Monday 21 December 2009

Beyond Organisational & Government Systems


We are trapped round the U-bend and TPTB are trying hard to flush us from history.

If you cannot flush no one will help you. From my favourite local fish&chip wrapper.

Even if you can flush you won’t have any water. Or you’ll freeze to death.

I met my mate in fiat finance again last night, final swim of the year for the bairns; he’s got no gas heating, no water.

Anyway we got chatting, more on that later.

Don’t bother travelling. Planes, trains and automobiles.

London 21st century city? Don’t make me laugh.

It is a Pirate base of operations, once you understand that you’ll understand you are alone, VERY ALONE.

More ramblings later as the venom flows in my veins and the muse takes me.

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