Sunday 6 December 2009

Arsenic and Old Lace.

Remember those old screw ball comedies and English farces where a bloke would find himself in a familiar house again, only this time the inhabitants have gone bananas? Screaming and yelling and rushing around spurting gobbledygook.

Only he didn’t know that just behind the cupboard door to his left there was a dead body, the presence of which could compromise and incriminate the rest of the household. He just scratches his head and thinks WTF?

I get that feeling when I take a good hard stare at the clowns inhabiting our top political appointments. And of course we are never supposed to find out that these clowns aren’t real, they are inhabited carbon based machines animating the corporate person. They are corporations.

They have two roles, to keep us phased and to give the ghost in the machine life.

I’ve remarked on several occasions that the amount of utter fatuousness and blinding going on not to mention manic globe trotting gives the game away.

That there is something going on that is very big, huge in fact.

Like having someone sitting on a pressure cooker lid and kidding on that everything is just fine despite the violent hissing, clanging and general cacophony coming from beneath his butt.

Could this be part of it?


I keep seeing it coming across my screen recently.

Why are so many people expecting an announcement from the Whitehouse about something?


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