Wednesday 16 December 2009

Where is Guam?

It is on the second line of defence constructed to keep the criminal state that is ChiComm land in check.

As I have asked before, “How come McArthur didn’t get to A-bomb the slobs back into the stone age in 1950?”

There was a plan that’s why. The plan got into overdrive when Kissinger turned up panda poking and the transfer of tech to the ChiComms started, via third parties in Israel and UK amongst others, shortly thereafter and turned into a flood when Clinton let the ChiComms walk all over USofA corp. research labs.

The first line of defence stretches from Hokkaido through democratic Japan, democratic Taiwan, democratic Philippines to Malaysia and Indonesia.

I wonder which way the ChiComms are going to be coming through?

That’s right well spotted; anything democratic will get it in the neck. The Middle Kingdom will be back Lording its old sea lanes have no doubt about that.

Any big notable events happening in the first chain of defence?

Okinawa sayonara.

Subic has already gone.

Singapore, the Big Boss there knows where his supremacist eugenics loving butter is spread. Potential turncoat.

Taiwan shot in the back ages ago.

Keep your eyes on Taiwan, Borg like absorption, and The Philippines, steam rollered if need be. If you can buy your way in then it will be yours.

So what’s with Guam?


Ooh er.


Just think of Guam as a big aircraft carrier and launch the missiles when the vessels and Marines are home ported.

Then it’s the Straight of Malacca and a show down with the INS.

BTW I’ll bet the piracy problem will quickly disappear after that.

Heads up.

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