Sunday 6 December 2009

Pullin’ more than 9G can kill you.

Dead Fuckers.

Resurrect the dead.

The dead’s farts and shaggggggggggggggingggggggggggg and butt weldingggggggggggg and shoutingggggggggg and screamingggggggggg and causinggggggggg us to be here and derangggggggingggggg somewhere totally unnecessary and cripplingggggg backwards over a barbed wire fence and shuvvingggg it sideways lead pill fantasy.

It was them what done it make them pay

Get the gggraves, sc

ents, cents & scientists on to it.

Bring the fuckers back from the dead they caused it.


No holds barred.

Spend the money

Fiat, I like Buggatti, money.

Yes let us use Bugatti money now.

Oh shit, I’ll put that back in.

We’re poor now.

I’m going to shit in a cardboard box.

What’s up now?

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