Saturday 12 December 2009

Beyond the Pale

10 Hertz , once in a quarter millenium.

Acid reflux and cancer of the digestive system.

How do you get a good strong body?

Exercise and good diet? Yepp sounds good.

If you have a good strong body how do you keep it? Exercise and good diet? OK good so far.

If you wanted to destroy someone’s good strong body how would you go about that whilst being their best mate?

OK, harder that one. Start with being a schizophrenic psychopath. Good, you’ve got my drift. Then become the coach of the mark? OJ good keep going. Then poison their diet, whilst bamboozling the mark? Yes. Stick some carcinogens in and bingo dead good strong body and you get to wear the pink jump suit. God you look good you poisonous little dwarf!!!

So Henry VIII , his balls didn’t work did they! I wonder why? Big strong chap like him. I’d have kept an eye on his chefs and apothecaries, their witchcraft would be much more effective against his reptilian gonads.

It took 250 years to finally nail the Divine right of Kings. Henry VIII to Bonnie Prince Charlie. How long to nail freedom, and H8 believed even more than we do?

His islands took their place as the New Jerusalem. He’d never have recognised the Kingdom.

Who is chasing us, minus them? They are in our midst leading a way. Our balls don’t work ether.

American Indian land sold off by IRS to pay off taxes

Indian Cotton industry destruction.

The oligarch families did all this, we never had butlers and savants.

How to get a balanced diet in the future? Spit roast the rich, drain their fat and bathe in it.

So what makes us think that the good strong body that was USofA will be at all recognizable to us?

Every move we make, every breath we take, someone is watching. Who is hinting at hunting? We are hunted and do not even know it though the hints are clear to see. Age after age our every move checked by mated. Counter move usurped and freedom defeated. How long can it be until we are arrested and removed from history?

Seconds out.

The Parliamentary acid reflux that corrodes our political soul has not just erupted into our esophagus it has been stewing for A or D or L. However long; we need to barph and barph long. Long enough to eject the filth that they have rammed down our throughts through the involuntary gagging mechanisms parallax.

WHO are our apothecaries and chefs now? Ivy leagued is no poisonous play on words.

The playground empties, life decants and the descant starts.

Heads up.

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