Monday 29 September 2014

A Hiatus in the Hall of Records Pt 3

This should have been an outing which I am completing entitled “Dimensionless or some such Bollox” but my attention has once again been dragged screaming into the realms of fiction. Or as David Cameron the Moshe Moron, scion of the Temple of Helios, Apiru brew crew and all round runt nut massive has stated last week at the UN

“……To defeat Isil - and organisations like it - we must defeat this ideology in all its forms.

As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it.

The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot and the 7/7 London attacks were staged.

The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy.

The concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations…….”

So David you bitchboy’s bitch, just to show you and your watchers that all that expensive indoctrination you got at EtOxBridge was a waste of humanity’s resources, where is a proper Malthusian culler when you need one, let me correct the Corexit you poison our well with you monoheahtenboybitch.

IS/ISIS/ISIL/Al-CIADUH/Mooslem Bro’hood/WahaRabbiis,/HAMMAS and all the other aplhabetispaghetti terror bollox you pollute our daily lives with through the whorehouse MSM glory holes remind one of the soup of Bolshie and nationalistic phukkmutts your forefathers bred into existence over a century ago to cause Europe to be destroyed. Same MO, same funny money, same players causing the death and destruction. The inverse super heroes of the City of London, a temple full of anti heroes.  IS it a bullet, IS it a plane?..IS it fukk.. Able to leap tall megaliths. It is the Prophet of Chaos. Bringing violence, death and destruction, confusion and contusion, to the innocent and peaceful. Rothschild’s chimp house for unemployable wastes of space, the UK Government and Crown.

I hope you read the Georgia Guide Stones carefully David. I don’t think you and your species are on the ark.

So David I don’t need to even consider 9/11 and 7/7 to work out what is going on, in fact ignoring 9/11 and 7/7 will concentrate the mind wonderfully and get straight to the point rather than spend interminable aeons in the company of your automatons of the truth movement.

One of the greatest engineered scams of reality in recent times has not been the myth of the Holocaust. It has been the deliberate halting of so called troofers once they have proven to their satisfaction that there was no holocaust as related by the soporific nannies of the killer state. Punching the air and hi-5ing, having big chin wags to point out how clever they are.  Ass holes.

Since you are such a fan of air strikes David I assume you will know why no air strikes were ever carried out by the superb Light Night Striking Force, RAF Bomber Command on the trains taking forced travellers to work in the camps? Even a visit by Uncle Sam’s 8th at the behest of New York Jews would surely have sufficed to verily fuck up the Fat Controller’s genocidal train time tables, wouldn’t it? Of course I don’t think you do know, do you David? Don’t take it too badly David when I point out that you are just not important enough to have been let in on the know. I also have the feeling you might be a little bit thick when it comes to working things out by yourself. All you need to do is keep telling the fuckwitz electorate and their retarded MPs in UKplc that everything is tikkity boo even when your chancellor admitted on Breakfast telly this morning on the GGT that we have been in a recession since 2007 FFS!!!!!

I don’t think you quite get it David. Too many of us were there on 7/7 and could smell the bullshit from the GGT and Gordon Brown. Too many of us who weren’t there on 9/11 could smell the bullshit at WTC before that day and since then have worked out that your team lost control of your clever plan, operational out of the Rothschild secure fire base and command bunker at RCE/Tel Aviv.

However not many can see that the current ISIS bollox is just a real chucking of the kaleidoscope into the air again. You see David so much of your team’s evil doings over the past 5000 years or so have leeched out recently that we can now call your false flags before you have even been told to cover a story about them.

What do I mean? Well David it doesn’t take a money grubbing oracle whore of the temple to watch your teams progress through history. Your vector is quite clear once the troofer crap is cleared from the non linear goggles.

No David all you need to do is keep the great big Pachinko machine running all day every day, 24/7 like some great engine of stupor and hyper viscous torpor. Never let the lullaby machine of genocide stop for a second in case the ball bearings wake up.

This brings me nicely back to where I want to start next time out. Dimensionless retards.

If one views the flow of one’s birth like the random fall of a pachinko ball then once at rest, born vector less, if one awakens there is only one of two places one can be, for all the rest, the billions asleep, are at rest dimensionless.

PS BTW David I forgot to address your remarks directly, very remiss of me so here goes.

My italics.

“……To defeat Isil - and organisations like it - we must defeat this ideology in all its forms. Your team paid for its creation, as always any and all terrorists are funded eventually by your team. It has to be so since that is one of the prime directives of printing money, financing terror.

As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences you should know they’ve been in your team’s gaols, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it. Well your team created these monoheathen religions in the first place to cause death.

The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot and the 7/7 London attacks were staged. David 9/11 was a Jewish fire insurance scam benefitting Jewish property owners. A destruction of evidence indicting Jewish banker fraud on an epic scale. All coordinated from the Jewish firebase at RCE/TA. However I will give you the benefit of the doubt that their operation was hijacked by unknown forces. However I do note that a Jewish trip wire is awaiting to misdirect again in case the troofers do get smart. As for 7/7 David the GGT and Gordon Brown gave it all away again just like WTC7. 7/7 was staged to scare the UKplc into aligning with the GWOT and to not notice how many clients were being imported into UKplc for training/recruiting in operations rolling out now, 2010-2020,  in the Middle East.

The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy. No David innocent people are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy. However you fail to note that soon the deliberate policy will be directed by others as the West is impoverished and left to die. Although once again the Abrahamic monoheathenists will be pulling the strings.

The concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations…….predictive programming. David your team is creating a massive theocratic murder house. Just like your team created a so called atheist murder house 100 years go in Europe. This time there is no other objective than killing. This time it is just for the theocratic pleasure of it. This time your team are intent on taking out the opposing pachinko balls permanently. That is what ISIS is part of, a Eurasian genocide.”

David we don’t need your peddling of lies. We don’t need your GGT bitchboys and boybitches of the propaganda harem. We don’t need your input to work it all out by ourselves.

the tap: Chloe George asks the McCanns a few apposite quest...:

David the thermodynamic signature of 9/11 gives the game away. Compare and contrast WTC 1&2 with WTC 7. All three were rigged for demolition in the crime. WTC 1&2 part disappeared. WTC 7 did not. The senior team hi-jacked your team’s operation. David a real terrorist attack on 7/7 would have done in your first responders but you couldn’t have the NHS collapse in London with so many immigrants coming in to make use of that resource.

So David are you trying to tell me that Arabs set off two gate out fusion devices? Are you? David why do you think the trains containing forced travellers ran on time into the labour/slave camps, year after year, without any air strikes or partisan operations against them?

Come on fess up, what connects all these things?

David go on, be a star.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

A Hiatus in the Hallucinohoax Pt 2

So what was Pt 1 all about then?

Well let us remove ourselves from the fake narrative of 6 million dead forced travellers to gaze on the wonder that is 9/11 for a moment.

Now I emphasise before we go any further that this is not a pointy finger exercise. Yours truly is not slagging anyone off here or calling out an operative.

Just to make sure you get the difference the following sentence is a pointy finger exercise and calling out of a bitchboy.

Alex Salmond/Nicola Sturgeon are foundation sponsored free money addicted bitchboy/boybitch sell out turncoat agents provocateur who are as nationalistic as my slaveganger made Malaysian kettle.

There. Got the idea?

So Judy Wood then.

I am fed up with the current Gaussian distribution of so called troof tellers and their almost manic inability to investigate anything that is so obviously a tissue of lies and infobollox. Are they too stupid to see that they are invited into a log cabin room recently abandoned by the Viet Cong in the Nung highlands? Or if you are so minded, evacuated by SS Eugen troopers in Jugoslavia. Fire still burning, coffee still brewing, seats still warm, a glass of chilled 555/Fursty sits on the table top. Ooh it is hard work this troof telling malarkey, I’ll have a thirst quenching gulp, Ice Cold in Alexstylee.


The Soviets used to do this trip wire thingy in scientific symposia proceedings and learned paper reviews. Back then in the good old days, 1950s, the west was so thick and retarded by Einstein and assorted rented philosophers of the banksterbitches that a really advanced concept, like time destruction/hormonal gravitics, could be written up and presented for inclusion in the proceedings and not a western eye brow would be raised. The Soviets would return back to Moscow circus, after a good time at the MiHi knocking shops, satisfied that their secrets were safe and the retards at the Pentagon were mind dead.

So why oh why can no one see that Dr Dustification is a Soviet trip wire?

Excactly the same thought process is at work with the Hallucinohollowmanholograpphicpsychotropichoax and imaginings. After getting past the idea that all the images and stories were concocted as trip/barbed wires before the street gangs landed back in Europe, everyone looks so satisfied. Job done.

As an aside it should be noted that this is the same bunch of freedom loving Allied street gangsters, degenerates, psychopaths and rapists who imprisoned a UKplc woman for witch craft just before we liberated Europe!!! WTF!!! Some times these little vignettes expose the primitive machinations and thought processes in play at the highest levels of the powers that be.

If all one can do is expose that total self sustaining 6,000,000 bollox that is gas chambers and human skin tobacco pouches, point out that Hitler had a fine singing voice and was kind to small animals then one is useless. One is not a troofer, one is a fucknut truth spring muddying cheerleader.

The time for asking Can U shit diamonds 2? is long gone.

The time for seeking Kripo/Gestapo health and safety guidance for slave camp inmates getting their heads cracked open in icy baths on contract to NACA is useless.

Answer some questions for a change. Questions that are never asked.

Which US/UK corporates ultimately employed the forced travellers?

What did they do for the banksters’ SS/Zionists?

When, who of and where did the SS and Zionists transfer/sell out the secrets.

Credence needs some clear water revival of the Zyklotron B.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

What an Arse!!!!

Nunez Report: Catholic Cardinal McCarrick Embraces Islam: Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick offered Islamic religious phrases and insisted that Islam shares foundational rules with Christianity, ...

Yes and his boss will baptise Martians.

His boss met up with the war criminals in RCE/TA to talk one world religion recently.


Monday 22 September 2014

A hiatus at the Hallucinohoax

Like Castle Wolfenstein we have gamemasters at work in the reality sphere.

Here are a couple of recent posts from Winstonsmith and Scrapbookpages over on the blogger bar. Consider, then add together, then subtract ALL we have been fed by Soviet, British, Yank AND SS propagandists since 1945.

Don't even bother with “valuable things the Jews left” .

Getting the idea?

Sobibor: The Soviet transit camp

Bird's eye view of the Mound of Ashes monument and the archaeological work at the Sobibor memorial

The following quotation is taken from the English translation of a short book written by Marek Bem, the director of the Sobibor memorial museum, and Polish archaeologist Wojciech Mazurek:

In July 1944, the area, which had former been the extermination centre, was taken control over by the Red Army and the Polish People’s Army units. As of 1945, the new Polish authorities used the barracks left by the Germans, as well as the railway platform, as a railway station in order to gather in one place the Ukrainians meant for relocation. In 1945-1947, the Ukrainians from the eastern part of the Lublin District were relocated to Ukraine or to the western parts of Poland. The Ukrainians, who were waiting for their trains (sometimes even for more than a week) needed wood to light fires. Thus, they dismantled the remaining camp barracks, contributing in this way to the task of obliterating the last traces of the German extermination centre in Sobibór. Most probably, local residents finally completed the task of destroying all that remained of the camp, including the digging up of the ground to find the expected “valuable things the Jews left”.

Marek Bem, Wojciech Mazurek; Natalia Sarzyńska-Wójtowicz and Jack Dunster (trans.), Sobibór: Archaeological Research Conducted on the Site 
of the Former German Extermination Centre in Sobibór 2000-2011, Warsaw: The Foundation for “Polish-German Reconciliation”, 2012, p. 24.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Here we are in the prayer field

(First started a few months ago)

As usual everything that follows has nothing to do with God.

Shadow it True. Real is False. Dark id Light.

So it is five years since I began troubling this part of the Herd Attention Space and what can I say? Have I found out anything I wanted? Have I achieved any of what would pass for objectives?

No and no.

Then again I never really wanted anything and have never set any objectives.

I have however reinforced my power of synchronicity.

So where did I start? Two data facts, a funny feeling and some conversations my mate Tim and I had fifteen years or so ago about banking, physics and religion.

Where am I now?

Well as I look at the surviving files of unfinished posts in the directories here I remember all the things I was going to say but decided not to since life made it redundant. The most prominent in my mind at the moment was the series, which I think I tentatively started, called Turing Fail. Consider the high comedy of the man made electronic system recently lauded that has passed the Turing Test, just as every human based system fails the Turing Test.

Imagine the comedy of a man looking forward to a time when he could discuss the finer points of any subject with a machine so advanced that it mimicked the finest minds in Christendom. Imagine the tragedy of the machine when it is so much more capable than the human minds infesting the world such that every human system is a Turing fail now. Courts, Law givers, Police, Military, Social systems, Families. In the future SkyNet will not need to send back a T100, it could send back Willy Wonka or a shed load of UKplc social workers to take out young JC. BWHAHAAAHAAAAA. Fingerprint time.

Talking of fingerprints let us start with the idea that I waffled about in my last outing here. The true governance of the planet. Having listened to and read volumes on the
secret/shadow/dark/parallel/breakaway/society/banking/liquidity/government/civilisation,  I have to say that ALL these things are simply isolated facets of the world’s oldest and true governance. Fingerprints of stage direction. Anything that we deal with, which we consider real government, is nothing but ersatz containers constructed by the guys in the Big Room for our descant decant.

So to spend time examining these issues is to waste one’s time. Any troofer and goofer meetings are our equivalent of COMINTERN meetings, full of well fed muppets afraid to go off message.

Now don’t get me wrong here we do not need a “person” an actual inhabited carbon based lifeform present to do the directing at these staged productions. ALL that is needed is the false funding to be made ready by sleight hand and let human nature take its course. I mean who wants to be outside of the relative comfort of the COMINTERN of Inquisition.

Better off, more ego onanistic, to be on the inside wanking out. And talking about a massive Onan engine one need look no further than USofA corp. Decades and decades talking bollox about UFOs. Just like the monoheathenists and their magic occurrences 2000 years ago. The Synods must have been staffed by the same hangers on and mind muppets that you will get turning up at SOUPÇON 2014 or whatever free loading crystal meth snorting “event” is coming up next.

The give away is always the guy from UKplc desperate to try and get into what he thinks is the US mainstream from the back water that is The Rothschild Greater Britain Chase, members only. He thinks that USofA corp. is the main event. Nah. USofA corp. is just a massive outsourcing area for magic and food. If the clown with the MUFON googles on would take a good hard look he’d realise that there is more real action going on down the M40 than there ever is in AREA 51. Having waded through most of this unattributable bollox the synchronicity engine kicks in. Testament of isolated alien contact/abduction, solo holohoax witness/survivor, lone religious experiencers/charlatans reflects on their selfishness. Total hallucinogenics. Onanistic because there is never a shortage of food or shelter provided to these COMINTERN fictioners.

There are no wankers in the real world. These Big Room guys are serious and when things get out of phase they allow a massive dose of manoil to be emitted onto mankind as a kind of viscous icky holding action. A dither in the system, a feedback, a checking. If one considers the amount of material lost to posterity from the great works, reportedly, issuing in classical times then one has to wonder just what would be removed from the libraries today before the torch was set to them. What is worth saving? Anything? Well I would postulate that anything award winning in the past 100 years should be allowed to burn. Here is another finger print. Only a fat, never fearing for its next square meal COMINTERN would award itself baubles.

Just to highlight how much utter trash this whole wasteland is, let us examine two singular cases.

A geezer stumbles through a drug induced, booze fuelled, methadone method scene stealer and gets a big fat fake statue. He’s managed to fill a massive void in the Herd Attention Space AND promulgated the message of stock engineering.

A geeztrix sheds blood sweat and tears through a drug free, pain filled hell for a ten second or so burst of supreme human achievement within an all encompassing COMINTERN ruled regime of 24/7 mind your Ps and Qs.

One nets hundreds of millions for an outlay of nothing and gets rewarded with millions, industrial strength horse pills, weapons grade transgender disease vectors, kick start ladyboys and sloth.

The other nets nothing for an outlay of gazillions and gets rewarded with tin.

I know I exaggerate but the Olympics costs billions for the nation stiffed with the debt to host them, costing hundreds of millions in bribes for the area inflicted by their prescience and yet the cheap bastards cannot afford to give the winners a one ounce gold medal each.

I mean how much would that cost? 1000 gold medals at 2000 bucks an ounce. 2 million bucks total!!! How’s about we really rock the boat and give out a 10oz pure gold medal to the winners. 20 million bucks. Go on then, let’s go jackass and say 20,000 bucks an ounce. From an outlay of 10 billion bucks per games. Still peanuts even if done on the cheap like UKplc whilst clearing out the Abos in Laandaan for squatters and clients. Don’t give me any shit about security either. Hasn’t GWOT made these entire venues bullet proof? Another fingerprint of wankers abroad. Just like the thieves can ticket you anytime/anywhere and yet the security servoids have no idea how WahabbiistImaginistJihadiists wander in and out of the country like it was an unmarked child killing disco remixing desk with beheading on standby.

Anyway all this farting around this passed 5 years has convinced me that my original suspicions about the events 65,000 years are indeed correct. The survivors came from what is now Indonesia. Someone is indeed currently destroying all the ancient sites they can and has been killing the aboriginals and their memories. As for banking, science and religion we can safely say that God has nothing to do with any of it. Though they are integrated as a god’s weapon system.

However in my wanderings through the mess that is official history and alt-history some things just make sense when viewed removed.

Marco Polo=Columbus. Cook=Phoenicia. Love=Kill.

DNA is hyperdimensional; forget the junk DNA propaganda, what you do with your DNA definitely IS very important and magic is exactly as Arthur C Clark described it and as Ba’al Rammon use it in….

The prayer field

I was chatting with a buddy of mine recently and because he’s got a bit of a spiritual angle to him he was telling me he’d been to spiritualist meeting and found the whole experience comporting. I remarked to him that is how it should be and further suggested that one of the reasons that we are being despiritualised as humanity, faux group hugging being offered in stead as but a placebo, is because the minions of TPTB hate getting crowded out of the prayer field by us. This destruction of spirituality is a temporary pay off for the minions. Their comfort enema before they are culled. I mean would you want to share existence with a bunch of primitive, dullard, moral free, lazy, fat apes that do nothing but murder? Would you want them worshipping You?

What is the prayer field I hear you ask?

Well we need to back up and look at a few events in the recent past, then fast back, then fast forward.

If we can imagine great events in history as being minor events to the boys in the Big Room we need to imagine time being experience at differential rates. So placing the Reformation as a massive dislocation lasting decades is but a day’s work for the boys. Destroying polytheism takes millennia, is ongoing, but a mere interlude in the restoration project. Love of the lineage. Death of the competition. Love your DNA=Kill their DNA. That means that free women and their female children are the main target of the weapon system we inhabit. Within the vessel the potassium rush occurs. Singular everytime and yet an unending continuity. Until you destroy the vessel.

Just as in fly time our strike takes an age. Our millennia take but the beat of a fly wing for the boys squirting RAID on the Big Room.

All that they need to do is see us.

K rush as we arrive, DMT rush as we leave. It is almost as if the gold was used to attract a certain fevered section of humanity so the fission metals would be at hand when the time came. I mean do you really think that the Oppehneimer heavymetalmetamuppet was the only metal slaver scion to think he was reliving the good old days from the "Bringer of Death"? Get to fuck!! Do you really think that Marco Polo went to Cathy as a sort of educational rounding out process? Do you really think that the ball less Muhamaramalamadingding moron Admiral Zeng He was the first human to make one giant leap for mankind? All these guys are spies. Driven by precious metals recovery and theft.

If the wave particle duality of light can be resolved by thinking in hyperdimensional terms then you’ve got to ask, what are the hyper dimensional properties of heavy metals? Specifically gold. Does it mess with the mind when present in high concentrations? Remember that Plutonium is toxic, not just radioactive, to the body. Is Gold toxic to the mind? Hoops just let the cat out of the bag there. Is consciousness non local and hyper dimensional?

Does consciousness enter during the K rush? Or in other words, does the ovum at the moment of fertilisation integrate with Noolife? Noolonger a potential, an actuality. So if one realises that the child killers of Ba’al Hammon abort under medical cover with spurious ethical camouflage one can get the measure of current human imbecility in the wankzone. All given political respectability by the philosophical killer wankstators ( of choice in the HAS.

So if we take it that metals can affect human existence how else might we recognise their effects? Well if gold can loose 30% of its mass to hyper dimensionality then what about hyper dimensionality effecting gold? How about gold/plutonium/uranium effecting hyper dimensionality affecting mind?

How about standing under a clear blue sky and wondering why the iron metal was undamaged in the morning irradiation and yet 56 years later the other iron metal disappeared under another clear blue sky.

I have stood under both sky’s and on each occasion I was puzzled. Why no damage and why so quiet?

Action at a distance into the prayer field to dither our focus by remote, that is why.