Sunday 11 October 2009

No more music the band has jumped.

Just been wandering as I want to do. Strolling through my favourite blog spots to see what my chums have been up to.

Gathering my strength for an accurate shot at some prize clowns, there’s the feeling in the air, that certain smell. Not so much can you smell the coffee, more can you whiff the barrel oil? For whilst we scratch our heads in wonder at the unreality of it all, TPTB roll out their next well rehearsed mind fuck. And boy we are plum dead centre of a biggee.

TPTB have pulled this one before, it’s not so much a false flag job, more a pre emptive psycho strike at the spirit of humanity.

Last time I smelled it locally was July 6th 2005, what’s coming October 12th 2009?

Hopefully nothing.

However I wandered into here again, have a read, cast your vote and then when you view the results ask yourself, what is it with the Asians. Are these Chinese voters? WTF?

Heads up.

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