee pinch raid in reverse, delivered into that part of the overall 9/11 plan to signal at the highest strategic level to the Herd Attention Space. A nam shub. A side effect of the tech used in RCE/NY will mean the site is “haunted” for ever.

The obverse of this case is when one cannot have one’s thesis changed no matter how much evidence turns up because the whole thing is a dithering shimmering falsity from the start unknown to all actors as a fundamental reality. I mean of course the utter waste of self fulfilling bollox surrounding the Protocols.  I have read many cases for and against and not one has realised that they actually have in their hands one of the original sets of instructions on how humans work. A Yahweh service manual. It would be like having one of the emerald tablets of Thoth in your hands, that is how phukking mental it is. And no one realises it!!

However now and again a really good summation of the whole shebang heaves into view which is worth the time. So take it away Banjo Billy.

Machiavelli is a wet behind the ears new comer to this stuff.

You will notice that the internal logic of the minddizzyingdrizzlings above mean that Apiru report to Yahweh, ergo Yahweh did the twin towers on 9/11.


Tuesday 5 April 2016

Heads up Angie.

Expect the chabadee networks to have been very active resupplying and sheltering in perparation for the day.

Monday 4 April 2016

More peculiar monopecuniary theists

I was conversing with my Baluchistani Diaspora chum yesterday about the fukkwittery that UK in/out of Euraboland/USSA/TriadCCP is all about and after having a swipe at the Tata Zoroastrian court jewsters and their strange gods,
, I remarked that it seemed a rather funny old world when you drive a freeway through someone’s front window for 20 years and then have it fall on the finger food vendors below.

He remarked that if it wasn’t so tragic it could only be commie. In true Trotsky mental enema stylee the down town in question was Kolkata, or is that Calcutta, or whatever it was called, will be called or is called? (Parsley’s down town )

Kind of like with the Khazaris, one never will know what their true handle is, was or wasn’t. The nameless one’s that worship no thing and serve nothing. One also needs to note how long the constant revolution shell game has been played by other mass murdering mental defectives like Trotsbolloshitterski down the ages.

Anyway my buddy remarked that if I thought the creepzoids from Zoroaster’s eternal flames were as vapid, bent and deformed as a WTC 1 or 2 main static load bearing member then the hyper dimensional cockshifting weirdness of Mittal would make string theorists give up in despair.

There simply is not enough energy in existence to thread this cameldick through the event horizon of any worm hole.

Talking of peculiar monopecuniary muppets, do you recon the brain dead scum that used to defend the British Isles realise that they are going to be abandoned when they get their first Sharia compliant finance bill in a Queen’s speech from her first and second treasury lords?

Anyway enjoy this rather hysterical item from the vaults.

“The story of Lakshmi Mittal is such an inspiring story. Though he didn’t make our list of school drop out billionaires; he’s been nicknamed “Carnegie of Calcutta” after the 19th-century American drop out railroad tycoon; Andrew Carnegie. His story is that of a man, who rose from nothingness to join the coveted Forbes list of world’s richest top ten billionaires. He achieved this feat by creating ArcelorMittal; the biggest steel company in the world, worth over £100bn.

Let me also bring to your notice that this Indian-born steel tycoon is the wealthiest man in Britain, with an estimated fortune of £30bn. He is also well connected to rich and powerful men such as Nicolas Sarkozy, Bernie Ecclestone, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.

Lakshmi Mittal was born in 1950 in a small town in India called Sadulpur, in Rajasthan. Being the eldest of five children, his parents decided to name him Lakshmi after the Hindu goddess of wealth. At the age of six, his family moved to Calcutta, where his father gained employment in a small British steel company. This gave the family the brevity to set up their own business, but it turned out to be quite challenging and tough.

While his father worked night and day to build their new business, Lakshmi Mittal, who happens to be a shy and introverted teenager graduated from a Jesuit college, St Xavier’s. Mittal surprised everyone, including his parents by receiving excellent grades in accounting and mathematics. But instead of becoming an employee accountant, Mittal joined the family’s company “Ispat” and that marked the turning point of his life.

How Lakshmi Mittal Created Arcelor Mittal Steel and became a Billionaire
Lakshmi was inspired ‘by the massive rollers driven by rubber belts and pulleys that flattened the red-hot steel into bars.’ Later on, Mittal went solo and founded the company, LNM Group in 1976 at the age of 26 and has been responsible for the development of its businesses ever since. He set up his first steel mill, in Indonesia, producing 26,000 tonnes and generating annual profit of $1m.

Lakshmi Mittal soon realized that to become a major player in the steel market, his steel would have to go global, just like car manufacturers, ship builders, iron and coal producers. Determined to make his company a global player, he started acquiring companies in Canada and Germany. Still not getting the big break he needs, he turned to Kazakhstan.

Back then, the former Soviet republic was in a financial mess and on the brink of bankruptcy. Mittal acquired the country’s Karmet Steel works in Temirtau for a knockdown price of $400m. Kazakhstan happens to share a border with China, where demand for steel was about to take off. That single acquisition turned out to be a very wise strategic investment as it propelled Mittal into the big league of international steel makers. Lakshmi Mittal became a global steel producer with operations in 14 countries.

Recognizing the need for a strong management team to execute his strategic expansion plans, he brought in Indian managers, doubled production and began selling to booming markets in the East. With luck, as well as timely judgment, he rescued Kazakhstan from financial ruin and paved the way for further large scale acquisitions.

Lakshmi Mittal was also the visionary who saw that the fragmented international steel industry, serving local markets, was crying out for consolidation. Many companies then were owned by the governments and innovative developments were not forthcoming in the steel industry. Though some companies had been privatized, the steel sector was still characterized by acute over capacity, high indebtedness and steel prices that had hit rock bottom.

Lakshmi Mittal created Mittal Steel in 2004 via a takeover of his private company, “LNM” by his public one; Ispat. Mittal Steel became the largest steelmaker in the world, with shipments of 42.1 million tons of steel and profits of over $22 billion in 2004.

In 2006, at the age of 58, Lakshmi Mittal took the world by storm by beating all European establishments to acquire Arcelor Steel, a company created through a merger of firms from Spain, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Arcelor chairman, Guy Dolle, was forced to swallow his words after controversially dismissing Mittal Steel as a company of Indians paying with monkey money. After a long drawn battle, Arcelor’s shareholders decided to sell out despite opposition to the deal from politicians including former French President Jacques Chirac.

The creation of ArcelorMittal, the biggest steel company on earth and now worth over £100bn, couldn’t have come at a better time. The new group, led by Lakshmi Mittal launched into a worldwide commodities boom that has seen steel prices skyrocket from $240 a tonne in 2002 to $1,000 today. Arcelor Mittal was the first to produce more than 100 million tonnes of steel a year; that could double in a few years as Mittal Steel goes on another acquisition spree, extending his empire to Africa, Australia and China.

Today, ArcelorMittal employs 300,000 people in 60 countries, but accounts for only 10 per cent of global output, so it could grow much bigger before attracting the attention of the anti-trust authorities. ‘Certainly, there is the opportunity to grow,’ Lakshmi Mittal said recently. ‘To what size? You could go up to 150 or 200 million tonnes a year,’ he said.

Just as every successful entrepreneur is expected to face criticism, Lakshmi Mittal has attracted criticism. 191 people have died in accidents in the past 12 years at his Kazakhstan operations, where campaigners argue that more money should have been spent on safety measures. The company has strongly rejected allegations of negligence, but later earmarked an extra $1.2bn for improvements.

In Britain, Lakshmi Mittal has donated to the Labour party but ran into controversy in 2001 when he gave the party £125,000 just before the general election, allegedly in exchange for a letter from Tony Blair to the Romanian government supporting his bid for a Romanian steel plant. Both denied the allegation.

Lakshmi Mittal is proud to be Indian, but he considers himself a ‘global citizen’. Despite his immense wealth, his family’s 44 per cent stake in ArcelorMittal worth £24bn, he doesn’t seek the limelight. You won’t see him at Ascot, Wimbledon or the Proms, although he does attend football matches, after buying 20 per cent of London club QPR, where Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is also on the board.
He is married to Usha Mittal, and both have a son and daughter, Aditya and Vanisha. Being flushed with cash, Lakshmi Mittal hit the news when he reportedly bought his third property in London’s Kensington Park Gardens, dubbed billionaires’ row, for his daughter, Vanisha. Lakshmi Niwas Mittal is no doubt a billionaire industrialist by all standards and he is treated as a national icon in his country, India.

Without showing signs of resting on his oars, Lakshmi Mittal is plotting his next move. He wants to secure deposits of coking coal and iron ore, which have doubled in price in the past four years and which are vital for the production of steel. He is in talks to acquire coal mines in Australia and Russia, while expansion elsewhere means that ArcelorMittal now meets 45 per cent of its iron ore requirements from its own supplies.

Lakshmi Mittal has also invested in shipping and rail to cut transport costs. The only part of the supply chain that remains outside his control is oil and gas: an area, perhaps, that could attract his attention before too long.

Aside his achievements in business, Lakshmi Mittal was awarded Fortune magazines “European Businessman of the Year 2004” and also “Steelmaker of the Year” in 1996 by New Steel, and the “Willy Korf Steel Vision Award” in 1998, for outstanding vision, entrepreneurship, leadership and success in global steel development from American Metal Market and PaineWeber’s World Steel Dynamics.
In 2002, Lakshmi Mittal was involved in a political scandal with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, when a donation he made to the Labour party led to Blair’s intervention in a business deal flavoring Mittal, it was announced later he donated £2 million to the Labour Party.

Lakshmi Mittal is an active philanthropist and a member of a few trusts. Mittal is a member of the Foreign Investment Council in Kazakhstan, the International Investment Council in South Africa, the World Economic Forum’s International Business Council and the International Iron and Steel Institute’s Executive Committee.

He is a Director of ICICI Bank Limited and is on the Advisory Board of the Kellogg School of Management in the U.S. In March 2005, Forbes Magazine named him the 3rd richest man in the world and the richest non-American, with an estimated wealth of US$25 billion. He has been on the Forbes list of world’s top 10 richest billionaires for more than five years running.

He is the wealthiest person in Britain. His house in Kensington, bought in 2003 for $128 million is the most expensive house ever purchased. He also paid upwards of $55 million to host his daughter’s wedding celebration in Versailles in 2004.
The story of Lakshmi Niwas Mittal has really proved that what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. If only youths can aspire to be like Lakshmi Mittal, the world will be a better place.”

Friday 1 April 2016

Now then now then now then, boys and girls…..

….wondering why you’ve suddenly been given a choice of in or out of Europe?

Either you want to stay in the EU and get swamped by bombed out criminal networks and WMD crime families disguised as refugees.

Or you get out of the EU and hand over your body parts to crime families and criminal networks in North America.

Either way you are going to be poorer and poorer with every passing year and you will be pathwayed out of your own land as NATO spreads peace corpses, innocence morgue pieces and democrazy everywhere.

To the criminals outside the country the UKplc is known as Perverts' Treasure Island and Terrorist Breeding Centre. 

To the inmate voters trapped within the, no trespassing, shoreline it is £land austere open gulag.