Wednesday 23 December 2009

More nuts.

Still no raisins in sight.

What is going on this week?

Nutters at every turn.

The glass houses are full, so is the looney bin the institution of choice now?

This is serious because if that is the case then anyone not thinking correctly, like climate change questioners will end up drugged up and silenced in a straight jacket Soviet styleee. We all know the provisions are there in the new statutes. They’ll target us, nab us on a spitting on the sidewalk fit up, and then remove us from circulation without anyone knowing about it.

Heads up.


  1. Notice how everyone who attacks a politician has "mental problems" - yeah, right!

    Merry Christmas, mate, and not too heavy on the sprouts or you could end up imploding and creating a black hole!

  2. After it became clear that they knew who he was, the runaway doctor asked to go to the lavatory. There, he whipped out a tiny knife he had secreted in his underwear and plunged it into his throat. But despite being an expert surgeon, he missed the artery he appeared to be aiming for, and the Carabinieri hustled him away for first aid.

    that is the best closing paragraph i believe i ever read. hahhahahahahah.

  3. Spidey, yes it's becoming boring and they'll outsource the dirty work so commercial confidentiality keeps us in the dark.

    Thanks I'll be sure to keep the blast shields up!

    Have fun, rest and get ready for our date with destiny in 2010. Whether they are ready or not you, me, G.O.T., Fausty, Rab, GV and many many more. We are going to wipe the smirks from their faces. We are INCOMING!!!!!!!

    AP, skilled plastic surgeon! Skilled muppet. The easy route out and into the escape tunnels, always ready, always waiting to receive. The Christmas Holiday will give the evil doers plenty of scope to pull something off. We'll be watching though.


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