Sunday 13 December 2009

The Ziggurat Line

Lisbon, Madrid, Rome and Athens.

Lisbon went east to Cathay and Spain went west to the Orient.

Rome stayed right here and there.

Athens? Gone pear shaped.

The ziggurat line denotes basket cased Mediterranean economies that will become part of the NOAHide recreation of the ancient Mediterranean society so beloved of the Phoenicians.

Van Pumpty and CND Numpty should not get too comfy, their jobs are toast.

On a related note how many times have I asked now about keeping a C17 in the air? I count three previously, e.g. .

This heaves into view today and I can just about map coming events in Afghanistan with the French army sent by Napoleon to Egypt and abandoned there to rot once the valuables, WMD?, were safely in Paris, including Rosetta

Heads up.

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