Friday 11 December 2009

Afghanistan News from a slightly different angle.

It’s amazing that a quick vid will make you think dark thoughts.

How do you know when Gordon Brown stops breathing? He opens his god and spews Common Purpose Prepuce Prose. Roll it back and the acorn is gone, no seed there, just void.

How do you know when Alastair Darling stops breathing? He is sucking at Beelzebub’s Sphincter speedily digesting the filth and spraying it all over the landscape like Satan’s yokel muck spreader.

Do they ever breathe?

No they are unread, reanimated Ridiculous Comintern Voodoo Simplified Creatures from the Dark Pool of liquidity. Kept alive by massive dosages of mind wash poured into the cavity between their ears that their sires thought contained grey matter, but has long since been surrendered and kibbled by the parasites of Chicago.

Like reanimate traitors they embraced like brothers the thieves, the net work of pick pockets and the massive international criminal enterprises that have paid to be welcomed into this country with their hangers on and extended families.

Every word that the 646 have uttered is complete chicanery, fabrication, obfuscation, mendacious venomous pestilence inflicted upon the voters of 1997.

And they wouldn’t let these worthy lads and their families in to rest after serving for us.

H/T PRAIRIEPUNDIT via War News Updates

Heads up.

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