Monday 14 December 2009


We are now 11 weeks out from the end of the Fed’s financial year and there are no dead bodies on the MSM. Or are there? You need to read the headlines we are allowed correctly, to see that there is a massive train wreck around here somewhere but the X-Factor has taken our attention away from the hissing steam, mangling carriages, tortured metal and screaming victims.

Is it all nonsense? Or has the body count and financial bloodbath yet to turn up at our doorsteps?

Straws in the wind?

G.O.T. spotted this yesterday. Dark Lochnagar posted this today re Imperator Antonius, and this bit caught my eye.

“I happen to think that there is a major struggle going on all over the world, really, which is about Islam and what is happening within Islam.”

Now I don’t know about you but something went clang when I read that. Here’s me worrying about whether Rock/Roth is running the ChiComms or have the ChiComms gone independent. Have the Indians dissed Rock/Roth and are going to get a kicking. All the while the big bone stuck in the Rock/Roth craw is Islam and it’s hatred of usury and ritual finance.

Just like Catholic England. Just like Imperial Russia. Pre Sassoon China. Pre Fed USofA.

Yes Tony your shamanic necromancing alchemist bosses do indeed have a major struggle going on all over the world. A struggle to create another type of Islam fully compliant with fiat money and funny handshakes controlled by Rock/Roth. Only we’ll be caught in the crossfire as Islam and fiatIslam get together in a conflagration, a pyre, a bonfire of the insanities.

Tony you consommé intellect, you war criminal, you blind illuminist, you know and we know that Beelzebub awaits you and is smacking his chops at the thought of picking his teeth clean with your shin bone after he’s feasted on you and your tribe.

Heads up.

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