Thursday 8 October 2009

Darwin and Afnamistan part 2

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So ritual.

Why should ritual have anything to do with Afnamistan? It’s a war, I hear you say.

Well for one thing we the people of the UK are not in a state of war with anyone. We haven’t declared war since 1939 unless I missed something.

War is sacrifice, we are in a sacrificial situation and hence I contend we are in a ritual.

Imperator Antonius let the cat out of the bag here, “Britain will pay 'blood price' – Blair”. WTF? Am I living amongst the Aztecs or Druids here in 21st Century UK plc?

Other things give the ritualistic nature of the blood letting away, like the quote below from here .

“Recently Karen DeYoung noted in the Washington Post that the Taliban now regularly use very sophisticated military techniques -- "as if the insurgents had attended something akin to the U.S. Army's Ranger school, which teaches soldiers how to fight in small groups in austere environments." Of course, some of them have attended training sessions which teach them to fight in "austere environments," probably time and time again. If you were a Talib, wouldn't you scout the training being offered to Afghans on the other side? And wouldn't you do it more than once if you could get well paid every time?”

Now that’s exactly what you’d expect if both sides were being run from a higher level, just like Vietnam. Played in a ritualistic game as old as time.

What is brewing in SW Asia is a major catastrophe for the locals and UK plc.

NATO forces are the catalyst.

Our politicians do not care how much of the catalytic mass is UK plc and how much is sacrificed to light the thing off just so long as it finally happens. I reckon the invite to the Russians to climb on board, as I posted yesterday, gives us a hint that TPTB are running out of time and are trying to light up a BIG STICK.

Here’s an interesting discussion about UK forces in Afnam, note the comments section when UK plc piles in to correct the mistaken assumptions of the author. This is just depressing since it confirms the fact UK forces are always sent into the field unprepared as a matter of tradition and policy. Ritual?

The ritual of habitual lies. Do you see how it is made to look as though the Arch Angel of Light is being forced against his will to send more troops to Afnam? Ritual in the manipulation of those excluded from the priestly class. Chastened Brown set to send more troops to Afghanistan . No he’s wormed his way out of direct blame again. Its force majeure, he couldn’t help it. He was told by his controllers that the boiling pot needed more fuel for the pyre.

The end result was as it was always going to be more UK forces in Afnam.

Ritual as in the sacrifice of our nominal leader.

In the Middle East there is also the ritual of everyone always banging on about Israel and its terrible human rights record, its hidden nukes, its apartied state, its wall etc….

The one thing in this whole scenario that is NEVER mentioned is the deep influence, hidden in clear sight as always, of Saudi Arabia.

Who’s benefitted most from the creation of the mega fiat currency known as petrodollars?

Who’s going to abandon petrodollars now that the West has no more gold?

Who put Israel up to Yom Kippur?

Who likes to see Gaza aflame?

Who financed Pakistan’s Nukes?

Who’s got huge Chinese ICBMs in-house for decades now?

Who’s got the Pakistani bombs?

Who hates Iran?

Who financed the Mujahedeen?

Who’s financed the Wahabiist wave in the Pakistan madrasas?

Well then who would benefit from no more Iraq?

Whose beliefs will dominate Afghanistan after all our soldiers have gone?

Who’s after making sure the Chinese don’t get back their old Eastern provinces like Kazakhstan?

Who financed and provided troops for 9/11?

Who hates the West and all it stands for and would love to see our manoeuvre forces obliterated far from home just like Varian did to Rome in Augustus’ time?

Obama Bow to Saudi King Labeled 'Shocking'

Saudis hold back on signing BAE deal until Brown in No 10

Who’s running the show and why do you think our election is being kept to the very last minute?

Heads up.


  1. creepy. you know on 9/12/01, i'll never forget it, saudi arabia had taken out full page ads in newspapers across america expressing profound sympathy and undying friendship, blah blah blah.

  2. AP that alone speaks volumes.

    Now we've got to start looking for what today's great big stun grenade in the bathroom has done to distract our bath time reading?



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