Tuesday 29 December 2009

Nuclear Powers.

This caught my eye yesterday.

Is SK weak on the SWOT stuff or are we being sold a bag of manure?

The SK construction companies have a long and glorious tradition of pouring the ‘crete in this part of the world. They know how to engineer fantastically well. The irony should not be lost on us.

The great grandchildren of the guys who cleared the minefields in SK have only got four options in adult life.

Liars, creeps, goons and if they are lucky porn stars.

The grandchildren of the guys whose fields were cleared will be engineering space stations and lunar colonies.

Nice one Chicago School.

This is not accidental.

I notice SK is not crippled by the diversity, inclusivity, watching over you shoulder lest you be stripped of assets for saying something non PC, creeps. They’ve most likely told the fartbrains to keep out of their university and educational systems.

We have been sabotaged. A massive covert knowledge 5th column has stupified the West.

Heads up.

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