Wednesday 30 December 2009

Go on try this today.

Shooting under the final approach of a wide body.

No way.

These guys were going about their personal business. No threat. If you know what else was going on in those hills you have to ask…well…..will that have to go underground? Surely the predator drones must have killed the open air swimming pool malarkey.

If you park you car sideways and non approved then you will find a non UK plc subject of the corporation sticking you for lucre.

Do not care where you park your car, wherever you park it will be wrong. What ever you do it will have a penalty. However you think you will die.

Have you noticed that all the new Barkers have no idea about habeas corpus or trial by jury? They know nothing of freedom. They are statute serfs and are covered by the CCTV STASI. Go on then do you know who the CCTV STASI are? I’ve met them and they look just like their cousins in the CHEKA long time ago. Fat and indolent and dead.

Killing people at long range now that is good.

Park in your approved car parking space, you may not even need to if you have a special label, you can park on someone’s bed, or on endangered tree ferrets, or whomever you covertly in your inclusive, diversity, equality way HATE.

Sit in your big fat chair with your big fat arse and chase the leetel video people around with your mavericks and hellfires and chain guns.

Then clock off to the second, because you don’t really love this job, do you? Get into your car in your special place, because you are special, aren’t you? Head for your kennel and then sit………….

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