Monday 11 October 2010

The Terrible Beauty in Beleif.

“I long for the day I can return to my beloved parents when my service is over.
I am here far away from home. Even when I die, no one will cry for me;
how lonely it is only to hear cicadas cry.
No one will come to visit my tomb. Then, I am better off buried along the road,
since someone might offer flowers.
I don’t care which flowers they offer. Perhaps camellia blooming in the wild along
the road?
No water is necessary, since it will rain.”

die like beautiful falling cherry petals

Yet many never volunteered, so do we have peer pressure at work or a fatal flaw in the behaviour of the human being? Strength or weakness?

Valour is as nothing, indeed a weakness, in the Methuselahn struggle. Martial might is a frail construct upon which to base your survival. Look back in time ask yourself just what are the successful strategies to ensure the survival of your seed? Don’t get all confused and start thinking about Darwinian and Malthusian preditive programming.

Don’t be thinking King of the jungle. Don’t be thinking Duelists. Don’t be thinking Red Baron vs Billy Bishop. Forget that stuff, you need to think survival of those who can take down more of the weakest than any rival. To set potential rivals against each other in a foolish survival of the fittest congame. You need to be ubiquitous and descernable by your signage and baggage. For that role you cannot allow yourself to be burdened with the weight of a state or ideology since those two factors require the protection of the weak by the strong, things to be built up. Let others build these things for you to take over.

Think Death Star Commander, who cares who built the thing just so long as you can use it to snuff out the lives of those you want to rob, preferably after a long period of turmoil in their midst so they won’t know what hits them. In fact getting them to beg you for help and then blasting them after you’ve looted all their valuables will give you a right hardon. Sweet.

Think long lines of traumatised refugees getting machine gunned by ground attack aircraft. Think destruction of anything that doesn’t contain precious metals, make sure you grab those, from their jaws especially.

All that is required is to look around and see that burning bush. How many years ago now? What was the population of the planet back then? A paultry few millions and into the that body of humanity was injected the hermetic memetic.

Put yourself in their place what would you do if you were them? Are you too special to think for yourself. Chosen to have a constantly repeated reduced set of instructions to shamble through every day. Driven to reduce all others to that simple set of rules. Ancient and backward. Simplified jinnbitchboys on Darkness’ monotonous chessboard.

Yet there are always replication errors in the genetics of the hermetic memetic. Every so often the great big cuckoo in our nest reveals itself and things like this give the game away.

God’s work? You fuckedwitz. You are a jinnbitchboy. What does he believe? Nothing. He’s runniing on a reduced instruction set. He’s divorced from humanity. Muppet. Jinn’s hand puppet. Hope you enjoy the fisting Lloyd.

This also suggests that a replication error has occurred.

Lloyd and his jinn worshipping empty sets, numerologically obsessed, astrological slaves and OCD’d retards are not part of us. They make that obvious over and over again by the millions of dead people they cause to appear thousands of miles away from their ceremonial sites and dank temple cellars of worship.

Jinn rewards them with all the money that doesn’t really exist, that is magic and proves to us their vacuous existence if you care to look. They are a RISC to us all, Reduced Instruction Set Counts. No wonder they are so shit at the arts and sciences. Everything they do is ugly. The haggard diseased mask of their unbeleif. They know not what they believe. They are nihilistic.

Truly retarded creations of the jinn, too thick to be anything other than banksters and Rock/Roth flunkies. Anywhere anyone or any group has their own belief system these RISCs will sidle up and take them out. They hate anyone operating with a fuller deck than them.

This takes me back to the beautiful falling cherry blossoms.

I don’t judge them, I just ask you to compare. You would never find a RISC with the backbone to do any of that. Jinn needs you to hide, the hermetic memetic you carry cannot be risked.