Thursday 24 December 2009

Mental Kilowatt Hours.

This may not sound too spiritual but stay with me. I know you are going to dig this.

The unbroken chain.

I’ve alluded to the short comings of our mental hierarchy many times now.

They never want for good food and wine. Never want for coupling and squeezing to order.

They never….no I’ll leave that until after New Year when the gloves come off and the hunger starts.

A little part of what I was alluding to over the past few days was the power of unreasoned and ancient belief, with a concomitant spiritual occlusion.

It is unreasoned to us because, as I remarked over at Sarah’s place, we are new comers on this mortal coil. We sprang out of the filth and squalor of Bradford and Northern Rock. We crowd the long lived purple lines from their ancient sun kissed haunts where the sea is blue and the sand is golden, the waters are warm and the compliant welcoming.

In the ground sea creatured world of the Phoenicians we are stilled like rabbits in their trance torch. At their mercy. They can print great big warning signs up in Project Blue Beam high definition signage and we still would not get it.

They like to come up close and say “I’m going to kill you.” However we do not see that, we suffer from synaesthesia. They can draw great big pictures of death and murder but we do not hear that.

They toy with us.

So when you see, hear, smell, touch or taste anything they proffer, it is not.

If ever we catch on, the chain is broken and their power gone. We will not have removed that effluence their masters will, so they believe.

The great big MSM pageant, with its highly rewarded priests and priestesses, is ritually bound to put what we seek right in our faces, but unrecognisable to our senses.

Doing this confirms the superiority of the sorority, each day the ceremony is completed and the sun sets and arises again.

Never follow a story to where it leads head back upstream to the source. I believe that we suffer from a profound time synaesthesia.

To truly get into the controlling agents mind we need to break out of our atomistic conditioning and think like humanity again.

Acting otherwise is to ensure the enslaving chain remains unbroken.


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