Sunday 20 December 2009

More straws.

Swimming class.

A mate of mine and I were cooling our heels out in the cold just over a week ago chewing the cud, about this and that. He’s in fiat finance and we were yakking about the numbers that MSM feed us to keep us from realising the magnitude of the calamity heading our way, when he remarked that something big was up.

He knew his audience, so I bit and asked “What?”

One of his clients is a rapidly expanding supplier of bodies into the fiat finance industry and from what he could see of their business plans they’d be shipping more bodies over the coming year than ever before.

I remarked that Northern Rock had been recruiting in the summer, I think CF commented on that at the time, but he said no this was an indicator that something was being hammered together, but what?

In this climate? We synchronised the raising eyebrows malarky, left it at that, bid farewell and took our daughters home after the swimming class.

So I almost choked when I read this last night as I scoffed a major league beef curry I’d dreamed up.

“The new crude oil transaction settlement system will take time, but surely not to require eight years until 2018 as announced. That stated target date was intended to deflect and distract from US retaliation. The mere announcement should be regarded as a schematic diagram for architects and investors alike to follow. New systems must be constructed. Investors ahead of the curve will be the primary beneficiaries. The changes that result from the announcement itself will assure the completion date to be just 2 or 3 years, not 8 years.”………….

Re:GOLD and Dubai….

“The fallout will be wreckage of Royal Bank of Scotland, and maybe HSBC too.”

A big phekking gang war is about to break out.

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