Wednesday, 2 December 2009


The Swiss sent out a very clear message last week. H/T scunnert

It could only be them, no one else has the dark muscle.

The Ziggurat line has been drawn.

The implications for the EU and its break up soon are quite clear.

On a related note

Now that Fer de Lance is over can Gordon Brown possibly explain how an alliance that has tasked itself with bringing a dump into the 21st century, when he is in charge of a government that intends to take UK plc back to the Bronze Age, how can that alliance have its members and crypto members tooling up with big phekking BIG STICKS and UK plc armed with water pistols?

Has he never heard of blackmail the favoured game of the internationalist?


If we are not careful it will quite literally be heads up. And who’s phekking big ICBMs are INCOMING!!!!!!!!

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