Monday 21 December 2009

Schwimtime for Hitler und Girmanee.

As I mentioned earlier my mate and I got to chin wagging again last night and I told him about the Jim Willie Market Oracle I posted yesterday and how it kind of chimed with things we’d been chewing the cud over a week or so previously.

The recent absorption of UK plc into the EUSSR means that a whole raft of rules and regs. designed to take away London’s gravy train and give it to Berlin is under way. That certainly will be driving some of the movement of bodies with certain architectural skills into the fiat fiancé jobs market.

It’s a shotgun marriage though. It will end in tears.

We concurred that the bigger picture is the petrodollar torpedo. The architects of that monster will be very busy. The planned scamming of ChiComms through the new currency, currently based on special drawing rights (Alchemy and Necromancy), is certainly going to take a great deal of bodies to put the systems in place. The killer ap. Is that why the URLs are deEnglished now? Does the USofA corp know it will be cut out of the deal? If so will there be another mega St Valentine’s Day massacre?

GV posts about The Mandelbrot Set, infinite evil in a finite space, today. As Frankie Boyle quipped, “London will rise on stilts”. That’s the plan.

Heads up, the Floating city rises, and at last we’ll be speaking…. Well.. “Pike don’t tell him your name, that’s an order”.

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