Saturday 26 December 2009

Boxing Day, roll with the punches.

It is all Oliver’s fault, and DL and his lady boys, made me realise that we are back to normality.

So let us start with Palam Bang’s finest. Well all I can say is that things have changed since I watched the game.

Oliver reminded me that in 1999/2000 my mate Tim and I could not stop furrowing our brows and scratching our heads at the utter drivel spewed by the massive horsepower whirring away behind the eyes of the great brains that were Gordon Brown, Greenspan and assorted Wall St and Chicago School talking sheds.

We could not see any substance. Just Enron style special accounting techniques, off balance sheet jiggery pokery. All the time the great economic indicators showed that we all lived in a utopia now, constant growth, low inflation, no more boom and bust.

Well we now know that the indicators were made up, the whole economy was based on laundering drug money and stealing wealth through creating “exotic” finance’s lethal cocktail of imaginary numbers and occluded methods. Do any of you remember the “Theory of Large Numbers?” Hahaaaahaaaaaaa, yeah the tooth fairy had a better grip on fiscal reality than those clowns.

There never were great times, never low inflation, no real growth, we knew it then we could see it. They couldn’t grit the roads back then either.

Now we let this happen, we didn’t challenge, we accepted the fluorine hit and shambled on.

The next stage of the mind control panto has got us all going green now, same shaman, same game, same old thieving routine. Though this time we cannot escape.

Another nutter has now caused the airport security levels to go into psycho mode again. If you view all this GWOT crap unemotionally then we’ve constructed a new gulag archipelago.

This time though we must make it clear that we do not want anything they have to offer. We need to quickly wake up to the fact that we are colonised by a foreign entity, its agents are our, don’t make me laugh, MPs it’s warped free market a vehicle for taking our wealth and industrialising other nations. It’s what was done to India 250 years ago. A perverted free market that discriminates against us.

If you are a UK plc bloke or bloktrix and you want to get a leky apprenticeship in the Smoke, forget it. All the subsidies are channelled to refugee and asylum seeking blokes, yeah there will be no bloktrice there I’ll bet. Strange but true. I can take you to meet the guy who wants to get two apprentices sorted but financially he’s being directed to the newly arrived economic rent seekers.

Heads up.

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