Wednesday 23 December 2009


You guys know I’ve got a soft spot for the turnin’ and burnin’ squad. You’ve been subjected to enough so far.

Read this about UK plc’s F35 purchase.

Remember what I was saying last week about business plans and UK military having been highjacked?

The bits that catch my eye are…

“…United Kingdom has received financial approval….”

“The U.K. this week received financial approval….”

“….strength of the F-35 business case…”

Am I reading this correctly?

Something, somewhere has approved US, you and me, to buy OUR F35s.

Who, what, where is this something?

I love the business case statement.

And just what else is this who, what, where approving for UK or not most likely?

They always give themselves away, we just need to keep looking.

Heads up.

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