Tuesday 22 December 2009

Pax. Lux.

I want embers glowing comfortingly.

I called it out in the summer.

Now in the winter after trawling and not finding what I’m looking for I’ll call it again but without the politeness.

All you shambling shaman, rabid rabbis, mad mullahs and pestilent pastors go get to fuck.

You talk shit and your atheist conspirators are full of crap as well.

None of you know anything that you lay claim, that’s why the body count.

Go and fuck off, keep your rotten opinions to yourselves, your stinking theology, and your filth spewing sermons and blind your envious eyes.

The ordinary peace loving folk around here do not want your stench of death anywhere near us.

You are unclean, leprous and virulent pox.

If it wasn’t for you self serving me, me, me, egocentric psychotic and unhinged squawk botherers we would be free. Trapping, within yourselves, reinforcing spirals of confusion, obfuscation, and slight. Contusing the rest of us into your blood baths, if it wasn’t for you the rest of us could get a bit of peaceful kip at night.

You worshippers of false gods, you GOLD fondling pathogens. You are the root of all unhappiness in this world.

You self aggrandizing, self worshipping, auto deifying, self deluding lethalities.


We will manage just fine without you.

Get it into your thick monotheist, monosyllabic, monoculture blocks; you are demonstrably unfit for any purpose other than wanking yourselves into a froth of fabricated psychopathic frenzy.

Right then let’s get on with it.

Anyone got any idea why we continue with this shit?

The military/industrial complex, more accurately described by Eisenhower as the military/industrial/congressional complex before it got edited, is in fact the religio/ceremonial complex and we are going to have to break it if we want to live.

Forget the Jews, Jesuits and the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the 300. Forget Abraham, Zoroaster, Buddha, Confucius and the scribblings of propagandist scribes. These are the frontdoor gatekeepers. We need to find the guys in the house sitting in the big room smoking, drinking and whoring. Kick the shit out of them and then find where their………that’s as far as I’ve got.

There is something else. I can smell it and see its actions throughout history, but what, where and how do we confront it?


  1. When you say something else, do you mean something spiritual like the concept of Satan, or more physical like - dare I say - beings of some kind? David Icke type theory?

    I am, of course, presuming any real or metaphorical hidden hand is largely evil, judging by the results we have seen.

    I'm genuinely wondering what you think.

  2. AdamS

    Have a skweek at fer de lance.

  3. Holy crap. Fer De Lance by Tom Bearden, I presume. Red Dawn.

  4. AdamS I've left you a heads up your shop. Remember to keep your eyes open and your wits about you, the disinfo barrage is massive.


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